June 23rd, 2010

[Poll] Which APH Character song is your fav?

I havent posted one of these in FOREVER! But since all the character songs are out, I figured I might as well! And for a note: I'm counting the album character songs yay! But its check boxes so you can vote for how ever many you want instead of one! However! Let the testing start! Enjoy! :D

EDIT: Okay.. so I forgot a *lot* of songs and it wont let me add them in seperately so I have to start this aaaaaalll over D: Im sorry! But hey you get more choices :D

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[High School AU RP Advertisement] Sekai High School

Welcome to Sekai High School, a semi-prestigious Japanese private high school in the outskirts of Tokyo, where students of all financial status and classes attend. There could be those who are from some of the wealthiest families in the world, to those who have parents who make normal wage, living normal lives. A chance to interact with many different kinds of people from all sorts of backgrounds!

Students: Students are generally 15~18 years old, in grades 1~3. There is a dormitory in the large campus where students
may further their relationships with their peers. However, no drinking, no sexual conduct, no having girls over after 8! Who follows rules anyways?

There are social echelons developed based on grades, social power, money, and parental prestige. There are unspoken rules on who you cannot cross, and who you have to listen to.
You must be respectful of the older students and listen to their commands, unless, of course, your family's power overpowers that of the upperclassmen.

There are, as in any school, bullies, and victims. There are drinking and gang behaviors, though against the rules. How the students will handle them is up to them and the Student Government.

School Rules: There are some important rules that are meant to be broken..wait what? to follow!

  • Wear uniforms at all times when in school. Uniform must be properly worn at all times.
  • No other-gender student may be in your dormitory room after 8PM.
  • No inappropriate sexual conduct on school property.
  • No alcohol or illegal drug consumption.
  • No bullying.
  • Be respectful of teachers.
  • No weapons on school property.
  • No gang related activities.

Some content, depending on the players' activities, may be inappropriate for people under 17. Please exercise caution, and calmly move away from topics labeled as such if you are under those ages.

Information and Rules

Most major characters are still open!
(List of Taken Characters and List of Reserved Characters)

We will be awaiting your enrollment!

Please come take a tour here!

(Please note that this is NOT a World Gakuen AU RP. This is a Japanese high school AU RP.)

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Deep, DEEP into the match! It is breathtakingly exciting!

Oh, wow, that was like sex or something, and even more exciting with two games going on simultaneously. Of course they had to torture me that way. Well, I could only devote the majority of my attention to one, unfortunately.

So, fresh off the sketch pad right after that game and after my brief break from doodle commentary...

Title: Even More Fifa Doodle Commentary!
Author/Artist: Me! Me! Me!
Characters: England... AMERICA!!!!! Oh, and Tony and Charlie Brown, followed Canada and Italy and Greece
Rating: E!
Warnings: You'll feel the victory in your pants.
Summary: Doodles mostly about America done during the game, followed by some extra doodles from here and there.

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We need a FIFA tag

fic; Coke in Green Glass Bottle

Congratulations, team America & Donovan for that amazing 91' goal! I hope your boy Dempsey is feeling better.
Props to England as well! Defoe and Milner are my new heroes. My heart would not be still, what with the Rooney - Gerrard passing.


Alright, Schweinsteiger, TIME TO DAZZLE! 77777777777777

Title: Coke in Green Glass Bottles
Author/Artist: therefliesthyme
Character(s) or Pairing(s): USA/(soviet socialist state) Russia; USA/(federal republic) Russia
Rating: pg-13
Warnings: language, sir.
Summary: 'They talk about the failure of socialism but where is the success of capitalism in Africa, Asia and Latin America?'. Also, a tad too much Watchmen.   

("American love, like Coke in green glass bottles...")

[APH] America&amp;Canada: story of my life

[fic] The Months of Manhattan

Title: The Months of Manhattan
Author/Artist: Myself~
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, Canada, FrUK (though it's not central); for others see tags
Rating: G
Warnings: None, really. Possibly Poland's fat mouth.
Summary: A retelling of a modern fairytale, The Months of Manhattan. When Matthew's father gets remarried and he gets a new stepbrother, Alfred, everything seems to be looking down... until he finds a mysterious panting alone in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Next was a tactfully smiling man with short brown hair, who looked as if he was being dragged slightly by the one next to him, a blond with hair to their shoulders in a sundress (which Matthew had to stare at a little longer to realize yes, it was indeed a man).

