July 2nd, 2010

Dangerous Attraction

4th Of July! (AmericaxBelarus) Help Please?

I posted this also in knifeburger, but the more people know the better! 4th Of July! As everyone is very much aware. That's America's Independence's day and thus Alfred F. Jone's birthday! I do not know if this isn't allowed but I really wish to draw something between the next few days as my own adition to the AlfredxNatalia fandom! 

So, now for my reason I posted this little thing for. My head's at a total blank! What would be the best gift for Alfred F. Jones from his would be girlfriend Natalia Arlovskaya? While keeping things in character of course! Either from a little comic idea to an actual big picture! Suggestions are much appreciated! I really need something good, the more ideas the better! 

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It has been ages

Title: This way?
Artist: Snuvi (me)
Characters: Estonia & Finland, and many others
Rating: none? unless you are scared of 60 years old looking France
Summary: Estonia & Finland being lost in the woods, and colour sketches for attempt revive my long forgotten doujin project ...and a little surprise in the end
Warnings:  as I said 60 years old France feat. many other rathe "personal" looking Characters

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Selling Hetalia One Coin (Vol 1) Bootlegs for Cheap!

Only $1 each!

Italy - sarepthegreat PAID / SHIPPED
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International Shipping = $2.50
add $1.00 if you want it with tracking number.
PS: these are BOOTLEG/FAKE

I'm also selling other figures, just comment if you're interested.
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Thanks for looking!

[FANART + COSPLAY] dump of .... stuff

Hey loves. I have some things to show y'all. (When was the last time I posted fanart seriously)

Title: Skysteam
Author/Artist: me (luna-wannabe on dA)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, England, Switzerland, Russia, Belarus, Canada
Rating: G
Warnings: tacky colored lines, fanart of fancosplay of fanfic. seriously.
Summary: Ehm I drew up the costumes from the fabulous 'You Can't Take The Sky From Me' cosplay shoot, found here
Title: Hetadump 3
Author/Artist: me (luna-wannabe on dA)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, England, Germany, Finland, Hungary, Prussia, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Russia, Canada, and more
Rating: G
Warnings: pencils, too much STUFF, incomplete ideas, nekotalia
Summary: Sketchdump.

woooo little color!

Title: Femerica Cosplay
Author/Artist: me (luna-wannabe on dA); photography by a nameless friend
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Femerica
Rating: PG
Warnings: skin, shamelessness, first time cosplaying

There's Femerica alone with the stocks

The link goes to the photobucket album; the picture goes to the livejournal entry.

[Fanfics] "Secret" and "Found"

Title: Secret
Author/Artist: RWQ
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Heavily implied US/UK
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Shonen ai.
Summary: America was his world.

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Title: Found (1/3)
Author/Artist: RWQ
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia/America, Russia/China, America/China, Russia/America/China-- later on, I hope.
Rating: PG13 (for now)
Warnings: Yaoi, drama (prolly), etc.
Summary: “Russia’s cheating on you— with me.“

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[FANART] Late Update - Hetalia WC 2010 Scribbles Continued

Another updates (and some are veeerryyyyy late XD )
Enjoy these scribbles (and enjoy the game XD)

Artist: me a.k.a sawamura_sama
Rating: General
Characters: France, South Korea, Greece, USA, England, Prussia, Germany, Australia, Japan, Netherlands, Denmark, Cameroon, Italy bros, Rome, Spain, Swiss.
Warning: None

Please visit these links below to view.
Thaaank youuu~♥♥♥

My Hetalia WC 2010 Scribbles part-6
My Hetalia WC 2010 Scribbles part-7
My Hetalia WC 2010 Scribbles part-8
My Hetalia WC 2010 Scribbles part-9


Should it be the Earth? [Hetalia RP] OPEN!a

Yahoo! The renovations at...

Should it be the Earth?

are all finished! The RP section of the board is open and ready for people to join in. Several applicants have already reserved their characters and I look forward to your profiles. Many, MANY canons are still open and the reserve list is shown below~

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[Anime] Preview World Series Episode 15


Germany and Italy had made a lunch box. Opened the box, balls and face resembling that of Germany and Japan learned from Japan and Italy, was full of cute things like Germany. Germany and was thinking ・ ・ ・ Nageyou lunch.

Germany which has making the lunch in Italy. When the box is opened, they were lovely ones where those which like the rice ball and Germany which are imitated to the Italian and Germany and Japan that face you were taught from Japan, entered the large quantity. Unintentionally, it was Germany which it tries to throw the lunch but….



