April 9th, 2010

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Selling some of my doujinshi and my prints, bookmarks and badges.
all prices can be bargained. but if someone offers the original price, it goes to said person. (:

[EDIT] Art Commissions Now Open! Examples of my work under the cut! Only 5 Slots!
[EDIT 2] Revised Doujinshi Prices

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Seeking rp partner

In rps with LietPol, I tend to be a seme Liet. In fact, every single rp I'm in, I'm the seme. Anyone out there willing to try their hand at seme Poland?

Failing that, anyone interested in doing LietPrussia or PrussiaLiet (for that, I wouldn't mind switching, so long as I'm not seme ALL THE TIME)? I feel there's not enough of that...or Liet/China. Or RusLiet / LietRus...at least where my rping is concerned.

About me: I tend to be a highly literate rper. This does not, however, mean I post twenty-sentence paragraphs, since literature, uh, doesn't do that. I also do try using history, but I don't mind AUs or anything, so long as there's some kind of plotline. WARNING: I am anal about spelling!

So...yeah. If anyone is willing to play any of those four and wants to be either switch or seme, post a comment and then we can exchange AIM or MSN usernames. :)

[FANART] HRE drawing of Chibitablia sleeping

Title: Old, Burnt Memory...
Author/Artist: Holy Roman Empire kaibib_angel 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Chibitalia
Rating: E for Everyone // G
Warnings: n/a
Summary: It's supposed to be my version of the drawing Holy Roman Empire did of Chibitalia while s(he) was sleeping. I tried to make it look old and worn with a few burn spots. This is also artwork from one of my visual novel circle's (Twin Leaf Studio) centered around Germany x Italy, and HRE x Chibitalia. It's called 'Little Romance' - a St. Valentine's Day project.

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Civilization Hetalia Game Mod Community!

I'm advertising a LJ community I created for my game mod. Please let me know which tags will be appropriate, thanks!

Here is the profile + intro for the community.

I've been working on this game mod for the computer game, Civilization IV, for quite a while (almost 4 months I think? Wow). It pretty much started off as a personal project, something I just wanted to make for myself to enjoy. I've posted the idea a while back to see what sort of reaction I'd get from the Hetalia LJ com.

(Fake cut to rest of post on Hetalia Game Mod community)
writing, germany

Guidelines for Cosplay

Recently there was an incident at Anime Boston, that involved an ill-considered Seig Heil in front of a busy street on Passover. Details are here. And there are reports that this was not an isolated incident.

There seemed to be general agreement that this behavior reflects poorly on our community. To that end, I have compiled suggestions and general guidelines, from community members, for cosplayers, event organizers, and con attendants.

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From con staffer kamuriakane: For people intending to run their own shoots, please remind people of their behaviour before you start taking pictures. You can't watch everyone, but you can have a better chance if you tell the crowd.

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If you're a event organizer and you'd like me to rewrite a copy of this for you to give to your cosplayers, please post a request here (including any additional specifications, like a tone adjustment or more/fewer rules). Or feel free to copy it and add whatever you need.

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stark onoudidnt

[Fanfiction x2] Finest and INSTBTH Sequel

Already posted in usxuk 

Title: Finest - Chapter Eleven
Genre: General
Rating/Warnings: This chapter is PG13
Pairing: USUK
Summary: Arthur Kirkland was one of their finest. Alfred Jones was an unknown nobody. One was attracted to the law, while the other liked to see how far he could go without getting caught.

In other words: o noes~ Alfie's a criminal!
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Title: It's Not Supposed to be This Hard Sequel Number Two [2/?]
Genre: General
Rating/Warnings: PG
Pairing: UKUS
Summary: Vacations are meant to be fun. Alfred, apparently, missed that particular meeting.
(Link to pt. 1 in the chapter)

[Game] Looking for game artist for Hetalia dating sim

Hey, I've been working on a game done with the Ren`Py engine, the only problem is that I need some game sprites. I've found a couple stock backgrounds, but I need character art still and CGs once I actually have all of the plot paths laid out. It's a high school setting, because I enjoy it with all its drama. Currently Gilbert is the main character because he can make most pairings funny. Maybe later on, I can change set it so you can choose your main character, but that's a long ways off. I also have not yet decided on whether or not to include mature content. By the way, the game will be called "World Academy". Most characters other then the adults will be eligible for pairing in the game if everything works out right.

