August 10th, 2010

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[ fic ] two drabbles.

Title: the nightshift Odysseus
Author/Artist: c'est moi ~
Character(s)or Pairing(s): Greece centric; Giripan.
Rating: G.
Warnings: just did this like five minutes ago, so it's not really that well thought out. but none, really.

He walks in paint and leaves trails of love colors behind him as he goes. He likes to think of himself as something of an Odysseus.

Title: the daytime pretender
Author/Artist: c'est moi ~
Character(s)or Pairing(s): Japan centric; Giripan.
Rating: G.
Warnings: short drabble that's mostly poetic vomit. enjoy. ;D

When it got too cold, or when Japan felt too exposed, the other would always be there to tuck his jacket over his shoulders.
Espurr, Pokemon 5
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[Fic: Love Will Keep You Warm]

Title: Love Will Keep You Warm
Author: abarero
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance/Fluff
Pairing: Finland/Sweden
Summary: Sweden and Finland exchanged a look, so used to their winter storms and so accustomed to one another that they didn’t need a single word to know exactly what to do.

Notes: For aph_fluffathon and the prompt: Sweden/Finland, getting ready for a large snowstorm, during which the power ends up going off. This leads to fluffy cuddling, and possibly remembering their medieval past, due to the power being off.

( I’m sure you can warm me up when I get back, right? )

Comments are much appreciated :)

[Fic] Dream

Title: Dream
Characters/Pairings: America/England (mostly one sided England -----> America)
Rating: G
Warning: None.
Summary: Fairy! Arthur AU. Sequel to Emerald. You could say it's a bridge between Emerald and Clock.
Notes: Sorry for the many fail titles. I really am. Can't seem to make up my mind for just one that fits. Why am I still doing this though I have a bunch of hw to do?

( Arthur's POV again~ )
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(Events) Hetalia Day 2010, Norcal

 With our lovely Hetalia day coming closer and closer, I saw that nothing was ever posted concerning Northern California (and if it was and I missed it, please let me know! ;-; I'll delete this post if this is the case and my apologies in advance.)  and I wanted to try and plan something out at least kind of early so people know in advance.  It was so fun last year and I bet it'll be just as great this year!  

So I was thinking we should have it at Japan Town in San Francisco, just as we did last year. I checked the website to see if anything was happening that day in Japan Town and there isn't. 

 It was the perfect atmosphere and there's a Kinokuniya so if you want you can buy some Hetalia goodies.  How does the meetup starting at 11:00 sound?  I don't think I should put an ending time since people tend to go whenever they need to.  

Does anyone have any suggestions with games and such?  I'll bring an ipod/speakers.  I also plan on bringing a whole bunch of seed beads so people can make jewelry of their favorite nation-tan's flag or whatever else they please. C:

Everyone should know the proper etiquette and such, but I will do several more posts before the event.

I made a facebook page so everyone can keep updated and whatnot, so please join if you have a facebook! - group - event

Have any questions?  Feel free to message me or comment here. C:

Thank you for reading!


[Fic] Life as a Pirate (Chapter 6)

Title: Life as a Pirate
Title of Chapter: Separated (6)
Author: CrimsonINsight (Me)
England, Prussia, Germany, France, Sweden, Finland & Norway + Others
Pairings: Mainly PruNor & GerFin, but may include others too
Rating: T
Genre/Kinks: Romance, Adventure
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters portrayed in here. They all belong to Hidekaz Himaruya. I get no money for sullying his creations.
Summary: "Even though we're lying this close, I can't reach you. But that's how it's supposed to be, right? You're the cold-hearted Norway after all."
Word Count: 9,231
Warnings: May be out of character-ness, cursing

Chapter 1: Pirates
Chapter 2: The not-so-great escape
Chapter 3: The New Pirate

Chapter 4: Attacked
Chapter 5: Sad Christmas
Chapter 6:

Korea Hetalia Im Yong Soo

Eurovision Flashmob Parody Idea at Hetalia Day

So if you paid attention to Eurovision this year, there was a Flashmob dance all over Europe at the end of the contest. So I thought, it’d be a fun addition to all the events on Hetalia day for everyone to do the dance for maybe a minute at most. And then for the videos to be submitted and we make a collaborated video of all the Hetalia Day gatherings around the world. The video would be the length of the song (Which is about 3 minutes and 50 seconds. So only a couple of seconds per meet up depending on who submits or several collaborated videos so everyone gets some time.)

