June 17th, 2010

Yoke of Tartar Chibi Russia Plushie Doll!

Title: Yoke of Tartar Chibi Russia
Artist: Threnodi
Characters: Russia
Rating: G
Warnings: None

Hello! Um, I'm brand new to the community, but I wanted to share this with everyone! I got the idea to make a new pattern and make this and it would not let me go.. I was sewing every spare minute, in fact I was sewing his little head in the dentist office while waiting for the novacane to kick in..So, here you go! I hope he brings a bit of sqee! to your day! : D

Here it is at deviantart too if you want to see a bigger version. ; )

Espurr, Pokemon 5

[USUK Mystery Fic]

Title: The Adventure of the Famous Fiddler (3/?) [FF.net] [Previous Chapters]
Genre: Adventure/Mystery/Romance
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairing: America/England
Summary: When a famous friend of America's mysteriously disappears, England puts his detective skills to the test. Helping America through his grief while unraveling clues, the two must work together to find out what has become of the missing fiddler. [England POV]

Chapter 3 Summary: America, who had absently picked up one of the remaining fiddles, slunk into a nearby chair. I was about to inquire what he was doing, but there was a look of utmost concentration on his face as he slowly played a melody.

“Very Sherlock Holmes, you know,” I quipped, unable to resist.

Looks like you’re onto something there, Mr. Jones. )

Comments are much appreciated! :)

[Fanfic] Oh, hey, a Police!AU

Title: These Police Shouldn't Qualify in Real Life
Author: livefree_eatu/Grace Raven
Characters: England, America, mentioned!Canada&Cuba, North Italy, South Italy, China, Japan, Prussia, France, Spain, Russia
Summery: At fifteen hundred hours military time, Arthur Kirkland of the Pink Police stumbled upon his fellow police officers having a daily chat. If that didn't put a citizen on edge about their, he didn't know what would. Oneshot, police!AU

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[Discussion] Question for some of you guys

Hi there dear community!

I've been wondering this and the idea wouldn't let me so I have to ask... (I hope I'm not breaking any rule by doing this)

This question is for the people who have their country appearing in Hetalia (may it be like a sketch or in the strips, etc)....

So you guys, how do you felt when you first saw your country appearing in Hetalia? What were you first thoughts about him/her? did you dislike them? Did you love them?... and how did the perception of the character changed for you as you continue watching the series or reading the strip? (has it changed at all?)

Just in case, don't start any character bashing please >>U

I'm sorry if this question may discrimante people whose country doesnt appear in Hetalia yet (but mine hasnt so I dont see why it's a problem)

if this is not allowed please delete it!

[fic] Of Fairies and Pirate Hats

Title: Of Fairies and Pirate Hats (1/2)
[info]luciole_solange , twilightrose2
Character(s) or Pairing(s): FrUK, random faires
Rating: PG
Warnings: silliness
Alright... well. This is... a bunch of silliness! It was our first rp together~ (twilight and I~) and we've come along way since! But enjoy the Fruky goodness ^^

[chapter 2]


Fairies? That again Angleterre? )


Fanfic - Russia/America - "Between the Lines"

Title: "Between the Lines"
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Alfred/Ivan
Summary: Gakuen AU. When rivalry evolves into something else, nobody can find out.
Notes: Written for wooblywooble  as part of the Spring Exchange. I was a pinch hitter, and I'm sorry it took me this long to get it too you! ^^;

( "Between the Lines" )

[Question] Individual One Coin Figures Group Buy, Anyone?

Due to lack of available funds, I'm unable to pre-order the entire One Coin Figure Round 2 set on my own. However, I would be willing to buy a full set okay three sets at most and split the cost accordingly with a few people who only want one or two figures. Will be keeping Boss Spain, obviously.

Anyone interested?

Payment is via Paypal, and should come out to less than $10 USD.


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In case anyone missed out on this but still wants a figure or two, I'm doing another group buy in the very near future.
Please familiarize yourself with how it works until the post opens in a few days.
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[fanfic] den of thieves, chapter three (mafia au)

Title: Den of Thieves: Chapter Three -- Capture
Author/Artist: moirae @ heavenisonfire
Character(s) or Pairing(s): hong kong ; seychelles ; america ; canada ; poland ; lithuania ; austria ; prussia ; switzerland ; korea ; japan ; vietnam ; taiwan ; china ; france ; north italy
Rating: pg-13
Warnings: very slight violence
Summary: [mafia au] three years after the cataclysmic events that restructured their city's entire balance of power, the great families are once again on the move. china has 'loaned' hong kong to england, austria captures one of russia's men, and the free operators are also beginning to make their moves.

chapter i. chapter ii.

( Hong Kong knows just as he would answer, but he’s glad Seychelles isn’t there to give him the chance. Because his answer would be: Neither. I’m a business transaction. )

[question] mood theme ?


I wanted to know if there is some HETALIA mood theme around here ?
I tried to find some on the community, but since there isn't a tag for this kind of stuff, its like looking for a microfish in the ocean...

