June 8th, 2010


[Discussion] Nations' Favorite Video Games?

Just recently, I got my video game systems back, so, as I started re-playing all my favorite games, I couldn't help but wonder...what video games do the characters of Hetalia like to play?

-I personally think Belarus LOVES American McGee's Alice, because she sees so much of herself in it. XD
-I can see Turkey and Egypt loving Prince of Persia. I also think he might like Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask simply for, well, the masks!
-England loves Cooking Mama but fails at it. XD
-To Japan, it doesn't matter. He loves everything.

What do you think? And please tell me if this has been asked before. Please delete if not allowed.

Anime Mid-Atlantic Gathering/Panel

Anime MidAtlantic 2010;
ヘタリア Axis Powers


\(=▽=)ᘚ Anyone going to AMA? {Join us at cosplay forums!}


Photoshoot gathering location: terrace 

{example of meetup area}

Mini gathering: Friday, 6:00 PM
Actual big gathering + Picnic: Saturday, 12:00 PM ~ 1:30 PM
Hetalia World Conference Panel: Saturday, 2:00 PM ~ 3:00 PM

*Will be cosplaying Prussia on Friday and Spain on Saturday :D*

See you all soon~! ♥ (∂ω∂)

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[FanFic] This Old House Ch. 5

Chapter five is now up :D I must be computer illiterate because I still can't get the Chapter thing to work even with the really helpful advice of corvyie. Thank you anyways though for your wonderful help!

Title: This Old House
Character(s) or Pairing(s): No pairings, Canada, America, England, General Winter
Rating: T
Warnings: None
Summary: When Alfred discovered the house he knew he had to buy it. Too bad he never really thought about why it was left vacant for almost a century or about those footsteps in the empty halls, the feelings of being watched or about that picture of the little boy

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6004055/2/
Chapter 3: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6004055/3/
Chapter 4: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6004055/4/
Chapter 5: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6004055/5/
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June 8th is a relevant date

Title: Indivisibiliter ac Inseparabiliter
Author/Artist: miezen
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Austria/Hungary
Rating: PG-13-ish?
Warnings: I can be very immature when doing things like this, and it shows.
Summary: Took photos of my Austria and Hungary plushies in honor of the anniversary of the Austro-Hungarian Compromise. Crossposted to manly_glasses; sorry if you end up seeing this more than once!


(Follow the fake cut for more of my shenanigans ♥)
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[discussion] What all kind of -tans there are in Hetaworld?

So. Nations have their nation-tans. UN has it's own anthromorph; same with HRE who wasn't really anything but EXTREMLY loose bunch-of-nations thingy. Even Sealand, who has how many inhabitants? And Gilbert started off as a field hospital and even after that he was just a militar order with scraps of land here and there.

(edit) I really fail at everything. There's the rest of the text MENT to be posted...

I've wondered what all kind of things can have their own anthromorph. Can just any group of people "produce" their X-tan?

~ Cities. Shouldn't there be city-tans? Some have more population than certain nations and culture and identity of their own.
~ EU most certainly has it's own tan. She lives with Germany and France. What about other similar unions?
~ The Hospitaler Knights and the Templar Knights must have had their anthromorphs. Little Gil looked up to the Templar as a role model and hero. Possibly there's also French Foreign Legion-tan?
~ Sport clubs. I'm a freak who likes both Arsenal and Tottenham and can totally see this.
~ Fandoms. OH COME ON. There's certainly Heta-tan somewhere amongst us.
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[Hetalia Fanfic]: Time of Your Life - Ch 4

Title: Time of Your Life [FF.net]
Author: Jubilee (calavasas )
Characters/Pairings: In this chapter: America, Japan, Canada, Greece, England, France, Russia, N. Italy, S. Italy, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Prussia, China, S. Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, fem!America, fem!China, and an OC to fill in for Yao's fictional father.
Rating: T
Warnings/Notes: AU - High school. A racial slur is used and this is also a controversial chapter, depending on how you look at it.
Summary: Alfred didn't really know what he wanted to do with his life. All he did know was that he wanted to do something heroic, to be a hero. Luckily for him, he was about to get that chance in the form of a small Japanese teenage boy.

