July 1st, 2010

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[Fanart] July 1st present + Sketch dump

Title: Canada Day Matthieu + sketch dump
Author/Artist: o0litodreamer0o
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Canada, America, France, Seychelles, Austria, N. Italy, Liechtenstein
Rating: G
Warnings: Just some model poses from our favourite North Americans. Nothing to worry about ^^

Hello main comm! It's been too long, non? I suppose no one really reads these anyways, so I won't bother too much with it.
Just wanted to share a present with everyone - it's for my dearest Matthew, whose birthday is today! Matthieu, I'm proud to be Canadian =) And while I'm at it, I'll share some drawings from my 30 day Hetalia meme.
Please forgive the quality. I don't have access to a scanner, so I'm trying my very best with my SLR and an ill-placed lamp in my temporary appartement. Anyway, enjoy!

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[fanart] i feel like i post too often

Title:  i feel like i post too often
Author/Artist: meeee
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Italy, Germany, South Italy, Prussia, Japan, Spain, Russia, HRE, Chibitalia, England
Rating: pg-13
Warnings: a creepy picture of lovino ;A;
Summary: it's another art dump. p4xaph and enchantedxaph crossovers within.

i don't even know what to say.

Fanfic - "If Loyalties Lie" - Chapter 5

( Prologue )
( Chapter 1 )
( Chapter 2 )
( Chapter 3 )
( Chapter 4 )

Title: If Loyalties Lie [Chapter Five]
Authors: qualapec  and ghostofthemotif 
Characters/Parings: France/Prussia, France/England, Russia
Rating: PG-16
Summary: There is no mistake more final than a wrongful death sentence, no lie worth the loss of a friend.

( Chapter 5 )
closet, fai, tsubasa

[Fanfic] Sunrise Ranch, October 14, 1902

Title: Sunrise Ranch, October 14, 1902
Author: Raikana Sakaro
Rating: G
Warnings: This is an AU in early Edwardian Montana, near the Canada/US border. Human names used because they are human. And only hastily researched history with a lot of reliance of past readings for knowledge about horses.
Summary: Matthew is a farmhand who finds work on Alfred's horse ranch, and ends up falling in love. A de-anon from the Hetalia kink meme. Posted under promises of art from a friend who thinks I should stop being so anonymous.

(To The Story...)

[Fandub] Happy Matthew Day!

x-posted with hetanada

Title: Happy Matthew Day!
Author/Artist: The iammatthewian Project
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Canada's 13 Provinces and Territories, Canada, America, England, France, Ukraine, Kumajiro
Rating: PG
Warnings: Innuendos
Summary: It's Mattie's Birthday... the Queen is visiting... and Alfred is in charge of the cake!

To all Matthewians and Matthewians in spirit! Happy Canada Day!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Nagai Ai

[FAN ART] HKSAR Day and Independence Day

Title: HKSAR Day and Independence Day commemoration art
Author/Artist: maiyeng
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Hong Kong, America, England
Rating: G
Warnings: Nothing bad, unless a chibi Iggy with a bottle of wine is too depressing for you.
Summary: Commemorating the Hong Kong SAR Day and Independence Day. Ice cream and a not so happy England.

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Should it be the Earth? [Hetalia RP]

Looking for Hetalia RPers of pretty much... all characters! 

A new forum has just opened and it's ready to take reserves. As of this post, the only character taken is Prussia. Everyone else is open for free game.

Should it be the Earth?

Is a Multi-RP based forum. It has Hetalia-canon sections, as well as areas for the more serious history-based threads (for those who wish to RP things that are much more historically accurate.)

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[FIC] You Can't Miss What You Never Had (4/???)

Title: You Can't Miss What You Never Had
Author: xxfurryfirefoxx (me)
Pairing: England and America
Warnings/Rating: PG, drinking and BL, but it's pretty mild. I doubt it will go up in later chapters, but if so, the highest will be T
Summary: After another night of drinking, England falls asleep wishing he had won the Revolutionary War so that America would still be his obedient, cute little brother. Upon waking, England finds his wish granted.

