July 21st, 2010


[FanFiction Meme] Hetagenesis 1:3

Neon Genesis Evangelion
→ Axis Powers Hetalia
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Dedicated to spaceinvaderdud and rikkaidai_fuji for their awesome inspiration, so do thank them for this crack; remind me to never read comments from this community or things like this will happen XD;;;
For those into the other fandoms, I'll probably get the Evangelion version done tomorrow and the Tsubasa one finished the day after or over the weekend depending on how my job interview goes; please feel free to adapt this meme to other fandoms though do beware of extreme lashouts from the religious population. No responsibility shall be assumed for any damage received through your voluntary adaptation of this meme

Title: Hetagenesis 1:3
Author: saplings
Characters: ALL☆NATIONS, or as many as I could fit into the narrative. No real pairings aside from what's already shown in canon, most notably Sweden and Finland
Rating: Ages15+ for the warnings
Warnings: Crack, rewriting of Bible passages and one F-bomb; may not be suitable for individuals of religious backgrounds, no responsibility shall be assumed for any offense perceived through voluntarily reading this material
Summary: Then the creator Himaruya said, "It is not good that Sweden should be alone; I will make him a WAIFU fit for him/And the man and his WAIFU were both males, and were not ashamed

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Chorus of Hetalians starting. [+maintenance positions]

Lately I've been looking at stuff like NicoNico Chorus and Youtube Chorus and and Hetalia Medley (It's a really small chorus I found, they're still from NicoNico, I'll put it in the link at the end :'D ) BUT. I don't think there's been a Chorus of Hetalians gathered that are English speaking, yet o: ... If there is, I certainly don't know about it, and I've searched for a while XD;;
SO. ALL YOU FAN DUBBERS OUT THERE >8'D I really really want to get one started...
We'd need to get people reserved for positions, like... If you wanted animations done (example, highlighting one's picture of themselves when they're singing, you know...) We also need judges and people who can fix up the audio in some parts. So even if you "can't sing" you could still also apply for that : D

ALSO. HERE'S THE FUN... Part... xDD You don't have to be really serious all the way through if you don't want to! Put some fun stuff in there if you want to, act silly |D That's what us Hetalians are good at amirite? But y'know... Not too much or else it'll be really hectic. And that won't sound pretty :c

[ please read more here if you are interested in helping with anything at all! ;; A ;; ]
Cannot brain.

[Cosplay] Photodumping

I realized that it's been quite a while since I posted to this community, so here is about six months worth of cosplay.

All here in my journal

Included are:

-An angsty WWII FrUK photoshoot (with Prussia)
-Police USUK
-Steampunk USUK
-Pirates (England, Spain, France and America)
-CD Cover England + casual New Zealand
-Hogwarts England, France and New Zealand
-Africa Uniform!England, Australia and New Zealand
-Gakuen Hetalia (England, Canada, Spain, Russia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, Italy, Finland, Ukraine, and Belarus)

[RP] Courttalia

Hey, everyone, this is Officer Kirkland. As we all know, the world as bright as it seems has also a dark side. Let me take you down to the shadows of this bright world: Courttalia
Where Crimes are comitted and Laws are broken. People desperately try to justify.
Will you be our hero, the judge or lawyer, that puts the criminals behind the bars? You can also be a police chief or are you brave enough to guard the prisoners. Or how about the other way around and be a criminal with the risk to be imprisoned.

We have just started this RP board, so a lot of characters are still available. We don’t accept original characters, but everyone else with a canon appearance is welcome. The taken and reserved character list can be found here:
Character list
Before you apply, please read all of the Rules and policies

We hope to see you there.

US canon

[Cosplay] Britania Angel.

Last Wednesday, I and :icondark1110: went to Vung Tau Beach to do the shooting for Britannia Angel and UK/Seychellse in the series "You're my untold Fairytales" :"D

And now I give you the result X"D :"> To tell the truth, I love her angel photos so much :"> She's so pretty X"D

The UK/Seychellse will be available soon.


As usual, please give me your comments :"> And blames are also welcomed X"D


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The Mighty Whitecats [4/5]

Title: The Mighty Whitecats
Author/Artist: [info]scarletsharpies
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Canada, America, a million other people. 
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Language. AU. 
Summary: Matthew decides to try out for the hockey team because, really, what does he have to lose?

( The impact against the poor guy’s chest is probably enough to leave a bruise. Or break his clavicle )

[fanart] France and UK

Title:André to my Oscar
Author/Artist: Mortkero
Character(s) or Pairing(s): France and England
Rating: U
Warnings: None
Summary: Cosplaying! I've posted in what the fruk ljcomm as well

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I'm rewatching Rose of Versailles, though I only have the first 16 episodes, and Oscar is as cool as ever. Francis thinks he'd make an awesome Oscar. Arthur scoffs and says he's more like Antoinette.
PC work

[fanarts] Bunch of sketchy arts

Title: Lots of Sketches (How creative title, eh?)
Author/Artist: Me (perelka_l )
Character(s) or Pairing(s):
FrancexCanada, Belarus, Belgium, America, Poland, Russia,
Rating: PG
I was experimenting with my style of sketching and colouring. I hope you'll like it. Some random sketches.

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[Cosplay] Vintage England -60s Inspired-

It all just happened as I had a day off from word, listening to great music and wanting to cosplay. Running through my closet I found the 60s jacket that I bought at a vintage store a couple of years back and everything clicked together..!

