June 20th, 2010

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[SCANLATION] Sealand & Wy

Long time no see folks! I'm sure you've seen the latest comic involving Sealand & some new Principalities... but I just whipped up a scanlation right quick so you should take a look again! (translation&editing all by me~)

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Also, since it's been such an awful long time (a year?!), I suppose I should take this moment to re-premote my website the Hetalia Indexes! They're not quite as useful anymore with sites like this around but I still keep it updated just because. Hope it's of use to you if you haven't seen it before!
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Influences on America - Vikings, Knights Templar and Freemasons

I came upon this thought while watching the History Channel - Besides England and France (and the Native Tribes), who else has influenced America and Canada (henceforth known as A&C)?

Vikings - Viking sailors were the first to land in Newfoundland (part of Canada), so it is possible to assume that Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and/or Finland may have set foot on this 'new land'. They would have certainly known about it anyway. Icelandic people made trips here for wood and the Vikings actually made a few settlements along the east coast, down into New England, but ended up not staying. Do you think they had any influence on A&C? I have noticed that, out of all of them (Nordics + France + England) Norway is the only one with an ahoge. If A&C didn't get it from Norway, who did it come from?  Their eyes dont really seem to match either, and the Nordics are the only ones with violet eyes. [Unless you count Austria in both, which is a monkey wrench since Austria has no sea access].

Knights Templar - Is there a Knights Templar personification that we know of? Since Gilbert was the Teutonic Knights, it would make sense that the Templars get one too. Anyway, this program I was watching was talking about the possibility that the Knights Templar had sailed to America in the 1300s and built some buildings, claimed land, left weird drawings and markers, etc, and possibly even hiding the Holy Grail here. The reason for all this was that they were escaping persecution in Europe, since the Church turned on them. I think that a Templar-tan would have a very interesting affect on a young America.

Freemasons - I include them because the Knights Templar pretty much turned into the Freemasons. Also, a lot of the Founding Fathers and shapers of America were Freemasons and it was included in their thoughts and architecture. Washington DC especially is just crawling in the stuff. I bet this had a very interesting way of influencing Alfred - secret rituals, 'odd' beliefs in God and religion, deep mysteries surrounding the capital of the country. Although England may have raised him Anglican, I think Alfred would have been drawn to this wider-world view on religion.

Also, Scotland must have made the trip at some point - Nova Scotia, Canada was a Scottish colony until England took it over.

Thoughts? Am I way out in left field with this? Do you see any of these affecting America or Canada?

PS I do want to note my view on America and Canada - I believe that, before England and France divided up the land into what would be French Colonial Canada and British Colonial America, that it was all just America/the New World, and only had one personification. When the land was split, the little boy split into the Alfred and Matthew we know today. This means that, any Viking or Templar visitors would have been dealing with one child instead of 2.

Edit/PS - I totally get that it should be taken with a grain of salt. But on the other hand, who knows, they could be onto something.
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[Fanfiction] In Keen and Quivering Ratio

Title: In Keen and Quivering Ratio
Rating: K
Genre: Uh. idk. Angst? A-Walk-Down-Memory-Lane?
Characters/Pairings: Canada, America | No pairings
Summary: Canada's decade of double-life-living as just another guy who plays hockey is disrupted. By himself, and time.
Notes: De-anon from the kinkmeme (I'm starting to wonder if I'd write at all if not for that place), something with a Nation or Nations enjoying themselves outside of politics.


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ROLEPLAYING - Seeking one-on-one!

Hello there! This is my first time posting something like this here, so let's hope I don't mess it up too terribly!

I'm looking for a one-on-one roleplay partner to play with my America. I'm willing to play with any other characters. I especially would like to play with an England or France, but seriously, if you've got another character and a hankerin' to play with America, by all means give me a shout and we'll see what we can do!

I'm on Mountain time (currently GMT -0600), and I work in the evenings, but right now I'm out of school so I'm around pretty often! I do both yaoi and het, all ratings, and any genre. I especially like light-hearted plots, and things that start off light but end up dramatic and full of awesome, but like I said, I'm up for any genre if you've got an idea! I'm flexible - I just really like playing America. \o\

If you're tapped for ideas, I've been thinking that it would be fun to play something fun and summery - A road trip, camping, beach, vacation in his own place or someone else's... :B I'm also a big fan of cliches, lame as that is, so if you're not opposed...!

