April 11th, 2010

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Hello, I'm back again with two more fics! This time America-themed! c:

Title: Trouble Is A Friend
Author/Artist: octocake
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Implied Russia/France, implied past Russia/America, America-centric with some Seychelles and mentions of Russia, France, and Madagascar [OC]
Rating: T
Warnings: Angst, short, use of human names, written while I was sick lolol. Introspection, mainly. This stemmed from my girlfriend talking about Russia/France and I had a thought. What if Russia dated America because he looked like France?
Summary:  He doesn't think their relationship is a love sort of thing because how could you ever hurt someone you loved? Oh, that's a question everyone always asked. It was like asking the meaning of life. No one really knew, no one really had an answer.

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Title: Revolution Calling
Author/Artist: octocake
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Mainly America, some Taiwan and a little of Hong Kong. Heavy mentions of Vietnam.
Rating: T+
Warnings: Dark subject matter, talking about the Vietnam War, America's thoughts on it.
Summary:  They could protest, they could be so against the government, the army, everything that they were doing because they had that right. That the Vietnamese, well, they wouldn't be allowed to do this because they weren't free and who, exactly, was fighting for their freedom? No one. And everyone deserved a chance.

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[RP Ad] Hetalia World Academy

So, we've all been there.
Some of us are still there.
High school.
The best years of your life, as they say!
Now, don't you think everyone's favourite Nation-tans should get to enjoy that too?
Of course you do! Because I just used a series of questions to get you where I want you. Move over, Vince Offer, I am the new TV Salesperson extraordinaire!
But enough about that.
Want to have fun, as your favourite Hetalian, in a Gakuen AU setting? Then Have we got a deal for you!
Just bring yourself on over to the Hetalia World Academy, home of sorts to the children from every nation - from Europe to Oceania, Asia to North America - these children are invited to the halls and dormitories of one of the world's finest boarding schools!

Apply here~!

[Fanfic] Love is a Verb (8/9)

Title: Love is a Verb (8/9)
Rating: PG-13
Character(s): England, France, Jersey, Netherlands, Scotland, Wales
Pairing(s): France/Netherlands/Scotland
Warning(s): Implied threesome.
Summary:  30th November; Edinburgh: France seems to think that it's the best solution to their current situation. Scotland isn't convinced.
Author's Note: All previous parts linked in this one. Other stories set in this universe are here.

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Title: The Enormity of Loss
Author: faerichylde
Characters/Pairings: Poland, Lithuania, could be seen as Poland/Lithuania, but I don't really want any pairings in this.
Ratings/Warnings: PG. Poland swears a little bit, and I can't blame him.
Author's Notes: This is about the recent plane crash in Poland.
Summary: Poland visits Lithuania after the tragic plane crash. Lithuania attempts to comfort him.

His eyes are swollen, his hair unkempt, his nail polish chipped and his nails bitten down to the quick.

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[Fic] To Build a Home

Title: To Build a Home [1-4]
Author: sageofwind_21 
Characters/Pairings: Russia, America, Korea; Russia/America
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: app. 8,000 (with notes)
Warning: Enough fluff to rot your teeth and bones, a little bit of Cold War angst, and possible OoC situations, America being deep, implied sexual situations, self-beta’d.
Summary: Still in the slump of the recession, America proposes a ‘stay-at-home’ date. Russia whole-heartedly agrees, but that doesn’t mean that their time together doesn’t go on without a hitch.

A/N:  Written for the russiamerica 2010 Spring Exchange for batneko . The prompt chosen was fluff and nonsense. I’m not sure if I added enough nonsense (or fluff, for that matter), but I tried. It's at least cute. XD


Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV + Notes
v, hetalia

[fanart] don't mind the screaming it's mostly harmless

Artist: piratelicker
Characters: Prussia/Hungary, Lithuania, Estonia, UK, Russia, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Rome, Russia
Rating: PG
Warnings: don't run with scissors...
Summary: tegaki art and one winamp skin made from official art

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Mind's Ribbons

50 Icons!

3 America
3 America/England
2 Austria/Hungary
3 Belarus
1 Belarus/Liechtenstein
1 Belarus/Ukraine
1 Belgium
1 Canada
1 China
1 England
1 England/Sealand
4 France
1 Hong Kong
4 Hungary
1 Italy/Romano
1 Italy
1 Japan
2 Liechtenstein
1 Lithuania
1 Poland
2 Russia
3 Russia/Belarus
1 Sealand
1 Seychelles
1 Spain/Romano
1 Switzerland/Liechtenstein
2 Taiwan
4 Ukraine
1 Vietnam

50 total

* No hotlinking
* No modifying or editing
* Credit me in keywords or comments


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[ fanart ] Crack Fanart of the Night

Title: Few fanarts
Artist: Meh !
Characters: Ukraina, Russia, Belarus, Axis Powers
Rating: G
Warnings: Randomnesss
Summary: My first time using Livejournal. >_> Couldn't get any complicated. I don't know what to do, so I'm uploading some pics I drew.