So, if someone have some, and wouldn't mind sharing it, I take everything, gif, manga version, anime version, etc...

Thank you m(_ _)m

[Discussion] Genderbent Headcanon?

Does anyone have any headcanon concerning the genderbending counterparts of the nations (fem!America, male!Hungary, etc)? What are they like? How did their gender effect their involvement with historical events (if it effected them at all)? What was going on in fem!England's head during the women's suffrage movement? How did fem!Russia feel about the Soviet award given to mothers who had ten or more children? How was fem!America involved in her own revolution?

This doesn't have to be historical, I'm just curious about what people think about genderbent nations. Things like their habits, hobbies, how they dress, etc, all are allowed here too. :)

Some examples:
- Russia doesn't think she's very attractive at all, so she doesn't spend much time or energy fussing with her physical appearance...except that she does like to keep her finger and toe nails painted bright red.
- Italy drives Germany crazy when she forgets to wear a bra (which happens about as often as male!Italy forgetting to wear pants. But as it's less noticeable than forgetting pants, Germany sometimes doesn't catch the error until it's too late to send Italy back to find a bra. Germany then has a very hard time focusing for the rest of the day.)
- America pretty much acted like this during the women's suffrage movement:
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Okay, your turn!
RL//Expression//BW Fashion

[linking] Hetalia Minibang Artists and Beta-Readers Sign ups!

Hi, everyone! Just to let you know that the artists sign up for our aph_minibang challenge closes in ten days! If you are an artist and love challenges, you can sign up here.

Don't know what a minibang challenge is?
Click the banner to see community.

The Axis Powers Hetalia Minibang Challenge is modeled after the big-bang and mini-bang challenges of other fandoms where writers and artists come together to work on fanfiction and accompanying artwork.

For this particular challenge, writers will write a five thousand (5,000) minimum word fic, which will then be paired up with an artist to illustrate. Artists will be given liberty as to how many art(s) they want to do as long as you make one.

The writers sign up has closed two weeks ago, but we are still in need of aritsts and now we have opened a beta readers sign up post!

We also want to use this chance to invite those who have the knack for good beta-reading to sign up and help those in needs! For more details, please visit this post.

We hope to see you all there!
Made by arthoniel

[goods/selling] IMPORTANT ANIMENEXT INFO! At least for people who wanted cases!

Remember these?

If you commissioned/reserved/just wanted to buy a case from me, I will be there all three days, with the cases on me at (most likely) all times. I will be going as Gakuen Hungary on Friday and most of Saturday (I'll also be Miranda from D. Gray Man). On Sunday, I should be going as Mia Fey, but I'll update this if that changes.

Your best bet of finding me will be at the Hetalia picnic on Saturday! I will also probably be in the audience (I'm not participating) of the Hetalia World Summit on Friday!

Cases are $15, and I will have very limited stock. I hope to see you there! :)

SD Meetup repost

Change in plans so reposting this to see if the dates work.

I was wondering if any of you beautiful people in the SoCal area would like to meet-up and cosplay-derp around my hometown of San Diego for a day. I know the area (especially La Jolla) really well and we could just massively troll the tourists at the beach. If anything, a beach/swimsit cosplay could happen and what not.

Where?: San Diego/La Jolla. La Jolla shores, specifically off Prospect.
When?: 26th of June
What are we going to do?: Generally derp around San Diego, possibly do shoots at the beach or the many parks we have here.

I'm the Hockey!Mattie at Fanime, the one with the hockey stick, if y;all were wondering. I'll be Mattie for this too, since that's... basically all I have.

Comment with interest and anything below~
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[Q&A] One Of The Cats From Volume 3?

In volume three's scans there appears to be a cat with a bow on its head. . .I don't mean Monacat(Monaco, at least I think that's her) since her's is on the side, I mean the bow is n the top of the cat's head.

Does anyone know which nation this is?  Should I give a picture so you can try and guess better?  I can't figure it out.

I really shouldn't ask things when notifs are down.
einsamkeit prussia

[Fanfic] 黑菊花

Author/Artist: Peridot Tears
Genre: Hurt/ Comfort/ Family
Rating: K+
Pairings/Characters: China (Wang Yao), Japan (Honda Kiku), Hong Kong, America (Alfred F. Jones), Taiwan
Warnings: Historical controversy. Teensy bit of blood.
Disclaimer: ...I owe it all to Hidekazu.
Summary: Yao blurs the line between steel and silk, not knowing whether to hate or love. All Kiku can do is watch, and play with him beneath the fading sky.

(The past is gone, but he wants its echoes.)

team canada

[Fanfic] Drift Away

Title: Drift Away
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Canada, England, with appearances from France and America.
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: #25: acid
Summary: He was surprised and amazed that of all things, smoking and cigarettes somehow brought them closer.

And yet, here was Matthew, struggling to lit a cigarette because his hands were trembling too much.