June 14th, 2010


seeking roleplay. [lithuania / ??? ]


seen a few of these already, so yeah. just putting it out there.
Labas! I play as Lithuania.
I can switch off between uke/seme to spice things up.

I am literate, but I do not consider myself a snobby elitist.
Para-graph rp would be pretty sweet, but I can take less than that if need be. Easier to get through plot.

Serious and fun plots are welcomed. We can work together to make one, or just wing it.
AU's are acceptable as well.

*ANY* pairing is fine, but I usually lean towards:
and sometimes Poland/Liet
Pruss/Liet is also possible.  >:3

Yaoi is a given!
This could be over LJ, AIM, or Yahoo.
Pick your poison. C:

no gender benders please. D:

aim: candy spliff
yahoo: lietuva.respublika

Espurr, Pokemon 5

[Fic: US/UK, Good Sportsmanship]

The post-game jersey switching between the players was just too awesome not to fic-it.

Title: Good Sportsmanship [FF.net Link]
Genre: Romance/FLUFF
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: America/England
Summary: (World Cup 2010 Game Fic) It was just them, standing there, sharing this moment, clad in each other’s jerseys and so so damn proud of their teams for playing one hell of a game.

If you can bear to taint your Yankee skin with it, that is. )

Anyways, I hope you enjoy :)

Ancient City Con Meet-Up

Alright, a friend and I are planning to attend Ancient City Con for our first year ever. Since my friend only has one cosplay, a Hetalia one (England), I shall be wearing one of my Hetalia cosplays (Iceland) so she won't feel awkward. We also know a few other Hetalians who may be attending this con, sooooo why not try to have a little meet-up and maybe a photoshoot?

Ancient City Con Information
Site: www.ancientcitycon.com/
Hotel Address:225 East Coastline Drive, Jacksonville, Florida, 32202
Dates: July 10th-11th, 2010

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Official-ish shit

Interest in Hetalia SUBs in WMV?

Hey, Hetalia comm!  I know I should be doing the RAW WMVs right now, but I have a question to ask of you.  I'll get on them as soon as I finish this post, promise!

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in my doing the subs in WMV format, too?  Potterfreak was doing them but (s)he appears to have stopped. . . .

In any case, would anyone be interested?  I'd also like to get permission from the subbers for me to change the format--you do such great jobs at subbing and I wouldn't want to just do this without your permission!
Also, if anyone has a preference, whose would you like to see in WMV more?  O-or should I just do both?  orz

(Did I tag this right?)
Useful Pigeon

[SELLING] Prussia/Austria plushies, Exc. Sunshine City merch, ALL stick posters, more!

We went to Ikebukuro today and I spent way too much buying Hetalia-themed desserts, so the physical merch needs to go!

I'll combine shipping, including those from my previous sale post (remaining stock x-posted here) 
Just post and I'll probably get back to you tomorrow.
Shipping is not included in prices, paypal only, items will take a few days to ship (I'm technically still on vacation XD)
First to invoice/pay gets it, but holds are okay depending on demand.

Plushies (Prussia, Austria, Hungary), Stick posters (all), Set 4 coasters (all), Coin figure, Kotobukiya mascots,  movie strap, Ikebukuro Sunshine City Exclusive merchandsie (jumbo buttons, stickers, screen cleaner)

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Chocobo yay!

More Scribble FIFA Commentary

So, I managed to catch a good portion of the Netherlands and Denmark game, and then all of the Japan and Cameroon game, with my pencil ready. I don't know how much I'll be able to watch of the Italy and Paraguay game, if at all...


Title: Doodle FIFA Commentary
Author/Artist: Me
Characters: Denmark, Netherlands, Japan, Cameroon
Rating: G, for Grrrrrreat
Warnings: Affection between rivals?
Summary: doodles drawn while watching the games

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Maybe I'll have some ITAchan vs. PAR for you later.

[Fanfic] Impossible is nothing if you're Italian - chp 03

I bring forth chapter 3 for this fic! it has been edited, so please enjoy!

Title: Impossible is Nothing if you're Italian
Warnings: mpreg (obviously), crack, some angst.
Rating: T-ish just in case
Character/Pairings: Italy, South Italy, Germany, Spain, others will pop up. Germany/Italy, Spain/Romano, might be mentions of others.
Summary: The two Italies get pregnant at the same time. The world might not be ready for that...

Impossible is Nothing if you're Italian (chp 01)

Impossible is Nothing if you're Italian (chp 02)

NEW: Impossible is Nothing if you're Italian (chp 03)

[FANART] Hetalia WC 2010 Scribbles part 1

Hetalia make me enjoy this year WC more than ever, and I bet you guys feel it too ;)

Here are some fun scribbles of the matches result, hope you'll like it.
I viewed and drew it as a fan of football and also a fan of Hetalia, and a fan of comics in general.
Be nice now, teehee ;)

Artist: me a.k.a sawamura_sama
Rating: General
Characters: England, USA, South Korea, Greece, Australia, Germany, France
Warning: none

Go to this link to view please
My HetaliaWorld Cup 2010 Scribbles part-1


[Roleplaying] Well, you see...

I'm a newbie. Well, I've roleplayed before, but I haven't for the past few years. (Think back to being 13, and being on the neopets boards... xD ) I'm literate, but I need to practice characterization...

So, I'm looking for someone who's also new to it, or an experienced person willing to do one-on-one roleplay over MSN, with any characters, although I've never done pairings.... Just comment here if you're interested, and I'll give you my MSN. :D Thanks :)
cute ukraine

[ fic ] france/vietnam; great distances

Title: Great Distances
Author: moi!
Characters/Pairings: France and Vietnam; France/Vietnam
Rating: ehhh, T I suppose.
Warning: allusion to sex, a few other mature things ... ?
Summary: Their relationship is composed of distance, of tragedy and loss. Yet their ending is a truly happy one.