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[FANART] Hetalia Meme

Title: Hetalia Meme
Author/Artist: kasaichi/mizukisa/[wat ever is my new name today]
Character(s) or Pairing(s): canada, germany, prussia, russia, lithuania, france, uk, america, italy, belarus
Rating: PG
Warnings: francerape
Summary: See preview lol


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fic; 1937, Guernica

Title: 1937, Guernica
Author/Artist: therefliesthyme 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Spain-centric; Spain/Romano; Spain/America; Spain/France; Spain/Prussia ...anything goes, i guess.
Rating: um, pg-13/r
Warnings: naughty words, sensitive imagery, mention of drugs, sexual tension i suppose
Summary: Spain is living a fractured lie. The Spain he knows is not the Spain he is.

("If there is one truth about himself, Spain likes to believe, it is that he is a liar. And a damn good one.")

Fruk you

Title: FRUK YOU!
Author/Artist: me...
Character(s) or Pairing(s): FrUk
Rating: T+
Warnings: Overuse of a cuss word, some images not work-safe (but I don't think it's anything way too bad)
Summary: Just an amv I made about one of my favorite hetalia pairings. I thought the song fit them well so I hope you enjoy!

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Ann Arbor Cosplay Meet, April 10

Event: Cosplay/meet-up
Date: April 10, 2010 (Saturday)
Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Prussia, Hungary, Spain, France, Italies, China, Finland, Poland, Canada, America, Australia, Germany, Seychelles, Switzerland, Austria, Holy Roman Empire, Hong Kong, Turkey, Denmark, Belarus, Greece, Russia... at this rate, it'd be wiser just to list the countries who weren't there.
Rating: G
Warnings: None, unless you hate GReeeeN. I kind of set music to the video.
Summary: Video, info, and link to more photos below cut


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loony prussia

[Fan Fiction] In Remembrance I Relive [4/?]

Part four! I guess I'm going to be updating every two or three days, then.

Title: In Remembrance I Relive
Author/Artist: Sami-Fire (Me!)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Prussia, Germany, Russia (In later chapters)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Clusters of foul language and allusions to rape (that doesn't enter the picture yet, though). Also, AAAAAAAAAAANNNNNGGGGSSSSTTT, mental breakdowns, and some odd concepts.
Summary: Prussia's past comes back to haunt him in an almost literal sense, causing him to take stock of his current life. He doesn't like what he sees.
Previous Chapters: One | Two | Three

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APH: Nervous Russia

[Fanfic] What Matters, in the end

Summary: “The loss is irreparable, but precisely in these difficult days a consolidation of people's is very important to jointly to overcome the consequences of this terrible tragedy." (Dmitry Medvedev) We must walk on. [Lithuania & Poland, Russia]

Disclaimer: Axis Powers Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya

Rate: PG

Genre(s): Angst, comfort.

Warnings: On the subject of the 2010 Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash. Some inner literary connections.

( On deviantArt )

( On FanFiction.net )

( On Livejournal )

[Fic] Spider's Web: SHxHetalia cross over [4/?]

Author: Me
Rating: T
Chapter: 4/?
Summary: Sherlock HolmesXhetalia crossover. Arthur has been accused of murduring his archduke. Alfred turns to Holmes to prove his innocence

Link to FF. net: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5862370/4/

"There are three things one must have in order to commit a crime. Means, motive, and opportunity."


[Fic] A Day in the Life.

So, I was RP-ing on plurk and browsing the pixiv and found all these LOVERLY pictures of HK/Eng fluff and then the fic was born. >.>

Title: A Day in the LIfe
Author/Artist: kobalto
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Hong Kong, England with a mention of China.
Rating: Older kid. I don't remember if there's any language or something. orz
Warnings: Uh... I don't remember? *fails*
Summary: Hong Kong is getting ready for school... on a Saturday?! England attempts to find out why!
*Human names used.

And if you're curious, I'm putting this in a little after HK goes to Eng. 


[Official Blog] A Reprint of a Certain Character's Initial Design


The title of this post is a rough translation of the first line under the picture. The title of the blog entry says something about Englishmen... Maybe this could have been England?

