May 30th, 2010

Germany No. 1 !!!

And the winner iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis.........
Title: Germany 12 Points
Author/Artist: Szmeterlog (
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany (Ludwig)
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Ludwig in a short dress

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actually I HATE Lena Meyer-Landrut....but... whatever :D

YAY! Ludwig in his cutest outfit ^___^
hi honey. i'm __________.

Fanfic: Stories of Hetalia (11: North Italy)

Holy Hell, it has been a while. :C

Title: Stories of Hetalia
thekade (; look_for_katama (lj)
Character(s) or Pairing(s):
K - M
Gay nations, cursing, some sexiness, and implied scenes.
Hetalia one-shots that include my favorite characters, pairings, and scenarios. No chapter limit.


11: North Italy

Previous Chapters

1: America & England (Re-written)
2: France & Hungary
3: Germany & North Italy
4: Japan & Taiwan
5: Canada & Seychelles
6: America & Ukraine
7: Prussia & Young!Germany
8: France & England
9: America & Canada
10: Germany & Belgium
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Let me paint you bella~!

(newHV3!) Can't Escape from Italy (extended ending!)

Second and last post for the night, because I need sleep. Whatever that needs to be said has already been in the Chibitalia one. Please reference that one if you have any questions. Sounds will be added for the final release.

Translation brought to you by the lovely spaceinvaderdud, and typesetting by moi~.
  • Whatever is in bold I am in the middle of working on, I'll be posting more tomorrow~. <3
Things to look forward from us
(update: 5/29/10; 2:15 AM EST):

Completely Translated, only needs Typesetting

United States of Hetalia (1,2,3, and 4-color strips+summary-)
Some US+UK strips (Sleeping at the Meeting; revamp Colonial!America)
Union of Krewo (Poland meeting Lithuania for the first time)
Assaulting the East While Totally Being Brandished by Poland (Little Lithuania, Hungary, and Prussia)
Crossing through the Year 1000 (France and England)
United States of Hetalia (France and Proverbs)
Nekotalia- If the world was all about cats

In Translation Process:

Special Edition Artbook scans -pending-
What Happened After Tannenburg extra

Translated by Others already (what we planned earlier):

Boss Spain's Control of Southern Italy -revamped+Belgium+Netherlands for this volume-
Mr. China's All Too Fast Step Into the Age of Discovery (China past)

Now, for our finale to this drastic tale for England, Germany, and the Italies-!!

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senator shockwave

[Fanfc] This Old House Ch.2

Yay chapter two! Enjoy!

Title: This Old House
Characters/Pairings: Canada, America, England
Rating: T
Warnings: Uhh...minor child abuse, nothing else for this chapter
Summary: When Alfred discovered the house he knew he had to buy it. Too bad he never really thought about why it was left vacant for almost a century or about those footsteps in the empty halls, the feelings of being watched or about that picture of the little boy

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

There is another character in this story, but telling you would ruin any attempt of surprise. See if you can guess who he is by what Mattie is saying ;)

[FST] One Hundred Years from Now

Title: One Hundred Years from Now –a Hetalia fanmix-
Author/Artist: me, xxfurryfirefoxx
Character(s) or Pairing(s): A bunch of them.
Genera: Mostly pop and alternative. Lol.
Rating: PG-13 ish? There’s some language…
Warnings: Some language…?
Summary: A mix for a bunch of countries.

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The Day the Earth Turned Inside-Out, Part Two

Title:  The Day the Earth Turned Inside-Out (PART TWO)

Author: openedlocket

Characters/Pairings: fem!chibi!England, America, appearances by Sealand and France

Rating: G

Warnings: fem!chibi!England, scene changes, randomness, a talking unicorn?

Summary:  England is accidentally turned into a child by one of her fairy friends. America happens to be the only one who can take care of her at the moment. Chaos, crack and fluff ensue.

*Part of the ‘Adventures of Anne Kirkland’ series
He decided to drop the subject before he became more concerned about Anne’s mental health.  )

aph: america

[Q&A] What does this even mean?

Potentially stupid question, but this has been bothering me for a while - i've seen quite a few fan art of Hong Kong with him doing a certain gesture, and I was hoping one of you guys would know what it means/is referring to? ... OTL

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.. and actually, I was also wondering - how to you guys organize your Hetalia images? Or do you even at all? I was just curious because it's been really hard to find pictures in my Hetalia folder lately.


