August 3rd, 2010

Hetalia Rubber Strap Group Orders Update and Selling Some Items


To those that did group orders with me for the Hetalia rubber straps, I have sent in the payment to AmiAmi, and the straps are expected to arrive in a week or so. Please pm me your mailing address as well as your paypal address so that I can send you an invoice for the remainder payment once the items arrive at my place.

To those that are interested, I still have the following available for order:

Germany: 5
Japan: 6

Price will be $6 exluding shipping (which should be around $1.50 more)

In addition, since I'll be graduating soon, I'm going to close my shop in a couple of weeks, and I hope to be able to sell off all of my remaining merchandises until then.  Please visit my SELLING JOURNAL  for anything that you might be interested in. Freebies will be given for orders of $10 or more. New stuff are updated everyday so please keep checking back.
  Thank you very much for your time. :)

Example of new items currently available:


[Fanfiction] Strange Powers (5/6)

Title: Strange Powers – Part Five
Genre: Romance, Comedy(?)
Characters: America, England, mentions of several others
Pairing: America/England
Rating: PG-13, for swears and sexual references
Summary: America thought it would be funny to turn the device on himself. What’s the worst that could happen? Y’know, aside from accidentally falling in love with your friend.
This is my continuation of “America’s strange invention” from the end of Comic Diary 8.
Warnings: Pockets of headcanon, slight crackiness, buckets of UST, sensual heresy, America is a dumb, this chapter is even longer ohgodwhy
This chapter: The situation gets more complicated. Several not-dates and a tarot reading. It's a game-changer.
Part one, Part two, Part three, Part four
A/N: I neglected to post this in the main comm until now. Better late than never and all that cal.

Must be something inside

[cosplay and fanart] Have some presents♥

Title: n/a
Author/Artist: me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Spain, Greece, Iceland, and Italy
Rating: G
Summary: Since everyone else was doing it, I am going to show you guys my cards for that Hetalia card contest. Because I would feel bad just doing that, you can also have some random cosplay and HetaOni fanart. For cosplay there is Iceland, hapsburg Spain, stranded island Italy, and...yep~

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please take me too

[Fic] Status: It's Complicated

Title: Status: It's Complicated
Author/Artist: shiyasim
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America/England (main), Austria/Hungary, Germany/Italy, Canada/Ukraine, Sweden/Finland, France/Spain, about 90% of all characters
Rating: R
Warnings: ~40,000 words long, AU
Summary: Med school student, Arthur Kirkland, meets Alfred F. Jones. Again.

( Arthur hated the United States of America. )
Mami | burnaroundme

[Fan Cards] And Delurking

Now if only I can get these things sent out on time. >.>; I have a few more too that I didn't scan until later last night.

Title:  lots and lots of fan cards (okay, only eight)
Author/Artist: usagiasakura
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia, Italy, Japan, Germany, America, Thailand - that's right, Thailand.
Rating: So very G. c:
Warnings: image heavy and some recycled art.
Summary: fan cards for FUNi's fan card campaign

And since cuts are hating me today, I need to direct all of you lovely people to my journal.
(Since I'm a n00b I can't make a fake cut, sorry)
Oh, and a preview would be nice too, I suppose:

(this isn't my first time posting here I swear.... just the third. Oh, and if I tagged something wrong mods, I'm really sorry.)
einsamkeit prussia

[Fanfic] Rubies Leak

Author/Artist: Peridot Tears
Genre: Drama/ Romance
Rating: T
Pairings/Characters: China (Wang Yao), Sun Shangxiang, Zhao Yun, Liu Shan, Zhang Fei
Warnings: Tiny bit of blood, and vague suicide.
Disclaimer: Someday, you must tell me how you did it.
Summary: You are the strongest woman I have ever known, the only who has ever drawn my blood. YaoSun Shangxiang. -Historical-

("Ke qi la.")

  • kecen

Field Below - A China/Japan Fanmix

Title: Field Below
Author/Artist: Kecen
Character(s) or Pairing(s):
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Some swearing and suggestive lyrics
Summary: A two-part fanmix for the Far East Brothers. Art by me.

(art by Mitsubachimaaya)

[Again, the sun was never called, and darkness spreads over the snow like ancient bruises]

Please comment if you download, and tell me what you think!

[Cosplay Vid] Denmark Has a Problem with Boobies [Complete]

Title: Denmark Has a Problem with Boobies
Author: livefree_eatu/MangaAnimaLuver/OrganizationC
Characters/Pairings: fem!Denmark, England, China, Romano, notseen!Norway
Rating: T
Warning: Side boobs, randomness, first cosplay video...
Summary: One day, Denmark woke up to find that he had become a she. He made calls and did visits, but ended up...well, we'll let you see for yourself.

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[Cosplay] RoChu From Otakon

I originally had no intention of doing RoChu at this con, but then rammyz pulled me aside Friday evening and demanded we do some RoChu together since I got her so into it.

Post is filled with cute/ fluffy things, sexy things, and cracky omake things. You has been warned.

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sppandaaa - China
rammyz - Russia
ginnyseta - Photographer

Cross-posted from rochu_squad

[Fanart] England on my British Literature book

Title: England on my British Literature textbook
Author/Artist: koyuki_azumaya
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England(+ Flying Mint Bunny and Amerimochi)
Rating: G
Warnings: Tsuntsun~! ♥ /shot
Summary: Like I said on the post with America, I decided to put England on my Literature book. To my amusement, after I finished with it, I realized it was a BRITISH literature book XD Too funny!

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[fanfic] simply in the

Title: simply in the
Author: sonofon
Character(s): Prussia, implied mention of Germany
Rating: PG
Warning: if it needs warning, religion (where Gilbert becomes agnostic.)
Summary: running away, in the end, really doesn't change anything.
Notes: a kind-of-sequel to the (un)official biography of a delinquent youth, though they can be read independently.

( He ended up moving to Berlin, of all places (yeah, seriously? What was he thinking?). )

[Fic] Emerald

Title: Emerald
Author: Me and only me.
Characters/ Pairings: one sided America ----> England, eventual America/England, Japan/Taiwan
Rating: PG
Warnings: None really...
Summary: Fairy! England AU. Sequel to Sweet Pea. While waiting for Arthur to open his eyes, Alfred falls asleep and dreams about the past (a.k.a. Alfred's POV of Fairy Dust ).

( He wanted to see them again... )

[microfic] The Stolen Child

Hi everyone. Introducing myself with a fic here. Thought I'd take a break from the kink meme to write something different and Arthur centric with a different twist/take because this wouldn't leave me alone. Just threw this together so hopefully it isn't too terrible.

Title: The Stolen Child
Author: Cyrelia J
Character(s)/ Pairing: England
Warnings: Character Death (but not really)
Summary: A different take on Arthur/England's origin. Inspired by the poem of the same name.

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