March 18th, 2010

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[Fanfic] Prussia/S.Italy "Good Luck Moving On" Chapter 3

Title: "Good Luck Moving On"
Authoreinannanhalling  ( einwritting  )
Characters/Pairings: Mainly; Prussia/S.Italy
Rating: PG-13 (thus far)
Warnings: None
Summary: Gilbert's been living with his brother for the last six months, signed up for an anger management class he doesn't need and watching his younger brother get things under control better than he could hope to. After spending a day out job searching an offer from an old friend, Antonio Carriedo, to come and stay at his apartment leads to interesting developments.

Beta'd by; zazzy 
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3 Animated Nordic Icons

Title: Smooooch Denmark, Norway, and Iceland icons
Artist: Red_Pandemonium/FlyKiwiFly
Character(s) : Denmark, Norway, Iceland
Rating: G
Warnings: my fail art.... OTL
Summary: Delurking with more Nordics (run Nordics run!) Finland and Sweden coming eventually ^^; Just a little animation practice ^^;

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Hope you all like my art :3 Please only use these icons for LJ ^^ Thank you :3

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Mostly current events

Title: Current Events
Author/Artist: me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Uh....lots
Rating: PG-13 for blood....and possibly making fun of Muslims (I don't really think I did, but you never know with the easily-offended internet...)
Warnings: psycho!Thailand
Summary: Current Events, and some extras.



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First time in here - if have I done anything wrong, then feel free to throw stuff at me~

How was he to know
Author/Artist: Butterfish (me @
Character(s) or Pairing(s): FrUK, Alfred, Matthew
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Watch out - there may be tea-drinking. Woah.
Summary: Arthur confronts Francis about his relationship to women


Title: Ending sweet as honey
Author/Artist: Butterfish (me @
Character(s) or Pairing(s): USUK
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Not really - a gun is fired?
Summary: The setting is the Irish war for independence, shortly after the Easter Rising. Arthur and Alfred are walking down the street as Arthur is suddenly approached by a desperate bloke with a gun

Pirate UK

[Fan Art] Portrait of UK

Title: APH - Great Britain
Author/Artist: Ubermidget
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England (UK)
E (for everyone)
Warnings: Busby's Chair!
  A portrait of UK drinking tea in his office, accompanied by his little blue Unicorn friend

Click here to see

A tribute to my most favourite Hetalia character (and home country I'm proud to say), the fabulous UK/ England!

Doctor's Orders

G'morning, community!

I have, yet another, discussion about head-canon for you all to talk about - although I have a feeling that this one hasn't been discussed (or, if it has, then it hasn't been discussed in quite a while):

What determines the health of the Nations?

We all know that colds are usually caused by changes in the economy, but what about other ailments - how do the Nations contract them, and what do they do to treat them?  

And what about the life-threatening/terminal illnesses that affect their citizens? Do the Nations develop them as well? 

A smidge of my head-canon states that whenever France falls ill, he gets the best care in the world (as France has the best health care system in the world) and that whenever an epidemic befalls the world, the Nations somehow have to suffer through them along side their people (albeit, they have an easier time with whatever disease it is). 

So, what do y'all think?

[Fanfic] The Conductor of Light [AU: Saving Grace-verse (Sherlock Holmes); America × England ]

Oh look, a fic.

Title: The Conductor of Light [AU: Saving Grace (Sherlock Holmes)-verse], Part III
Disclaimer: Er, I don’t own Hetalia.
Pairing: Arthur × Alfred; hints of Francis × Matthew and Arthur + Matthew
Rating: PG-13, angst, perhaps a bit of fluff. IDK. Thesaurus abuse, ahoy!
Summary: A side-story for the multipart fic The Saving Grace of Antiquity written for the usxuk ficathon. Sherlock Holmes AU. Arthur Kirkland is the world’s foremost independent consulting detective. Matthew Williams is his trusty companion, assistant and chronicler, and Alfred F. Jones is the tenacious and enthusiastic detective sergeant of the Yard. A routine arrest goes horribly wrong and ends with Arthur almost fatally shot. Alfred and Matthew are forcefully reminded that some promises may be harder to keep than others.
Author’s notes: *sigh* This is more of a bridge chapter. I suggest you read the first two parts (to refresh yourselves) because otherwise I think this chapter may not make sense.
Warning: Lots of spoilers for the Sherlock Holmes’ stories.

