April 10th, 2010

[SongFiction] Dear Angel of Mine & If my Heart was a House

Title: Dear Angel of Mine
Author: kazu_is_awesome 
Characters: Sweden, Finland, Russia
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Angsty
Summary: Finland lost the winter war and Russia took him, now Sweden is alone and wants to write a letter to his beloved Finn, Swedens POV
Song: Dear Angel by April Sixth
For: pi_bouvier , because it was her birthday ♥ Jag älskar dig, min älskling! [I'm her Berwald and she's my Tino ♥]


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Title: If my Heart was a House...
Author: kazu_is_awesome 
Characters: Sweden, Finland
Rating: G
Warning: none...
Summary: Sweden and Finland are having a nice day lying on the grass, Swedens POV
Song: If my Heart was a House by Owl City
For: pi_bouvier , because it was her birthday and the last one was so sad and angsty ♥ Jag älskar dig, min älskling ♥



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[Fanart] Colored Norway & Finland + Denmark & Sweden Lineart

Title: Norway and Finland Talk (lol, I suck at titles)
Character(s): ....Norway and Finland
Rating: PG-15 (not sure about this...)
Warnings: Upperbody male nude.
Summary: Finland and Norway talk about their lives during an excursion to a hot spring/sauna. (it kinda looks like both -___-) They look upset so I guess their lives aren't going so well..I wanted to make Finland look chubbier next to Norway haha. I liked the chubby Finland Himaruya drew before...D=

Click preview for dA page. (full picture is really large!)

Title: Denmark and Sweden Will Protect the Nest! (err...)
Me still.
Character(s): Denmark and Sweden
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Raiders attack the viking camp but Denmark and Sweden are ready for them..>=)

Click preview for dA page. (also large image.)

Btw, if anyone has any fanart requests, I can do a few when I have the spare time. Just comment on this entry if you have any requests. I'm out of practice and I can't think of any original ideas to do.... -___-;
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Belarus for sale~ [cosplay]

I was supposed to do this ages ago but I keep forgetting!

I bought this perfect dress to make into a Belarus cosplay from a shop in Harajuku, Tokyo, but unfortunately it's a little bit too big for me.
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The photos don't show it off to it's true potential. The sleeves are suitable puffy at the top and the skirt comes down to around knee-length. All you need to add are the cuffs, the striped waistband/apron and the bow. Job done!
I was going to do it myself, but because it's a little too big for me the alteration would end up taking more time than I have to spare. T^T
I'd say it was best suited for UK size 12-14, but a size 10 could get away with it being a little roomy. ^_^ (um, that's US size 8-12, I think? Correct me if I'm wrong.)

It's brand new, never worn (except to try it on once). The quality is a lot nicer than you often end up with from eBay cosplay sellers, and you'd be paying a lot less, too! (less than I paid for it, even. Sigh.)

I'm asking for £25 in total, that includes postage to pretty much anywhere. First come first serve. ^_^ Payment would be by Paypal, please, but if I don't receive payment in 3 days I'm afraid I'd have to move on to the next person.

Okay! Thanks for your time~

[Crafts] Mochinations

I made a few Hetalia-mochis today.

Title: Mochis
Artist: runenklinge
Characters:  mochi-nations, too many to list individually (but will tag them)
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary:  27 Hetalia mochis

(Follow this fake-cut to my lj for mochi goodness)

Russia/America - "Compartmentalize"

Title: "Compartmentalize"
Rating: PG-13
Summary: America's house was segmented- everything visible was bright and up-to-the-minute, but closed doors hid disorder and history only to be opened when America was feeling particularly industrious or melancholic.
Notes: Hope you like it!
Recipient: star_jinin , to her prompt "Russia supporting America during his Civil War"

( "Would you kill your sister's to survive?" )

[FANART] Finland: "As you wish, my Master~"

Title: "As you wish, my Master~"
Author/Artist: pi_bouvier 

Character(s) or Pairing(s): Finland
Rating: G
Warnings: Cuteness overload~
Summary: just finland in a kinda maid dress~  (I realized the colors of the dress being blue white and black AFTER I finished this.. so.. xD)

it's my first post.. so I hope the cut'll work >///<"
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Scotland/France  ► Vieille Amour

[Fanmix/Fanfic] On Your Terms: Scotland/France

Title: On Your Terms
Author/Artist: candesceres
Characters/Pairings: Scotland/France
Rating: PG-13
Warning: 32 songs + drabbles so...a lot of music about the world's self-proclaimed oldest alliance. 700 years and counting. The songs are in order of their relationship over that time. So history! \o/

(Well no one could call it the world's greatest love story...)

And as a heads-up I just want to point out the new Scotland/France comm auldalliance (because I'm so glad the name wasn't taken ffff) It's still under construction but you know, I just wanted to put it out there. o/

[Fanfic] Always There

Title: Always There
Author/Artist: Porcelainwords (a.k.a porcelain-peacock)
Character(s)/Pairing(s): England, Canada (one-sided)
Genre: Hurt, Drama, Family, Comfort
Rating: :V
Summary: Matthew tried to move but before he could he felt the older mans shaky fist clenching his jacket. He looked down at the pale man. Matthew was taller then Arthur. He was always looking down at him. And Arthur was always looking in the opposite direction.

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[Fanfic] All The World's A Stage - Chapter 5

Title: All The World's A Stage
Author/Artist: Tatsumaki-sama
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Fem!Canada x World, Canada, with appearances [in this chapter] from China, Ukraine, Austria, England, Belarus, Russia, Poland and Cuba.
Genre: Romance, Drama
Rating: PG-13
Summary: AU. All Matthew wanted to do was find her long lost brother. But somehow she ended up pretending to be a guy who is pretending to be a girl.

