August 7th, 2010

The other side of time[edit]

The history of Earth has always been filled with war and conflict. Many have had to die for the cause of dominance over other nations. Corruption has always been a big player in the governments and leaderships of every country. However, there has always been somebody willing to help put an end to the conflict.

Many years ago, a group of people decided that they wanted to help bring about world peace. So they decided to start a school dedicated to teaching others about the need to be unified. Though the students still have much to learn about sticking together, they work hard and do their best to get along with one another.

The United Nations Academy for boys and girls has always been dedicated to teaching its students how to be model citizens. Many students attend the school to become great leaders.

Every generation, a single hand picked student is chosen to attend the academy and represent the country they are from. These students make up a group that helps to run the many school related activities and other such things. Among those chosen, a student council is picked. At the school they learn various skills that help them make decisions that will someday help their countries grow and do better.

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Germany - cap

[Fanfic] The Abduction of Italy - Germany/Italy

The Abduction of Italy

Pairing(s): Germany/Italy

Rating: 13+

Warnings: yaoi, not Beta'd, violence perhaps, using human names

Germany, Prussia, Italy, America, England, France (in this chapter)

Summary: No one noticed anything until they received a piece of paper with a code on it. Upon realization what had happened, Germany tries to find a way to save his comrade... who happens to be his lover as well...

Chapter 1 , Chapter 2

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Mein Schticky Friend

So, for whatever reason, this was ridiculously popular on DA for a silly little poster, and I thought I might share it here. Why did I make it? I really don't know... I still don't know what made me think of it. But... yeah. *has never posted fanart before* I apologize if it looks weird. Wasn't sure about tags, either.

*couldn't get the image preview to work* T___T

Title: Herr Schtick - Poster
Author: AwesomePrussian/IronyxOfxFate (Me on LJ, me on DA. Yay?)
Characters/Pairings: Germany and Herr Schtick (He's totally a character)
Rating: Uh... K+?
Warnings:  I used the word "ass",,,?

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[Fanfictions] One Safe Place & Operation Doppelganger

Title: One Safe Place 11/?
Author: eveliens/eeevee
Genre : mystery/suspense
AmericaCanadaLithuania, implied pairings
Rating: T
Warnings: violence, kidnapping, set in the future
Summary: Nations keep disappearing, a pandemic looms on the horizon, globalization is taking over, and 
 decides that he is sick of playing the hero. Instead he seems to be reverting back to an isolationist state, forging some unusual alliances.

It was almost as entertaining as watching Poland being schooled

Title: Operation Doppelganger 3/?
Author: eveliens/eeevee
Genre : humor/ romance (?)
Characters: America, Canada, Russia; one-sided RussiaxAmerica, CanadaxRussia
Rating: T for language and implied sexual situations
Warnings: snarky!Canada, human names, college AU
Summary: Matthew had thought this over a million times, now he just had to voice his idea. He cleared his throat and whispered, “Hey, you want my twin brother, I like you; I think we can work something out here.”
A/N: Can anyone else see Matthew as that obnoxious sports fan? You know, the one that's slightly out of control and a total jerk about the other team?

Congratulations, you’ve succeeded in sounding like Alfred, with five times more obviousness
Mutually Assured

[Vid] Over and Over - CanadaxEnglandxAmerica

Title: Over and Over (I Fall for You)
Author/Artist: minavanhelsing (Video), Various wonderful, talented fanartists (Art)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Canada-->England(-->America)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Emotional abuse, bad editing, unhealthy relationships, projection, manipulation. If you think I'm implying something about their relationship, I am.
Summary: A study of that most dysfunctional of pairings, EnglandxCanada. Featuring Stockholm-Syndrome!Canada and Still-Obsessed-in-Love-With-America!England. And an America who manages to be the elephant in the room without actually being there.

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[fic] Really Short Drabble

Title: Trans Siberian Highway THIS
Author: applejuicerain
Character(s)/Pairing(s): RussLith, RussChina, RussAmer, RussFra -- Russia
Rating: T
Warnings:  Vanya talks about his wang.
Summary: In my free time I like to think of kink meme prompts I'd like to ask for but never will because I never fill any. This one got a little out of hand. It was too funny, I thought, to just leave in my brain, though now that it's typed out it seems too short to post. Doing it anyway.

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finland, tino

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A month ago me, my friends Betsi and [info]pasgubbe went to Sveaborg fortress outside of Helsinki to take some pictures with our uniforms from the time of the Finnish War.
I, Finland, am wearing the uniform used by Nylands Regemente (present at Sveaborg) from 1797. Newer uniform regulation had been issued by the king before 1808-09, but they had not spread to the eastern half of the Swedish Kingdom yet, so the 1797 ones were used throughout the war. :userBetsiel:, Russia, is wearing a Russian uniform from the same era. Both uniforms are handmade by ourselves.
Sveaborg fortress was the Swedish stronghold in the south of Finland, usually called "Finland's lock", though it never got to prove what it could do, as it surrendered under still considered very mysterious conditions quite early in the war.

So, on to the pictures! : )

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Thank you for looking at our pictures! For more of our works, please see my dA:
Canada derp

[Fanart] Delurk and art dump

Long time lurker, first time contributing anything other than the odd comment.  Am currently teaching myself to use Photoshop, so these are still amateur-ish.

Author/Artist: Me (WAngelChan on DA; wangelchan on Pixiv)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Canada, USxUK, N. Italy, S. Italy, RussiaxUS, Rejected!England
Rating: T for suggestive Canada and England
Warnings: n00b artwork, Inappropriate interpretation of the word "nutburgers"

I appologize in advance for the USUK one... Ever since that dub premier, I couldn't get that image out of my head.

