May 31st, 2010


"Back-home-again" (doujin) sale! ^_^

Hi everyone! Happy summer!

Last winter holidays I started the process of clearing out my doujinshi collection. Unfortunately, because I was only home for a mere 3 weeks and over Christmas, I had to suspend a lot of orders once my dateline to return rolled by. :/ However, this time, I'm back home for 3 months, and am still in the process of sorting out a lot of doujinshi.

I have 70 (out of 91) doujinshi from Hetalia looking for new homes. Like last time, I did things a bit differently, and since it was pretty convenient for me (good way to keep track of orders), I have again posted up all my doujinshi for sale on my website instead of LJ.

I'm shipping from Singapore, and I generally ship to any country as long as you don't mind paying shipping costs. :D Paypal is preferred for all transactions!

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(^Yup, that's all the doujinshi I currently have listed on the website!)

Thanks for looking! ^_^


um.. h-hello! first time rp requesting so be gentle~
rather new to rping actually ^^"
in any case let me get straight to the point.


looking for a rp partner on AIM~!

and my screenname is qu1ckdry


here are the pairings I can play~♥

♥ Russia / Iceland

♥ France / Canada

♥ Sweden / Finland

♥ Russia / Lithuania

**bold are the characters I can role play

(*cough.... ahem as you can see it's mostly all the bottommers...)

I'm a literate but I'm not picky with grammar and stuff, I'm okay with crack and humor and OOC most of the time but sometimes it's nice having a serious rp.
I prefer playing AU, we can think of some stuff together :) and using human names instead of country names.

umm.. let's see what else..
oh I can speak french~! ..if that does anything for the FrancexCanada pairing :/

and when it comes to Rus-pairings sometimes I like it dark ~♥


in any case if you're interested please comment and let me know! 8D

Let me paint you bella~!

(newHV3!) United States of Hetalia 1 (1-4) (beginning of the book color pages + "summary"!!)

Well, I'm about to collapse on my end, but let me just put this out here before going to bed. orz;; It's been an incredibly long, but productive day. I was planning to do other strips first, but I realized that it would help to actually have the first some pages of the book be translated before divulging into the other things. That, and I find some of the things very interesting in the beginning, even if it is, yes, about the damned island, ha ha. xD Just... some of the dialogue was entertaining, and I hope you will also find it the same, so, even if you are tired of the island, take a look! Many new things were enhanced and added in, including a "summary" of things that have already occured.

**Translation brought to you by Spaceinvaderdud, who will be subtitling the latest episode coming out tonight, so, stay tuned! As usual, I did the typesetting! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did working on it! <3

  • Whatever is in bold I am in the middle of working on, I'll be posting more tomorrow~. <3

Things to look forward from us
(update: 5/31/10; 3:35 AM EST):

Completely Translated, only needs Typesetting

Some US+UK strips (Sleeping at the Meeting; revamp Colonial!America)
Union of Krewo (Poland meeting Lithuania for the first time)
Assaulting the East While Totally Being Brandished by Poland (Little Lithuania, Hungary, and Prussia)
Crossing through the Year 1000 (France and England)
United States of Hetalia (France and Proverbs)
Nekotalia- If the world was all about cats
What Happened After Tannenburg extra

In Translation Process:

Special Edition Artbook scans -pending-

Translated by Others already (what we planned earlier):

Boss Spain's Control of Southern Italy -revamped+Belgium+Netherlands for this volume-
Mr. China's All Too Fast Step Into the Age of Discovery (China past)

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Wolf in the Woods
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[Fnafic] Before The World Was Made

Title: Before The World Was Made
Author: tenrai
Character(s) or Pairing(s): France, England, FrUK
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Very light sexual content, and uh...depressing, maybe? Oh, and werewolves.
Summary: There was a time, Arthur remembers, when the world was much more savage than it is now. There was a time, now faded from almost every mind on earth, when the wild would sit beside the fires of the night and feral, intelligent eyes burnt with the ancient drumbeat of life.

If I make the lashes dark/And the eyes more bright/And the lips more scarlet,/Or ask if all be right/From mirror after mirror,/No vanity's displayed:/I'm looking for the face I had/Before the world was made.

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Fanime Pictures!