[SALE] Keychains + Nordic print for Desucon

Title: Hetalia keychains + Nordic prints
Author/Artist: SoulCandy (me)
Character(s) or pairing:
Rating: safe
Warning: none
Summary: I've made a Nordic print and 107 Hetalia-keychains for sale this weekend in Oslo.

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Minnie Gaga

Fic: Baroque

Title: Baroque
Author/Artist: Jamaica_tan
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Romano, Spain, slight Spain/Romano
Rating: T
Warnings: Mentions of blood, Catholic imagery, bad language, slight Spain/underage Romano (for the context of the story).
Summary: A nation cannot create, they can only inspire their people, so Romano could only think that something new was coming.


Favourites question...

I found it really interesting reading this post the other day http://community.livejournal.com/hetalia/7710620.html about peoples intial thoughts of how their countries were portrayed in Hetalia when they first saw it and it got me thinking about what I thought of England/Arthur - being an English girl myself - and I found it wasn't hard to love him. He almost instantly became my favourite character out of all of the Hetalia series - but I found it was Himaruya's characterisation of England that made me love him probably more than my country/national pride - if that makes sense XD

What I want to know from people is, if your favourite character isn't your country, why is that?

What makes the other character/country appeal to you more? Is it because you like the other country in real life i.e. have some personal connection to it or is it the character that Himaruya created that made you favourite them over your own country??

Anyway, I was just interested to hear your thoughts! :D
Rin and Len

[fic] rehabilitation

Hi. I'm now de-lurking... AND I HAVE AN OFFERING! D8

Title: Rehab, 1/?
Author: Rayman
Rating: PG, for a bit of language
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Korea and China, with other random Asians. No pairings yet.
Warnings: A bit of language, and crackish plotlessness.
Summary: Oh great, Korea's addicted to video games. Why is Yao the one who has to deal with it? Random crackishness, not meant to be offensive to anybody. Also includes Im Yong Soo awesomeness.

Linked to my journal.

The door didn't open very easily...

[Roleplay Advertisement] Hetalia in the World gen.2

Hello, wonderful Hetalia community!

As a secretary mod, and our Romano, I've come to advertise for our roleplay! Yes, there've been a lot of these ads lately. But there are a lot of roleplayers out there!

Currently, we've got a lot of vacancies. We'd love a complete Allied and Axis Powers, and our previously-full Nordic-5 has gotten a few vacancies due to the upcoming summer holiday. We'd also love some more of the Asians! Our Russia, especially, would like a China, and our Hungary would love an Austria.

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Handsome face

ヘタ鬼 - Heta Oni?

Don't know if this has been asked before but...

While browsing pixiv, I happen to came across this "Heta Oni" [ヘタ鬼] tag. The fanworks seem rather dark and bloody, somehow serious too.

Tried to look it up myself and it seems to be a fanmade RPG that has yet to be completed or that it's a fanfic (according to google translate).

So here I ask, is there anyone here who knows what the whole thing is about? OAO As well as the plot too? -Is very curious-

[Fanfic] Hooligans

Title: Hooligans
Author: deixis_dyad
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Pairings/Characters: Germany, Prussia, and Italy
R for language
Summary: Compared to other teams (France, England, cough), Germany has been faring pretty well. But that does not necessarily stop him from freaking out.
Notes: I wrote this during the match today and boy, was it an intense match. ;)

(He winks at Germany: 'It's a tarantella!')
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Delurking for fanart dump

Hopefully I'm doing this right. Poke me if I haven't followed the rules. So, hello everyone, have a small fanart dump.

Title: N/A
Author/Artist: vuri
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England, Belgium, Lithuania, Thailand
Rating: G, possibly PG if you consider Thailand's shirtless
Warnings: None
Summary: three somewhat random fanarts

(edit 2) reuploaded images to tinypic instead, hopefully everyone can see them correctly now

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Mysterious one

[VID] Hetalia Madness Episode 2 (Bloopers and Outtakes from Tiktok)

So I'm back! :D With the blooper and outtake reel from Tiktok and a couple of other videos from both the past and the future! More random than Tiktok with lotsa crazy stuff including a Musical Hoops game, Italy fixing Ukraines pants, Turkey running to get in spot, More of America's crotch and butt, The GET DOWN, and a surprise ending :D

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