( Kiku, I'm really sorry. )

[Role-Play Forum] The World Academy W

Hello there, neighbors! Sorry to bug all of you guys with my role-play spams, but The World Academy W is looking for some new role-players!

The Academy is a literate RP, an the activity check is once a week. If you can't do at least that, then I'm afraid this isn't your place.

Also, due to certain complaints, all players must have an MSN, and be active on the group chat. Thank you very much! Here are the top requested characters, they are the most needed:

North Italy
North Korea

Under the cut is the complete list of taken characters, as well as links to the forum.

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Hetalia Fans in (or near~) Frakenmuth...?

Okay, so, this is a little early to be posting, but I was thinking of, instead of having the Ann Arbor/Lansing Hetalia meets that I normally plan for each month in one of those two cities, that putting something together in Frakenmuth would be really awesome. The town, while heavily German, has something for every nation, not to mention simply walking around would be pretty epic and there are nice places for photoshoots all over.

The meet would be on July 8th, all day long (probably from about 10 in the morning until people want to go home..? Walking around at night is always fun~), so I guess my question is... are there any Hetalia fans here in Michigan (or hell, states nearby) who would want to come to a meet like this?

Namely, I'm asking because I want to know if I should start organizing a meet for there, or if I should put together something else for the summer-meet.

Edit: I totally just noticed that I put commas instead of periods. *snort*

[Role-Play Forum] The Worlds Collide

Apologizing again, but admin maintenance calls for one more forum advert. This one is for my alternate universe anthology, The Worlds Collide.

The Worlds Collide is a forum where you can be more than just a country, or a student.... it is a collection of alternate universes in one forum. There's an asylum, a Silent Hill like world, steampunk, vampires, superheroes.... and the forum is made for the players, so if you have suggestions, just let us know!

This forum is a very mature forum, with some dark themes... so if you can't handle that, it would be best that you either did not join, or you avoided the more mature universes. Activity must be at least once a week.

Other than that... here is a list of the most requested characters, the ones we need the most:

South Korea
(any of the cannon Asian countries, actually)

A complete character list and link to the forum character reservation topic can be found under the cut.

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Cosplay Group. Supanova Sydney!

OK~! With only ten days to go until the start of Supanova Sydney in Australia we are doing a Final check of all the numbers and cosplays~! Since so many of us have changed characters etc xD
So if you haven't already buzzed me on facebook leave a comment here ~<3 ^^
(LOOKING MAINLY FOR A FRANCE, JAPAN AND SPAIN but lots of spaces available~)
YAY! I'm so excited~!<3 =D

England (me) -Military
Austria- Childrens day outfit
Hong kong
Gakuen Poland
Gakuen Russia

There is also a Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Sealand that need to conferm...

[RolePlaying] In A Galaxy Far Away...

Attention Civilians:
The Allied Federation of Nations interrupts your regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you this special awareness bulletin: Space Pirates. They're more likely than you think!
Here are a few questions you should ask yourself to better prepare yourself should you be subject to an attack by these vandals.
1) Do you like Hetalia?
2) Do you like Science Fiction?
3) Do you like crazy, ridiculous, and outlandish AU roleplays?
4) Do you want to see Alfred F. Jones in a miniskirt? And shameless use of the new advertisement graphics of the movie?
If you answered yes to these questions, then rest assured, the Allied Federation of Nations wants YOU to join their ranks to thwart the dastardly deeds of the pirate crew of the Axis!
And lo, such is the premise for...

(The Banner Device will transport you directly to the forum upon clicking)
We are looking for more players! There are quite quite a few nations available, and yes, we are accepting OCs.
Be sure to take a look here at the TAKEN AND RESERVED list to see if the character you're interested in is available! Also, please have a look at our RULES and VITAL INFORMATION threads to see if this is really  the RP for you!

