May 26th, 2010

Let me paint you bella~!

(newHV3!) The Awesome Frantic Me! *Duchy!Prussia-Young!Hungary*

Hello again, everyone! I don't have much to say except check out the scanlation status below and please enjoy this new strip~! It's a favorite of mine from this volume, and I hope you love it too. I plan on rescanlating this some time before I release the full package of scans because I am rather disappointed with the result, sorry if anything is hard to read. I did a lot of experiments and became frustrated often enough. I just wanted to get this out there though, so, please forgive me. xD;
  • I was thinking of placing everyone's scanlations, yes, repeats and even colorations into the package as well. Because I don't want my translator's efforts going to waste and neither do I want yours! However, anything that is put out before we get ours won't be posted to the community, but rather in that full package once everything is translated. If you don't want your work in the package, please notify me and I will be sure not to include it. Thank you for reading!

Please, everyone, once again, thanks spaceinvaderdud for the wonderful translation, I am only the typesetter~!

Things to look forward from us
(update: 5/26/10 EST):
Completely Translated, only needs Typesetting:

United States of Hetalia (1,2,3, and 4-color strips+summary-)
Salted Salmon -revamped for this volume-
HRE+Chibitalia- Bans on Large Boats in Canals
Some US+UK strips (Sleeping at the Meeting; revamp Colonial!America)
Union of Krewo (Poland meeting Lithuania for the first time)

In Translation Process:


Translated by Others already (what we planned earlier):

Boss Spain's Control of Southern Italy -revamped+Belgium+Netherlands for this volume-

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Hetalia doujinshi STAMP serie

Hi minna :D

I'm here because I'd like to ask a thing about this doujinshi serie, called "STAMP" (mostly based on LudFeli, and some SpaMano)

Looking around the net, I was able to find (some raw and some in english) volumes: 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 and it seems very difficult to find 2, 5 and 10...
Is there someone who knows where can I find them all?
The author's name SHOULD be "Receipt" (or at least that's what is written on the covers)

Feel free to delete this post, if this is not allowed :)
thanks in advice for every help!
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[Selling and Question] N. Italy Mascot and Opinions on a Plush?

Hello everyone!

I need to get rid of one mascot that was originally bought for a friend! Italy mascot with slight wear along the sides of the case from shipping:

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Aside from him! I'm going to start making plushies again soon and my starter project will be Chibi-England! I'm decided whether or not to add bunny ears. Opinions on that?

Aside from Chibi-England, who else would you be interested in? I have a few safety pins that I was thinking of using to make two mochi pins but otherwise, what else? Englands magical flying rabbit? Gilbird? Russia? Spain? I just want to know what people would be most interested in! ^^ I'm not opening commissions until I'm done with Chibi-England, but once I do, I'll let you all know! ;3
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[SCANS] Volume 3 SE sketchbook & random vol.3 chibis (+one strip)

H-Hi! :D
Just an hour ago I've received a parcel with SE 3rd volume of Hetalia that comes with the doodle/sketchbook thing and apparently there are many other drawings that haven't been revealed online. Since I am blind and haven't seen those scanned and posted here yet, I thought ohwhatthehellI'mscanningit! I've only scanned those drawings that haven't been posted yet (well, maybe with one or two exceptions that got scanned along with the rest). I'm also posting scans of some chibi nations and the redrawn strip with little America and England from the book because HOLY CRAP Himaruya's style has improved a lot and the strip is even adorable'r now.
Oh and also, I know that Polish fandom has been wondering if The Battle of Grunwald (1st Battle of Tannenberg) stips have been redrawn. The answer is no.

The list of nations included in the scans is below the cut (there's quite a lot of them!)

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Enjoy! and make me some icons =3=

if you can't make icons but you ship England/Canada, please join/post stuff on ukxcan :DDD ♥ /SHAMELESS PIMPING
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[Fanfic] Learning to Love and Be Loved Ch.2

Yay chapter 2! I hope that the story is what you guys expected so far!

Title: Leaning to Love and Be Loved
Character(s) & Pairing(s): Canada, Prussia
Rating: T
Warnings: none so far
Summary: After saving and taking Matthew into his own family, Gilbert begins to question whether his decision was right. Through the drama of therapy, adoption and case hearings he must learn to adapt and love the boy who never experienced love in the first place.

Oh, by the way, if you have any suggestions on who Matthew's therapist should be please send a reply :D

Ch. 1:

Ch. 2:
  • ramosa

[Fanfiction] Cat Tails

Title: Cat Tails
Characters: Nekopan, America, England
Rating: G
Warning: Cute Kitten
Language: English
Summary: England picks up a cat in the rain and takes him home. Alfred tries to feed him hamburgers and fries.