Wooo 1x1 RPing time!

Hallo. <3 This is DT and I'm looking for a 1x1 Rper. o u o Someone told me that this is fun so... here is me giving it a go.

I'm bored so I'm wondering if anyone wants to go up for it. At any rate, I have RPed as these characters:

Faroe Islands

The thing with me is that I can really RP as any character ;;; Like a Ditto, I guess. The characters I would be comfortable with RPing is (but I've never tried):


Original characters:

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[Selling] Nordics.SuFin Doujinshi

r_Nordic-Brothers-1.jpg picture by rawmanga

Currently, I have the following series doujinshi available:

[2] Hetalia - (Nordics, SuFin)

[1] Hitman Reborn - (Gokudera&Mukuro/Tsuna.)
[1] Prince of Tennis - (Inui/Kaidoh from Yonezou Nekota/Komeya)
[1] Sengoku Basara - (Sasuke/Yukimaru)

Prices have been reduced and are not set in stone, so feel free to negotiate/offer!

And you can find them all here (Near the bottom of the page):


Deutschsprachige Community

After having it lie around for a week, I finally got the courage to post this. I looked really hard and waited for a while, but couldn't find a German Hetalia community in the master list. So I created one. HERE IT IS.


Deutschsprachige Hetalia Community auf LJ.

Everyone who knows the language is welcome! We of course aren't only for the Germanic nations or something like that; it's only about the language.

Das Begrüßungs-post ist hier

See you there!

mods, sorry, how should I tag this?

[Fanfic] Cold War ver. 2

Title: Cold War ver. 2
Author/Artist: crimsondream13 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, Russia, Japan, England, Sealand and other countries that are only mentioned in the fanfic (The Bad Trio, Germany, N. Italy, S. Italy)
Rating: PG
Warnings: Slight cursing, a bit cracky
Summary: Because mixing a Russian and American together just isn’t a smart idea. 


[Fanvid] America/Canada - Speeding Cars

Title: America/Canada - Speeding Cars
Author: livefree_eatu/MangaAnimaLuver
Characters/Parings: America/Canada, if you haven't gotten that by now. And, like, 2 seconds of FrUK
Rating: PG-13, for incest and 2 seconds of smexy times
Warning: Yaoi, incest, cuteness.
Summary: Just a tribute to the North America duo. Sorry, no extra tribute at the end like my FACE family vid.

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Let's go to the movies!

Hi hi!
I... actually feel a little shy posting this. .^//^ But!

This is mostly for people in Japan, but I'm dead set on seeing the Hetalia movie this coming up weekend. I'd LOVE to be able to see it opening day, June 5th. Thing is, I don't know anyone nearby who's interested in going with me, and it'd be sad going by myself. So I was wondering~

Would anyone be interested in a Hetalia-movie-going gathering? =D

I was planning on seeing it at the Saitama Movix Theater. Any time is fine, though I'm thinking the earlier the better, so if it's sold out we can catch a later show. Maybe have lunch or whatever afterward. Or whatever. .^^

What do you think? Any interest?

[cosplay] Eastern Europe at Fanime

Fanime 2010, taken during our Eastern European party that we had in the back of the Hetalia meetup. Featuring Poland, Belarus, Russia, and Lithuania... and as a bonus, Prussia crashing the party. Couples: LietPol, LietBela, RussLiet


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The Day the Earth Turned Inside-Out, Part Three

Title:  The Day the Earth Turned Inside-Out (PART TWO)

Author: openedlocket

Characters/Pairings: fem!chibi!England, America, appearances by Sealand and France

Rating: G

Warnings: fem!chibi!England, scene changes, randomness, a talking unicorn?

Summary:  England is accidentally turned into a child by one of her fairy friends. America happens to be the only one who can take care of her at the moment. Chaos, crack and fluff ensue.

*Part of the ‘Adventures of Anne Kirkland’ series

. “Once upon a time, in a kingdom that doesn’t actually exist, lived a really rich princess who liked playing with golden balls. One day, she was playing with one near a well...” )

Pink tree blossoms

[Cosplay] - Anime North 2010

Alright, so now that Anime North is over, I figure I better start this spam of cosplay pictures that will be showing up for the next two weeks or so XD

As those who were there know, it was insanely hot that entire weekend, so props to everyone who wore full and layered cosplay through the cloudless heat. I for one know my group is dead after Saturday and Sunday

So, my photos are split into two categories, the photoshoots and Sunday Hetalia panel, and a small photoshoot for my Austrian Succession group. Enjoy!

