April 7th, 2010

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[FANFIC] Death is a Beautiful Monster

Moar Spain for you all, seeing as I've just been in a Spain mood all week lol

Title: Death is a Beautiful Monster
Author: Me, leriacossato 
Characters/Pairings: Spain, random human(s)
Rating: T, contains death and possible Spain insanity.
Summary: Spain receives word of the loss of his armada, and goes slightly mad.

(Totally fake cut to my writing journal. And no, I don't know what is up with the formatting around half way through. DX)

If some of you guys want a FF.net link instead, please go here.
whining rearranging the disaligned.

[fic] counter(point).

title.: counter(point).
characters: Prussia/Austria; Germany.
rating: pg-13.
warning: WWII and the events leading up to it, as far as historical context goes (specifically Kristallnacht and the development Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp); non-explicit sex; really effing long notes at the end.
summary: It is late 1939, and a threshold is about to be crossed.
notes: I've been lurking in this fandom for... ages; heaven knows why I decided to delurk with a fic. Lo, here we are.

(Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.)

King of Game

Baby!Nations Discussion ^^

I've been in a bad mood lately, so crack discussions always cheer me up.

In your headcanon, what do you imagine baby!nations doing to their older siblings/parental figures?

Personally, I think that Teutonic Knight!Prussia liked to climb up Germania's body and hang from his braids because he was a special, crazy child. :p He probably got a spanking later, the poor thing.

Likewise, I think Chibitalia was dusting Austria's piano one time, fell in, broke a few of the strings inside, and then hid in a closet for the rest of the week (coming out only when he was hungry).

ALSO, I think Gupta/Modern Egypt had a thing for playing with Nile crocodiles (or attempting to) when his mother wasn't looking.

Obviously, these don't have to be nations that "are" children (like Chibitalia or HRE) from the anime/manga. Any nation as a child can be included. :3

[Fanfic] Russian Peace

Title: Russian Peace
Prompt: Nations interacting with the personifications of... other... things...
Series: Axis Powers Hetalia
Character/Pairing: Russia
Rating: PG-13
AN: A little something I did for the APH kink meme. It is also the first Dark-fic I’ve ever done, be kind. Constructive Criticism is much appreciated. I must also point out that Russia, at the time, did not talk to or know Greece and Egypt and if he did they obviously weren’t close enough to chat about their moms.
AN 2: I know very little about Russian culture/history and I didn't mean to offend anyone when I wrote this.

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Finding the path isn't easy.

[Story Dump] Best of Time, Worst of Times

Title: Nightmare
Author: waterintheriver
Characters/Pairings: Prussia, Germany (Young), Northern Italy (Young), Holy Roman Empire
Rating: PG for mild graphic descriptions of violence.
Summary: Nightmares are the most realistic things we encounter in our sleep. Almost like memories, aren't they? Little Germany has a terrible familiar one.

( I closed my eyes, letting my face soak up the warmth of the sun shining high above in the brilliant blue sky, the dream tugging strings that I didn't know, like a forgotten memory... )

Title: The Hat
Author: waterintheriver
Characters/Pairings: Holy Roman Empire, Prussia (Young)
Rating: K
Summary: Ever wonder the reason the Holy Roman Empire has such a ridiculous hat?

( I run my hands agaisnt the dark, smooth fabric and lightly touch the edges, a warmth filling inside me. )

Title: Tell Me a Story?
Author: waterintheriver
Characters/Pairings: Holy Roman Empire, Germania
Rating: K
Summary: The Holy Roman Empire asks his late guardian, Germania, about his past.

( 'Vater, what was it like back you were young? Did you have to truck through five feet of snow to fight your battles? Bruder told me so, but I didn't believe him.' )

Fic: At the Very End of Dream


Title: At the Very End of Dream
Author: slashy_lady
Rating: PG
Character(s)/Pairing(s): America and England/AmericaxEngland
Disclaimer: The characters involved in this story do not belong to me, nor do they have any connection to real nation(s). No infringement intended.
Some Kind of Summary: In his fevered state, America found it hard to distinguish between dreams and reality, between imaginations and memories. But he had England, and England was real, was there, was unchanged by time.


Perhaps, it was all a dream, and the stars were nothing but distant dots on the twilight sky and the stripes were nothing but the ray of sun coloring the horizon when dawn approached.

The link will bring you to my writing journal, cross-posted to usxuk.
I still accept any kind of comment you could throw at me.
kill bill

Are nations free?

Obviously nations aren't completly free, but to what extent the personified nations shape history their own life, and to what extent we the people determine it? I see two problems here: 1.) How much power the personifications really have? 2.) If they have power, do they have free will to achieve whatever goals in life they might wish, or are they limited to just search the good of their people?