Welcome to the 60s!! oh oh oh ohohhhh~ ...more like Beatlesmania! ...yes that was some music I was listening to.

All pictures are taken by me!

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french trinkets | la vie en rose

Milk on the Windowsill [1/1]

Title: Milk on the Windowsill [1/1]
Author: Melly
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: France/England
Warnings: Language
Summary: Francis knows that no matter how long or how well you know someone, some secrets take a long time to reveal themselves. Prompt: France finding England with the fairies for the first time.
A/N: For aph_fluffathon. A big thanks to whoever requested this! I’ve been wanting to do something with faeries forever, and this seemed like the perfect thing for it. I had a lot of fun with it, and I hope you all do too! Enjoy!

Oh, your little invisible companions?

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[Selling] 1 hetalia fanart artbook and 1 hetalia doujinshi + many other parody doujinshi


Domestic US Shipping: $5 for 6-10 books
International Shipping: $15 for 6-10 books

HETALIA  x2 (IRIS, Moria)

HITMAN REBORN x50 (Apple of Eden, Pepu, Ciel 33.3, ect.)
DRRR!!! x4 (SNOWN, Sigmaster, B-jin)
CODE GEASS x18 (+Plus, Ashes to Ashes, EA, MIME, Perfect Love)
SENGOKU BASARA x6 (MOZUYA, Ciao, Baby, ect.)
TOGAINU NO CHI x2 (Harigane Colse)
Starry☆Sky x2 (DMG)
ORIGINAL x2 (Ogasawara Uki and KLINE)

APH - SuFin love ♥

[fic] Breeze Away (Sweden/Finland)

Title: Breeze Away
Author: Me, faye_naruse~
Character(s)/Pairing(s): SuFin
Rating: PG
Word Count: 600
Alt. Link: FF.Net
A/N: In celebration of episode 17 of World Series!
Summary: The wind steals Finland's beret and Sweden is resolved to get it back for him.

(He reached for it but missed, fingertips grazing the brim.)

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Germany - cap

[Fanfic]\[Story] 'Nobody said it was easy (having a sibling)'

Title: Nobody said it was easy (having a sibling)

Author/Artist: me/mykonos2

Character(s): Prussia (Gilbert), Germany (Ludwig), Germania (Gerhart), France (Francis), Spain (Antonio), Rome (Remus), mentioned England (Arthur), North Italy (Feliciano), South Italy (Romano)

Pairings:  Rome/Germania (Remus/Gerhart), Spain/Romano (you know already), FrUK (if you squint really hard)

Rating: 13+

Warnings: AU, foul language, homosexuality, child!Germany

What to expect in the new chapter: Gilbert as a caring older sibling, Lots of Bad Touch Trio, adorable little Ludwig, gossip… lots of it (Bad Touch Trio, come on…), humor, long chapter (oh joy…)


Chapter 1

Preview:   Gilbert adored his little brother. He loved the younger blonde from the bottom of his heart, but, while his good side wanted to pinch Ludwig’s cheeks and tell him that he was asking silly questions, his other, more selfish side, wanted to shout ‘Get the hell out of here!’

Chapter 2

 Preview: -“Ah, yeah. Well, I heard he got terribly drunk last week… he was crying too, or so I’ve heard. Is it true?” Francis glanced at Gilbert, expecting the other blonde to give him some kind of information.

 -“No idea. But with such eyebrows, I’d be crying too.”

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Tiny England HUGE CUP

[Fanfiction] Little Shoes

Title: Little Shoes
Characters: England, America (1600s/Modern day)
Rating: U
Warnings: None.
Word count: 1169
Summary: The story of a child's shoe found in Jamestown.

Author's Notes: This is based on a real event. (If you're in the UK, the full thing can be found on 40D and it's really interesting). The shoe in question exists (although I forgot it didn't have laces, shhhh~).

(Fake cut to Little Shoes at my journal)

[fanfic] Hate = Sexual Tension

Title: Hate = Sexual Tension
Author: me
Rating: T/PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Germany/Romano, France, England, Spain, implied America/Russia, Italy, Prussia
Warnings: Language
Summary: Germany and Romano have been together for almost half a century, and people only just find out. De-anon from the kink meme.

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[RP] Pokétalia

After a gigantic meteorite collideded with the Earth, lots of explosions and drama took place, leaving the Earth with a brand new face, one that’s now covered in little creatures known as Pokémon. But what became of the nations that used to inhabit this earth? It’s still not known how or why but no one was harmed by the meteorite; some say the meteorite was magical. After each nation getting a Pokémon of its own, what exciting adventures, dangerous battles and shocking events will take place?

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If you have any questions, feel free to visit the chat box on the forum, we’re all friendly and willing to help out, so don’t be shy!

Fanfic full of Crack: The Avestruz (Ostrich) Prince

Because I can't write English Fanfics, I tried with this Drabble-Matic thing and I made one. If this isn't allowed to post, please feel free to delete it.

Title: The Avestruz (Ostrich) Prince
Author: Drabble-Matic web and me
Pairing/Characters: SpainxFem!Romano; AntonioxLovina
Warnings: Crack, Lovina's OoCness, boobs, epicness and Spanish words for more crack.
Rated PG, I think

Link to my LJ