It was nice seeing a lot of you this weekend at Fanime! I come bearing some pictures! I don't have a lot, but if you guys want to save any of them feel free to. <3

If anyone has pictures of the photoshoots, would you be willing to share them with me? X: I didn't get pictures of every group because of the huge world wide orgy all the people.

Can't wait till next year!

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Korea cosplay and Anime Con?

Hi guys!
The London Expo was a few days ago. I didn't go, because my Dad said there was one in August. Is there? And if there is, is there gonna be a APH meet-up?
I'm thinking of going to the Expo as Korea! I need to make the cosplay myself. Tips? Reference:
I'm thinking, for the blue bit, getting a dress and cutting of the skirt bit.
Not sure what to do for the white bit though.


Up for grabs - Knock off one coins

So I've ended up acquiring all the real one coins and I would like to give away my set of bootleg ones.  All you need to do is pay 3.50 shipping (first class, bubble mailer).  If you'd like to grab more than one, please add 1.50 for each one as I'll need to pick up a bigger mailing envelope and shipping will be a tad bit more.  They will each come with the box they came with.

I have


And I sell here quite often, but I have feedback on my LJ and I'm thisonecrazyfool on EBay. C:

Thank you!  Help me clear my shelf please!

(Off topic:  I was thinking of making a Hetalia selling community as I haven't seen one around here and I was wondering if any of the sellers here would like to collaborate with me on doing so on running it.  :D Let me know if you're interested!)

[Fanfic] One Safe Place 4/?

Title: One Safe Place 4/?
Author: eveliens/eeevee

Genre : mystery/suspense
Characters: AmericaCanadaLithuania, implied pairings
Rating: T
Warnings: violence, kidnapping, set in the future
Summary: Nations keep disappearing, a pandemic looms on the horizon, globalization is taking over, and America decides that he is sick of playing the hero. Instead he seems to be reverting back to an isolationist state, forging some unusual alliances.

Little details, as America would say...

pirate iggy

Anime Central Rosemont Hetalia Photoshoots

I finally got around to posting the pictures from the two Hetalia photoshoots from Friday and Saturday =)

For anyone who attended, try to find yourself! If you want I can look for more pictures off of my camera and send then if requested. Friday's Photoshoot Saturday's Photoshoot

I'm still new to posting so I really hope I'm doing this right!!!! ^-^'''

[Cosplay] - Fanime Con 2010 photos and videos

Hi everyone~~~~~~

Since the Fanime Con is ended today.............

now is the time to post all the photos and videos~~~~~~Yeah~~~~

Because the photos are heavy.......I put them all in a slideshow

Also I recoded the Hetalia panel.........2 hrs long..........

sorry for the video is shaking a lot.......because the DV is heavy.......

If anyone want me to tap them in the videos or get a credit, pls send me a message~


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Hat Seychelles

[Discussion] Info on the Fandom?

I've never actually posted something on the community before, since I'm usually a lurker... ugh I'm terrible at titles too.
Anyway, I'm writing an article for one of my classes and I decided to do it on Hetalia and its fandom. I've had friends who were turned off Hetalia by ... certain radical fangirls, even though there are some pretty awesome people here. Then there's the whole issue with people being oversensitive and thinking it's such a silly idea.
I'm hoping that by writing this article, I could somewhat inform people that the Hetalia fandom is different from Naruto and such. Anyway, on to business then.
I'm just looking for info such as:
- What got you into the fandom?
- Has Hetalia ever taught you something?
- Why do you like Hetalia?
etc etc.
More details will be under/in the ljcut. I don't want to clutter up all this space.
My article is due on Thursday :<

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I would really appreciate it! Thank you!
If this isn't allowed, please delete then!

Icons- Hetalia (there's some FrUK, America/Belarus, some others, and there are some Hetalia/Pokemon)

-Tell me which ones you are taking
-Tell me if you are the artist and you want it taken down.
-Credit, although I don't see how I could enforce this and don't care THAT much.
-You may use textless icons as bases, although try to let me know if you change it so I can be in on the cleverness.
-Please let me know if there is any way I could improve. Like everything else, I aim to get better at iconmaking and would love to hear tips.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

( Icons are here! )

Steampunk Powers Hetalia - Video

As promised, here is the first look at the Steampunk Hetalia fashion show from Anime North 2010. Sadly, there are no pictures as of yet; if anyone has some, we'd love to see them!

