May 5th, 2010

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[Video] Lovers

Title: Lovers
Artist: frerardislove 
Pairings: Holy Roman Empire/Chibitalia, Germany/Italy
Rating: PG
Warnings: Cuteness, kissing, some sadness, then happy ending!
Summary: Chibitalia has loved Holy Roman Empire throughout the years and still does, even after he left and never returned. Later on, the older Italian realizes that HRE has grown up to be Germany! But sadly, Germany does not remember his younger self. That is, until the very end.
A/N: The slideshow is played to the music "Lovers" sung by Kathleen Battle--from the movie "House of Flying Daggers". Yeah, the concept was so cute in my head, but I got really lazy and don't entirely know how to work the iMovie program anyway. orz The lyrics are in the description on Youtube if you're interested.

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Title: Viva La Vida (Death and All His Friends)
Characters: England, America, Japan, Turkey, Portugal, UK siblings

Genre: Angst
Rating: PG-13 (multilingual swearing and vague notions of sex)

Synopsis: a couple of encounters and a few words too many broke the weakest link in the chain

Part 1-5: 
“Of course!” molten gold hair and summer sky eyes enter his sight, forever bright, and forever out of reach.

Part 6-9: 
The wind knocks him to the pointy end of a stalactite, but there is no pain. He looks down and understands; there is a gaping hole on his chest.

pics of new merchandize

I work at a nerdy bookstore in Stockholm and we received a bunch of Hetalia stuff yesterday.

Haven't seen any pics online of the pasta plate in particular, so I thought I'd link to the pics I took.

Some more pics at Facebook

The one thing I'm a bit disappointed in are the metal charms, because in one box, there was only a white flag. Kind of a downer, when the rest are chibis of the countries

The pins are very cute tho ^^

[FANFIC] Coffee

Title: Coffee
Character(s)/pairing(s): America, Denmark, crushing!America/Denmark
Rating: PG
Warnings: School girl crushing, a slightly sexual comment at the end.
Summary: As m_dono requested on this post (, "America being all smitten and crushing on Denmark like a schoolgirl and melting like butter."

Pimping post time?

So, uh, how about a pimping post? Link us your favorite fic and art for your favorite pairing or characters, or tell us what you like about them! I love just about any well-written stuff and would love to see what you you enjoy about your own favorite characters. Share away, guys! ♥

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tl;dr: Seduce us all with recs to well-written fic and explanations of why your favorite character is awesome, please?

France Fanmix

I realize I haven't been cross-posting my stuff to this community.
So I'm going to start fixing that.
Starting with musical stuff and fluff.

Title: Tu l'incites à rêver
Author/Artist: Q~ [Myself]
Characters/Pairings: France Nii-chan
Rating: Anywhere from PG to R [see below]
Warnings: One's entitled "The ABC's Of Kinky Sex". But hey, it's Fraaance, and it was for lulz.
Notes: 5/14 are in French, if that matters...

Francis Tu As Tant De Choses à Dire

[AMV] You Can't Stop the Pasta

So, I don't know how many of you remember the "You Can't Stop the Beat" video I made last year (wow has it really been a year)  but since I have more clips now, I remade it XD

Title: You Can't Stop the Pasta
Author/Artist: Yours truly
Characters/Pairings: Every. Single. Character...that's in the anime so far/ GermanyxItaly, USxUK, with hinted GreecexJapan, AustriaxHungary, and HRExChibitalia
Rating: PG
Warnings: Um...don't watch in a very dark room on a big screen
Notes: It took a while to upload, so sorry about the bad sound quality, the avi wasn't working :(
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[Linking] Hetakaki Summer 2010 Contest

Announcing the Hetakaki Summer 2010 Banner Contest!

Hetakaki is an oekaki (doodle board) that focuses on APH characters and themes. Every season we have a small banner contest. This season the theme is Summer, so the requirements are to draw a summer-themed Hetalia banner. The contest starts NOW through May 30th! The winning entry will be displayed for two months and also get archived as the Summer 2010 winner. If the user has dA they will also receive a one month sub.

Be sure to read the full list of rules on the website. You must be a registered user to participate.

