May 29th, 2010


[Fanfic] France and Seychelles

Title: What Would Be A Perfect Morning
Chapter: Just chapter 1(Pretty sure there will be no following chapters)
Author: [info]caramelsapples  -me-
Rating: I guess K
Characters/Pairings: France and Seychelles
Summary: Seychelles gets to wake up and be with France in the morning hopefully though, things go her way
Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia.

Real quick I wanted to say I havent written in forever, and this was a quick drabble! Also about the French, anyone if you know French and have way better knowledge than me (Which Im pretty sure you do!) please correct me on any mistakes, I used a translator and you know how they can betray you...

“Seychelles!” he sang from upstairs

Icons! [14]

-Tell me which ones you are taking
-Tell me if you are the artist and you want it taken down.
-Credit, although I don't see how I could enforce this and don't care THAT much.
-You may use textless icons as bases, although try to let me know if you change it so I can be in on the cleverness.
-Please let me know if there is any way I could improve. Like everything else, I aim to get better at iconmaking and would love to hear tips.


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[art & RP ad] miscellaneous miscellany

Hello hetalia! I come looking for 1-on-1 RP partners on AIM~

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To make this post a little, uhm, more meaningfully relevant, have some fanart!

Title: Thank You Enrique
Author/Artist: avenue
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Spain/Romano, Belgium, America/USA
Rating: G
Summary: Click the picture below!

FIC: Scrapbook

Title: Scrapbook
Author/Artist: kirakira_kirimi
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Lithuania/Poland
Rating: M
Warnings: M-preg, seahorse fairy. Somewhat inconsistent tone.
Summary: With a little help from a seahorse fairy, Lithuania gets pregnant with Poland's child. Originally a satire that I gave up on; now is completely serious but still has an absurd tone at times. (Note the seahorse fairy.) Written in "scrapbook" format.

(1) - Storm
(2) - Hallucinate
(3) - Midnight Sickness
(4) - Seeing is Believing
(5) - Rose-Tinted Glasses
(6) - Shampoo
(7) - The Expectant Father's Handbook
(8) - Memory Game
(9) - Sustained Ignorance
(10) - Pica
(11) - Poland's Favorite Symptom
(12) - Park
(13) - Half Secret


Hello everyone,

I'm still having a lot of Hetalia related merchandises over at my SELLING JOURNAL. I've also just added a couple of new stuff. Please have a look.

Items currently for sale:

--POP stands *NEW*
--Plushies *NEW*
--Markers/ Highlighters
--Limited one coins/ regular one coins *NEW*
--Towels *NEW*
--Hair bands: Russia, America, France, Austria, etc. *NEW*
--Stickers *NEW*
--Badges, and MORE

Thanks for your time! :D

Anyone wanna RP?

Heya~ I was wondering if anyone would like to RP with me, as writing practice or whatever. I'd like to write as Austria, and I'd be happiest if someone could do Spain, Prussia, Hungary or Germany. I'm on GMT, afternoons are best but I'll cheerfully negotiate, and I'll write most anything, so it's kind of up to the other person how this plays out. I know a good little instant messenger thingy if anyone would prefer something quicker than LJ. So, any takers? *hopeful grin*
...Oh, and if you'd like a sample of my writing, have a gander at my journal, 'kay? <3

EDIT: Eep, okay, I think we're full now, but feel free to contact me if you want to join in! Thanks so much guys~ <3

At an attempt to revive a dying project.

Sorry if I mess up on the tags..I haven't posted her in, like, forever.

Anyone still remember the inactive hetalia_vn_proj ?
It's practically a dead community at the moment >A< which I find very VERY sad.
So from now on until we can bring more life back into there, I'll have to post more updates here on the main comm, and just keep track of them by linking them from the VN comm.
....hopefully I made sense back there.
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[fanart] What Tiiiime Is It?!

Title: Adventure Time!
Artist: Me! (ksiezniczka11)
Characters: America and England (And Lady Rainicorn hahaha)
Rating: G
Warnings: None that I can think of. Unless you hate stupid crossovers.
Summary: Crossover with what is quite possibly the best cartoon on TV right now. Featuring America as Finn the Human, and England as Princess Bubblegum.

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Hetalia World Cup 5

Liechtenstein vs. Iceland; Italy vs. Switzerland; Sweden vs. Poland

Although she has the worst team in the tournament, Liechtenstein still has a fanbase. Which may not be a good thing knowing Holland. Switzerland's not around to protect her as he has his own idiot to deal with... one that is frustratingly good. And Sweden and Poland's skill could equate to the match of the tourney... if Poland decided to take it seriously.