Edit 4-9-2010: No more help is currently needed. Thank you for all your interest in the World Academy project!

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[Fanfic] Global Mpreg

Title: [Global Mpreg]

Author: Me! xD

Characters/Pairings: USAxUK/ FrancexCanada/ LithuaniaxPoland / GermanyxItaly / PrussiaxAustria / GreecexJapan / SpainxSouth Italy / Denmark x Norway x Iceland / Russia x China / Sweden x Finland /Sealand x Latvia (not mpreg here xD im not that mad! xD)

Warnings (?): Mpreg Male pregnancy and a lot of lil chibinations (my sons!) xD oh, and grammar mistakes (I'm spanish u.u) Mmmhh... lot of painrings and lot of genres... more than nothing Humor and Drama/Angst and a lot of "happy endings"

Rating: K

Summary: It's Alfreds and Arthur's wedding. Love moves the world... and somethings more. How will do our beloved nations with a baby? Each couple has a story of love, and now, it's time to do their best for the one them love.

Author's Note: PLEASE DON'T KILL ME! I'M NOT SUCH A PERVERT! (And please leave me a review :3 I'll be happy!)

Hetalia Chatroom update

I finally found a very good Chatroom for the Hetalia discussion~~~

This one have more function than the one that I set up before


If you lost the link, don't worry It also located in my Blog, http://zaxwing.blogspot.com/

And My website also link to the blog too, https://sites.google.com/site/zaxwing/

I will try to find a better website holder to rebuild my site..........this one just give me a lot of trouble.....

This Chartroom is only for the discussion only.

If anyone want to have a Chatroom for the role play, plz tell me I can set up another Chartoom for it~

Have fun with the Chatroom everyone~

[Fancomic & Photos] 'Gilbert's Ahoge!?' and 'The Attack of the Mob of Gilbirds'

I hope I'm doing this right *crosses fingers*

Whut... I don't even...
Author/Artist: Me~ infinityandaday, also known as xLnsomnLacx over at deviantART
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Prussia, France, Spain (Bad Touch Trio) and Gilbird
Rating: Uhh.... PG -> T ?
Warnings: Ahoge.....
Summary: Ahoge..... @^@

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Title: Where's Wally Gilbert?
Photographer: Me~ infinityandaday also known as xLnsomnLacx on deviantart
Camera: iPHONE (lololol|Db)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Prussia, Mob of Gilbirds
Rating: G !? IDK....
Too many Gilbirds!? Biggish photos?
Summary: So... Prussia is is smaller than his pet, huh.

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[fanfiction] Risqué - Memoirs of a Prussian Defence 5/7

Title: Memoirs of a Prussian Defence 5/7
Author: comptine
Genre(s): Romance/Humor
Rated: T
Summary: If Gilbert was ever going to write a personal memoir, this is exactly where he would start. With a concerned Canadian standing over him, an angry Brit yelling from the stands and his voice utterly gone.
Note: In which Gilbert watches soap opera and almost wins Matthew over. Almost.

you'd think this whole hockey thing would be simpler! It's just a game! )

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4
♕ - entente cordiale [aph]

[FST] Armada - England & Spain

A/N: My first FST. I didn't see an England/Spain one anywhere, so I thought I'd give it a shot.
Title: Armada [A Spain/England FST]
Author/Artist: Art and Songs belong to their owners. I simply put this FST together
Characters/Pairings: Spain & England
Rating: T
Warnings: Coarse language in some of the songs, lots of instrumental pieces. X)

at my fanwork journal, ultio_ultionis

x-posted to [info]badfathers  and [info]worldradio. Sorry if this appears multiple times on your f-lists.

