June 4th, 2010

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Plug: aph_fluffathon

Announcing aph_fluffathon!

This is a low pressure fandom-wide fanworkathon. All characters and pairings are welcome. Both fanartists and fanfic writers (as well as fancomic artists!) are encouraged to participate.

The only restriction on subject matter:

It needs to be fluff.

That's right. Fluff.

So what the heck are you defining as 'fluff?'

This is what wikipedia says:

A genre in which the story is devoid of angst and takes on a mood of light-hearted romance.

I understand that little bits of angst might sneak in here or there depending on the premise, and that's fine. However, the overall feeling should be that of romantic fluff. NC-17 fic/art is acceptable, but it should also be fluffy. Alternate universe is acceptable, as is alternate reality!

Here's how it works:
1- Signup post is made.
2- Prompt submission post is made. You reply with prompts that you're interested in seeing filled. You can submit as many prompts as you'd like. The more prompts, the better!
3- Prompt submission post is closed on June 13th, and all the prompts are posted publicly. Members reply with which prompts they wish to fill. This will be first come-first serve.
4- Posting period begins! The posting period will last (tentatively) from June 20th-August 15th. You may post your fanworks at any point during that time.

And please make sure to join the community if you plan on participating. Thanks. :)

I hope to see you all there!
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2 Fics: Cuba/Canada, France/Seychelles

These oneshots are third and fourth in a multi-part collection called "A Little Piece of You" focusing on couples and an item of clothing shared between the two. All of them work as stand-alone oneshots.

Title: A Little Piece of You (3/?): Kindness
Genre: Romance/FLUFF
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairing: Cuba/Canada
Summary: But most striking of all, was Cuba’s suspenders. Somehow- how he really wasn’t sure- Canada hadn’t noticed them until now. The way they stretched across Cuba’s broad chest and over his wide shoulders and…

( I don’t think you’re supposed to smoke in here, eh. )


Title: A Little Piece of You (4/?): Dedication
Genre: Romance/FLUFF
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairing: France/Seychelles
Summary: [Gakuen AU] She opened her door with a start, noticing not only a very tall girl in front of her but blonde, not brown hair. And, now that she looked closer, there was something a bit off about how the uniform fit this girl’s body…

( Like a beautiful siren, luring me in with your grace and...scowl )


[Anime] Preview World Series Episode 11


Italian Romano and his brother decided to go to places in England. Romano harassment and felt the first meal, soup apologize to England to have a sexual past. Britain was going to put a regular diet was shocked, and ask for dispatch to France cock .... .

Italy of [romano] and the younger brother who come to the point of going to the English place. Or [romano] which feels the inferiority of the meal disliking until now the [chi] [yo] [tsu] you apologize the fact that it puts out to England. England which is the intention of putting out the normal meal receives the shock, asks the dispatch of the cock to France but ....... .

[Fic] Really Lame Late List Meme Thing

Title: 120 Things China Is Not Allowed To Do [Part I]
Author: Me
Fandom: A P H
Genre: fail!Humor
Characters/Pairings: china|japan|taiwan|korea|hong kong|russia|belarus|a lot more||veeeery light rochu
Words: 1499 (the whole thing)
Warnings: None
Summary: Just the meme I was super-late on doing. Because I didn't see an entry on THE LIST and that's not fair. D:

Part One

Part Two
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hetalia sunshine fanworks exchange: sign-ups now open!

hetaliasunshine is a fanworks exchange (open to both fic and art) for the sunnier side of Hetalia: the brightness, the joy, the sweetness, the laughter, the tenderness, the friendship, the love, the warmth. Sign-ups for this year's round are open until June 18th (countdown timer).

For more information, please check out the introductory post--and if you like what you see, we hope you'll join us. The more, the merrier! ♥

first hetalia fanfictions, fear!

Hello everyone! I've been a long-time Hetalia fan, but only recently began writing fanfiction for it. So I hope you enjoy my first attempts.

Title: Pain
Author/Artist: Melissa
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Greece and...?
Rating: G, PG?
Warnings: None.
Summary: 2010.Greece is suffering from economic turmoil, and his people are rioting. He feels he is a failure, but as he grows more and more sick, he may find comfort at last.

Collapse )

Title: Foreign
Author/Artist: Melissa
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Turkey and...?
Rating: G, PG?
Warnings: Swear words.
Summary: August, 1999. Turkey is struck by a massive earthquake. But Mother Nature could have had more in mind, as curses and blessings can go hand in hand.

Collapse )

[FANFIC] The Baffled King and the Idiot Hero {12/??}

Title: The Baffled King and the Idiot Hero
Author/Artist: me (Ellarose C on ff.net)
Characters/Pairing: England, America
Rating: M for language
Warnings: pointless squeeing, circle conversations, plot finally moving forward
Summary: modern AU. Detailing how two anons went from moderator and troll to internet frenemies to best friends, and then some - chatspeak included. Hallelujah.

