April 15th, 2010

germany and prussia

[FAN-ART] dumptidumptidump~

Title: Dumptidumptidump?
Author/Artist:  cowlicious  cowlicious@DA
Character(s) or Pairing(s):  Germany, Prussia, Spain, France, Gilbird, Romano, Italy, Germancest
Rating:  PG-13? lower then that I think.
Warnings:  chibis? small bunny!Prussia? Me making an extremely late easter comic?
Summary: a few old things I drew before(and posted in my journals here) but I don't remember posting here and a Ger/Pru comic. ♥

Previous post(s): too lazy to look up all the old ones, [X] , [X]


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Espurr, Pokemon 5

[Fic:] The Adventure of the Famous Fiddler 2/?

Title: The Adventure of the Famous Fiddler (2/?) [Previous Chapters]
Genre: Adventure/Mystery/Romance
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairing: America/England
Summary: This story truly begins when I first came into the knowledge of not only America’s fiddling exploits, but also when I was presented with the mysterious circumstances of a famous fiddler’s disappearance. [England POV]

Chapter 2 Summary: I pulled back and met his wide blue eyes with my own. “I will find the answers, America. We won’t leave until we have an answer, good or bad.”

( All right then, hero. Let's see what else we can find that the police haven't noticed. )

Enjoy :)
[Fatal Frame 2] Mio/Mayu: Together.

(no subject)

Axis Powers Hetalia: 10
Deadman Wonderland (mostly Azami): 8
Durarara!!: 13
Fatal Frame: 3
Final Fantasy XIII: 21
Katekyo Hitman REBORN!: 7
Tales of the Abyss: 26
Tsuki(ko) Amano: 6 (Koe PV)
Vocaloid: 6

Total: 100

These and more here~

Contest Crackship Entry - Pru/Eng

Title: Four moments, Four memories
Author: me, keiko_keket
Character/Pairing: Gilbert/Arthur (Prussia/England)
Rating: T+
Warnings: a fair bit of drinking, mentions of sex
Summary: One important memory for each year of school that Arthur and Gilbert spent getting together. Gakuen AU.
Notes: cross-posted to crackship_aph - as well as 3 other unfinished versions posted there as well.

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Hetalia - Elizabeta

COSPLAY POST: Elizabeta Héderváry [Hungary]

Hello everyone! :) This is my first post to this great Axis Power Hetalia community. The Following cosplay pictures of my Hungary costume were taken during the so-called Animuc convention in Munich, Germany.
I really hope you enjoy taking a look at them! <3


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➡ I really hope you like my photos! If you'd like to see more you can also take a look at my deviantArt account!

[Fanfic] The White Rose

Title: The White Rose
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany, Sophie Scholl.
Summary: 1943 - Sophie Scholl was a core member of the White Rose, an underground resistance movement which put out pamphlets entreating the German people to rise up against Hitler. Nearly all of them were eventually captured and killed. On the day of Sophie's execution, Germany takes the immense risk of going to meet her in person. This is "Germany =/= the Nazi Party" fic, folks.
Rating: PG-13.
Warnings: A real historical figure and a real historical tragedy.
kiku - unf

One-on-one RP request

Hallo. :D 
I was wondering whether anybody would be interested in a one-on-one RP on livejournal and/or msn. I love historical, but am into anything - AU, crack, romance, drama, and gen. I often to write on the mature side of things, so it would be preferred if you aren't easily offended by gore, violence or non-con. But I'm a sucker for fluff too. :D 

I'm very flexible most of the time. :D Paraphrase or asterix are all fine for me. Just make sure you can be literate at times.

RoChu, or ChuRo 
America/Russia [In that order. <3]
Anybody/Germany actually [He's my fandom bicycle. 8D]

If you're interested, you can contact me on marionetteblue12@hotmail.com or just comment here. 
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Author/Artist: Me [kasaichi / mizukisa / whatever is my new name today]
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Austria
Rating: (PG)
Warnings: (crappy artwork.)


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The Problem with Colonies and Favouritism

Title:  The Problem with Colonies and Favouritism      

Author: openedlocket

Characters/Pairings: fem!England, kid!America,

Rating: PG

Warnings: fem!England, mentions of other British colonies, excessive forgetfulness concerning Canada

Summary:  England finally gets to visit America after sailing around the globe visiting her other charges. Alfred decides to ask excessive questions about her trip, determined to see if any of England’s other colonies are competing for her affection.