my kind of disney princess

[fanfic] Alfred and Ludwig's Cheese-grating Adventures part 2

Title:Alfred and Ludwig's Cheese-grating Adventures
Author/Artist: [info]kakkobean
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Alfred/Ludwig/Alfred...er...? (also, Spain/Austria)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Alternate universeFAKE SCIENCE!You know those things that you say out loud that make you say, "Oh god, that's fantastic, I have to write fic about it?" That's what this is.
Summary: Ludwig is a biochemistry lab tech with a stick up his ass. Alfred is a bratty bioengineering whizcake who just had to pick Ludwig's neck of the world to set up camp. One thing leads to another, and one stupid comment too many sets the two off on an adventure to find a way to recreate the face of cloning science forever!

Part 1

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Axis Powers Hetalia (ep 8-13) +16
Durarara!! (ep 12) +11
Junjou Romantica (S2 ep 7-8) +12
K-ON! (S1 ep 1) +18
Kimi ni todoke (ep 16-17) +10
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (zan ep 13 /end) +10
ToraDora! (ep 18-19) +22

aikon / watch / join / x-posted all over the universe.


So! The meet is tomorrow! Are ya'll ready for an awesome time!? :D
I can't wait to see you all! All the information is being reposted here~
Any last-minute joiners are totally welcome!

Date: April 10th, 2010
Start time: 10:00 a.m. (For laser tag) or 12:00 p.m. (for the actual meet)

End time: When we get sick of each other or you have to go home (PARTEH ALL NIGHT LONG!)

For anyone who needs more information, the original post for this meeting with all our meet-up information and location addresses can be found here.



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Community Advertizing!

Hello HETALIA community! I come here to advertise the community I (masterfranny ) created with salmagundi_fic !

A community dedicated to our lovely North Italy (Feliciano Vargas). ^^

Do you like your pasta with different flavours? Have you ever felt the need to try out new tastes? Well then, this community is made for you. Any pairing is welcome, except Germany/italy and Italicest, because both pairings have their own running communities (itacest and of course gertalia ) and we're just offering less common possibilities.

For affiliations, please drop a comment! If you want to join, you're more than welcome, and spread the word!
Intro post here, just follow through to our community!

Pottertalia - Hetalia + Harry Potter fusion RP forum


You are cordially invited once again Pottertalia, a roleplaying world that fuses Hetalia characters into Hogwarts! Overseen by none other than Headmaster Arthur Kirkland!~

And of course the heads of houses, America for Gryffindor, France for Ravenclaw, Canada for Hufflepuff, and none other than the awesome Prussia for Slytherin.

If you haven't got the gist of it yet, this is Hetalia characters in the Harry Potter universe!

So if you're looking at this you can tell what a hectic world we plan to paint!

We're still a relatively new forum, there's plenty of open character positions still! We're certainly interested in finding a Russia to round out our list of main characters.
The complete list of avaliable characters and already taken OCs (Yes! We allow OCs and plenty are open) is avaliable Here!
There's still plenty of teaching roles left, and we're rather in the need of some Gryffindors in particular. We do allow character reservations, so you can feel free to take some time on your application.

If you're literate and active, as well as a passion for Hetalia, Harry Potter, and roleplaying, we'd love to have you on board!

No classes have even started yet, but there's roleplays scattered all over to help get everyone to know eachother. We even offer password protected common rooms! Shortly we should be starting up the school year and we hope to see some of you guys join us!

★Just click here and let the magic begin.★
Ger/Prus Sleep

[Fan Fiction] In Remembrance I Relive [3/?]

Part three! Hmm. Would it be bad form for me to post part four tomorrow? If so, I'll wait till Sunday, then. Until then, read and enjoy, and feedback is appreciated as always!