Currently, I have a lot of Hetalia merchandises for sale over at my SELLING JOURNAL. Please have a look. Thanks. :)

-----Updated with newly arrived stuff: Gilbird phone stand, World Series greeting cards, phone straps,coin shaped key chains,  charms, stickers, etc.

Still have a couple of original one coins left for sale at $10 ( $9 if purchase with China or if a return customer.)

Thank you very much for your time. :D
closet, fai, tsubasa

[Fanfic] Sunrise Ranch, October 18, 1902

Title: Sunrise Ranch, October 18, 1902
Author: Raikana Sakaro
Rating: 16+
Warnings: This is an AU in early Edwardian Montana, near the Canada/US border. More passing mentions of masturbation. Human names used because they are human. And only hastily researched history with a lot of reliance of past readings for knowledge about horses.
Summary: Matthew is a farmhand who finds work on Alfred's horse ranch, and ends up falling in love. A de-anon from the Hetalia kink meme. Posted under promises of art from a friend who thinks I should stop being so anonymous.

(To The Story...)

Selling Doujin for cheap (most under $20 total)~ Plus Keychains and signs

Good afternoon all.

Anyways I'm selling a few doujinshi and other little Hetalia trinkets at my journal~ The price you see is the price you pay (though international sihpments are an exception as that'll be about two dollars more.)

All prices include shipping to the US and are in USD.  I accept other forms of payment and will ship internationally; all you need to do is talk to me~

Here's the Sale~ (the feedback post is linked inside of there~  Thank you!)

I will also accept holds through the holiday weekend as well~

A New Community

Hey gaiz! I've created a new community!


This community was made in order to learn and poke fun about things and news that occur all over the world.

The topics can be about news, culture, a certain moment in history, foreign relations between countries, useless trivia or information, and many other things.

But there's a catch. The idea is that you can choose a nation that appears in Hetalia (Or another country if you want to) and play as that nation.

Just imagine: What do the countries do during Eurovision? What do they think about a certain moment or period? How do the countries get along each with other these days?

-Application form
-List of countries

The community is brand new, so you can pretty much choose whoever you want. HAVE FUN!
Blame it on the Cosplay

[Fanfic] The Matfred Chronicles: Chapter 5 (Milk)

Title: The Matfred Chronicles
Author: curlee1029
Characters/Pairings: AmericaxCanada
Ratings: Entire Fic: PG-15(T) Chapter 5:PG-13 (T)
Warning: Sexual implications.
Summary: A series of oneshots surrounding two brothers who like each other in ways they shouldn't like each other. 


(Chapter 5: Milk)

(Read from the beginning)
☆ kkm❦wolfram×yuri❦

[ fic ] I'm Going to Be a Gentleman! ; Canada/America, Canada Day

Title: I'm Going to Be a Gentleman!
Author: HopelessOsaka
Pairings: CanadaAmerica, implied FranceEngland
Warning: No smut, actually. Incest because Canada and America are bros. With feelings. For each other. But more alarmingly, big brother France has a…really filthy mouth in here. I mean ‘NSFW’ if you have someone reading over your cubicle, or reading over your shoulder, or hax0ring your computer, or…
Early 17th century and modern day.
Dedication/Inspiration: Dedicated to Canada Day! Oh yeah! I wrote it on that day and then realized my brain felt fried by the time I finished, so post was delayed until I edited and proofread and whatnot. :(  –Also, partially inspired by a kink meme prompt that asked for France & little America father/son bonding time (nonsexual). Someone fill that in nicely.

A note before someone becomes confused—I’m going with Wiki and saying Canada’s the older brother (as per colonization). MST3K Mantra it if it bothers you a little too much, though; I might just like having Canada be older in general. o3o

Yeah, I don’t know how I feel about this one. Fail!French. I do not know it.


( Young America learns about being a gentleman from the worst nation to learn how to be a gentleman from. You know the one. (With the rose crotch? Yeah?) The havoc that ensues thereafter has long-termed effects over the next few centuries. Canada is involved. )


[Fanfiction] One Safe Place 7/?