The Allied Federation of Nations looks forward to having you join our ranks very soon.

[fanfic] The Most Unexpected

Title: The Most Unexpected
Author/Artist: Me
Character(s): Switzerland, Liechtenstein, plus a special guest
Rating: PG
Warnings: Human names, a little shooting, bruises.
Summary: There is something wrong about Lillian, but somehow she refuses to tell Vash about it.
Notes: In my headcanon, human names are used between nations who has a rather close relationship, such as family, lovers and close friends, and while being formal you use the nation name. It's kinda like addressing someone with their given name or family name in Japan.

Something was wrong. Or, at the very least, something was not quite right.
Oh.. you&#39;re fucked now


RIGHT! So the awesome me is looking for:


I Rp as Prussia, obviously! I also rp as France, Russia, and Germania. HOWEVER! I mainly intend to Rp as Prussia.

I use AIM. I'm also looking for mature themes. I like dark rps, torture, historical, though I'm fine with comedy. I love fighting.

Please be able to write at least a paragraph.

Comment if you're interested.


I need a few rpers XD to rp with in a few places. SO!
• A new zealand to rp with on a history forum, so they must know the history, there is an application. I did used to have one there but they mysteriously disappeared :C My australia is very lonely now.
• A greece who doesn't mind gender-bending,magic, heaps of randomness and much much more, for my lonely japan on a meebo rp (more info will be given in PM)
• A greece for my japan in a gakuan hetalia forum.

SO! i hope all you greece's and kiwis out there take me up on me offer D: these characters are very lonely right now and need you!

[Fanfic] It's Like a Reality Show, But Really Not (3/?)

(I'm reposting this because it's been pushed back a couple hundred enteries)
Title: Sorry Al, But Strip Goldfish is Not For Those Under 500
Author: livefree_eatu/Grace Raven
Characters/Pairings: China, S.Korea, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Romano, Spain, Prussia, N.Italy, America, England, Canada, Russia, France. We get two seconds of SuFin this chapter.
Summary: For this chapter, S.Korea refers to a comic, Norway gets caffeiene high and Iceland gets drunk in Sweden's memories, Denmark refers to the Hetalia movie, America reenacts chapter 2, and Prussia constantly breaks out in song. So, a normal day, in short. And...wait...is that PLOT?

Chapter 1: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5910293/1/Its_Like_a_Reality_Show_But_Really_Not
Chapter 2: http://livefree-eatu.livejournal.com/831.html#cutid1

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[Fanfic]At World's End (7/?)

At World's End (7/?)
Author: Amy
Pairings/Characters: Russia/America, mentions of lots of other characters and pairings. Some will be Het.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not Mine
Warnings: Fantasy AU, Seems like it's going to be endless and epically long.
Summary: Tricked by his father Alfred agrees to marry Ivan to keep his brother from having to. But there may be more going on then he realizes and he must learn to work together with his new partner before those layers start peeling off.

Previous Parts: HERE

I was merely getting my last breath of freedom.
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A little help, love?

A friend of mine is interested in having the uniform Roderich wore in the Austrian Succession strips made for him, however I'm having trouble finding a good (preferably official) reference of it...
The best I've found was an image of the uniform alone with no body inside on the Hetalia wikia.
:) If anyone could do me a favor and post some good references of it, I'd really appreciate it!
Official art would be wonderful (if there is any) because we'll probably enter a masquerade together as Roderich and Francis~
Thanks in advance <333
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selling - doujinshi + stick posters

Hey, guys! I'm selling things again. O NOES. In this batch, I have three doujinshi (2 USUK, 1 Nordics) and some official Stick Posters... you know, those really long posters of the nations in time period outfits? Serious buyers only!