About the Hetalia World Cup
This summer, 32 countries will convene in South Africa for the FIFA World Cup. As fun as that sounds, there aren't enough Hetalia nations in it! It's time to fix that with our very own Hetalia World Cup! Thirty-two Hetalia countries from Italy to Iceland are invited. The draw is random and matches will be simulated through the FIFA World Cup '06 video game. Because it's the 2006 edition, Germany gets saddled with the task of hosting, which may prove to be more tiring than actually playing. Along the way, we'll have commentary, interviews, and behind the scenes access to all the madness that goes on when so many of these guys get together.

Stuff from the animation guide.

There was news about an animation guide back then.  (Not the animation storyboards, that's something else entirely.)

I don't think I've actually seen anything here about it, so posting some stuff from it, I guess.

 EDIT: For Firefox users, if you drag the pictures to the tab, you should be able to see them. The pictures should be re-activated by the 31st. If all else fails, download link 'ere:


There's something at the bottom which seems to be a movie advertisement.

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That's about it, I should think.
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it's not fair!

Title: It's Not Fair
Author/Artist: homgwtfhax (
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Arthur Kirkland (England), slightly USUK
Rating: T for angst, I suppose.
Warnings: Sad story is sad.
Summary: Why did he leave? It's not fair...

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AUTHOR'S NOTE: it's spur of the moment.
I think most of you can figure out who and what it's about.
Enjoy? *shrug*

I hope I did everything right. .___.
I forgot the tags. *facepalm* but I fixed it.
PS: for those of you who didn't quite get it... the story is about how England feels after America leaves him in the American Revolution. c:
Let me paint you bella~!

(newHV3!) 15th Century Chibitalia- In other words, let's learn about Gondolas!

Hello all, nothing much to say this time around! Just enjoy a new scanlation from the lovely spaceinvaderdud and I! :D What with more time on my hands and hardly any stress, I have more time for typesetting. As usual, scanlations will be cleaned up for the final release when we are done, so, everything will be cleaner. If you don't want your work included, tell me and I will omit it from the plans. (:

***I will be updating more tonight, so, keep your eyes peeled!***

  • ~~~You'll notice in the update section that some are now bolded and italicized, that's because I am working on those strips as we speak.~~~

Things to look forward from us
(update: 5/29/10):

Completely Translated, only needs Typesetting

United States of Hetalia (1,2,3, and 4-color strips+summary-)
Some US+UK strips (Sleeping at the Meeting; revamp Colonial!America)
Union of Krewo (Poland meeting Lithuania for the first time)
Can't Escape from Italy (alternative ending)

Crossing through the Year 1000 (France and England)
United States of Hetalia (France and Proverbs)
Nekotalia- If the world was all about cats

In Translation Process:

Special Edition Artbook scans -pending-
Little Lithuania (Lithuania, Prussia, and Hungary kids)

Translated by Others already (what we planned earlier):

Boss Spain's Control of Southern Italy -revamped+Belgium+Netherlands for this volume-
Mr. China's All Too Fast Step Into the Age of Discovery (China past)

Right now, though, let's learn about those romantic boats we see riding through the rivulets of Venice, Gondolas!

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The Day the Earth Turned Inside-Out, Part One

Title:  The Day the Earth Turned Inside-Out (PART ONE)

Author: openedlocket

Characters/Pairings: fem!chibi!England, America, appearances by Sealand and France

Rating: PG

Warnings: fem!chibi!England, scene changes, randomness, length

Summary:  England is accidentally turned into a child by one of her fairy friends. America happens to be the only one who can take care of her at the moment. Chaos, crack and fluff ensue.

AN: Had to split Part One into 2 parts. Fail on my part, and LJ's



Or you could just look at it in

*Part of the ‘Adventures of Anne Kirkland’ series

[APH] Belarus


Sup, Hetalia~ Especially those of you in Australia :D!~
So I was thinking about stuff, and I realized that for a nation that has a relatively large fandom following - Hetalia being no exception - there really are very few Anime Exclusive cons around here. Particularly with Australia (And New Zealand)'s recent 'official' appearance in the Vol. 3 World Map, I get the feeling that the following will only increase from here on out, right right?

Alright, so I know that this is probably a bit early to get anywhere near serious about this considering the actual event isn't until August, but I was wondering if anybody from the community - most likely Australians/Melbournians - was planning on attending the Manifest convention in Melbourne this year~
If so, this is a reminder that it's a great idea to buy your tickets soonish!

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