July 8th, 2010

Stolen doujinshis

Hello, I don't know how to tag this, so forgive me first of all. Also, my not very good English.

A friend of mine has found this blog and if you only enter, you'll see almost ALL the doujinshis here uploaded, without asking permission or giving credit.

I know it's pretty normal to see things like this in internet, but it pisses me off that this person has posted a link for donations. For his/her? You're brave, bastard.

I ask for help for report this person as soon as possible. I asked in google already, but we need to be insistents.

Thanks in advance.


[Fanfic] Weaving stars

Today… well, I guess it’s tomorrow already in Japan, but… anyway. It was Tanabata. So, I thought about writing a small drabble in regards to it. The origins of this festivity are from China, where it was called qī xī jié and it was the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar. This year it falls on the 16th of august, and the first part of this not–drabble–anymore is about it. The second, set on the WWII period, is about the actual Tanabata day. Celebration is usually on either July the 7th, or August the 7th , and also on the actual seventh day of the seventh month. Please enjoy this fic.

Author: me
Characters: China, ChibiJapan, ChibiKorea, Japan, Italy, Germany. Small hints of pairings, but you can blink and they’re gone. It’s mostly gen.
Rating: K+
Warnings: basically none?
Summary: Long long time ago, China taught him a tale. Now, it’s Japan’s turn to share the tale.

Weaving stars
Chicks! Don't remember where I got this.

[Scans] July Pash! Magazine!

Earlier, I have asked if some of the books that I purchased were ever scanned, apparently this has not yet been scanned.
Came back from shopping and bought the July issue of the Pash! Magazine that featured the Axis Powers! Decided to scan it for all of you since I felt like giving back to the community! Sorry for the cut bits, my scanner is not big enough for the mag.

View the Awesome Magazine

[Fanfic] They Were Once His

Title: They Were Once His
Author/Artist: [info]yunabench
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Austria/Hungary, with mentions of Russia, Poland, America, France, England, Germany, and Switzerland
Rating: PG-13. Just to be safe.
Summary: Austria had always considered their assistance of the Hungarian refugees during the 1956 Revolution as a positive event over-all...

More Notes: This is actually my second attempt at this story, based on an essay I've read. I considered the first one an epic failure. This second one made me a little happier, and a bit more willing to post it to the community. Can't say much about the grammar, though...

(Roderich's house was in chaos...)

[fanfic] A Midnight Prayer

Title: A Midnight Prayer
Rating: probably PG
Genre: historical (?)
Characters/Pairings: Grandpa Rome, France, England/UK, America
<1200, not including notes

Written for [info]hetalia_contest, but since voting was technically over on Tuesday (apparently), I don't think my posting it in this community after voting ends would offend anyone. If anyone is though, let me know and I'll remove this post promptly.

And onwards...

( let him be safe )
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[Chapterfic] Cerulean 5/? (AmericaxEngland)

Hello all!

Title: Cerulean [FF.NET] [ Writing Journal Previous Chapters ]
Author: haro
Pairings: Main: AmericaxEngland Minor: CanadaxUkraine, SwedenxFinland, DenmarkxNorway, PolandxLithuania, SpainxSouth Italy
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: Arthur is spending a normal summer at his father's beach house in Cape Cod, when he encounters the extraordinary in the form of an enthusiastic young merman named Alfred, who holds an intense curiosity for Arthur. Over one summer, they'll fall in love. Over one summer, their lives will change forever. [AU- USxUK]
Chapter Summary: He was dating a merman. Three days ago, the mere idea of Alfred even existing had been a preposterous one. Now he was, for the third day in a row, spending time alone with him. Whether it was sitting on a dock or on the back of a yacht, it was just the two of them with only the sea as their company. In retrospect, it was… rather intimate.

( I mean obviously a hero like me would pick a good gift, but still... )

Thank you. I hope you enjoy!