I will say, this should be being done at Hetalia Day Buffalo. Hopefully we can get some more meet ups to join. :3

P.S. To those who will/are thinking about attending Hetalia Day Buffalo, I’m still personally working everything out. I hope to see everyone again and for new people to come! Hopefully we could even get some border hopping Canadians from Fort Niagara/Hamilton to come! <3

[Cosplay Vid] The Call

Song: The Call
Artist: Backstreet Boys
Pairings: USxUK, FrUK, Franada, and Framerica
Rating: T [for implied sex]
Warnings: A lot of BL, heartbreak, and flashes. Have fun with this one, guys.
Summary: A bittersweet story of love, hate, revenge and forgiveness. After having a fun time out on the town, England encounters a certain Frenchman who will send his world spiralling.

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sppandaaa - England.
temiikon - France. Denmark.
phish93 - America. Canada. Prussia.

I need Hetalia cosplayers for a video collab!

Hey, everyone!
This is my first post here so I hope I'm doing it right and I'm slightly nervous about it, aha ^^;

So, I'm making a YouTube collab video and I need Hetalia cosplayers to join in.

Bascially, I wanted to make a video like the Blame it on the Cosplay videos (I'll link to the original later in the post if you don't know them) which usually just involve one cosplayer in their different cosplays but instead with lots of different Hetalia cosplayers.
I want you to lipsync along with the song in your cosplay and you can add in motions and even props and things to make it more fun.
If you want to make multiple videos in different Hetalia cosplays (if you have more than 1), go ahead!
Please join in!

You can see me talking about the collab here and when you have completed your video then please upload it to YouTube and put it as a response to this video: (Ignore my awkwardness and shyness >w< I'm bad at talking on camera)

Original 'Blame it on the Cosplay' video -
Song that you need to use for the video -

I hope some of you will join in! Or at least one of you! ^^ 
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Ohio Hetalia Day - 10/24/10 Updated Info!

Come and celebrate this wonderful fandom during it's own very, special day! My co-host (azkun) and I are excited to host this special day. This event is for the fans, by the fans! Cosplay is highly encourage, but you don't have to. Here are the details:

Who: Any Hetalia fan or cosplayer that wishes to join in the festivities
What: Hetalia Day (Ohio) 2010
Where: North Market, Columbus, OH - and we'll venture over to Goodale Park (within walking distance from North Market) after everyone eats 120 West Goodale Street, Columbus, OH 43201
When: October 24th, 2010

RSVP to: Please PM me or email me at

For more information about the event, please contact us here on LJ (by PM)

or by AIM:
azkun - kunchankomaru
tsukeru - tsukeruu

I am also starting to form a car pool from the Cuyahoga County area, so if you need a ride - please contact me!

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[Meet-up] Milwaukee Hetalian Meet

This is a final reminder.

Friday the 13th we'll be meeting up at Bradford Beach in Milwaukee at 11 am.

★Surprise Hetalians are welcome, but it's more organized if you could comment and tell me if you plan on attending. So far, I think I've only got three LJ users who say they're coming. Some people from around my home are planning on attending as well, so this looks like a small group so far.

★Bring money for food and whatnot, a camera, an umbrella probably wouldn't hurt unless you get hit with it...

★Please comment if you're coming along with whom you're planning on cosplaying as. [[Note: This is casual cosplay, remember.]]

★Questions, comments, concerns: comment here or send me a message.

★original post
[Star Trek]: lips

Otakon Ukraine cosplay

H-hi! I'm a little nervous posting on here... it's been like a year and a half since I posted anything!
But I promised a girl I met there that I'd post a few pictures up
dfa;lwkjfw! So embarrassed about this

So I went to Otakon this year, it was my first con and my first time cosplaying and I went as Ukraine

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[Fanfic] The Law of Attraction (1&2/?)