Title: One Safe Place 7/?
Author: eveliens/eeevee

Genre : mystery/suspense
AmericaCanadaLithuania, implied pairings
Rating: T
Warnings: violence, kidnapping, set in the future

Summary: Nations keep disappearing, a pandemic looms on the horizon, globalization is taking over, and 
America decides that he is sick of playing the hero. Instead he seems to be reverting back to an isolationist state, forging some unusual alliances.
A/N: Thank you for the reviews; you guys are a huge help when you leave them! And big thanks for my sister who was bored enough to not only beta this chapter but also give me some advice on how to write around some problems I had run into :D

"There are no bodies."

[FIC] You Can't Miss What You Never Had (5/???)

Title: You Can't Miss What You Never Had
Author: xxfurryfirefoxx (me)
Characters: England and America (this chapter has Canada too!)
Warnings/Rating: T
Summary: After another night of drinking, England falls asleep wishing he had won the Revolutionary War so that America would still be his obedient, cute little brother. Upon waking, England finds his wish granted.

(Chapter One)
(Chapter Two)
(Chapter Three)
(Chapter Four)
(Chapter Five)

[Fanfic] Gliding Through Green Fields under Blue Skies (1/?)

Title: Gliding Through Green Fields under Blues Skies ~To a New World~
Author: Laur10s
Character(s)/Pairing(s): England, America, France, Japan...basically most of the cast/ Eventual US/UK along with Greece/Japan, Spain/Romano, Germany/Italy, Russia/China, and some more
Warnings/Rating: PG-13, R in a later chapter/ OC's for Scotland, Ireland, and Wales.  This is the Gakuen Verse...sort of
Summary:  AU. Arthur had everything he wanted.  He had the school under his palm and everyone's praise.  At least, he did, till he met that idiotic Alfred!  Will they fight to the death, or become friends...and then something more?  And who are all these people trying to prevent the something more from happening!?  Based off the manga/anime "His and Her Circumstances"


Get ready Jones.  You have just guaranteed a one way ticket to hell from yours truly.

Calling all Cosplayers!

What: Northern Anime Festival 2010
When: July 24th-25th
Where: Oshawa, Ontarion Cananda
Why: For an Ask a Nation Panel
Who: America, Canada, Russia, Seychelles, France, Sealand, Finland, Latvia, Chibitalia, possibly Estonia, Poland, Austria, Hungary, HRE, Prussia and Spain.

We're looking for more countries to join us in the madness... er FUN that will be this panel! We need more countries, all the ones listed above are who we have at the moment. It would be great if we could fill all the spots!
Lol Wut

[SELLING] Fan-made Stickers

Author/Artist: Me (--> Sakumi-sensei on DeviantArt)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Most charas and pairings
Rating: G
Warnings: Cuteness?
Summary: Selling a bunch of stickers (65 models to be exact) by Pre-Order as well as at this summer's Otakuthon in Montreal (Qc, Canada).

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french trinkets | la vie en rose

La Vie En Rose [1/1]

Title: La Vie En Rose [1/1]
Author: Melly
Rating: Pg-13
Characters/Pairings: France/Canada (main), heavily implied Us/Uk, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Belgium (Adelgonde)/Netherlands (Lars) and Ukraine/Estonia.
Warnings: Language, suggestion, and absolutely shameless wedding fluff.
Summary: Dancing has never been Matt’s thing, but he doesn’t think he can get out of at least one spin around the floor at his own wedding. Prompt France/Canada, ballroom dancing. Whether France is teaching Canada to dance, or it's in present times or not, is up to you.
A/N: For aph_fluffathon. Thanks to whoever requested this! I needed an excuse to do something this utterly flufftastic and your prompt fit right in with my idea. I am honestly a little embarrassed at how self-indulgent this is, but hey, we all need that a little once in a while, right? Enjoy!

Yeah. Well. Just got to keep count

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[Update] Ancient City Con meet (Jacksonville, FL)

Alright, a friend and I are planning to attend Ancient City Con for our first year ever. Since my friend only has one cosplay, a Hetalia one (England), I shall be wearing one of my Hetalia cosplays (Canada) so she won't feel awkward. We also know a few other Hetalians who may be attending this con, sooooo why not try to have a little meet-up and maybe a photoshoot?

Ancient City Con Information
Site: www.ancientcitycon.com/
Hotel Address:225 East Coastline Drive, Jacksonville, Florida, 32202
Dates: July 10th-11th, 2010

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TsukiSales Doujinshi Sale Post! (UPDATED July 2)

Hello there again. Really need cash and space so I'm selling some doujins! ALSO UPDATED WITH NEW STUFF!

