June 3rd, 2010


//// First post - delurking now.
My roleplay group is fallen to bits, and my friends have been drifting off from me it seems D:
I roleplay as Sweden mainly, and Belarus as well.
I would love to get into playing as more characters though! I have played as Iceland and Canada, though it was ages ago.

My favorite pairings are Denmark/Sweden, Russia/Sweden, France/Canada, Belarus/America, and I am open to anything and all!

I truly love smut, violence, angst, or anything taken to the extreme.

I am in the Eastern (Canadian/American) Timezone (EDT). I usually roleplay over MSN or E-mail, though I do have an Inksome account, as well as AIM  (somewhere... I think...)

Um, thank you for looking!! ^^''
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[fanart] Spain sketches, again

After going back from business trip, did I get a shower and a good sleep for tomorrow's work? Noooo. Instead, I scanned and colored some things I drew in the plane. La idiot.

Title: Espana
Artist: yo
Character: Spain
Rating: Eh
Warning: none
Summary: Tried a bit of different style for the boss.

Collapse )

Title: Armada
Artist: yo
Character: Spain again
Rating: Eh
Warning: none
Summary: Armada!Spain sketch. Because he is teh shit.

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.....I should sleep.

Belarus fanartsss!

Title: Bella and Bella chibi
Author/Artist: Me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Bella only~!
Rating: PG?
Warnings: N/A
Belarus being cute and handling knives. :O

Trying to post more often. Here's a Belarus dump (two pictures = dump!!). I know I got the colors and outfit wrong on both pics but her design is fun to tinker with ; m ; sorry!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

First pic here!

Second pic here!

If you wanna use the Bella chibi anywhere on another website you are free to do so without asking! I think you just right click, save and upload to either tinypic or photobucket, or somewhere else. Anyway yeah~
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[FST] Thinking of You - A Russia/Prussia FST

Title: Thinking of You
Author/Artist: me
Pairing: Russia/Prussia
Rating: M, just to be safe
Warnings: violence, sexual themes, cursing
Summary: A sort of internal song dialogue between Russia and Prussia starting when Prussia moves into Russia's house. The songs reflect what they're thinking because of or about each other.


This is my first fst, so I'm sorry in advance for any mistakes and/or oversights.

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feel their hearts [APH]

[FIC] 100 Moments In A Broken Relationship [Part 2/5]

Title: 100 Moments In A Broken Relationship
Chapter: Two of five.
Author: madelineusher
Rating: M-ish. Contains violence and hinted dubcon.
Characters/Pairings: Russia/Prussia
Summary: What they have could barely be described as a relationship, but whatever it is, they're trapped in it together. 100-prompt challenge, with the second set of 20 prompts here.
Disclaimer: If I owned Hetalia, it'd basically be about the Cold War and nothing else, which is part of why I don't own it.

( Prussia's eyes are beautiful, and Russia often finds himself fascinated by them. )

First part can be found here.

[Q&A] South America Nations and others

Okay... I have a couple questions I need to ask.

1. So I think it's been a while since I've realized that Holland has now been introduced to the Hetalia gang. What other new nations have I missed out on?

2. And what of the South America nations? I saw that there was a translated page for it, but were the characters only fan made or were they actually by Himaruya himself? And if so, why does Argentina carry such a strong resemblance to USA/Alfred? Lol!
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[Fanfiction]Lost and Save a Life

I don't know if I've already posted this chapter of Lost or not. I put it up about a week ago, so if not... Oops.

Title: Lost Chapter Eight
Genre: AU/medieval/fantasy
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: England was a land of peace, until the threat of war hung overhead. The heir to the Kirkland line disappears, and a hero from America stumbles onto a strange sight in a forest in England.
I should probably note that this AU isn't like my others. This one actually has countries with similar names, but a very different setting. This is because I can't make up names for shit. (Also, I won't be putting the "next" and "prev" chapters on the chaps. of this fic. I'll get them onto the first post of my journal some time, and they'll always be here)
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Title: How to Save a Life - Chapter Four
Genre: AU/angst
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: So much angst, the title is trying to slit its wrists right now. Emotional turmoil, depressing Arthur, depression, self harm, etc.
Summary: Not sure how to summarize this one. Here goes: Arthur doesn't know where he belongs in life. Whether he's supposed to be alive or dead, he'll have to decide for himself. And as a fairly new transfer student, and someone that really has no clue what he's doing, the decisions he makes are going to be harder than ever. Okay, so that summary is a fail. Just know that this story is depressing and confusing and self-discovery, and angst, and the list goes on.

