August 5th, 2010

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[Fan...things] DUMP

Title: Double Unicorn Rainbow Attack and Lumpy Space Poles + some OSM cosplay pix
Author/Artist: me choco_bani aka Originalatorian on dA
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Hanatamago's head, Denmark's head, HRE's face, Chibitalia's head, England, Poland, Sealand, Japan, Igiko, Russia, Hong Kong, China
Rating: RATED R FOR RAINBOWS. LOL No. General Audiences.

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And that's all I have to share for the day. ;W; Hopefully I haven't damaged anyone's goods brains with my derp.

happy spain

Animate's Hetalia Event

Hey there! This my first time posting on the comm, so let me just say briefly that I'm an American living in Japan. :) Nagoya's the largest city in my area, so while I was there today, I stopped by the big Animate store, and was in for quite a pleasant surprise! It turns out they're having a Hetalia event going on from the 3rd to the 10th. It's nothing big, really- just a room full of goodies and fun displays. There was also a big TV playing the Seiyuu event and lots of screenshots adorning the walls. There was also a huge poster signed by all the voice actors next to their respective chibi.

 If you buy 1,000 yen worth of goods in this section of the store, you get a free UK & USA coaster, which is what drew me to the 3rd floor where it was being held. The goods they were selling were the same as you'd find in any other Animate store in Japan, but this freebee was the bait used to lure you in. And it worked pretty well on me.


Photos weren't allowed where the goods were being sold, but they did have a pretty sweet set-up on the other side of the room.

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[FANFICTION] Lucid Memories 1/20

Arising from a kink meme.  This is a de-anon.  This is my first time posting something in the hetalia community.  Did I post this correctly?  Feel free to correct if I posted this incorrectly.  How do you make a set of words lead you to the link?     

Title: Lucid Memories
Author/Artist: Rain_Sonata
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America/England/America, US/UK/US, JOKER, whatever you call it 
Rating: PG-13, might raise up later
Warnings: occassional swearing, confusion of what's happening, longer chapters later on, hints of the existence of state-tans, a bit of angst, hurt and comfort
Summary: Rev!America is brought back to the present, replacing the current America.  By chance, England was there when all of this happened.  Why is he here?  What about his broken heart from the Revoluionary War? 

The guilt still clings to him... Click here to read the first chapter.


Artist: KENZICHI (me)
Rating: G
Character: sealand-kun!!!
Warnings: sealand sparkles with his desu-desu powers of kawaiiness~


i drew sealand because i am in LOVE w/ the dub clip that was posted about a day ago~ *3*

here's a link to it on my DA:
and here's to my blog plus an extra sealand scrap pic:

Germany » 101% German beef all the way!

[fanfiction] Colors

Title: Colors

Author/Artist: didgeridoodle
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Australia, Germany, and Prussia; implied Germany/Australia.
Rating: PG
Warnings: None.
Summary: After his landslide victory in the FIFA Group Elimination matches, Germany seeks a conversation with Australia. In turn, they find out a little bit more about each other and their own selves.

Notes: An overdue World Cup fic that is set right after the Germany/Australia group match. Originally written for crackship_aph .

FINAL CALL for Comiket 78 orders!

This is the final call to orders of doujins sold in Comiket 78, which is coming on August 13-15 in Tokyo!
Order and payment must be completed within this week!

And I am taking orders of Japan doujin shops including K-BOOKS/Toranoana/Youclub and Livret as well.
K-BOOKS/Toranoana/Youclub order details
Livret order details


[roleplay] Hidden Monsters - A Hetalia Horror RP

Click here!
World Conference meetings hold different meanings for emotions for different people, but this time is different. After receiving a letter in the mail from a sender with a very vague name, no suspicions arise. Every nation has received the letter with a map attached. It must be real.


That is what they all thought. All of them were wrong. The town listed on the paper wasn't any busy, bustling city full of life. It was the complete opposite, more like some shady building that no one in their right mind would step foot into. Arriving at the building is when everyone's memories starts getting hazy.

Upon waking up, they found themselves alone in a new location much different from anywhere they lived. Nations were scattered around in town in places from houses to stores. This was a ghost town with no signs of life. Oddly, there is still food and other necessities. It seemed that everyone just picked up and left.

To make matters worse, strange things have been reported by nations around the town that are unexplained. People vanish mysteriously without a trace, and there is no one to contact for help. Nations are left to fend for themselves and find other nations. After all, everyone is supposed to be in the town somewhere. The problem is can they be found in one piece when faced with this seemingly supernatural being and when put against one another for survival in the middle of no where?

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We would love a France, Liechtenstein, IcelandGreece, and Turkey, as well as most of the Asian nations. Other canons than the ones listed are still available!

[FST] Sounds of War: Every Nation, Every Fight

Title: Sounds of War: Every Nation, Every Fight
Artist: jamminbison
Character(s): All Nations
Rating: PG - War, grief, but no cursing (How'd I manage that?)
Warnings: Sensitive subject.
Summary: This started out as a collection of songs that go back and forth on the FSTs around here, but grew into it's own beast as I began working on it. Enjoy!

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cute ukraine

[ fic ] A Work In Progress - 4/?

Title: A Work In Progress
Author/Artist: c'est moi ~
Character(s)or Pairing(s): Giripan mainly, but other characters and pairings will surface as the story goes along.
Rating: T for mpreg, mentions of sex, etc.
Warnings: Liberal use of both human and nation names, etc etc.
Summary: In a world where it's rare for nations to keep their children, and rarer still for said children to survive the womb, two of the most stubborn of them find themselves entangled in a web of newfound friendships, emotions and frontiers - all summoned forth by one sinister, little pink plus sign.

hon hon hon ~ a hon hon hon!