I really really need to get a life. But this is too much fun!



{Official} UK's demon summon song? Italy/UK coupling CD?

Release Date: 2010/06/23

Wait a minute, isn't this the new Theme Song single? Yes, according to the newest news:

* 6月23日に発売が迫った主題歌マキシ「はたふってパレード」
* カップリングには、アニメ本編でイギリス(CV:杉山紀彰)
* が歌い、話題を呼んだ「悪魔をよびそうなイギリスのうた」を
* 収録決定!

* 今回、アニメBGMでおなじみコーニッシュが編曲を担当し、
* 装いも新たなアレンジバージョンで収録!!
* こちらの曲の試聴は、アニメイトTVでは6月5日より、
* モバイルアニメイトでは6月7日よりスタートします!
* さらにマキシシングルには初CD化となる劇中BGM
* 「ヘタリアの終わりなき日常<のんびり編>」
* 「今日はごきげん!ちびたりあ」の2曲も収録されます、
* こう御期待!

UK's song 「悪魔をよびそうなイギリスのうた」(Akuma wo yobisou na Igirisu no uta : England's song that seems to summon demons) will be included in the single CD, and they call it the "coupling" single~! Also, the CD will includes 2 BGM from the anime.

Honestly I don't know which song they're talking about, but according to the info, it has appeared in the anime already, also by the name of the song I am assuming it's the one England sang when the allied forces when toasting marshmallow at the fire. I've been thinking a long time it'll be nice if they release a CD for the song, so I certainly cheer for it~!!!
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[FST] ❝Keine Sonne die mir scheint❞ - A German brothers FST

Title: ❝Keine Sonne die mir scheint❞ [No sun that shines for me]
Author/Artist: [info]pulitz and the artists' songs respectively.
Character(s) or Pairing(s):
Germany & Prussia, some Germancest.
I'd say PG-13.
crude language, Ode to Alcohol, comedy, dark themes, much German, my sloppy translations. Hard rock, Indie rock, Alternative rock, Glam rock, Classical, Other Genres I Don't Know The Exact Name Of, er... pop?
Firstly, I don't make money out of it. Secondly, I thank the artists for these brill songs. Thirdly, I did not check whether the one or other song has already been used in another FST so please bear with me.

= information
= full translation
Collapse )

If you want me to re-upload it to somewhere else, please say so. Aside from that, do enjoy ♥
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[FST] PrusPol - Why won't tou die?

Title: Why won't you die?
Author/Artist: I just mixed it up, me = [info]perelka_l.
Character(s) or Pairing(s): PrussiaxPoland
R, to be safe.
Bad words, love/hate relationship, strange songs, some metal, craziness of composer (me)
Can you spell "hate" without "love"? PrusPol, guys, no "totally" or "awesome" here. Simple love/hate, If someone deosn't like notsosweet!Poland, go out.

i'll be waiting here a long while

[fanfic] de-anoning with Spain-centric fills~.

hey guys, I'm going to spam with the comm with more Spain! :D

Title: trapped
Author: sonofon 
Character/Pairing(s): Spain
Rating: PG
Warning: none.
Summary: The Spanish Civil War, and Spain's not quite sure what to think.
Notes: original fill here.

( torn. that was a strange word. )

Title: and time froze, and they stopped to think
Author: sonofon 
Character/Pairing(s): Spain, mentions of Romano, North Italy, Russia
Rating: PG
Warning: character death
Summary: Mafia AU. In which Antonio is confronted with a full-out war with the Russians and learns that angered grief, unfortunately, blinds all.
Notes: original fill here.
( and when the men came in )

Title: he was a very pretty boy
Author: sonofon 
Character/Pairing(s): Spain, Romano
Rating: PG-13
Warning: twisted, not-right-in-the-head!conquistador!Spain
Summary: an outsider's view of Spain, the New World, and the pretty boy who unwittingly captures Spain's heart.
Notes: original fill here.

( he's very pretty, spain keeps saying )
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[fic] The Worldsmith [Chapter Three] [Axis Powers Hetalia, England/America, others]

Title: The Worldsmith [Chapter Three: Rehearse Most Obscenely and Courageously]
Author: puella_nerdii
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Characters: England, America; William Shakespeare, Elizabeth I, Robert Devereaux, and assorted other actors, playmakers, peers, gentry, scoundrels, spies, and thieves.
Rating: This chapter is PG-13. Others will be higher.
Summary: Sent back in time to deal with a mysterious threat to England's nationhood, England and America contend with witchcraft, the undead, the power of language, and their own clashing personalities.
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three: In which no one has long enough to catch their breath, and the Lord Chamberlain's Men seek a replacement.
Notes: This is also known as the "time travel and Shakespeare and zombies" fic. You'll see why.

( “Hey, I could ask you the same question! Or, well. I could asketh you, anyway.” )

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[Question ] Game Mods?

Quick thing, I know I saw a mod a while back for a game to make it more Hetalia-riffic, but I was wondering if anyone knew what tag it was under? I can't seem to find it anymore....