Oh yeah, this is a high-school AU. Sorry. And it's a messed up high school AU, 'cause I really don't know how a high school functions.

Chapter One

Chapter Two
Chapter Three
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Looking for a LieLie RPer and a Canadian FF writer

1) This is very tentative, I'm just trying to check if there is any chance of finding someone who'd be interested.

Me (Latvia) and a Switzerland are looking for a Liechtenstein for RP purposes. We want to play Latvia/Liechtenstein (or rather the reverse, I think <.< ) complete with crazy protective older brother(s? Having Estonia too would be awesome.) We do have a certain RP in mind, but one of the spots is currently taken there, so... there is nothing really planned yet. Just testing the waters.

Are there a LieLie out there that would like to try this?

2) I'm looking for a Canadian fanfic writer to do a little project with. The idea is that Canada and an European nation (I would be most comfortable with Sweden, but could do Latvia or Estonia as well) get into a situation (date, a meeting about economical stuff, just hanging out as friends) that somehow leads to Canada apologizing for Celine Dion.

This in turn leads to a discussion about why the hell he apologizes.

What I want to do is 1) 2 stories from different points of view, but about the same thing up to the apology 2) the following conversation written together 3) maybe two points of view again.

Basically, I need someone to write Canada because I don't think that I could do him justice.

[FANFIC] The Baffled King and the Idiot Hero {11/??}

Title: The Baffled King and the Idiot Hero
Author/Artist: me (Ellarose C on ff.net)
Characters/Pairing: England, America, Canada in this chapter
Rating: M for language
Warnings: author indulgences, travel drama aversions, brain eating plotlines
Summary: modern AU. Detailing how two anons went from moderator and troll to internet frenemies to best friends, and then some - chatspeak included. Hallelujah.

Complete opposite of the last chap - it's short, but a lot happens. Well, in perspective with the rest of my slow moving story.



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[cosplay] UppCon!

So, me and my friends went to UppCon in April, and took lots of pictures. And finally, after nearly 2 months of waiting, I'm posting my cosplay pictures from UppCon: 10 in Sweden! I'm so lazy orz But however, here they are! Most of them are Hetalia-related, but a few of them are not. All pictures are not mine, some are taken with my cellphone, some with our non-cosplaying photographer's camera and a couple with Zelda's cell phone.


Warning for TONS of big pictures which I'm way to lazy to resize.


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A HUGE thanks to my friends who went there with me, our photographer Becki, and everyone else who were there. You made this UppCon awesome. <3

Edit: LJ hates me. Anyone who can tell me how the heck to make videos show up?
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[Fanfiction] Outcast {Chapter 17 + Epilogue}

Title: Outcast
Author: Angelsaurus
Genre: AU, Adventure
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Finland & Sweden, whole cast
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: mature and somewhat outlandish situations
Summary: Tino, a naïve and sheltered boy, is called away from his peaceful home in Finland to attend St. Hetalia Academy For Boys, a mysterious school he has never even heard of. There he finds that scandalous affairs between students and a seemingly omniscient student council are least of his worries when he catches the eye of the school's frightening outcast, a boy said to bring death to those closest to him.

Previous Chapters: {introduction}{1}{2}{3}{4}{5}{6}{7}{8}{9}{10}{11}{12}{13}{ 14}{ 15}{16}

{Chapter 17}

Outcast is completed! Thank you for reading!
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Greecu .-.

Still needing a greecu to rp with me in too places ;c. If you are interested let me know. One place is a school forum, the other is a meebo rp. If you are interested tell me here and ill PM you the details.

<333 hope to see you soon greecu

What's their favorite Disney movie and song?

Hey everyone! As I was driving today, listening to one of my sisters Disney CDs, I started to wonder what America's fave disney movie and song would be as I listened to the song from Hercules. Then of course, it got me thinking of what all the OTHER nations fave disney movies would be, because you KNOW America would pop in the old VHS Disney tape at least once a week at these meetings they have and make them watch one during break (or not XD).

So guys, What do you think the nations fave movie and song would be? The song, of course, doesn't have to be from their fave movie.

I don't know about you, but Prussia's fave song "I can't wait to be King!" anyone? X3

Under the cut is a list of all Disneys animated movies and some (not all) of the songs from these movies!

Sorry if this has been done before! >_<


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[Fanfiction] London Calling

I bring humble offerings. For once, it isn't England/Spain.

Title: London Calling
Author: luminousbeat
Characters: England, Belgium (very much England/Belgium)
Rating: G
Warnings: None~
Summary: On October 4th, 1830, Belgium declared independence from the Netherlands and met with the six great powers of that time in London to discuss the terms of her independence and to draw up a treaty.