Part I
Part II

Matthew considers it no small miracle that somehow he, Alfred and Arthur had managed to return to the flat in Baker Street later that night without Alfred expressing, in his usual loud and physical, manner, his extreme discontent with Arthur concerning the events that transpired at Blackwood’s house.
[Fatal Frame 2] Mio/Mayu: Together.

[Crossover fanart]

Title: APH meets FF: THE HEROES
Author/Artist: Myself/magoichi
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America (with Snow Villiers from Final Fantasy XIII)
Rating: G
Warnings: Crack. No really. It's a cracky crossover.
Summary: Just two self-proclaimed heroes :T

^Click to go to the link |D;

I really dunno what made me want to do it. Really.

[Fic] Diary Entries 2/?

Title: Diary Entries (2/?)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): France, England (Fruk if you squint)
Rating: T(+? for swearing)
Warnings: Language, drunken raging, feeling sorry for yourself
Summary: Francis couldn't speak about what had happened to him during his occupation in WWII, so he decided writing was the best alternative. Two days worth of entries this chapter. Francis isn't dealing as well with this as he thought he was. 

[but a dog I did become]

Finland, Tino

[fanfic] House of Wax (UK/Japan)

Title: House of Wax
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia (APH)
Genre: Romance
Pairing: UK/ Japan or AsaKiku
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Detailed gore descriptions, highly out-of-character Kiku, ultimately short and fail
Summary: Secret Santa gift for someone in the love_and_tea community. Kiku miraculously gets scared of one of Alfred's horror movies. But, no worries! Arthur's there to calm him down! Or so he thinks.
Word count: EXACTLY 699 words

(this isn't even a fake cut)
team canada

[Fanfiction] Ten Kisses

Title: Ten Kisses
Author: Tatsumaki-sama
Genre: Romance
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Fem!Canada, with appearances from Prussia, England, France, America, Egypt, Australia, Holland, Russia, Hong Kong and Cuba
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The ten stolen kisses that Canada could have had. Fem!Canada x World

When he pulled away, her cheeks were aflamed. Whether still in anger or in something else, he didn't know.
Chibi Prussia~

(no subject)

Title: All In A Days Work [Part One]
Author: Hollyrose_Hime or LadyKnightOfHollyrose
Genre: Mainly homour
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England, Prussia
Rating: T
Warnings: Use of human names, swearing, AU
Summary: Weillschmidt, That crazy woman you who likes to bother you has decided that I’m deserving of her attention. Would you be so kind as to tell me how to go about getting rid of her? Preferably without having her resort to violence. Arthur Kirkland.

(It had all started on an average Monday morning; it had been Antonio’s turn to drive. Naturally, they had arrived at the office with barely any time to spare. Not that Gilbert minded particularly; being a passenger in the car along with Francis whilst the easy going Antonio was driving was always an entertaining start – or end for that matter – to the day.)

FANART: Pairings, Chibis, and Randomness Jokes

Hi all,
Back with Hetalia fanart ^_____^

Artist: me a.k.a sawamura_sama
Rating: General
Characters: Germany, Italy, US, UK, China, Russia, Seychelles, Sweden, Estonia, Prussia, Hungary
Warnings: none, except cuteness

please visit link below to view  ^_^

Thankies :D

PruRoma Love

[FANART] Sketch dump and taking requests

Title: Sketch dump (kind of)
Author/Artist: Myself =D
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Prussia/Romano, Italy, Japan, Chibitalia/HRE, CHibitalia, Germany, Austria/England
Rating: pg
Warnings: talk about condoms in one sketch, and Romano getting drunk |D
Summary: Some doodles that popped up from conversations with my friends :I

Ok, so i need something to do while I'm backstage for a show I'm in ( I'm in act two...I don't show up for a while xD )so, i decided. eh, I'll take requests =D

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Should I do another purchase of these? Yes No 