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Also, maybe someone can help me out. I am looking everywhere for a Prussia x UK doujinshi called The Secret Garden (you can see it here). I've looked under Yahoo auctions, K-BOOKS, toranoana, and have even asked Mitarashi Dango for help. I also talked to a couple people staying in Japan to check stores, but no one's been able to find anything. If anyone knows where I can buy this doujinshi, I would be extremely grateful. ;3;

Thank you!

community/journal - historical hetalia!

Are you looking for some fanfiction with a historical focus? Hopefully, this will soon be the place to look!

historichetalia is an archive for Hetalia fanfiction with a historical focus. All works are user-submitted, so it is by no means a complete guide, but with the help of the community I hope it will be of use! All countries and time periods are welcome.

Feel free to start submitting today!

Looking for RP partners~

It's a little different than most people are asking. I'm not telling you who you'll be.

I'm looking for absolutely anyone who would like to play with me.

My main muse is Russia, though, and right now I'm only looking to find people who will play with him.

I'm fine with pretty much any content, and up to any rating, though I've got nothing against nice innocent stuff either.
My OTP is with Lithuania, and I'd really like to avoid Prussia at all costs, but I'm still willing to pair Russia with anyone as long as it can happen without either character being ooc. Of course, I'll gladly play out things that aren't shippy at all, too.

I'd prefer any RPers to be literate, so speaking English and able to write a paragraph, but I'm not looking for a novel. Short posts make the game play faster, after all.

Anyone interested? Or just have questions? Or anything? :D Go ahead and reply.

Due to computer troubles, I'm not going to have the time to play anywhere other than aphdr. So anyone who's interested, just head over there. <3 It's even better for you in the end, since we have a lot of the best RPers in the fandom already, and we're all really friendly. Plus no more limit to who you get to play with!

[Fic] Arthur Kirkland and the Industrial-Strength Vodka

Title: Arthur Kirkland and the Industrial-Strength Vodka, Chapter 4: The Keeper of the Hairdryer
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Sealand, mentions of Austria, Hungary and Russia
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Human names used, parody, moderate swearing
Summary: A Harry Potter/Hetalia parody. Uncle Berwald has taken the entire family to a rock in the sea to escape the mysterious letters, but now Feliks has come to deliver them personally, breaking some unexpected news to Arthur.
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Hetalia plushies back in stock at movic.jp and animate


So apparently Movic.jp has a lot of plushies back in stock (Prussia, Austria, Liechtenstein, Hungary,  Chibitalia, HRE, US, UK, Japan, Mochimerica)

Just a heads up for you guys who want to get plushies at a decent price.

The newer gen plushies


Older ones







bowchickawowowowww. ;3

edit:  I was thinking of doing a group order but my shopping service rapes with fees and I wouldn't want to do that to you guys but I can't use anyone else as I'd feel like I'm betraying them lol (I'M WEIRD I KNOW)

You can try services such as http://www.fromjapan.co.jp/index_top.php?lang=en, Rinkya and Crescent.  I use Celga personally.  I know Celga can be expensive but I just trust them too much. xD;
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[discussion] Russia/Hungary?

 So a friend of mine plays Russia, I play Hungary at an rp known as sanctuary_rpg and due to our encounters I have written a bunch of fic regarding the crack slashing of the two over at nostalchique my writing journal and went so far to make a community even in case it ever starts to show as a common theme around these parts.

So I was just curious, are we alone in our little corner of fandom or are their other Russia/Hungary fans out there?!

And if so what are your thoughts and opinion on it. Some people I've talked to think it seems interesting as an idea, it goes by the same concept of love/hate as Russia/America does which oddly made me start becoming more acceptant of that pairing haha. 

Most of my basis for the pairing is set in history as Hungary was apart of the Communist bloc not once but twice in the countries history. It was one of the most tense and brutal times in the country with lots of Revolutions against the Reds being shut down by the USSR.

So any takers? Any one! YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 
flwerprintscarf  there is a community even...I MADE IT BUT THATS NOT THE POINT. Haha since I'm not diving for members atm