Title: The Law of Attraction (1&2/?)
Rating: PG-13
France, Scotland, Wales, various other nations
Pairing(s): Background Scotland/France; mentions of America/England and Portugal/England; Wales/various
Summary: 22nd - 28th August, 2010; Edinburgh, Scotland: Although Scotland would rather not think about his brothers' love lives at all, it's clear Wales' is long overdue for some improvements. He's not the best person for the job, but he knows someone who probably is.
Author's Note: Other stories set in this universe are here.

Wiztalia: the Hetalia Harry Potter AU Roleplaying Site

Hogwarts is very busy. They just opened a new foreign exchange program, and students are flooding in from countries all over the world. They have strange quirks and cultures, and many of them have rivalries or romance. The best part? They all have to live together throughout their schooling.
That’s right, folks: An AU Hetalia/Harry Potter crossover RP forum.
We have several rpers already but we are looking for more including some specific ones.
Here's who we want for sure:
A Austria for our Hungary
Any of the Asians
Any of the Baltics
Any of the Nordics
Any other nation that is still open would be awesome.
Here is the character list:
You can apply for a character here:

Hope to see you all there!

Hetalia Up! #2 attempt (Reposting, I made a boo boo)

As the few of you may know..I tried to do a hosting a few months kinda failed =___=;;

Im here again to try to make it possible! BEFORE SUMMER ENDS! I oI should of had more people helping me but unfortunately I only have one person to help, and she's been great through out the whole thing, very understanding and patient with me! (I thank you so many times "Lovi" <33 )

On an more important matter, moving away from the Intro's and the Shout out and ranting. I have come up with a Time and Date as well as the Location!

@Astor Place- U2 Karaoke! 10$ For an hour- *they do have more time but im not sure about the pricing- varies depending on the day*

@ A day in China--- (Chinatown) To film our first meet up and walk around, drink bubble tea and do what Hetalia Fans do best! HAVE FUN!!

As for the date..It was suppose to be held on the 21st of August, but one of the members is out of the area right now. Please please PLEASE Email me... (

Also- Decided this will be easier...

YOU CAN BE ANYONE YOU WANT! Its too hard to keep track on who's who, y'know? I dont like duplicates but..hey..beggers cant be choosers, right? RIGHT! Now...go email me! And fetch me My tea.. >__>

Lorrie- KirklandJones~
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Pub pub pub and GO! Animation

Title - Pub Pub Pub and GO! Animation
Artist - your mum me
Character - England singing away and generally being wierd about pubs
Rating - PG-13 [when its done]
Warnings - England snuggling with boobalicious fairy folk. Poland throwing England out of the pub. France being cursed by a giant scone. Captured!Spain T^T. Russia's floaty face...

Just making a little animation to Pub Pub Pub and Go! and thought i'd share how it was going :B Was thinking about giving N.Y and London a little cameo in the background too <3

oh yeh, if anyone's wondering, TWINS part I is bigger now, sorry for being styyuuuupeeed, the links should all work now

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bloody smear

fic: Hidden Epidemic; Japan, Germany, US, Canada 1/?

And here I am, back again with some Hetalia Gakuen! This wasn't supposed to turn out nearly as angsty as it did. Or as long. Or as serious. >Bl. And I think it's only a part in a series. Probably.
(Hey, kobalto , here's your gakuen!)

Title: Hidden Epidemic
Author: me
Warnings: drug use, accidental drug overdose
Characters: Japan, Germany, US, Canada, England, mentions of Italy
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Every area in the student body has problems, their own picks of poison. For Alfred, it's a hidden epidemic.


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Possible Hetalia Gathering!

Hello everyone! I have been thinking about doing something like this for a long while now, since being broke and without a car (much less any friends who are into Hetalia) I have been having trouble getting to the Hetalia gatherings in Northern California. Either they are too expensive to get to, such as San Francisco, or they are too far away to get to, like Sacramento.

So, I was wondering if anyone in the Benicia, Fairfield, Napa, and Vallejo area would be interested in having a small gathering sometime this month or next month.

I also want this to be a way for us to maybe make a small cosplay group or simply to interact with people in the nearby area. Personally, I have been having trouble finding anyone to cosplay with that lives close enough to me.

Well, if you are interested just comment here with time/date/places that we could have this little gathering. Hope to find some people that are interested!