[fic-NOT MINE] Untitled Spain/Romano

 So, my good friend fantasygirl92 wrote this fic and wanted to share it with people. The thing is, she is to lazy to post herself, and only has a rudimentary grasp of LJ concepts (like cuts and how to fake 'em). So I am doing it for her! ^^
Its not my work but please read anyway. Its all fluffy~

Title: ....Uh..... She never told me so lets just call it Walls. <---Best Title EVER
Rating: Light PG13, to be safe
Characters: Spain/Romano
Warnings: Failing at opening doors, the great pillow massacre of 2010.
Summery: Antonio decides to pay Lovino a visit one day. Upon finding the Italian's house in shambles, he panics and sets out to find him. INSERT ATTEMPT AT DRAMATICNESS FLUFF HERE. :D
posted in hetalia and tomatoamado 

This is not mine~

Kanda »» adorable little kitty

[Fanart] England: Don't fall asleep, now!

So, it took me over an hour to get home from work- and to get through the last little remnants of my road rage, I colored a sketch I'd done last night. It's nothing epic, but I kind of don't hate it, so I thought I would share. I haven't drawn in ages and it's only my second time drawing a Hetalia-related thing- don't hate! (The first one happened to be Australia...)

Author/Artist: Well, me, nitrojen
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England
Rating: G
Summary: Reading a book to America someone

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The Britannia Angel

Title: The Britannia Angel

Author: openedlocket

Characters/Pairings: America, fem!England

Rating: G

Warnings: fem!England, insane wishes

Summary: When England is forced to transform into the Britannia Angel in the middle of a meeting, she finds herself having to choose which country gets to have their wish granted.

*Part of the ‘Adventures of Anne Kirkland’ series
“So you grant wishes?” Prussia asked, acting as if he was actually meant to be in the meeting. She nodded. “Awesome. I wish Germany could never send me out of a meeting again. Go on, make it happen,” he said in a bossy way. )

france smexy

cosplay dc meetup reminder !!!

posted before about 2 weeks back , this is a reminder there is a meetup this weekend !!!! aph cosplay meet up !!! woot !!!

(any cosplay is accepted , it is just aph themed ^w^)

repost with a bit of editing :

Time: starts at 1 pm and lasts until we get bored XD
Date: Saturday, March 20th, 2010
Place: Washington DC, We will be meeting at the Smithsonian stop on the metro so we can take some great pictures near the monuments then head over to our "play area" XD
Events: It will be mainly an exclusive tour by America himself, followed by a photo shoot, games, picnic and more

cosplay (hopefully you wore it beforehand XD),
food for picnic (if you’d like - but remember if you don't bring any we would have less food to share),
blanket for picnic (maybe),
positive attitude,
money for the metro (if that's your means of transportation) and/or if you want to buy souvenoirs or something XD,
camera if you want photos rather than wait for us to put it online
walking shoes

We will be walking quite a bit as our very own America shall give us a tour of the Washington dc monuments (only the ones within walking distance), then we shall have our photo shoot, games and picnic

Photo shoot!! That's why you can bring a camera if you want

Games planned so far (feel free to suggest some): the pony game

For the picnic you are not required to bring food but it is smiled upon (please everyone eat all the food I don’t want to carry any back on the metro XD) if you do decide to bring food, try to bring something from your nation so it'll be different and all

Lol let’s have fun and run around like the freaks we are XD (not to offend, its a joke between a friend and myself)

[Seeking] Doujin~

After ordering a few doujin off ebay, I've realized I really do prefer book format to scans. SO!

Does anyone have anything at a reasonable price that's centered around either Russia, Lithuania, or the two as a pairing?
I'm more likely to buy if it's R-18 and doesn't include America or Japan, though. Also A5's my favourite book size.

I'd be specific and say which ones I want, but apparently that gets the post deleted. :O SO. Make offers? I'm not looking to spend too much, but depending on the art quality and page count, you never know.
♕ - entente cordiale [aph]

[DISCUSSION] About the Italy brothers

So something's been bothering me a little bit, and I don't want to sound mean or bash on anyone, but has anyone else got slightly annoyed whenever North and South Italy are simply referred to as: 'Italy and Romano'?

