May 1st, 2010

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[Fanart] Some things don't change

Another bit of art for aph_rarexchange, the Hetalia Rarepairs Exchange. ♥

Title: Some things don't change
Author/Artist: [info]fourteen_kites
Pairing(s): China/Korea
Prompt: "I was thinking of a cute picture, of where It's obvious Korea has tormented his Aniki for the day, [even if it's like the other is half dressed from being possibly stripped by Korea lol], but China, with his hair down [cuse his long hair is pretty <3 ] is holding Korea who is about to fall asleep/or is already asleep. Cuse he tuckered himself out, and despite it all China remembers back to the old days and lets him sleep."
Rating: G


( ... he's sort of cute like this, aru. )

Gaku-Heta Drabble: Seychelles' Days (1/?)

Title : Seychelles' Days (1/?)
Author: seshru2
Genre : Slice-of-life
Characters: Seychelles, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Spain
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: After her first day in World Academy W, Seychelles is confronted by two of her classmates...Giant robots, loli idols, immortal alchemists, and lots of yaoi inside...
Or maybe not.
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I'm asking 9 shipped for each. I am willing to haggle reasonably.  I do adjust shipping prices if you purchase more than one.  C:

You can check my journal for feedback.  I sell here quite often also.

I know I just did a thread like this not too long ago, but I want to get rid of these so I have money to buy you guys more stuff. C:

Catch Me I'm Falling (Faster Than Anyone Should) [8/?] : Next to Normal crossover

Title: Catch Me I'm Falling (Faster Than Anyone Should) [8/?]
Author: euphoria_anger
Fandom: Axis Powers: Hetalia
Characters/Pairings: Francis/Arthur, Gilbert/Matthew, Alfred, Roderich, Ludwig, Feliciano
Summary: "Catch me I'm falling. Please hear me calling. Catch me before it's too late." Dysfunctional-Family!fic. Some angst. A little humor. Probably not a happy ending.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven

( How could I ever forget? )

[Question] The Hetalia picspam community


I've been thinking of making a Prussia vid to the new Eminem song, but I've already exhausted my current resources. I'm still going to use the usual sites like Pixiv and Photobucket, but as I recall, a while ago someone created a Hetalia picspam comm. Now this, being an excellent resource for amv/mmv makers, I was wondering if anyone could link me to it?

I've tried searching LJ to no avail. And um, in return, enjoy a strange shoop?

Yeah, this will be a vid posted tonight XD Can anyone guess which song will be used?

[fic] The Maid of Orleans, Chapter One

Title: The Maid of Orleans
Author: RenegadeSpiral
Characters: France, Jeanne d'Arc
Summary: She was a hero, wrongfully killed in the cruelest of ways. And even then she clung proudly to her beliefs, the same ones that resulted in her death. Her memory and story would always be told, always remembered.
Rating: PG
Warnings: None, French footnotes at the end,


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And that's it! Wish me luck! And if anyone finds any problems with my historical accuracy, then please, tell me! I promise I don't bite!

Hetalia Movie Theme Song Cast Interview Translation

that France and England's quarrel scenes are mostly ad-lib in Hetalia?

「銀幕ヘタリア Axis Powers Paint it, White(白くぬれ!)」主題歌を歌うユニット“ワールド8(仮)”のキャストにインタビュー!!
"Movie Hetalia Axis Powers Paint it, White(Shiroku nure!)" Theme Song Unit "World 8" Cast Interview!!


[Fic] America's Little Girl

Title: America's Little Girl
Author: Yours truely
Summary: So if nations can have say, states or provinces as children, who's there to say they can't have humans? The story of Alfred's human daughter. OCs.
Rating: PG. Will probably go up for violence later on


She had never met her father, but had already decided she didn't like him. What kind of scum ditched a woman with a child?

APH DUB: Accents are a yes + rated TV-MA


Personally, I adore accents. I'm not worried about the dub because FUNi hasn't done me wrong in the past. Well... they haven't done what they know will be a cash cow wrong in the past. I'm excited for the merchandise and shit more than anything.

I think it's funny that it's going to be TV-MA. Uhuhu.

ANYWAY. Most of you are probably saying WHUT so here's the link to prove myself:


Six Flags Magic Mountain Gathering

Hi everyone!

So after writing a 10 page report on famous roller coasters my want to have a roller coaster marathon has never been stronger. yaoi_queen has suggested that I make a hetalia gathering for Magic Mountain because the more the merrier and Hetalia fans are so much fun to be around n_n.  Now I've never organized a gathering before, much less a amusement park gathering. So things like meeting place and such will have to be planned in the comments.
Casual cosplay is optional but encouraged. I'll be cosplaying as Liechtenstein.

For those who are interested in the area:
Gathering will be on May 15th (Saturday) or May 16th (Sunday). Whichever one is more convenient for everyone.

Ticket prices are $32.99 online and $54.99 at the park.
Park opens at 10:30 am and closes at 10pm.

We will be riding X2, Goliath, Tatsu, ect. EXTREME RIDES :D
my kind of disney princess

[fanfic] Not So Scary

Title: Not So Scary
Author/Artist: kakkobean
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia/N. Italy
Rating: PG-13 HURRRR
Warnings: IT'S ADORABLE. DAMNIT. *hangs head in shame*
Summary: Written for the kink meme, except I screwed up on the second part and had my username showing. Sooo. Basically, in the comics, Russia wanted Italy after meeting with Germany and seeing Italy run in without any pants, so here's Russia trying to win Italy over. Ish.

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