" I see." He studied Matthew thoroughly, walking around her a few times, a lone finger tapping against his nose in concentration. " This should be like a piece of cake." He smirked.
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[Fics] Least Resistance, White Linen

Title: Least Resistance
Author/Artist: artillie
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany and Hungary
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Summary: Germany has questions, Hungary has no answers. (For someone who wanted Germany/Hungary.)

Germany had been biting his nails again, Hungary noticed—right down to the quick, just as he had when he was a boy.

Title: White Linen
Author/Artist: artillie
Character(s) or Pairing(s): fem!Austria/fem!Spain
Rating: PG
Warnings: Repressed nineteenth-century lesbians. None.
Summary: Spain pays Austria a social visit. (For core.)

Austria modeled the pronunciation for her twice, and then took a sip of her coffee.
Spanish Inquisition

[fic] Paintball for Dummies Ch.1

 Title: Paintball for Dummies
Rating PG
Genre: Humor
Characters: America, Romano, Prussia, Switzerland, Australia, Hungary, Belgium, Seychelles, Liechtenstein, Belarus
Summery: The nations get ready for a friendly insane match of paintball.
Notes: Inspired by a discussion about secret shames of the nations. I stated that Liechtenstein liked playing laser tag and that inspired this, but since I know absolutely nothing about laser tag, I switched it to paintball instead :)


It started with an idiot
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2 Fanfic

Title: I wish I could meet you in another life
Pairings: USUK
Warnings: character death, angst
NOTES: I think of this while I watch a sad story. It make me cry. >.< The italic word is I take from Aquarion opening song because I think it suit them.....or maybe not. But of course, the song is not mine either the anime, Hetalia.

(I wish I could meet you in another life....)

Title: Do we meet before?
Pairings: USUK
Warnings: AU
NOTES: This is the sequel of "I wish I could meet you in another life". I think of put them together but it feel strange so I separately it to two parts. And this I do not know what I could write......Bold is Arthur's POV and normal is Alfred's POV.

(Do we meet before?...)
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[Fanfiction] The Desire to be Truly Reconciled--US/UK

Title: The Desire to be Truly Reconciled
Author/Artist: sakuratsukikage
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, England, hints of US/UK
Rating: PG for language
Warnings: Brief language, mentions of war
Summary: It is toward the end of World War II, and England wonders if his relationship with America has truly changed.  America has some few words to say on the subject.  Written for the One Year Anniversary Celebration at usxuk !

Oh, yes, it certainly was different—after all, no one had ever made quite this concerted an effort to blow him to bloody bits before, had they?
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[FIC] All The Things We Could Change

Title: All The Things We Could Change
Author: frostberryjam
Rated: PG.
Pairing: Turkey/Greece, alluded England/America.
Word Count: 1,350.
Warnings: Tinge cracky, except not really.
Summary: Turkey can’t blame the hangover for the bizarre day he’s having. Greece is actually treating him… nicely?
Author Notes: Written for inquisitorial. Turkey/Greece -- another life -- wanting what you can't have.

Turkey grimaced and then with the devil sitting on his shoulder, took a step closer to Greece. Close enough that he could inhale the other’s clean scent, reminding him of olive trees and sea breeze. He was pushing the other, edging him on, knowing Greece couldn’t possibly tolerate Turkey’s nearness for long. )

Liet Cosplay!

 Hello all,

To the cosplayers, or whatevers what are the different variations of cosplaying as Liet as I cannot afford the military uniform but I want to cosplay for AX this year. Thank you, I very much appreciate it!!!!

Also: If this is a disturbance/not a place to post it please feel free to take it down.

[FanArt] Italy, what else?

Title: Italy: what else?
Author/Artist: nattolen
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Feliciano & Lovino
Rating: G
Warnings: None. Or at least, Lovino has a bit of sxin exsposed.
Summary: °A° I wanted to do two different colored versions of this, because of this there are two ver under the cut u_u thall me what's your favorite <3

(i'm afraid the prev is a little big.)

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Purple Turkey

[Discussion] Human Names


First of all, I know that the human names were picked in response to fan request, later removed, and possibly not all that well researched. But still, the inacuracies seem to go beyond that...

One problem seems to be incorrect transliteration. They were only ever written in Japanese, and it would seem whoever wrote them in English didn't know too much about the names either, or possibly typoed.

For example: Turkey's name is often seen as "Sadiq Annan." The Japanese, however, is サディク・アドナン "Sadiku Adonan." So where would "Annan" have come from?

Also, the letter "q" is not part of the Turkish alphabet. In fact, names with Qs are, or were at some point, illegal, as they're seen as Kurdish. And the Turkish government does not like Kurds. So I believe that his name should be written "Sadık Adnan."

Also, the problem of names not coming from the language of the country. Egypt's name Gupta is Indian, and Estonia's name Eduard Von Bock is German, I believe. Similar discrepencies occur in other names as well.

So, what are people's opinions on this?

I apologize if similar things have been posted before, but I went through the past 200 entries to the discussion tag and saw nothing;;;
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[Fanfic] Those Above

Title: Those Above
Author/Artist: thewaterbandit 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England
Rating: G
Warnings: BIG FAT SPOILERS for Doctor Who series 5 The Beast Below
Summary: Doctor Who/Hetalia crossover that demanded to be written.

To those above from those below
You see what you see what we choose to show
Protest or forget, stay or go
We all make the choice for those below

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Sweden & Russia - related?

I've done some research, and it turns out that some vikings from roslagen in sweden called "Ros" kinda "created" the country Kievan Rus', which later became russia, ukraine and belarus. Does this mean that Sweden is their... grandfather, or something? Idk... What do you guys think?

Forgive me if this isn't allowed, if so, mods please deleate.