The only thing I can really think of that I'm not super keen on is AUs where they aren't countries. I like to keep their nationhood intact. OTHER THAN THAT, I'M COOL WITH WHATEVER, GUYS. \o/

I play over AIM and MSN, and you can comment here or contact me there at :

MSN - peachblossom13[at]hotmail[dot]com

AIM - Dance Dance Anzu

same as dA

FanDub: Hatte Futte Parade, Canada Style (With An Olympic Twist!?)

Haha, this has somehow become a tradition for me. Last year around this time I recorded a Canadian MKC on a whim and that darn thing now has more views than I have sense. As a thank you gift (and because I have nothing better to do with my time, I suppose) I recorded Canada's version of the new ending theme song (TV Size). I couldn't find a karaoke track for it, so I wound up going crazy with background vocal. I'm not sure if it's possible to make four-and-a-half-part harmony for something, but I did it in the video, somehow. XD

And now, without further ado:

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PS: This is only like my second or third post on the comm so if I goofed up, let me know and I shall fix it as soon as possible. Also, I *might* have goofed up the LJ cut. Sorry.... ^^;
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Sharing some art~

Hey guys :D
So... finally I've also drawn something regarding the World Cup.
After Germany's match on Wednesday I seriously felt like drawing.

Title: 必ず勝つ!!
Author/Artist: yuuyuu
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany, Prussia, America- & England-Cat
Rating: G
Warnings: A colourful picture, a sad Germany and a Nekotalia scribble


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[SELLING] Romano, Spain, and more

The elder Italian brother has been sitting in pieces in my sewing drawer for months, so I decided to finish him up the other day

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Also still trying to sell Japan and Prussia. Since they were made in the first batch and therefore the old patten, I'm putting them up at a discount.

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Let me know what countries you'd like to see next!

Treatment [Fanfic, 9 Parts]

Title: Treatment
Genre: Romance/Humor
(s): Sweden/Finland
: T
Warnings: Cursing, psychology, Poland, crossdressing, miscommunication, stalker chains, IKEA furniture... it goes on.
Summary (Full): Tino is a young student majoring in psychology, well known for being kind and eager to help others sort out their issues, but less well known for his habit of profiling "patients" on campus. His therapist's eye has fixed on Berwald, but will he be the one who ends up on the couch? [SuFin; College AU]
A/N: Originally posted on Fanfiction.net, you can read from that site here: [Link] Multichaptered, ongoing. I'm posting it here and on other Hetalia communities. Enjoy!
Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia.

Part 1: First Contact
Part 2: Learning the Details
Part 3: Stalking Season
Part 4: Late Night
Part 5: Gang Activity
Part 6: Snap Decisions
Part 7: Getting a Move On
Part 8: Those Expected Confrontations
Part 9: Embarrassing Doesn't Cover It
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For Father's Day

Hi all,

I thought I would share this video card I made for my dad for Father's Day. There's a lot of Rome/Chibitalias and Sweden with Sealand. The text was messed up in some places and I realize I should have used another color for some of them *facepalm* But at least my dad liked it.

Please let me know if any of you did the art so I can credit you on youtube. I know at least one of you are on here! Collapse )

[Fanfic] "Act Naturally"

Title: Act Naturally
Author: pyrrhiccomedy and wizzard890
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England/America
Rating: R, for sex and recreational drug use.
Summary: 1964 - The British Invasion is in full swing, and America drops by England's place to pick up a few new albums. He...gets distracted.

This is a chapter from The Chosen End, a Russia/America collaboration spanning from 1780 to the present day. You can read all of the fics in this story at the Index.
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Japan X Belarus Video

so i created Japan X Belarus Video...

and you can also download it from here http://www.mediafire.com/?wyhmm2zzgl5

but all the art (except sakura tree picture) is draws by me

the story is about conflict between Japan, Belarus, Russia. yeah, based oh Japan Russo war. Belarus still in part of Russian Empire so i think she take a part of war.don't ask me why they are in love.and in the end, at G8 meeting they are meet again but Belarus already forget her memories. i try to plug in the story with hetalia mini drama ~let's talk about the G8 member~

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Hetalia World Cup: Episode 6

Hetalia World Cup: Day 6- Belarus vs. China; America vs. Ukraine; Germany vs. Greece

The last group is up, including both of Russia's sisters against a pair of allies Russia is no stranger to. Will this prompt Belarus to destroy China? Will Ukraine be able to keep her composure against America's attacks? Will Cuba be able to call all this objectively? In the nightcap, Greece seems to have finally woken up, but does he have enough to beat host Germany?