(Chapter One)
(Chapter Two)
(Chapter Three)
(Chapter Four)

[Fanart] Happy Birthday Canada and Hong Kong~!

Title: Happy Bday~
Artist: Me!
Characters: Canada, Hong Kong, England, France, Holland, Switzerland, Russia, Germany, America, Ukraine, Seychelles, Cuba, Spain, Prussia, China, Japan, Taiwan, S. Korea
Rating: PG
Warnings: Canada and Hong sharing a piece of cake~ And possibly bad art and shading.
Summary: It's Canada and Hong's bday and a lot of people are invited~ And now it's cake time~

( Link to my dA )

[Fanfic] Most Memorable Date

Title: Most Memorable Date
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia x China and lots of background noise (significant cameos from Ancient Rome, US x UK, Prussia)
Rating: NC16
Warnings: Sexual references, explicit kissing scenes, profanity, touching where one shouldn't uhh... yea. There's no sex, but people have feedback to me saying it's pretty strong stuff, so read with caution.

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We need RP'er! [ Forum RP ]

After many months of unactivity we on the HetaliaRP forum have deleted many users and now need YOU to fill the empty spaces!
Here is the list of taken and needed characters. The one's in bold are those we REALLY need; hetaliarp.find-forum.net/important-stuff-f1/taken-needed-characters-look-here-before-registering-t2.htm#2

Here is the link to the forum in General~; hetaliarp.find-forum.net/forum.htm

And mostly all RP and chat is going on on the chatbox, it would be great if you stopped by after registering!
If you have any problems with anything, or simply want to know more about the forum, you may contact Denmark there.
PS; It is very important that you are able to be active! And remember to read the rules!
Blame it on the Cosplay

[Fanfic] The Matfred Chronicles: Chapters 3, 4, and 9 (Spirit, Maple, and Chair)

Title: The Matfred Chronicles
Author: curlee1029
Character and/or Pairings: AmericaxCanada and other miscellaneous characters including Japan, Hungary, Poland, Greece, Lithuania, Italy, Cuba and more
Rating: Entire Fic: PG-15 (T on FF rating scale) Chapter 3: PG (K+) Chapter 4: PG-15 (T) Chapter 9: G (K)
Warning: Chapter 3: Perhaps one curse, but it's not even a real curse. Chapter 4: Sexual content. Chapter 9: Nothing
Summary: A collection of oneshots based around two brothers who happen to like each other in ways brothers shouldn't like each other.

(Read from the begining)
(Click here for the up-to-date fic on Fanfiction.net)

Hope you enjoy and a happy Canada Day to all you Canadians out there.

(P.S. Can anyone tell me how to crosspost? I tried it with this post, but that kinda didn't work. Thanks^^)

spain and romano- besito

[Fic] Lady in Red

Title: Lady in Red
Author/Artist: cutthroatpixie
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Fem!Spain/Romano, mentions of Germany/Italy
Rating: PG-13
Genderbending, human names, AU, horrible breach of hospital protocol
Summary: This is the story of a poor, unfortunate vespa accident victim and the paediatric nurse that decided to skip out on work to bother him.
Notes: I'm on a Fem!Spain kick, don't even worry about it. This was written simply because Antonia would totally look rocking in hospital scrubs and you know it. The only people who are genderbent are Spain, Prussia, and France, btw, and the last two aren't actually in the story much.

[Meetup] Happy Birthday Ameribros! (final)

Keeping this short, but it's still important:

I'm hosting a meetup celebrating America's and Canada's birthdays at Yankee Stadium in New York on this Saturday, July 3. I have one, maybe two, extra tickets to the Yankees/Blue Jays game we're going to. I'm sorry it's such short notice, but two people have said they can't make it. :( Tickets are $14. If anyone would like this/these spot(s), please leave a comment! Thank you.

And for those who are coming, I'll see you Saturday. ♥

(Happy Canada Day, everyone!)

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//EXO. light kris

[Fanfic] Assassin 1/?