Theory: humans and nations are different because we humans exist only for ourselves and are both free and cabable to choose what we live for and what we want from our lives. We are also free to choose who we want to live with. But what about nations? Can they affect their own life and make true decisions and plans of future? Or is their life just endless chain of decades and centuries coming and going with their people randomly making them to do this or that and be in good relationship with this and in bad relationship with that neighbour? It makes my head hurt to think of life like that.

Also, can nations really have true love and relationships resembling ours? Aren't they obliged to first think of themselves and their own people, i.e. be selfish?

My first discussion in this comm. Scary.
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[QUESTION] There's a Moldova-tan?

I was fanfic surfing, and I saw in the character list on FF.net that there was a Moldova-tan. There's a Monaco-tan, sure, but she's not there. So since when was there a Moldova-tan?

Any light on the situation please? Were there ever even mentions of a Moldova-tan by Himaruya himself? And if this is a mistake, can someone fix it please? 

[FANFIC] My Sun.  (2/?)

Title: My sun
Author: Moomoochama
Characters/Pairings: England, America. Usuk
Rating: T+
Themes: Fluff, Angst, Loss, Love, 2012.
Warning: Lots of rambling, so bad that it might actually be good. Use and abuse of commas. Fail summary
Summary: Alfred says the world needs him for that moment. But what does Arthur do when he doesn't come home?
Other; It's mostly in Arthur's POV, to avoid confusion while reading.
Part one

( Nothing was colorful anymore, not even with the possibility that it wasn't Alfred they had found. )

[Vid] Hamburger and Go!

I'm...not exactly sure what I was thinking when I made this. ^^'  This is pretty much Hamburger Street and "Pub and Go" mixed together, with weird results

Title: Hamburger and Go
Author/Artist: laur10s
Character(s)/Pairing(s): American and England
Rating: G
Warnings: Um...randomness
Notes: The vid is really just a slide show with the lyrics since I didn't want to upload it as an MP3 (don't ask why, it's complicated XD)  So...um...enjoy...I hope ^^
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[Fic] Spider's Web: SHxHetalia cross over [3/?]

Title: Spider's Web
Author: Me
Chapter: 3-Meeting Sir Kirkland
Rating: PG? May increase in rating later....

Link to FF. net: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5862370/3/

Hands shackled together, the prisoner still managed to maintain an air of dignity as he walked, his green eyes looking at the men before him with contempt, as if they were the ones in chains and not he.
&our little life is rounded with a sleep, we are such stuff as dreams are made on

[fic] Sixth Time's the Charm (Axis Powers Hetalia, England/America)

Title: Sixth Time's the Charm
Authors: mithrigil and puella_nerdii
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Characters/Pairing: England/America
Rating: PG-13 (the aftermath of sex)
Notes: ...seriously, blame halcyonjazz for this one.
Summary: In which older Nations have difficulties keeping up with the young, or the one where England throws out his back after a night of vigorous sex. No really.

( "Lost sodding count." )
Purple Turkey

[Discussion] Personifying People or Places?

Do you think the personifications represent the land or the people? I suppose most people tend to stay in the same place, but what if the have to migrate or something? Does the personification move with them or would they have a new one?

Well, I suppose some examples are in order as the preceding paragraph probably made no sense at all.

So first- everyone's favorite anomaly (or whatever you want to all him), Prussia. Obviously, "Prussia" the country no longer exists. But in the Hetalia-verse, somehow he still survives.

But when Rome died, he stayed (mostly) dead. And with so many people in the Roman Empire, of course millions of people can claim Roman descent. But he still disappeared.

Also, where would Turkey have come from? He's the Ottoman Empire, of course, but would he represent the Turkic people who came from Asia, or did he just pop into existence one day in 1300? I think there would have to be a Mama Anatolia or something before that for the Hittites and everyone else there, as well as a Byzantine Empire and maybe even Pontic Greeks, I don't know. ((-is Pontic Greek, shh-))

And what of nomads?

But then you come upon the question of how their land influences their personification- Ukraine's "large tracts of land" (her boobs) or Russia's large size.

I believe most of the characters Himaruya has tend to stay in one place, but this has been bugging me when I try to sleep, so why not bring it up here?

Hopefully what I wrote made at least some sense and hasn't been brought up before orz

Of Random Episodes and Manga Strips I

Title:  Of Random Episodes and Manga Strips I    

Author: openedlocket

Characters/Pairings: fem!England, America, Italy, Germany, Japan

Rating: PG

Warnings: fem!England, continued/revised versions of other strips

Summary: England and her appearances in various strips or episodes. Mostly concentrated on the WWII strips.

*Part of the ‘Adventures of Anne Kirkland’ series

“Now, for starters, what do you do if you find England but you have no weapons?” Germany asked. “Italy?” “Uhhhm.” The Italian thought about it for a moment. “I got it! We get a stick and tie a white handkerchief to it. Then, we wave it around while running away, screaming for mercy.”  )


Pickled Puffin Scanlations : REQUESTS OPEN


We, the members of Pickled Puffin Scanlations are eager to say that requests are open once again.