( They learned something along the way, each on their own terms; that life and love don’t exist beyond the void, they exist because of it. )

Paper Netherlands

so i have been looking around and found no netherlands. What?!? there isn't even though he's super important!? yes i'm as shocked as you, but i found one but it was soccer themed so i borrowed it found a really good reference pic and started working this just took ten minutes but it's nice. have fun making!

if i have time i'll make him after i'm done with turkey but until then people make him and tell me if everything is okay!

and heres the link to the original netherlands, he's ready for soccer! http://community.livejournal.com/hetalia/6174548.html#cutid1

edit: made him!

love! and here's the kinda side/back view

have fun!

[Fanart] FIFA WC 2010 "Group D"

 Still is missing Serbia, but will add him later once I've got him finished.  This is not yet complete, and I will repost the finished one later.  Just putting this up so I can get some feedback on it.  I've also got one for Group C.  Inspired by Himaruya's chibi drawing for Group E.

Artist: Me
Characters/Pairings: Germany, Australia, Ghana
Rating: G


[Fanart]Japan Vs Cameroon sketch

Title: Japan Vs Cameron (I know...it's creative isn't it? xD)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Japan+Cameroon
Rating: General/Universal
Warnings: None (at least I don't see any @_@;;)
Summary:Anyone seen Japan Vs Cameron's match? It wasn't very interesting till Japan scored a goal. Apparently it's the first match that Japan won against a non-asian country.

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[PLUSHIES] America and Canada + Selling

Long time no see, Hetalia community XD

I'm sewing again, yays! Did the North American brothers for a commission, and I have some of the older nation plushies I've made that need new homes~


Follow the fake cut~

I'll try to finish the Romano, Turkey, and Korea plushies I promised ages ago, as well as more Russias c:
Captain logic is not steering this tugbo

One-on-one RP request

I'm part of the hoards looking for one-on-one RP partners that are streaming in.
Right now, I'm looking for anybody who wants to RP:

and sort of,

Platonic, romantic, hatred whatever. 
I have a firm grasp of their histories and I would prefer if you were as well, because historical RP is what I’m looking for as well as smut. Also juggling an idea of an AU based on Scandinavian folklore, but really, I’m up for anything with these two. :D

Please be literate and able to spew out a good paragraph or two, and also able to take mature content, gore, angst kink...AND LIKE IT. Well, you don't have to like it, but I do tend to lean favorably towards a more mature plot... crack, drama, AU's are all welcome. Preferably no high school gakuen type scenarios though. 

If you are interested, just comment here and I'll give you my msn/AIM/Yahoo.
I now have all three~! :D 
stock icon

some killer crack. and not in the good way.

Title: The Greatest Bromance in the Known World (Prologue)

Character(s) or Pairing(s): Rome + Korea bromance (main), Korea/Norway/Denmark, Spain/Romano, Germany/Italy

Rating/Warnings: PG for some bad language, i guess, but in reality there isnt a rating high enough for the horror of this. all i can say is, you may go blind. or die from the EPIC CRACK.

Summary: This is a story about the greatest bromance known to mankind. This bromance will go down in the pages of history as a bond that was strong and unshakable. Nobody wanted to shake it, or even poke it with a twenty-foot pole, but that is besides the point.

This is a story... about the bromance between Im Yong Soo and Marcus Vargas.

Notes: a prequel to How Not To Deal With Sexual Harassment In the Workplace, which you should not read. this is horrible, mind-killing crack. it's not much, either, because it's just an introduction? thus it's the prologue. but please save yourself.

The wind blew quietly through the trees, softly whispering terms of love to the green leaves. The water sparkled, making everyone who saw it smile. The sun shone happily down upon all, making this indeed a perfect day.

AnimeNEXT Hetalia Events

Whoops, late post is late. I have been meaning to do this forever, but lolz I kept forgetting. So for all you people going to AnimeNEXT, and not following the AnimeNEXT forum (or people who have simply forgotten) here's all the Hetalia related events info that you have missed.

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[Question] Fake One Coin Figures?

I recently found this listing on ebay:

It seems suspicious to me, but I'm really not sure because the listing mentions Kotobukiya, the seller claims to be from Australia not Hong Kong, but he/she also uses terrible English. Do any of you know if this set is official or not?
Germany - cap

[QUESTION] Gender-bent North Italy

This is probably the most stupid question you'll read here, but I don't know where else to ask. Sorry.

I need a name for a female North Italy, and I just read this sentence: "Japanese fans have given her the human name Daisy Vargas" here.

The name sounds very strange to me, so, does anyone have another suggestion?

Sorry again, and mods please delete the post if this is not allowed.

Thanks in advance!
Chocobo yay!

Update to Earlier Doodle Commentary

To complete the previous batch, here is the doodle commentary for the final match of the day: Italy vs. Paraguay!

I was only able to watch some of the first part, so there's a little more artistic license going around. Also, this is the first time attempting to draw a nation without an official character design, so...

Title: Yet Doodle FIFA Commentary and Italy Being Serious
Author/Artist: Me
Characters: Veneziano, Romano, Paraguay, Germany
Rating: R for an F-Bomb
Warnings: just might blow your mind
Summary: Doodles on the game, and some thoughts on Italy

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I think I need to take a little break...
i'll be waiting here a long while

[fanfic] America interacts with Forrest Gump!

Title: back then, we were so very young
Author: sonofon 
Character(s): America, Forrest Gump, mentions of Vietnam
Rating: G For Gump! :D
Warning: none.
Summary: In which Forrest Gump talks about his time over at Vietnam with a very nice young man named Alfred.
Notes: de-anoning from the kink meme over here.

( my mama always said life was like a box of choke-lits )