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Epic shit internet
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[Reminder] Getting ready for APH Day 2010

If you enjoyed last year's Hetalia day, good news: we are holding it again this year!

To the uninitiated, this is a day (October 24) when Hetalia fans worldwide gather (at their respective cities).

Visit for more details.

Every Monday, I will post a roundup of APH Day meetups here. But more frequent updates will be available in hetaliaday. So to the organizers: joining hetaliaday is recommended.
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It's the year of 2010, and Tout La Monde University is open for its 20th year of schooling in the fine United States of America. Known for it's excellent staff and great academics, TLM University offers students from all over the world some of the best education that can be bought. Bought you say? Of course. As a world-renown school, it costs an arm and a leg to get in, and only those of high stature or the wealthy are allowed in. However just because they're rich, doesn't mean they're civil; Tout La Monde college is also known for something else totally unrelated to the academics.

The students.

An array of colorful characters hailing from all nations, it's foolish to think the students at TLM University are nothing but civil, dignified young individuals. While during the day the university's campus is filled with quietly milling students, during the night, it's not hard to spot a group of college kids living it up at the bar, partying on the beach, or even getting into fights off-campus. Of course there college has it's share of honestly hard-working students, but to be frank, it consists mostly of young adults who have no problem exploring their new-found freedom and living up life. Rebels, trouble-makers, tough guys and girls alike.. Just because you head off to college doesn't mean you automatically grow up.

So.. You're fortunate to attend Tout La Monde University located in the heart of New York. What are you gonna do: study hard and avoid the temptations life throws at you, or fall under the pressure of campus life and party it up, risking your education and the thousands spent coming here?

literacy RP. just opened. tons of canons. originals welcome. staffies needed.

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→ 14 inserts (ie. headers)
→ 4 color variant codes
[74] APH
→ 46 USUK
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→ 4 Tales of Hetalia
→ 4 GerFr
→ 8 PrHun

I wanted to make small profile layouts that were simple but cute, as inspired by a few other graphics comms, so I tried it out. AND...I hope they turned out all right. owo;

Also, to everyone on DA who allowed me to use their gorgeous fanart to create icons out of, here they are-- And though they're pretty average, thank you very much!

[Fanfic] Belaya Rus’: A Summer Day In 1410

Title: Belaya Rus’: A Summer Day In 1410
Author: nike2422
Rating: PG
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Young!Belarus, Teen!Lithuania, Teen!Poland, Young!Prussia
Warnings: Bullying, lots of bullying, and being mean … that’s about it.
Summary: After the victory of Grunwald, Poland and Lithuania bring a special surprise home for Belarus.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Older Stuff

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Kida - Lovable Dork

Official Hetalia merchandise to be released from FUNimation!

I had been wondering the past few days if FUNi would be releasing any Hetalia merchandise stateside like keychains or something, so I finally decided to ask Char on twitter and here's what she said :3

Me: @tristencitrine My curiosity is high. Are there going to be hetalia products released state side? Like keychains or something? o.o

Char: @zackpuppy I do know merch is being worked on, but I don't have concrete details at this point. <3

So while we don't know what they're releasing, at least we know they are releasing some sort of merchandise!

Mods, I apologize if I tagged this incorrectly. I took my best guess ;;
the awesome power of friendship

[3 Arts] 3 coloured arts

Hi posting some coloured arts!

Title: Western Saloon
Author/Artist: technoranma (me!)
Pairing: Ameriko x Igiko
Rating: PG
Warnings: Nyotalia, Igiko with pigtails
Link: On DeviantART
Summary: A fill done for miaoujones for the usxuk Love Meme. England as a Saloon girl and America as a cowgirl.

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Title: Never Before
Pairing: England/America
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Link: On DeviantART
Summary: A fanfic art done for the talented mithrigil and puella_nerdii's story Never Before.

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Title: --
Pairing: Germany x Italy
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Link: On DeviantART
Summary: Germany! Let's Hug!

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Thanks for looking!!
blue fairy

[hetalia.] The Most Perlious Show on Earth

After five years of what seemed to be pointless and hasty traveling, 1899 eventually dawned on the world and the cleverness of Arthur Kirkland was exposed. At the right moment, he became part of the Golden Age of spectacles of seemingly bright colour and a great mess. With a tip of his top hat and a sway of his hand in front of growing crowds, Mr. Kirkland exposed the talent. Having followed him from different parts of the world, people perform at their own expense after accepting the extended hand.

Hardly a family man, Mr. Kirkland keeps little control over what goes on between his workers. A few people sprouted into their own little groups, not being completely trusting of the man. Despite needing something to do with their lives, some watch others with suspicion and yet insist on not leaving with suspicions being confirmed. Having to sleep right beside each other every passing night, actually not sleeping, there is minimum trust. People go as far as wishing their employer dead and secretly plan on it.

So what awaits you in this far from safe experience? The death of Arthur Kirkland? The impending failure of the circus' performance? Well -- not quite, not yet. As of now, these possibilities are too far off into the future for anyone to guess. But there is the family environment as you are welcomed to join the family and interact in so many places. Where are you when you open that bottle of red wine late at night? Paris? Madrid? Why are you standing under the rain in London? Is it too cold to be outside in Vilnius? That is up to you - but like it or not, you are with the family. Perhaps you will hear rumours, and perhaps you will unravel secrets hidden just beneath your nose.

Nearly all characters are needed.

(So what do you say? Will you accept our extended hand and join us?)