Fanart:Nordic Run ,Chibi!Ukraine and Worried: A Hetalia Flash

Title: Nordics, Chibi!Ukraine and Worried : A Hetalia Flash
Rating: Everybody
Character(s): Nordics, Ukraine, Russia, Prussia and child!Germany
Warnings:Bad drawings and coloured? Also Ukraine´s boobs? and some blood(kindasorta)
Summary:A pic of a chibi Ukraine ,a pic with some (running) Nordics and a Flash with Russia, Prussia 

First time posting with the LJ community so not to good at posting stuff. Also posted the drawings in my DeviantArt (


[FANFICTION] How Could I Live Without You?

 Delurking from kinkmeme.

Title: How Could I Live Without You? part 1 and 2
Authoress: [info]aria_dc_al_fine 
Characters: America, England, Australia, Netherlands, OC!Indonesia
Genre: Drama/Romance
Rating: PG for these parts
Synopsis: AU. America wished that England had never existed, and woke up in a Mad, Mad World.

One never realises how much another means to him until he loses him

you&#39;re all wrong
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for economic dips and tomorrow's silverscreen; it is too easy to be me [ficdumpdeanon]

titled like a burst of flavor in your mouth
pair giripan
rated pg-15
warnings we play happy family until you tell us to stop. mostly AU with severely canonical methods of implicating my ** in your **. this is LOLmance. >__>
summary just wait until the clouds fall out of the sky.

( what about when it rains? )

titled singing from a mile across the skies
pairing China/America
rated pg-15
warnings politics and inebriation, awkwardly-established sex. and, just puttin' it out there; a lack of caps.
summary Believe in nothing.

( you and your freedom of speech. )

x-posted around and around like a birdplane in flight.

[Fanfiction] Noctophobic (1/?)

Title: Noctophobic (1/?)
Author: Ryuuto
Series: Hetalia
Genre: Horror/Action/Adventure/Romance/Suspense/Supernatural
Character(s)/Pairing(s): UKUS, PrussiaCanada, Germany, France, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, Italy (both), Germania, Rome, Denmark, Japan, Latvia, Greece, and Estonia
Rating: High T, but it might go up because of language.
Warnings: Boy love, language, violence, human names, AU, first person
Disclaimer: I don’t own Hetalia or Alan Wake. The only profit I make is personal happiness.
Summary: Arthur Kirkland, renowned horror novelist, has been having writer’s block for the past two years, and it is putting a serious strain on his marriage. In an effort to help, Alfred Kirkland takes him to a vacation spot in the South Pacific, namely Bright Falls. When Alfred is kidnapped by the very darkness he fears, it’s up to Arthur to brave the dangers of the night to rescue him. His only clue to finding him is the manuscript of a story he doesn’t remember writing.
A/N: I felt that the idea was too perfect to pass up, so here I am, writing this. I’ve never written horror before, so I hope I do all right!
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[Fanfic] Tatemae 1/5

Title: Tatemae |
Author: Me
Character (s)/ Pairing (s): America and Japan
Rating: K/ PG
Warnings: Human names.
Summary: Thought I'd sprinkle in this little fanfic. It connects to my other story The Darkness Within Me. I planned on originally having it be a rather long one-shot, but changed my mind. It'll be in five parts.


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[Fanart] Taiwan and RomaBel /( o3o)\

Title: Taiwan and Romabel XD?
Author/Artist: Attashi (me)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Taiwan (I guess with mochi japan it will be a little bit kikuwan), Mochijapan, pandas, RomaBel
Rating: G
Warnings: You see a panda's butt XD?
Summary: Just art I did recently

A couple of artworks I did XD One is with copics, the other is with ink and was done at 3 in the morning XD.
Comments are loved and always read/replied :DD

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[FAnart] England, I Hope You Dance Too

Title: England, I Hope You Dance Too
Author/Artist: Wingting980 /ChaniharaRoora
Character(s) or Pairing(s): United Kingdom and Baby [fem] AmeriKO
Rating:E for everyone!
Warnings:'s rated E i dunno what warning should be in this..but mass fluff... ]8
I was listening to "I Hope You Dance" by Lee Ann Womack on the radio when I was in the car with my dad. And I got addicted to it. I think it IS a very meaningful song~ And as I listen to it I am able to picture America singing this to Iggy after 1776... But since it's a girl singing it..I pictured AmeriKO singing this...

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[fic; genderbend au] Lessons Learned

Title: Lessons Learned
Characters: fem!Prussia, fem!Italy/fem!Germany, fem!Spain, fem!France
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2,435
Summary: In which Italy is scantily clad, Prussia is inappropriate, Germany is awkward, and yet another 3-way phone call occurs. Genderbend AU.
Notes: People asked for fem!Prussia, so I delivered. Now with more fem!Germany/fem!Italy goodness. Takes place in the same AU world as Impossibilities and can be seen as a sequel, but also stands alone.

( Prussia had never been the easiest person to deal with. )
Persona 4 Dojima &amp; Adachi

[Possible Meetup] Kentucky Area!

Hey Hetalia fans, it seems like there's a lot of meet ups all around Kentucky but never in Kentucky (although I think I remember an attempted meet up that kept being shuffled around, oh my) and I was wondering if anyone in the Kentucky area would be interested in doing a meet up? 

Details and information are still left in the air, so I'd be interested in hearing any of your ideas! Including about locations, I'm very open to anything.

A reminder, the World Equestrian Games are around the corner and it could be an interesting way to meet up amongst all the visitors who are coming here for the games (although tickets are running for about $25 for a ground pass for a day). 

So again, anyone interested in the Kentucky area, just let me know! Thanks!