Title: In Remembrance I Relive
Author/Artist: Sami-Fire (Me!)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Prussia, Germany, Russia (In later chapters)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Clusters of foul language and allusions to rape (that doesn't enter the picture yet, though). Also, AAAAAAAAAAANNNNNGGGGSSSSTTT, mental breakdowns, and some odd concepts.
Summary: Prussia's past comes back to haunt him in an almost literal sense, causing him to take stock of his current life. He doesn't like what he sees.
Previous Chapters: One | Two

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USUK Phone

[Fic] Alfred Jones's Temple of Doom

Title: Alfred Jones's Temple of Doom
Author: Me.
USUK, Lithuania, some mentions of PruCan.
Rating: PG.
Warnings: America gets beaten up a few times and there are some minor curses, but that's really it.
Summary: For usxuk 's One Year Anniversary. America is so close to finding the treasure he's been searching for...if only he can survive the final challenges.

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Delurking Member Has a Question...

 First off, I apologise if this sort of thing isn't allowed.  I have never posted to the community before, only commented.  Go ahead and delete this if it isn't.  ;_;

Anyway, I had a canon question.
While attempting to find Hangul of Yong Soo's name one day (Sadly, I can only find the Hanja), I stumbled upon a little blurb in the trivia section about North Korea:

In 2007, Himaruya stated that he had a male North Korea character in mind that would be a musician who was fond of reading and dancing, as well as being more timid in personality than Yong Soo. However, it is unlikely that he will appear any time soon due to probable controversy, as well as a friend of Himaruya's (on whom he was based) having moved away.

Is there anyone who knows where this what said, and/or can point me in the direction of an official translation or entry?
Anyone who can will be my hero forever.  :'D
princess terumi

[fic] To See Oneself in Dreams

Title: To See Oneself in Dreams
Author/Artist: disownmereturns /thejmprod
Characters/Pairings: Greece, Spain
Rating: G
Warnings: none

Summary: “…what would you do if you were human? How would you live your life?”
“Nothing would change much, I suppose.”

A/N: De-anoning from the kink meme! :D

( It was simply amazing, how they pass by a christening, three coming of age ceremonies, two weddings, a street party and a funeral all while walking from the local market back to Antonio’s house. )

x-posted to aphmediterraneo


[Fanfic] Rebirth

Title: Rebirth
Author/Artist: dinoturtle or my other alias on FF.net: Candycanepower
Character(s) or Pairing(s):  Vietnam. Hintings of: Vietnam/America, Vietnam/France, Vietnam/Russia.
Rating: T
Warnings: Mentions of the Vietnam War. A pretty depressed, messed up Vietnam too. Biased based upon her views of the war.
Summary: In the midst of war, she cogitates. The Vietnam War was a terrifying experience. Vietnam was torn on what to follow - her heart or her mind. What is love and what is logic? She retraced her footsteps from the beginning to figure out on how to proceed with her decision. The backstory behind the outcome we know.

( 'Her cigarette fell from her lips. What was this? She was still split in two - not physically, but mentally. A bipolar disorder.' )

Is your family's History more interesting because of Hetalia?

Okay, so as I was trying to remember another disscussion I had in my head, I never could but then this one popped into my head.

A few weeks ago, one of my mom's great aunts passed away, and as she talked about her, she eventually pulled out this really old photograph of one of my great,great,great uncles. Then I learned that he and his wife were PRUSSIAN, living in Russia doing work for their government. He was being held against his will by Russia, and when he tried to flee back to Prussia with his wife and child, only his wife and child made it. Russia wouldnt let him leave because he 'knew too much' information and could use it against them. They then threw him in a prison in Siberia and we never found out what happened to him. TT.TT

Anyways! Along with the fact that I now know that besides me being 1/4 german, I am also like 1/8 Prussian, I was wondering if YOU HETALIA FANS have delved into your history backround since getting into the series, or have learned something about your family recently that you got excited about and immediantly think of our dear nation-tans?

I know it sounds horrible that I  thought of Gilbert and Ivan when she told me the sad story, but I also DO love History very much, and was estatic to learn something new about my family.

What about you?

So sorry Mods if this disscussion isn't allowed

with your spaniel heart.