About the Hetalia World Cup
The FIFA World Cup in South Africa is in full swing, but has one major flaw- not enough Hetalia nations! It's time to fix that with our very own Hetalia World Cup! Thirty-two Hetalia countries from Italy to Iceland are invited. The draw is random and matches will be simulated through the FIFA World Cup '06 video game. Because it's the 2006 edition, Germany gets saddled with the task of hosting, which may prove to be more tiring than actually playing. Along the way, we'll have commentary, interviews, and behind the scenes access to all the madness that goes on when so many of these guys get together.



Hetalia Mad Lib- Crackish Fun Ahead!~

 I found this online and I thought I'd be fun to share with the community!~
(Ah, If this isn't allowed, I'll delete it!~)
This is what I got for my result:
This is sort of difficult for me to explain but Sweden is really a leprechaun. I realized this when you were invading Austria with Rome. I'm sure you're cowardly enough to understand that Canada is about to set your house on fire.

Go Milk a Cow,

P.S.- England is tied up in my closet, just thought you should know.
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[fic] chapter one

Title: Romano and the Former Nations Club
Author: Dark Lady Devinity/sexy_cassandra
Character(s) or Pairing(s): South Italy x Prussia, various other characters
Rating: PG to PG-13
Warnings: slash
Summary: South Italy feels like he's not neccessary on the world stage with his younger brother around so he goes and gets involved with the Former Nations Club. He spends time with the various nations that have left the world stage, especially Prussia. Bonding, romance and hijinks occur.

Chapter One: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6068558/1/Romano_and_the_Former_Nations_Club

[fic] Save the Drama for the Stage [7/10]

Title: Save the Drama for the Stage
Author/Artist: chromatic_coma @ animusia
Character(s)/Pairing(s) [in this chapter]: England, Prussia, Canada, France, Hungary, America, S. Italy,[ N. Italy, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Sealand, Poland, Lithuania, Spain] ; eventual FrUK (?), eventual PrussCan (?), RussAmerica, Austria/Hungary, France/Canada
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Rating: T
Warning: Human names used, fail!attempts at humor, language
Summary: Arthur is a young screenplay writer and director who wants to make a name for himself, but will that be possible with a flirt like Francis Bonnefoy as his star?
Chapter Summary: Pent up emotion finally explodes as the play becomes a perfect metaphor for what is happening to the cast.

x-posted @ what_the_fruk

"Oh Willie, give me strength."
Made by arthoniel

[selling] AN Case Leftovers!

So, selling the cases at AnimeNEXT went well! But I still have a bunch left over! If you're interested, they're designed for iphones, but can fit anything around that size. Or you can put something non-electronic in there, if you so desire.

They're already made, so there's no wait time before they ship. :)

Here's what I've got left:

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[Discussion] Uniforms

The other day, I was thinking about the countries' uniforms and decided to start listing out what I thought the creator was basing them on, or basically just going for. this also means that not all of them are strictly set during WWII.

So, my question for you guys is: What historical uniforms do you think he was basing each countries' uniforms off of? 

Note: This is not meant to be ragging on things like how not each uniform is perfect, or it looks nothing like this, trust me I do that enough on my own time XD. This is just having fun with research. :)

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Edit: You guys are awesome!
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[fanart dump ahoy]

Author/Artist: morimori-mori (aka obaa_chan  aka me)
Character(s) or Pairing(s)
: a lot of them. in kinda order: SuFin, Norway, TK!Prussia, Chibitalia, HRE, Denmark, Netherlands, N. Italy, Wy
mainly G, one or two PG-15-ish?
Warnings: blood in one pic, non-graphic-drowning in another, horribly inconsistent style and anatomy issues all around! also a million pictures so very un-dial-up-friendly i'd recon.
Summary: I've been drawing Hetalia fanart for a few months now and just now got the balls up to post any of it here. Please don't massacre me? :D
Six 'completed' pictures + five sketches.

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