Finally summer time!
Barnaby desu!/sarcasm&quot;, &quot;Bunny janai

[Discussion] Pranks on Hetalia Characters

After being inspired today by my class's Senior Pranks (which is awesome because we have about 13-14 of them going on) and had a random thought pass my mind when I thought of Gauken Hetalia today.

What kind of pranks would the Hetalia characters pull? Whether it be in the Gauken universe where they're students or the Hetalia characters being the teachers themselves that their students would pull off pranks on them,or just silly pranks for them to pull off of each other?

Like I bet if America was a teacher his students would probably give him tons and tons of McDonald's take out bags and all take one bite out of them and then give it to him and that he wouldn't be able to eat it anymore.
Prussia, Spain, and France, would be the group that would get the principal's car on the roof of the school.
Someone would probably take all the manuals and books and instructions that Germany owns and hide it from him where he can't find it.
America would tell England that he found a unicorn but he has to be in a ridiculous outfit so he wouldn't scare the unicorn off, then America would show England to a horse with a carrot tied to its' head and America would take a photo of England and forward it to everyone he knows.
Or just for the fun of it everyone come into Japan's house all naked.
Replace all of Switzerland's guns with water guns.
Canada would be able to pull off pranks since no one would be able to see him or think that it's America and blame it on him instead.

(no subject)

This is a small community for those of us who love Axis Power Hetalia and to roleplay characters from that series using the Plurk social network. If you are interested in some fun then please go right ahead and apply.

It is quite laid back. We are looking for quite a few characters. This can be something you do between roleplays and keep yourself entertained during commercial breaks. So, take a look. Have a drink.

And if you are wondering, yes, we are quite creative with naming. : D

[video] Fight for Gilbird!!

I was in Duesseldorf (Germany) at "Japantag", Japanday, a big cultural event that... well... is abused by tons of cosplayers |D
I had much fun, though my feet really hurt in the evening.

Title: Gimme back my Gilbird, damn commie!
Charaters: Ivan/Russia, Gilbert/Prussia
Cosplay: me as Ore-samaCD!Prussia and
[info]ivanssunflowers as fail!Russia (her OWN words! She doesn't have a Russia-cosplay yet, but she came with her wig and scarf just for me! =3)
Warnings: fail!Cosplay, Gilbert with glasses (sorry, guys, I can't fight when I'm blind orz), German language...

Follow the fake cut to my journal if you're interested =)

[Fanfic] Frederick's Flute

Title: Frederick’s Flute
Author: me, chibi_spork for proof-reading
Characters: Gilbert/Prussia, Frederick the Great
Rating: none, I hope
Warnings: … some language, maybe? And history...
Summary: Frederick’s learning to play the flute. And Gilbert finally joins him… sort of *fails at writing summaries*

Note: I failed at writing what I first intended to write (namely: punctual!strict!diligent!Prussia for chibi_spork ) and while I checked some information on Wikipedia, I found some really interesting stuff and… well, I got carried away and it all turned into some kind of Protective-Older-Brother-Figure!Prussia xD'
chibi_spork ! Don’t fall into desperation, I’ll write your punctual!strict!diligent!Prussia-story! I’ve already started! Though it fails, too!

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[Cosplay] Colbertalia! Hiring Voice Actors!

Hey, I'm trying to do a skit for SacAnime this September, and my skit will be the Colbert Report with Hetalia mixed in, like nations will be the guests and stuff. And, I need a pre-recorded soundtrack otherwise only people up front will be able to hear.

So, this are the voice actors I'm going to need:




Stephen Colbert

Canada (?)

For more information please see the cut below.

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Also, if you think you can cosplay at SacAnime as one of the nations on the . list above, please tell me as well. I'm still looking for a FRANCE!!! For France, all you have to do is come in and act. I have a wig all set up and ready.

america&amp;canada|| ahahahwut

[Fanfic + Fanart] What in the Weird

Title:  What in the Weird + bonus picture at the end
Character(s) or Pairing(s):
Canada, England, France, America, and a random secretary who talks too much
PG, only for England dropping the F-bomb once
Excessive ringing of phones
Summary: In which Canada doesn't get enough sleep, and everyone hates on him without telling him why (except for America, but even he doesn't tell him why).

(It was way too early for this.)