Title: Assassin (Chapter 1)  FF.Net link
Author/Artist: miss_aztec57 
Character(s) or Pairing(s):
PrussiaxAustria, SpainxLovino, AmericaxEngland
violence, torture, BL
Summary: Alfred. F. Jones is a hired assassin working for Archangel. When a series of targeted attacks threatens the safety of everyone at Archangel, Alfred is thrown into a whirlwind of lies, deception and murder, uncovering truths about his past which were far better forgotten.....

He opened his eyes once more, and reached out an unsteady hand, frightened eyes boring into Alfred’s own....

(Linking) Hetalia_sell!

The Hetalia Selling Community, hetalia_sell! (aka about time amirite? U:)

So, after seeing an influx of sales posts, a sales community was finally made in hope that we can help keep the main community not so filled up with sales posts.  It'll be easier for everyone who wants to either sell, trade and buy.  You can also ask for items you've been searching for, show off your collection, and get aid in distinguishing bootlegged items!



Let's help clean up the community!

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[fanart] hetalia WORLD TEAM

Title: hetalia WORLD TEAM
Artist: that_hobo 
Characters: the italy's, germany, america, england, prussia, hungary, russia, japan, spain, netherlands
Rating: G
Warnings: none! well, the image is pretty huge is all
Summary: inspired by the world cup, of course. if the nations were a football team. you could say it's the *~HETALIA DREAM TEAM~*

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[Fanfic oneshot] They Shine for You (Happy Canada Day!)

Title: They Shine for You
Author: livefree_eatu/Grace Raven
Characters: Canada, Kumajirou, America, England, France, Cuba, mention of other characters.
Rating: T for language
Warning: Nothing really, unless you count the defilement of the gates that are "never to be closed."
Summary: Sometimes, America thinks Canada deserves praise, especially on his birthday. Inspired by the song Yellow by Coldplay.

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aph: america

[Q&A] The full lyrics for South Italy's Hatafutte Parade?

Hi! I've looked through the tags here and searched the internet for it, but I can't seem to find the complete lyrics for South Italy's Hatafutte Paredo song.. and was hoping one of you guys would happen to have it? ^^ Either the Japanese or the romanji is fine~ It would really be appreciated, thank you~♥

[Fanfic] Free Cake and Beer

Title: Free Cake and Beer
Author/Artist: bubbly_basmati 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Matthew and Gilbert; Arthur and Alfred make an appearance and Francis gets mentioned a few times
Genre: Humor/Friendship
Rating: T
Warnings: Language
Summary: Nearly every Canada Day, Matthew gets forgotten. Gilbert manages to convince him not to share a birthday with Alfred.
Author's Note: I almost forgot about Canada Day (no joke, I actually did), but I managed to write this fic to celebrate. Once again, I'm cutting it pretty close with getting this posted (I had car trouble and work and...bleh).This fic came about off the top of my head and the maple love kept me going. Canada is totally awesome and I loved writing this, especially because it's my first time really trying to write Prussia. I won't lie, I'm more of a Franada girl, but I think Pranada is just so dang cute that I could not resist.

Bah! Bowls are for losers!
Assbelts, Please Protect Me!

FIFA Followup and Other Doodles

Okay, this post is a doozy! FIFA comic, Mochimerica, Scary!Germany, Canada....

Well, first I'm going to plug a fic: Dajra's Pride, based on one of my FIFA commentary doodles! Thank you~

Let's just get right to it.

Title: FIFA and others!
Author/Artist: Me!
Characters: Japan, OC Paraguay, Canada, America, England, Mochimerica, Italy, Germany
Rating: PG13 for some blood
Warnings: Messy pencily comics in here. Okay, the Canada bit actually deals with America disrespecting Canada, so that may be bad for Canada Day reading. Also, the last comic deals with "that's not funny anymore" history in an overdramatic, abstracted, not really accurate, graphite-covered way.
Summary: Followup to Japan's loss, America's convinced he's better than Canada, England wishes he had a marshmallow, Germany says he'll help you out (that's what friends do).

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