I know that both names are correct, but it seems as if Feliciano is being considered Italy as a whole, while Lovino always gets forgotten about, when in fact he represents half of Italy. Actually, I have found a few amazing fanfics where he just flips out because the other nations keep calling his brother Italy and him a different name.

So I guess I was wondering: What is your opinion on this? Do you call them Italy and Romano? Or do you prefer to call them North and South Italy?

Also, I would love to hear what exactly you think Romano thinks of this, and perhaps what Spain/North Italy think as well. Are they just both too oblivious to realise?
This isn't meant as a bash to anyone who calls the Italy brothers 'Italy and Romano'. Just a small question by someone who has South Italian heritage, and likes to over analyse absolutely everything. XD

EDIT: Wow thank you for the massive response that this has received! I'm sure dear Romano, if he was reading this, would feel a little more loved now.

Hetalia ✒ It&#39;s Romania

Using the Italies' birthday as an excuse to write |D {Repost cuz Im DUMB.}

Title: The Best Present (such a creative title, hoho.)
Author: Chewy Rouyale
Characters: Romano, Spain
Pairings: Spain/Romano
Rating: R-13 for Lovino's language (he never learns.)
Warnings: Human names(as usual), cussing, uh. Kissing? ._. And Lovino being a tsundere xD
Summary: It's Lovino's birthday, and Antonio has a little something up his sleeve 8D.

LAWL I had to repost this since I was missing all the extra italics and shit. Also one of the fake cuts didn't work...Ah, I'M MADE OF FAWKIN FAIL. IN APOLOGY, PLEASE TAKE THIS---> ( TAKE IT. )  TAAAAKKKEE IT.

Anyway. I wrote this because I was dying to write a birthday story. /shot because I lack inspiration too much XD

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how about some inane wikipedia inspired discussion?


Canada and the Netherlands cannot possibly be the only (fanon) potheads, especially since Netherlands's rate of usage is comparable to a good chunk of Europe's, despite decriminalization.

To put things in perspective, according to the always accurate wikipedia, Italy and Germany (where it's decriminalized to a certain extent) both have higher annual rates of cannabis usage than the Netherlands. And England's and France's rates? Even higher. Scary implications? Or hilarious?

So, to get to the point, who else do you think tokes up? Who engages in other illicit activities? Who do you think holds their alcohol the best? Who parties the hardest?

also, not advocating illegal activities of any kind or general drug use, just a heads up.
  • silvey

Fanfiction - Germany/Italy - Dear Germany

Title: Dear Germany
Author/Artist: Silvey
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany, Italy, Germany/Italy
Rating: PG
Warnings: So much fluff
Summary: Italy can't go and see Germany right now so he decides to write him a love letter instead.

Letter one Letter two Letter three Letter four Letter five Letter six Letter seven Letter eight Letter nine

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  • pyro_o

[fanfiction] the sun before the burn

Title: The Sun Before the Burn
Author: pyro_o / [spatiograph]
Pairing / Characters: America, England, vague USUK
Rating: PG
Warning: Strange imagery and a fake cut.
Notes: crossposted to usxuk.
Summary: Once election parties spring up and politicians serve the Globalist doctrine; things become serious. America's nightmares continue to plague him, and he reaches out to England.

[Fanart] Ju Hua

My first post here =W=b
I'm a hetaliafan, one in a million (or in a billion maybe °°'') and I arrive here with a simple fanart

Artist: Neera / Rosenlight ( well, simply me)
Character: Nihon (Kiku Honda) and China!hand 
Notes: NWS because is mine é-è, a bit of Nichu ^^''

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[Fanfic] Soldier's Heart

Augh, this thing took FOREVER. Oh, and thank you thank you THANK YOU to mcmitters for beta-ing this for me and being awesome. You're my hero, baby!

Soldier's Heart
Character(s) or Pairing(s):
America, Russia ;; Russia/America friendship
Mental illness, angst and fluff
The civil war takes its toll on America, and all Russia can do for him is stay by his side...but that just might be enough.

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