May 8th, 2010


Title: Starless, Sleepless
Author: Me~
Character(s)/Pairing(s): America, Vietnam
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Cursing, overly hormonal Vietnam… the beginning and most of the fic making no sense. I JUST WANTED TO WRITE SOMETHING RLY.
Summary: Vietnam talks to America about their situation. Violence ensues.



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[Fanfiction] Slender (Parts 3-6)

Title: Slender (Parts 3-6)
Author/Artist: geministar01 
Characters: America and Canada. Mentions of England and various others.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Violence. Also fear, if the Slenderman mythos happens to scare you.
Summary: A gradual de-anon from the Kink Meme. America travels to the Canadian wilderness to film a nature documentary, only to come face-to-face with a monsterous creature known only as the Slenderman...

Parts 3-6 at my journal here
Prologue and Parts 1-2 here

Crossposted around with appologies
Music japan

[Fanart] Japan

Title: Bloody Tears
Artist: Juri (me)
Rating: Pg-13
Character: Japan
Summary: This was drawn in the Hetalia P-chat. No one from the community was in it so there's a chance none of you have seen it.
But yeah, this was drawn from a song that i heard and felt that this picture could describe it. It had that asian feeling with the koto and flute so it's not demonic sounding XDDD just to let you guys/gals know. Do look with caution if you do not feel comfortable with looking at blood.

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[Fanfic] Living Wish - chp 02

Second chapter is out! I hope you'll like it!

Author: me
Pairing: Germany/Italy, HRE/Chibitalia, HRE/Italy, mentions of Hungary/Prussia/Austria
Characters: Germany, Italy, HRE, South Italy, Hungary, Prussia, Austria
Rating: R-ish
Warnings: confusion, wishes, a bit of angst...
Summary: A wish upon a star, if done by three people, might have enough power to turn the tables around in ways one couldn’t expect… Austria, Prussia and Hungary wish for Italy’s happiness, and…



A "Really-Old-Videos" Dump

So last year I went through this obsessive little video making phase
However I had nobody to share them with because none of my friends even like Hetalia
(I need to find new friends)

So I just got off my lazy butt to share these with you people

There's... lemme think...
2 USUK vids
1 Spamano
1 ...I guess I should call it PrussiaxWorld?
1 LietPol yeah...

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Lithuania and chibi Poland by ushitora_i

Fic: Like Cobwebs (Poland/Lithuania, PG-13)

Title: Like Cobwebs
Author: daegaer
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: non-descriptive references to body wastes
Summary: Lithuania wakes up four hundred years in the future.
Notes: This was inspired by a prompt on the kink meme, asking for mediaeval Lithuania in the modern world. (Sadly I forgot to bookmark the prompt). ETA: Thank you to whatisnarva, who tracked down the prompt. Many thanks to puddingcat for beta-reading! The fic is posted in three parts as the posting size limits on LJ made it difficult to divide up in another way. The title is taken from a quote from George Eliot's novel, Romola: Vague memories hang about the mind like cobwebs.

Like Cobwebs (Part One), Part Two, Part Three

[linking] The Hetalia Historical Fanworks Exchange


aph_historyswap is an exchange for Hetalia fanworks that are historically based. Both fanfic and fanart are welcome! Sign-ups end May 21, and the exchange will last until late August.

If you have some spare time during this summer season (or winter if you are in the southern hemisphere) and are interested in historical Hetalia fic and art, come check this exchange out! More information can be found here, and you can sign-up here!

I hope to see you there! ♥

[Fanart] Hetaliaiaiaiaiaia DUMP!

Title: Hetaliaiaiaiaiaia DUMP!
Artist: anchoovi
Rating: G
Character: America, England, Spain, Germany, Prussia, Sealand, France, & Russia
Summary: A bunch of brightly colored crazy fanart I did on the hetakaki oekaki. They're just made for fun! Hope you enjoy looking at them =3=

You have to click on the drawing to make it bigger XP

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Cosplay: After the Rain

It's been a while since I did a Hetalia shoot, but for a request I tried out my new camera. Nikon D40's are great, I highly recommend them!