EDIT: Well, here's what the blog entry title says, thanks to baggedmilk 

Englishman: "Please come quickly! In the sky, a UFO is... Gaaah!"
Police officer: "It's the moon.
&our little life is rounded with a sleep, we are such stuff as dreams are made on

[fic] The Worldsmith [Prologue] (Axis Powers Hetalia, England/America, others)

Title: The Worldsmith [Prologue: The Time is Out of Joint]
Author: puella_nerdii
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Characters: England/America (eventually); William Shakespeare, Elizabeth I, Robert Devereaux, and assorted other actors, playmakers, peers, gentry, scoundrels, spies, and thieves.
Rating: This chapter is PG-13. Others will be higher.
Summary: Sent back in time to deal with a mysterious threat to England's nationhood, England and America contend with witchcraft, the undead, the power of language, and their own clashing personalities.
Prologue: In which a perfectly pleasant evening in is interrupted by a murder that took place four centuries ago.
Notes: This is also known as the "time travel and Shakespeare and zombies" fic. You'll see why.

( "O for a muse of fire, that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention." )
[ Hetalia. ] Kiku
  • tokene

[Fanfiction] The Root Of It

Title: The Root of It
Rating: NC-16 (Gory imagery)
Genre: Uh. Gore? Somewhat. Historical too.
Characters/Pairings: China, Japan | No pairings
Summary: Japan is fiercely convinced that what he's doing to China is what's right and good for the country.
Notes: ... I honestly don't know. Written withinuyashacooks  in mind, when she asked for Imperialist!Japan, with Kiku being purely, well, imperialistic.

Quite morbidly, China wonders if a human would have died by now )

selling cards, mascots..

(reposting since I messed up horribly editing the last thread)

everything includes shipping!  international buyers add 2.00 to your order! C:

Cards are 3.00 each,  2 for 5, 3 for 7 and so forth.  ANY MORE THAN 4 IS ONE DOLLAR PER CARD.  BUY 5, GET ONE FREE!

Cards Available: 
Japan World Card
China World Card
Poland/Lithuania World Card
England/Switzerland World Card
Axis World Card
Italy/Japan World Card
Austria Comic Card
America Comic Card
France Comic Card
Sweden and Finland Card


I still have three mascots left! 

Finland - 25.00 shipped
N. Italy - make an offer
Cuba - make an offer

I really need these gone! ;-;

[Fanfic] Neverwas [1/?]

So, the new Doctor's episodes have started, and it's...really odd to see a new guy galvanting around in that ol' familiar TARDIS. But I think I'm getting used to it.

That aside, here is the first part of that promised APH/Dr.Who crossover, taking place during the Year that Never Was (the end of series 3). Hopefully I'll be able to update it fairly often, if school and work (i might have a new job! or full time where I work now!) do not impede me.

Title: Neverwas
Rating: T, but may be M later on, more due to violence than anything else.
Author: gallifreybebe 
  APH: England, America, Canada, primarily, but also Japan, China, France, Russia, etc.
  Dr. Who: The Doctor, the Master, Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, with surprise guests now and then

   A whole year doesn't just disappear. Most of the world is lucky to forget it, even when it creeps back in nightmares. There will still be those, human, Nation, and alien, who will never forget what happened aboard the Valiant.

Warnings: Minor spoilers for "The Eleventh Hour", and for "Victory of the Daleks" (which there are only previews of now), major spoilers for any new Dr. Who (but mostly for the end of Series 3 thru "The End of Time"). Since TYTNW took place during Ten's run, Eleven's cameo here is the only time you'll see him in this fic.
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Chapter 2 coming next week! I need to rewatch the end of Series 3 again to get a good feel of how to progress. I might be writing another Who/APH crossover after next week's episode as well, since it has Daleks in WWII.

Oh my god I love this show.
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I'm baaack with another fic! c:

Title: It's Just War
Author: octocake 
Characters: Mainly Greece, with some Japan toward the end. Heavy mentions of North Italy, Germany, and Turkey.
Rating: T
Warnings: Dealing with World War II matters and when Italy invades Greece. Holocaust is mentioned a few times.
Summary: Maybe if little baby Italy had ever known of Greece, had ever known what was done to him, then he would know that Greece... he couldn't be broken so easily.

Read here or here
APH : Sweden/Finland no. 2

FIC: "The Tunnel"

Pretend I'm not procrastinating on studying for a math exam. It'll keep everyone happy. Anyway, have some current/future issue fanfiction. :O

Title: "The Tunnel"
Author: zed_azrael
Characters: Finland, France, England, Sweden, Estonia, Canada, America, Norway
Genre: General
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: In Olkiluoto, Finland, the first tomb is sealed. The danger must kept locked away for 100,000 years.