[fic] forged from fire.

title.: forged from fire.
characters: UK/Canada.
rating: pg-13.
warning: Non-explicit descriptions of warfare; again with the really effing long notes at the end.
summary: Matthew kicks ass during WWI, much to Arthur's surprise, despite looking like he's a little boy drowning in daddy's uniform. Confessions and internal struggles ensue.
notes: De-anoning with a hetalia_kink fill. The original request asks for "UK/Canada, at the end of WWI, dealing with the fact that Canada has come of age and is coming into his own."

(And in the sky / the larks, still bravely singing, fly / scarce heard amid the guns below.)


Of Silence and Thievery (1/10)

Title : Of Silence and Thievery
Author: osco_blue_fairy 
Genre : humor, action/adventure, fantasy and, of course, romance
Pairings: USUK main, minor others
Rating: PG-13-R
Warnings: AU, human names used, fantasy plot line ^_^ future sexy times
Summary:  Arthur had a voice, a good one, but it's been stolen from him and he's prepared to do everything he can to get it back.  Even traversing across the world with a bunch of lunatics with a leader who just might be his hero after all. 
Note:  This is kind of an experiment.  I've had this idea in my head for awhile and figured I'd give it a shot, and if it turned out all right, work on this as an original work.  Please let me know what you all think and remember, comments are love!

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[Fanart] Finished FrUk and conquistador!Spain

Is the preview alright?

FrUk Fanart
Author/Artist: ichii_lemoncat 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): France/England
Rating: PG16
Warnings: Nothing showing, just hands in pants...

Title: Madness
Author/Artist: same
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Spain
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: some blood splatters
Summary: Quick sketch of a blood thirsty Spain

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cute ukraine

[fic, new chapter] Turtles and Whores

Title: Turtles and Whores
Author/Artist: glory_of_hera / crescit eundo
Character(s) or Pairing(s): many, this chapter focuses on Gilbert and his badass adventures. Major mentions of the Bad Touch Trio.
Rating: T
Warnings: drugs (mostly pot), sex references, language, homosexuality, language, etc etc.
Story Summary: Everyone has a story that is just waiting to be set free- this is Eden, a tiny rainy town with winding streets, ivy growing wild on the fences. This is a story of stories.
Note:This is chapter three of an ongoing series- I highly reccommend you read the first chapter, but it is not necessarily required.

Lovino - Chapter One | Heracles - Chapter Two | Gilbert - Chapter Three

MAD World Rp Group

 Re-advertising because we just got some freed up positions for canon characters so take a look if someone you wanted to be was taken because now he might not be!

 Hey there everyone~ So I'm here to advertise the group MAD World. It's a small MSN group that is in need of some active, fun members! If you think you can handre it, check out the APPLICATION--it has information on what the club is about, too. Here's the CHARACTER LIST if you wanna look at that before you decide to join. OC's are totally acceptable! 

(IF YOU JOIN YOU GOTTA BE ACTIVE.And please make an effort to make the group fun and interesting. You can do that just by talking in the group chats I set up, or by acting friendly.)

We are a pretty LAID BACK, slightly OOC, relaxed group. IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT RP, you probably dont want to join. Yeah, we CAN be serious, but the overall feel of the group is very 'chill'. 
the doctor ROCKS~

Looking for Israeli cosplayers :D

Hey there :)
My friends and I are planning to do a War of the Austrian Succession/Seven Years' War cast to the summer con~

We want it to be like this and we're looking for Hungary and Austria. :D

So contact me here in comments or PM if you want to join the cast. ^^


EDIT #2; We need Austria. :<


[Fanart] Frying Pan Nukes

I couldn't resist...eat those scribblez.

Frying Pan Nukes
Artist: rice_powered + Civilization IV graphics
Characters: Hungary, Germany and Prussia
Rating: PG
Warning: Nuclear fallout depicted. Evil frying pan wielder
Summary: What a Hetalia fan sees whereas a normal Civilization 4 gamer will not.

What a normal player sees (Warning 1440x900 resolution picture):

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