Anywho, the request was for Poland to be looking cute, and something about pink, and cupcakes, and I don't really know anymore. So I threw together some silliness to test my new camera.

One teaser, and the rest are under the cut. Visit my deviantArt page for more Hetalia shoots :3

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[Icons] 72

- -

Warnings: Blood in four of them. Does there really need to be a warning? Will lock if asked.
18 - Denmark
10 - Norway
9 - Sweden
8 - Denmark/Sweden
6 - Iceland
5 - Finland, Nordic Group
3 - Norway+Iceland
2 - Denmark+Norway
1 - Denmark+Veneciano, Finland+Iceland, Hong Kong+Iceland, Prussia, Sealand, Veneciano

Total: 72

They can be found here, at my journal.
America--Fuck yeah

[Fanfic] Underneath

Title: Underneath
Author: Shiny_n_new
Rating: R
Disclaimer: None of them belong to me. 
Pairing/Characters: US/UK, Russia, France, Japan, Canada.
Warnings: Violence 
Summary: It was the look in his eyes that England couldn't forget.
A/N: Originally written anonymously here  for hetalia_kink , for this prompt, and edited slightly for grammar and typos. I de-anon and de-lurk in one swoop.


[Fanart] World Picnic

Title: World Picnic
Author/Artist: meeee
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, England, Canada, France, Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Italy, Romano, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Sealand, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Belgium, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Seychelles
Rating: G
Warnings: Lots of colors? None really ^_^
Summary:  Big happy world picnic!

The reasoning behind the picture is that I'm just so tired of all the arguing and the hatred and the bigotry and the hypocrites... I just want it to end. I want everyone to get along, smile, laugh and realize that WE'RE ALL HUMANS. Regardless of our differences. We are more alike than we think. Especially after seeing Hiroshima over this last vacation, I just wish we could all have a giant picnic and just get along. So, I drew all the countries having their giant, happy, amazing picnic where they're all getting along. For all the countries that I missed, or those that don't have hetalia designs yet, just pretend they're having a great time off screen ^_^ (and also it's my thanks for 50k views on deviant art, for my watchers ^_^ )

And sorry for the preachy-ness, I'm not usually like this. Must be my liberal art education coming back to get me to show my views in my art :P at least I have happy, fluffy views, yeah? ^___^

Click the preview to go to the full picture!


[fic] Not-So Bad Touch

Title: Not-So Bad Touch
Author/Artist: chromatic_coma @ animusia
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Spain ; Prussia ; France
Genre: Friendship, Romance (?)
Rating: PG if you pick up on the slight allusions to sex, T
Warning: a Bad Touch fic that is not rough and violent.
Summary: drabble-esque. Spain can't sleep, be he doesn't really mind.
Notes: was written to be entered in hetaland's week 004 challenge, only to be 465 words over the limit. prompt: touch

"No, it wasn't something for him to name-"

[fanart] ... I come bearing huge art-dump

Author/Artist: me :'D
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, China, Russia, England, America, Italy (north and south) , hint of Germany and Spain, Austria, Prussia, Hungary, Belarus, Ukraine, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Greece, Japan, Canada (I think that's all ) . Many pairings between these.
Rating: PG...I'm not good with this, sorry OTL
Warnings: First post, lots and lots of art...
Summary: You have probably seen me lurking around in the comments and now I come showing some various drawings I've done since I started drawing Hetalia 8'D yepyep

click here because Denmark knows you wants 8D !

[FanVid] Forever Young

Title: Forever Young
Author: saplings
Song: Forever Young (Youth Group)
Pairing: Poland & Lithuania, friendship or romance; your choice
Rating: Ages 8+
Warnings: None whatsoever
Summary: ...A music video about Lithuania and Poland...
Features: Official video clips, official artwork, doujinshi artwork, fail-lipsync

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