[Fanfic] I see London, I see France

Title: I See London, I See France
Author: saku0chi
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: France x UK, Canada, USA
Word Count: 2752
Warning: Gropping underneath the Eiffel Tower
Summary: Arthur goes to Paris on vacation and gets the 'royal tour' by Francis. The couple comes to terms with their differences beneath the Eiffel Tower. (FACE family, sort of)

(Follow the link to Paris!)

[APHetalia] Everybody Fusoso! [Multiauthor Collaboration for Boss Spain] Kanji and Roma-ji Lyrics

Title: 【APヘタリア】みんなでふっそっそ!【親分合作】 / [APHetalia] Everybody Fusoso! [Multiauthor Collaboration for Boss Spain]
Author/Artist:from niconico
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Spain

qazwsx_edcrfv shared on http://community.livejournal.com/hetalia/8009150.html,
I'll write down Kanji and Roma-ji Lyrics ^_^ 


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korea mike

[Con + Cosplay] Anime Expo 2010

I didn't get to take nearly as many pictures as I had wanted at Anime Expo this year, of Hetalia cosplayers or otherwise... T___T But that's life.

I cosplayed as New Zealand on Thursday and Sunday and as Austrian Succession England (with group including Old Fritz and Maria Theresa) on Friday and Saturday (I do hope I got the days right).

If you recognize yourself in any of these pictures, feel free to tag or request removal accordingly!

Warning, HUGE images. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Collapse )

Collapse )

I spend some time doing little photoshoots when I could, to sharpen my photography skills. Also included are some little outtakes from the massive Austrian Succession photoshoot I had on Saturday evening (previously posted here).
sorairokat  as Teutonic Knight Prussia and Austrian Succession Prussia
kichiru as Austrian Succession Spain
dragon_gypsy  as War of Austrian Succession Hungary
fegie  as Old Fritz
phantasiagirl  as Maria Theresa
onacrystal  as Children's Day Austria
_rakugosha_  as Pirate Hong Kong
Wahiba (dA) as Holy Roman Empire

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[Fanfic] Just One Of Those Days

Title: "It's Just One of those days" Gakuen!Hetalia
Author: saku0chi
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: LietPol, France, UK, Spain, S.Italy, Seyshelles.
Word Count: 1759
Warning: Romano's foul mouth, Francis' biology class
Summary: It's Toris' first day of school attending World Gakuen and he's off to a bad start. He soon befriends a dorm-mate and finds himself stuck in this bizarre scenario. (Light fluff, sort of. Gakuen!Hetalia)

Gift-fic for: lonelilsoul


[fanart] fifa : "come back as heroes"

Title: "come back as heroes" + other fifa stuff
Author/Artist: Frost_rain (LJ/ deathbybroccoli (DA)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany, Prussia, Spain
Rating: G (or...PG for shirtless spain.? I think.)
Warnings: comic was drawn by a dork. (lol)
Summary: 1) Germany faces Prussia after their defeat against Spain; 2) a show of sportsmanship, 3) and a very happy Spain running around without his shirt.

This is what I did to cheer myself up...;u; <3 <3

(xposted to hetalia_sports)

Hetalia World Series episode 16 preview

This episode is about Chibi-Romano and Spain again n.n

Original Text:


Google Traslator:

Chibi Romano decided to hometown for three days. I was told to not come about, then gently placed the Spanish concern. France and Spain to look up one drove a move on Chibi Romano, ・ ・ ・ Romano.

Chibi Romano cutee *-*

see you



[FST] Kartenhaus - Austria-Hungary

This is my first FST and to top if off, my first post here! Therefore I apologize if I have done something wrong.

Title: Kartenhaus
Author/Artist: pressxdarlings
Characters/Pairing: Austria and Hungary
Rating: Teen
Warnings: One or two expletives in the songs, and some "questionable" content in lyrics (S&M, Nudity, Classical Music...)
Info: 24 songs, all dealing with various states of Austria-Hungary and their relationship. Includes: goofy music, serious music, sad music, Classical music, German music.