Also, has anyone got any other mods for games to make them more Hetalia-fied? /curious

I know I'm guilty of creating Sims of more than a few characters... >.> But are there mods for other games that might be shared? 8>

Jones/Colber OTP

[Fanfics and Crafts] Mochis and a Hero


Title: Bloodstained Mind
Author/Artist: NinjaMoose26
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia/America
Rating: T
Warnings: Blood drinking and some France
Summary: No fangs, no cloaks, just one bloodthirsty Russian in a scarf.

Title: A Subtle Change
Author/Artist: NinjaMoose26 (Me)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Fem!Russia/America
Rating: T
Warnings: Female Russia and eventually some of France's antics.
Summary:America thinks he has met the girl of his dreams: Ivana. England is skeptical, France is overjoyed, and Russia thinks he's dead wrong, but as time passes will Russia find out who cursed him to a female body?

Author/Artist: ArtisticMoose (Me)
Character(s): A LOT @___@
Rating: G
Warnings: None, except cute overload.
Part 1: http://artisticmoose.deviantart.com/#/d2pmktx
Part 2: http://artisticmoose.deviantart.com/#/d2pu2ke

Catch Me I'm Falling (Faster Than Anyone Should) [9/?] : Next to Normal crossover

Title: Catch Me I'm Falling (Faster Than Anyone Should) [9/?]
Author: euphoria_anger
Fandom: Axis Powers: Hetalia
Characters/Pairings: Francis/Arthur, Gilbert/Matthew, Alfred, Roderich, Ludwig, Feliciano
Summary: "Catch me I'm falling. Please hear me calling. Catch me before it's too late." Dysfunctional-Family!fic. Some angst. A little humor. Probably not a happy ending.

HEY! Sorry it took me so long to get this all out! Senior year has been unforgivably stressful! But I only have three more school days left until I'm all done!

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight

( Watch me, I'm flying. Somehow surviving. )

[fic] Taking Over the World, One Hockey Game at a Time

Title: Taking Over the World, One Hockey Game at a Time
Characters: Canada, America, France, England, Russia, Japan, Germany, Italy, Netherlands; as well as mentions of others.
Pairings: America/Canada, France/Canada and Germany/Italy if you squint.
Rating: PG-13 for some swearing.
Warnings: Hockey, a Canadian writing about hockey, cursing, France, Canadian patriotism, England and France as referees.
Words: 7300
Summary: 2010 Winter Olympics, Whistler, British Columbia. The nations gather in a dim bar to watch (and gossip) as Canada faces down some of the most powerful countries in the world for his Hockey Gold.

(And, bingo: the line was crossed, the tightrope walker teetered over the edge and suddenly there was a hockey stick smashing into his face)
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[fic] Tearcatcher

Title: Tearcatcher
Author/Artist: moi.
Character(s) or Pairing(s): France, implied France/England
Rating: T
Warnings: angst, implied sex and mentioned incest
Summary: If Francis had learned one thing from being the world’s whore, it was that the other nations rarely came for passionate, no-strings-attached, one night quickies. (inspired by this.)

God, it was raining again. This wasn't London, was it? )
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[Fic]Holland's War (Prologue)

So this is like, my first time posting here. Ever. (Except for one comment I made today...)

I know Country!OC's aren't allowed, but I haven't seen anything about Human!OC's, neither did I see anything about not allowing to mention a character that has yet to appear, so I decided to upload this anyway. If this isn't allowed, please tell me, and I'll delete this as soon as I read it.

About the fic: It takes place in the Netherlands. All Dutch people in this fanfic speak Dutch. there are some scenes where Netherlands will speak to other countries in... whatever language they speak. He sometimes will flip back to speaking Dutch. Humans that happen to be around him most likely won't speak the language the countries use to each other, so they will continue speak Dutch. Hope that isn't confusing...

Now, onto the fic!

Title: Holland's War
Author/Artist: C'est moi~! And thanks to my friend Alies to help me pick out my grammar mistakes ect. <3~
Characters/Pairing: Netherlands, Japan, mentions of the East-Indies
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Random human OC's, some drama, Dutch (curse) words (which may make people who understand Dutch laugh uncontrollably), Japanese words.
Summary: Netherlands in Wold War 2. More like; Netherlands in the rebellion, trying to protect his country and colonies. (Even if the rebellion thing is not really obvious in this chapter).

Collapse )
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[Art Commissions] Slots Closed


As a way of getting some spending money for Otakon 2010, I'm offering high quality Hetalia art commissions for cheap & quick~!

• $15 USD/CND per art (PAYPAL Only)
• 1 to 3 characters
• simple colour & simple bg
• Any canon character(s), any pairing

Here's my Gallery on DevART!

A few more sample pics of my drawing and colouring style are beneath the LJ cut.

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I would very much love to draw art for anyone who is interested in my terms!

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Thanks everyone!

- technoranma