Click here to go to Hetakaki!!

Thank you~!
APH Bulgaria

[[Official blog]] Japan

Himaruya updated his blog :)

Seems that he juat finished some work's illusts...
If someone can translate it, please. Someone says something about Germany in 8th place, but I'm not sure of what XD (Either Himaruya).

Translation by [info]murasaki_kaze  Thank you!!!:

I was able to finish some work related to design~
I was really thankful to get such a job and, even though I was really nervous about it, it was fun to draw some art that is different from what I usually draw.

The third volume's release (21st) is really soon!
Also, I'm really thankful that I got the big front page in color on this month's BiRZ. It's kind of a crazy front page since it's in pink even though it's five guys. I'm really thankful to the designer who arranged it cutely.

I think a lot of people know about Chibisan from the public site from last month, but it's on a break. Next time, it's going to power up and *cough cough* so I would be very happy if you enjoyed it.

>Germany is in 8th place!
Of what?!

[Fanfic] As Things Were (1/100)

Title:  As Things Were
Author: me, keiko_keket
Character(s): for now, just England
Rating: PG (again, for now)
Warnings: Nothing now.
Summary: Arthur Kirkland's life as he stumbles his way through Secondary School. Gakuen AU.
Notes: This is a 100 prompt challenge I gave myself - so, I guess a future warning is everything happens out of order. Think of it like Durarara, except without the mythological creatures... ish. Also my first attempt at a drabble.

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[fanfic] Spain/Romano

Title: Glaring, Staring Dark-Eyed
Author: inuyashacooks @ ammazzacaffe
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Spain/Romano
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: language
Summary: Smiles seem like war to Romano. [drabble]

( Romano was looking at him with glaring dark circles under his eyes as they sat across from one another, and with those dark circles he was blaming him in the kinda way he always did... )

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santa fe

{{OFFICIAL BLOG}} Another (two) updates?

I haven't seen this posted about, so hopefully no one else is bringing this up while I'm typing.

Since I missed this one initially...uh...

"Shake hands with me at Kourakuen Amusement Park!

The Hetalia food series is so fanatic(??) every time; it's so interesting.
I can't believe it - sausage!
" (Thanks murasaki_kaze )

...I want it.

Then came this...

I have no idea what it's about, but look at Sweden!

EDIT: "Something about October 4th being Cinnamon Roll day in Sweden. XD Cute.

Oh, and it says "Cinnamon Roll" in Swedish is 'kanelbulle'
" Thank you jammerlea 

EDIT 2: "I want to roll up in a cinnamon roll.

October 4th is Cinnamon Roll Day in Sweden.
In Swedish, cinnamon roll is kanelbulle (カネルブッレ).
It appears to be a day about making and eating cinnamon rolls.

Why am I writing about this sort of thing when October is so far away?
It's because I'm eating a cinnamon roll.
Cinnamon rolls are so tasty.
" (Thanks to murasaki_kaze )
zoro/luffy 1


Just click on the titles~

Title: Ravertalia!
Author/Artist: WakaLakaOsaka/Notorious-Osaka
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Japan, Germany, Italy
Rating: G
Warnings: Idea of a sleep deprived woman

Title: Cumpleanos
Author/Artist: WakaLakaOsaka/Notorious-Osaka
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, OC!Mexico, France Cameo
Rating: PG-13 or T
Warnings: Nekkid chibi, history lesson, failed attempt at being funny.
pkmn // gary // hehe yeah about that

keychain preorders~

H-hey everyone! I'm going to Fanime (San Jose, CA) this year and I'm making a bunch of keychains for the event. Unfortunately, uh, to get them made requires a bit more money than I have at the moment, and so I'm taking online preorders for them. I know it's kind of weird to be taking preorders before I'm even done with them, but I'm on a huge time constraint, so I can't wait until after I've already completed everything OTL OTL OTL. It's rather atypical but what can I do ;-;

In any case, that graphic up above is a link to more information and also a preview of what the keychains will look like. If you're interested in purchasing, head on over and check it out? Thanks so much!

(Sorry if you saw this crossposted. D8)