America/England (x1) (by Saikare)
France/England (x1) (by Crazy Garden)
America/Japan (x3) (by JKS and tec)
England/Japan (x1) (by Rinrin)
Denmark/Norway (x1) (by KANSAI local)
Spain/Romano (x1) (by TOKIMOOON)
Outcasts (America/Japan/England, bottom!Japan) (x1) (by Kaikoku Zenya) (PRICE REDUCED!)
Bottom!Japan (x1)  (by Satisfy + Sashikizu)
Japan/America Anthology (x1) (by Various)
Canada-centric Anthology (x1) (by Various)
Japan/England Anthology (x1) (by Various)

It's all here in tsukisales! Here's my feedback page!

I hope to see you there!

Sorry if you see multiples of my posts on your FL.


During Anime Expo Funimation panel they announced what the Hetalia DVDs were going to include on them, so here we go!

Season one will have episodes 1-26

and these fine extras!

episode commentaries, show comments by director bob shirahata parts 1-3, director ed sequence comments, the hidden history within hetalia.

And don't forget the bandana that was already previously mentioned

Look forward to it on September 14th!

EDIT: In case you want to follow what is left of the panel, someone is having a live feed of it, sadly it's text only, but it's better than nothing, right?


[COSPLAY] Haro's "You Can't Take the Sky From Me"

I am very excited to finally post these from the photoshoot we did at Sakura-Con 2010. These photos are for you all to enjoy and the photoshoot is dedicated to [info]haro  for her amazing work of fiction. <3 <3 <3

"You Can't Take the Sky From Me"

Author/Artist: credit for the costume designs goes to the lovely [info]haro ; photography by SilencerAl
Character(s): [as portrayed by]
(Captain) America Jones [info]sailorkagura07 
(Mechanic) Canada Williams [info]tamara_shadow 
(Captain) England Kirkland [info]tan0sh11_chan 
(Gunner) Switzerland Zwingly good friend w/o LJ or DA
(Kosmider) Russia Braginsky [info]hazel_secrets 
(Blade Mistress) Belarus Alfroskaya [info]wanderingoddity 

Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for "You Can't Take the Sky From Me" (FanFiction.net) (Haro's Writing Journal) GO! READ! IT!!! (if you haven't already, that is) ALSO! Massive photodump is MASSIVE!

Summary: as taken from Haro's ff.net summary: "Ace pilot America is on a mission for the World Military when a chance encounter with a group of sky-pirates leads him to team up with their captain, England, against a malevolent group that wants to fill the sky with zeppelins." But now you get to see it with real people!

You Can't Take the Sky From Me


For links to each photoshoot, click on the picture!~ You will be redirected to my personal LJ where the dumps were dumped. :3

NOTE: This had been previously deleted, as some of you noticed, and it was likely due to the preview picture size being too large. Henceforth, upon changing the aforementioned issue, I am reposting to this community.

MODS: If there is a remaining issue with any aspect of this post, please alert me and I will promptly change it. Thanks.

[fanart] heeeey it's me again.

Title: World Cup! (and a pirate and asians)
me owo
Character(s) or Pairing(s):
Netherlands, OC!Brazil, England, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea
um, other than an OC brazil, i don't think there's anything bad...
just recently heard the world cup scores for today. then i drew a picture. then i felt bad for only drawing one picture so i scanned in one and drew some asians, the end

oh god i hope i'm not posting too much i'm all nervous fgsfds D:
Spain Italy

HETWILIGHT! The beginning.

Title: Hetwilight: The beginning
Author/Artist: Parrot4a
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Spain and Romano
Rating: G
Summary: Twilgiht + Hetalia....madness?


I give you...HETWILIGHT! :D A parody of twilight featuring hetalia characters ^_^ A new series that I'm starting :D (don't worry, 1000 reasons to hate Spain will still continue)

Haha, the first comic might seem somewhat serious, but I assure you, this is going to be a crack comic c: Watch me on my DA for more updates~


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FIC - Happily Ever After

Title: Happily Ever After
Author/Artist: mikazuki_kagami 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Spain and Romano, with a side of Prussia, France and Italy
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearing, genderbend, human names used
Summary: Lovina Vargas doesn't believe in nonsensical things like 'happily ever after'. Too bad for her, a Spaniard is determined on trying to get her change her mind. First though, he needs to tell her how he really feels first.

Click here to journal~

Click here for FF.Net

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