(“………… Arthur. You can’t be serious. You are NOT going to feed Kiku your… I don’t even know what to call it… toxic waste…” Alfred stared, half eaten hamburger frozen in his hand. )

What? No pr0n or angst? I don't know what's happening to me...

[Fanfic] It's Like a Reality Show, But Really Not (2/?)

Title: It's Like a Reality Show, But Really Not
Author: livefree_eatu/Grace Raven
Characters/Parings: England, America, Russia, France, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, S. Korea, China, Germany, Romano, N.Italy, Spain, Prussia. Today's pairings are USUK. Enjoy it, cuz that's all the USUK you'll get out of me.
Summery: It wasn't the first time they'd been trapped together. No. They'd been snowed in, etc., but never trapped in one large house with no memory of the night before or where they were. Chaos could only ensue.

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Espurr, Pokemon 5

Colored Manga: 6 images+icons

Just posting these up since someone asked for a full version of an image. If people would like, I'll post up some more full-sized colors.

These are all Volume 3 images, outside the new ChibiUK+Denmark one from the official blog.

1- Chibi!England and Chibi!Denmark
1- Sweden and Finland
1- Lithuania and Poland
1- Hungary
2- America and England
1- Allied Forces

Photobucket Photobucket

(6 Colored Manga Images+icons)

[fic] Save the Drama for the Stage [4/?]

Title: Save the Drama for the Stage
Author/Artist: chromatic_coma @ animusia
Character(s)/Pairing(s) [in this chapter]: England, Prussia, Canada, France, Hungary, Austria; eventual FrUK, eventual PrussCan, onesided (?) RussAmerica, Austria/Hungary
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Rating: T
Warning: Human names used, fail!attempts at humor, language
Summary: Arthur is a young screenplay writer and director who wants to make a name for himself, but will that be possible with a flirt like Francis Bonnefoy as his star?
Chapter Summary: It's been a week, and still the fighting won't stop, but Elizaveta thinks she knows a way to help things...

x-posted @ what_the_fruk

“Ah… well. There is a great deal of Fools in this one theatre alone, so I’m sure this is nothing for you to get all smiley about.”

[Fic] The Middle of Crossfire

  Title: The Middle of Crossfire
Author: anonagain, alternatively on somethingsomeonesaid
Characters: Germany/Italy, America/England, with Prussia/Austria on the side 
Genre: Comedy
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Thinly veiled satire, SWEARING, innuendo, violence, drinking, drinking-induced violence and contempt 
Summary:  The good news, Germany and Italy have just moved into a new apartment together.  The bad news, they live under America and England and the floor is very thin.
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[Fanart and convention] Japan Expo in Paris

Hey everybody!

From July 1st to 4th there will be Japan Expo near Paris and I would like to know if anyone was going so that we could do a sort of meeting in there. You don't have to be cosplaying a character from hetalia, it's simply to meet other hetalia fans (and have fun~).

More information under the cut (if it works ><)

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thanks for reading ^^

and also I'm not sure about the tags and all, so if there is something wrong tell me, I'll try to fix it ;;

[video] Get down, Japan !

Title: Get down, Japan !
Author/Artist: softeis 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Japan & Italy.
Rating: G
Warnings: None I guess.
I & my friend had a little conversation via telephone, & she was like "Oh, You seriously have to watch Episode 61. It has Chibi-Romano in it & he's so tsundere." Then I was like "Okay, that's cool."
& when I saw the part where Japan & Italy sat in the car, at first I was like " O __ O' ", but then I lol'd. Hard.
& it reminded me of that that song. So I made a video.

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[icon] Lithuania

I come bearing the incredible number of 1 (one) icon of Lithuania, from the Getting-Married-strip!

...Uhm, coloring takes me forever and usually it looks horrible, but this time I'm rather fond of it (tried something new). Please, feedback, tips and such?

Please credit myojo_s_me if taking, and comments would be lovely, and askdhfajkshaf /hides

[Fanfic] Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Title: Lead Us Not Into Temptation
Author/Artist: crimsondream13 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Spain/Romano
Rating: T
Warnings: This could offend you with the sudden mention of the Latin ‘Our Father’ in the aftermath of sex. And there’s also the title. Yeah you get what I mean. :l
Summary: Denial had never come in a human package more perfect than Antonio Fernandez Carriedo. Sequel to Through My Fault.

It couldn't be.

Hetalia BL Anthology at MCM London Expo

Hi everyone!

About half a year ago, a group of artists from different countries created a BL Anthology based on Hetalia. We have had a wonderful online communication with people from all around the world.

This weekend, we are attending MCM London Expo as exhibitors. You can find us at the table C58 within the Artists' Valley.

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