*Part of the ‘Adventures of Anne Kirkland’ series

“There’s nothing wrong with having favourites, Anne. ‘Cause you see,” he turned a bit pink at this, “I have a favourite person too.” England raised an eyebrow. “Who would that be?”  )

Pure JOY!

A question for those of you in the area...

So, there's this awesome event going on at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden called...Sakura Matsuri! (More information can be found here)

Since it's gonna be coming up soon, and the Hetalia community seems to love meet-ups and cosplay events, I was wondering if, somehow, a group could get together for some fun on that Saturday!

If there's already a meet that you know of, I would really appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction!
my escape

Uppcon cosplay part 1

So, this weekend was Uppcon:10 in Uppsala, Sweden. This is Scandinavia's biggest convention, and of course, as the con-addicts we are, me and my boyfriend had to attend despite being 100% broke. End despite being broke, we we also cosplayed.

Japan: Mah
China: shisukoisa
Korea: exorcistor
British fucking Empire: Kirk
Hong Kong: ???



Click the preview for quick!link to our cosplay journal.

This was the group we did at Friday; on Sunday we did another group which we'll get back to at a later date. Thank you for your time!
Germany » My penis is 10x bigger.

[fanfiction; drabbles] Short and Sweet: A Drabble Collection

Title: Short and Sweet: A Drabble Collection
Author/Artist: didgeridoodle
Characters: Canada, America, England, Australia, Germany, Prussia, Denmark, Norway, Spain, and Lithuania
Rating: T
Warnings: Slight mentions of gore and implied character deaths.
Summary: A small anthology of micro-fics based from a drabble meme, with each prompt having fifteen words or less.
Words: 150 in total.

Notes: The original meme goes as follows:

1. Write down the names of 10 characters. 
2. Write a fic of fifteen words or less for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers. Do NOT read the prompts before you do step 1.

Disclaimer: Hetalia and all of its characters all belong to Hidekaz Himaruya, and no monetary profit whatsoever is gained from writing this piece of fiction.

Please follow the fake cut to see the prompts and micro-fics. C:

[Crafts] All Hetalia Paperdolls

It is done!
Every Hetalia paperdoll I could find.

Click on the preview to see the madness for yourself

109 paperdolls (creators credited), assembled by me (runenklinge), rated g, no warnings and preview replaces summary.
Esp - Sheep

[fanart] Random Spamano and, well, Romano sketches

Title: Random Spamano
Artist: hime1999
Character: Spain, South Italy
Rating: E
Warning: -
Summary: As I see it, Spain is KY (not able to read the atmosphere), while Romano is just to proud to do anything about it. Poor sod.

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Title: Bella
Artist: hime1999
Character: South Italy
Rating: E
Warning: Crossdressing?
Summary: Yes, yes, I know April Fool was like, weeks ago, but better late than nothing. So, say that Italy actually managed to get Romano to dress up too....

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[Fanart] Hetalia as Animals Part 1 of ???

Title: Hetalia Animals
Artist: jamminbison
Character(s) or Pairing(s): SuFin, Prussia, Hungary, Austria, and Canada
Rating: G for fluffiness, literally!
Warnings: N/A
Summary: Probably a series of sketch dumps. If anyone wants to suggest an animal, besides the country's national animals that you think match their personalities better, do it! I'll probably end up drawing it, they're good warm up pics.


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Gertalia Christmas

[Fanfic] Four Nations Who Didn't Know Russia and America Were Sleeping Together...

Title: Four Nations Who Didn't Know Russia and America Were Sleeping Together, and One Who Did
Characters/Pairings: Russia/America, England, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Italy. With mentions of Austria, Hungary, Spain, Romano. Implied France/England, and possible Germany/Italy, one-sided England/America, if you want to see them.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Five Nations discover that Russia and America are sleeping together during the Cold War.
Warnings: swearing, adult innuendo, and a reference or two to history that you may or may not find funny.
Author's Note: Written for pyrrhiccomedy for the russiamerica Spring Exchange.

Follow the link to the fic in the comm! ;)
sadface :(

[Fanart] Iceland has a bad case of volcanoes

Yay current events!

Artist: McMitters
Character: Iceland and his "volcanoes"
Rating: G
Warning: Acne
Summery: It's okay Iceland, we all go through the woes of puberty...

So what is the hetalia verson of a volcano? Pimples? [FAKE CUT TO DA]

Pretty crazy that one volcano grounds planes in all continents. o_o I bet all the airports here on the east coast of the Untied States that process connector flights for transatlantic flights are chaos. I can't even imagine what it's like in European airports right now.