( It's drizzling when Belgium arrives in London, shaking from walking from coast to ship to coast again, and she's greeted by a familiar face, serious and strained from holding back a smile. )

Btw, anonymous posting is enabled on my writing comm, so comment if you'd like.
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[FANART] FFF Art dump

Title:  Lots of World Love
Author/Artist: Me~ ( alexiel-viii.deviantart.com/ )
Character(s) or Pairing(s):  
America, Poland, England, Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, France, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Japan, Canada, Germany, Italy, OC!India
Lots of random sketches and pretty colors, ooo, Shiney~ 

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London MCM Expo 2010 (Sun. 30th)

So, I haven't seen anybody post any pictures of this, yet. So I thought I would submit something, even if I only have a few pictures and the majority are of me being fat next to the other Hetalia cosplayers. :3 I arrived too late and left too early to get any interesting photos. I have videos as well but I have no idea how to get them to work on here and none of the video sites will take them...Collapse )
Be da Taiwaannnnnn

Help! >o<;

 I'm well aware that Himaruya Hidekaz has decided to stop naming his characters, ( /sad) so I'm not waiting on anything.
But  also know that some characters have human names that are popularized fan-created names, ex. Denmark with Mathias, or Hong Kong with Kaoru, so...

I just want to know, if anyone has come across any fannames for Holland/Netherlands? o.o
cute ukraine

[ survey - ish - thing ] Hips Don't Lie cosplay video?

Good eve, fellow Hetalia fans! :D

Last night I was watching the Hips Don't Lie: Fan Edition video and I got a very krazy thought.
How awesome would something like that be, but in cosplay? Very awesome, that's how awesome. :D 'Least, that's how my brain sees it.

I was just wondering how many people would be interested in donning their cosplays and shaking it for the video! The cosplay standard would be very lenient, meaning you can do closet/casual/OC cosplay, and all of that good stuff. The deadline would be somewhere around June 28th? I'd like to know before I attempt to get it together so I don't waste my time in case nobody is interested!

A big thank you in advance to those who say they might be interested. XD

Fanfic - "Superpower"

Title: "Superpower"
Rating: PG
Characters: England, France, America
Summary: In which a masked crusader with super strength appears in grainy footage and France must talk England out of what can only be called murderous rage.
Notes: Just a funny idea that was sitting on my computer for a long time, it might even be expanded into a series if the mood strikes me.

( "Superpower" )
Cirno (PEACE!)

Plushies for saaaaale!

Greetings dear Hetalia fans! First time poster, and I come to the community bringing plushies! :) I have fallen on hard economic times and I am forced to part with most of my stuff like this. I have Lichtenstein, Hungary, and as much as I don't wanna give him up, Prussia, for sale. These are my asking prices:

Lichtenstein & Hungary: $35 each

Prussia: $65

S&H is from Japan, so please let me know what country you're in so I can quote you a shipping price.

Pics below the cut! :) All of them are still unopened ^_^

Collapse )

Thanks for looking! :)

[Art] SuFin x2: Warm, rainy day and Spring cleaning

I part-took in a fic/art exchange on the aphnordixchange community and filled two prompts for gabbi ♥. I hope it's OK to cross-post to here. x3

Click the thumbnails to be taken to my dA-account and full-size pictures! C&C is welcome, but please be nice x3;;

Title: Warm, Rainy Day
Author/Artist: shake_it_buddy
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Sweden/Finland
Rating: PG
Warnings: An almost-kiss
Summary: A fill for gabbi's prompt "A warm, rainy day" on the aphnordixchange community.

(Click the thumbnail to see the full-size pic on dA)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Title: Spring Cleaning
Author/Artist: shake_it_buddy
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Sweden/Finland
Rating: R
Warnings: Sexy face, sounds and a blushing whip. owo;
Summary: A fill for gabbi's prompt
"Spring cleaning! Out with the old, in with the new!" on the aphnordixchange community.

(Click the thumbnail to see the full-size pic on dA)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Cosplay! Anime Mid Atlantic Hetalia Meet Up!

CALLING EVERYONE ATTENDING ANIME MID ATLANTIC, JUNE 11- 13! I would like to scedule a mass Hetalia Day Meetup on Saturday, the 12th around 10-11 AM. I'm not sure if it will work. As of RIGT NOW, I've only gotten eight cosplay commitments, and some are pretty flighty.

I will be going as America~! There's also [hopefully] going to be a Monaco, Turkey, Seychelles, Taiwan, Romania, and Lithuania.

Anyone planning on coming? Let me know!
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