The show was hosted by English Canada (Liana K.) and French Canada (Jody Brenner from the Toronto Steampunk Society) with a special appearances of Doctor Holocaust as Prussia, and science fiction authors JM Frey as Spain and Derwin Mak as Japan.

The Nation-tan's names are on mini pop ups on the bottom of the screen. Enjoy!

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[fanvids, drabbles, and a QUESTION :D]

QUESTION FIRST: Because I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do this, but I'm being strongly urged to by a friend of mine who cosplayed Iceland at Fanime yesterday. Alright, so, I'm trying to get a message to the Santa Finland that went around. She knows there were at least two Santa Finlands, but the one she's talking about was wearing a Santa hat and the little mini red cape with the white fur lining. If anyone does know her, or if you, Santa Finland, are reading this, she has a message for you.

"Hey Santa<3 So, remember when you thanked me and stuff and tried giving me your dA? Well, I've got horrible hearing and memory, so I lost it. And then when I had your number in my dial list, and was about to save it, someone called and wiped the number. So I don't have anymore. But it's okay! I really didn't mind giving you the pass. :3 I wanted to help ya~ Sooo. I just wanted to get a message to you telling you that lolNO, some random girl doesn't have your phone number. :3 It was nice meeting you, and I hoped you had a amazing awesome totally fucking epic time at the Black and White Ball~ :D!<3

P.S. My real name isn't what's on the pass. xD;

P.P.S I'm trying to use the power of the fandom grapevine!"

So yeah. There's her message. Thanks to anyone who can help~ She'd greatly appreciate it!

Alright. So, she bugged me to do that for her, since I was at Fanime too. Buuut. I don't want to get in trouble for this post, so I'll do a ton of fic dumping and video dumping from my youtube. :D hopefully that makes it better? 

First off. Yesterday was the anniversary of the burning of Joan of Arc, if I've got this correct~? So, here.
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iggy (spy)

[Translation] Hetalia World Web Radio episode 11

Hi, this is the translation i promised long long long~~ time ago. Roughly half a year ago.
I am sorry, people. I didn't expect my last semester to be this busy.
Well, I am done and I have to give my most appreciated thanks to gabakane for her patience and proofreading.
Without her, I assure you this piece of translation will be full of mistranslations.
Enough with the chit chat, you guys are more interested in other stuff anyway.


Host: Sugiyama Noriaki
Guest/Assistant: Yasumoto HIroki

Relationship's Chart!

Hi! c:

I'm doing a Relationship's chart in Macromedia Flash.

The current relationship 'status' I have are:
-Under the rule of
-Live together

When a relationship is broken, the lines will be dotted. Like the 'Under the rule of' one.

I want to make it accurate and I'd love some help.

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yamada plush
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Fanfic x 2

Title: An Impromptu Fantasy, The Story in Which Our Heroes Try to Catch a Chocobo and Things Generally Do Not Go Very Well
Author/Artist: liete
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Eventual US/UK, other pairings to be determined
Rating: PG-13/T
Warnings: General fantasy nonsense
Summary: Follow Alfred F. Jones, gunner extraordinaire, as he sets off on an adventure to recruit the best party, save the world, make a name for himself, and maybe get along with his summoner every now and then, too.

( Now Loading... ... ... )

Title: Take Your Time, Hurry Up
Character(s) or Pairing(s): UK/US
Rating: PG-13/T
Warnings: Language, implied sex and incredibly awkward romance
Summary: An epilogue for my delinquent!England AU. Happily ever afters only happen in fairy tales.

( Don't let me down )
us uk dance

[Cosplay] - Fanime Con 2010 photos

So, I spend 90% of Fanime trapped behind my table in artist alley, so I didn't manage to get very many pictures of people, but I'll share at least what I have.

Also, not many pictures of the gathering because when I staggered in and fell over I hit my head on the ground and had to go sit down for a bit (also the bright California sun is too strong for my Nordic skin and I wasn't wearing sun screen).

Included is also full documentation of the Rockstar!England cosplay, complete with props and soundtrack list. (Yes, those headphones were playing something the entire time, you just couldn't really hear it over the sound of Con.)

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And now I go to sleep.