Finished requests will go on here : http://pickledpuffin.blogspot.com/ . 

Requirements for requests : the author must be contactable 
                                                    It must be relatively short - this means 1 - 5 pages, and not a whole bunch of word bubbles
Gradient makes it harder to scanlate.  You may request it but it may take more time.

We have to ask permission from the artists to scanlate things and if they don't reply or say no then we can't do the requests for you.  I will keep all requests open for a day or so, put them in a list, and start contacting the authors one by one.

Edit : Wondering what stage your requests are at?  You can check my journal for granted permissions and denied ones.  You can also check out the list of requests we have, and if we've translated them or not.  If your request is not on it, the author probably didn't want us to scanlate it. 

Does this happen to anyone else? Or am I just weird?

 Hi Everyone! I'm de-lurking because I've had a really weird experience and I wonder if anyone else had something similar.

So, I'm American, and basically a mutt, but my family is mostly from Eastern Europe. I have a nine year old brother who doesn't read or watch the series, and as far as I know doesn't know it exists (to preserve what's left of his innocence). So it comes out of nowhere when he says this in his sleep.

Brother: kolkolkol
Me: (mental reaction) Oh My God. Oh My God, my brother's Russia! That actually explains a lot, now that I think of it. Ok, so if my brother's Russia, then I'm ether Belarus or Ukraine. Let's see, I'm the oldest, I love my brother, but not in THAT way, and.. *looks down at rather impressive (IMHO) chest* Ok, I'm Ukraine, I can live with that.

Sadly Belarus has yet to make an appearance in my family, and at this point, she is unlikely to. But who knows, maybe my parents will miss having a girl in the house after I go to collage, and will adopt. Haha, my poor brother.

So, Anyone else know anyone whose personality is eerily similar to that of a country? Or is it just another way my family is special?
Original - Jun

Fanart dump

Title: --
Author/Artist: katamanda
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England, America, fem!France, Belarus, Russia, Canada
Rating: I think it's all pretty safe
Warnings: Gratuitous amounts of genderswitch?
Summary: Having finally worked up the courage, sharing a number of art I've done for Hetalia, ranging from sketches to full/flat coloured pieces.
Artist links: My Dev Art and my Sketch journal


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Italy and Romano

[Fanart] Axis + Friends

Title: Hetalia: Axis + Friends
Artist: Kevin Bolk
Characters: Italy, Germany, Japan, Prussia and Romano
Rating: G
Warning: (actual converstation) Me-Kevin, why is Italy in front of the Hungarian flag?
Kevin- It's the Italian flag hanging down. Everyone's flags are hanging down.
Me- Oh ^^;;;  okay.
Summary: A wonderful cartoon artist, and my best friend, recently got into the series and so he's drawn the characters in his cheerful and bouncy style.

Hetalia: Axis + Friends Cards
by *kevinbolk on deviantART

Old pictures from blog?

Hi~ I came across some pictures that Himaruya must have drawn...but I never have seen them before.
I looked for them in the file archives but I failed to find them :/

They're most likely from Himaruya's old blog? They seem to be some part of something where a random hand violates the characters, lol.

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Does anyone happen to have the original picture/link to these?

Thank you~!

[Fanfic] A Good Lesson On Tact

lmao, I'm back again. orz

Title: A Good Lesson On Tact
Author/Artist: crimsondream13 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): UK/US, China
Rating: PG
Warnings: Man-on-man kisses?
Summary: Today we’re going to learn about tact, courtesy of Alfred F. Jones. Special guests are Arthur Kirkland and Wang Yao.

Note: For butterflieyes , though I really don’t know if USUK/UKUS is still your OTP. ;;;; I hope you like it, anyhow! Thank you so much for your support, bb! <3

“Hey, Artie-” “It’s Arthur, you git.” “-whatever, I like Artie better. Anyway.”

Devious Journal Entry

Title: Hetalia: Allies + Friends
Artist: Kevin Bolk
Characters: China, France, America, England, Russia, Canada
Rating:  G
Warning: He orignally wanted America to say "F*&^ Yeah!" but the theme is everyone says "Hello" in their native language
Summary: My best friend Kevin Bolk does the Allies in his style

Hetalia: Allies Card Set
by *kevinbolk on deviantART
USUK Phone

[Vid] The Things I do to Avoid Work

Title: Everybody's Ending
Author/Artist: Me? I put it together anyway.
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Italy, Germany, Japan, England, America, France, Russia, China, Holy Roman Empire, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Poland, Lithuania, Austria, Prussia
Rating: G
Warnings: None really.
Everyone's Marukaite Chikyuu in an easy to watch ending format.

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