August 11th, 2010


[Roleplay] World Status

O hallo there~!
Yes, yes, I know what you're thinking.
"Another roleplay ad? Really?"
Ja, really!
Ladies, gentlemen, beings of non-descript origin! May I introduce you to...

World Status, a Twitter roleplay and community, is an active, fun, currently relevant (meaning, we do have the nations react and discuss current events, along with a hearty heaping of random things that can happen at any moment!) roleplay that is always looking for fresh faces to clog up our friend feeds!

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This Way to World Status!

[Fic] Hidden Love

Title: Hidden Love
Author/Artist: Me.
Character(s) or Pairing(s): FelicianoxLouisexKiku, IvanxAllison, FrancisxMadison, BerwaldxTiina, TorisxFelicja, GilbertxElizaveta, Im Yong SooxYan
Rating: T for now.
Warnings: Crossdressing boys. Magic in the later chapters. Gakuen Verse, somewhat.
Summary: The World Academy has always been laking female students so the Headmaster has the incoming freshman pretend to be girls with endings that no one expected.

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Text: Bloody hell we're buggered now

[Fanfic] Family Ties

Title: Family Ties
Author/Artist: Me, hellzabeth
Character(s) or Pairing(s): THE WHOLE WORLD Or everyone I could possibly fit in anyway, some France/Scotland, mildly USUK and RusAme, a dash of SuFin, and various others.
Rating: Rating changed to 16, as it doesn't contain sex.
Warnings: Guns, blood, violence, politics, everyone getting very confused and England singing. It's also HOLY SHIT LONG.
Summary: Scotland leaves the United Kingdom, giving Northern Ireland an excuse to up and out to reunite with his sister. This leaves England and Wales all alone. And also somehow starts off WW3.

(Part 71)

(From the beginning.)
cute ukraine

[ fic ] A Work In Progress - 6/?

Title: A Work In Progress
Author/Artist: c'est moi ~
Character(s)or Pairing(s): Giripan mainly, but other characters and pairings will surface as the story goes along.
Rating: T for mpreg, mentions of sex, etc.
Warnings: Liberal use of both human and nation names, etc etc.
Other: .... gosh, i'm totally spamming up this comm., huh? D| ;;;; m - mi dispiace!
Summary: In a world where it's rare for nations to keep their children, and rarer still for said children to survive the womb, two of the most stubborn of them find themselves entangled in a web of newfound friendships, emotions and frontiers - all summoned forth by one sinister, little pink plus sign.

love love love ~ I want your love ~
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Ten Vignettes of America

Title: Ten Vignettes of America
Author/Artist: hihippy 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, mention of others
Rating: T+. Kinda angsty stuff, and swearing.
Warnings: Angst and serious thoughts concerning America.
Summary: Ten short drabbles of 100 words concerning small themes and America. Some angst, some maybe controversial thoughts. Dedicated for a friend's birthday.

(Fake Cut is Fake)
fuji-san sky

[Fanfiction] Where the Shadows Are, US/UK

Title: Where the Shadows Are
Author/Artist: sakuratsukikage 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, England, America/England
Rating: PG
Warnings: language, mentions of war, dealing with a psychological disorder (PTSD), established relationship
Summary: A night in England's house, 1947.  Sometimes it feels like the war is never over. 

Fake cut to my journal, where the fic is split into two parts due to LJ length limits.

Oh, come on now, stiff upper lip, England. They’re nothing. Dreams. Memories, even. The lot of you won, didn’t you, and none of it matters now it’s over . . . . )
Nagai Ai
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[Official] Counting Sheep Stories - Volume 8

"Halloween Night"

Translated by kuromitsu.
"It's the night of the annual Halloween scare contest. America, who on top of the contest also watched a horror movie, is too scared to fall asleep. He asks England to sleep together with him, just this once, but is refused. They start fighting which leads to a different kind of contest..."

Translated by kanami_yuuta & skatedate (for #3 & 4).
[Track list]
1. I'm scared, I cant sleep!
2. It can't be helped, I'll count for you
3. If think you can make me sleep I'd love to see you try! (Direct trans: "If you can make me sleep, then try and do it" but with a challenge kind of tone ^_-)
4. *I'll* count for you!
5. why are you counting sheeps!? (linked to drama series)

-bonus track-
6. Goodnight with America
7. Goodnight with England

Many thanks to both for helping with the translation!
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[Cosplay] US/UK/Seychelles - You're my unfathomable Ocean.

I'm back and bring you more cosplay photoshoots X"D this time is another project from series "You're my untold Fairytales"

This project inspired by a fanart with mermaid Seychelles that I can’t remember and forgot to save the url. :(

Anyway, it was done in the 14th of July. As stated, we just replace the fairytale’s mermaid and prince by Seychelles and UK from Hetalia. And the ending is kinda hilarious, rather than sad compared to the original story by Andersen. :P

Hope you all will enjoy it, and don't forget to leave your comments :"> Thank you so much.



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De-lurking with Fanart, much?

Err, hi! Kinda new here, so, Mods, I appologize if I do anything wrong. To tell the truth, I've been lurking around. I had an old LJ but I never used it much. Also, this is my first time drawing Hetalia characters. I really won't be posting often, unless my imagination wants me to draw something of this fandom. Kinda shy, BTW. That's another reason why I won't post often. But I can comment.

Title: Can I flirt with you NOW?
Author/Artist: Me~ (Hikari-Tagashi on dA)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Seborga and Wy
Rating: G
Warnings: Uh... none. There are many hearts, though...
Summary: Sebo-chan knows he can't flirt with Wy, but he just can't help himself.


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let's hit the road dear friend of mine。

[cosplay/events] AnimeFest 2010 FIFA gathering?


Afest is soon approaching and I know there's already tons of lovely Hetalia gatherings and panels planned, but! I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a FIFA/World Cup gathering as well? I didn't hear anything about a gathering like this, so I figured I would ask~ I know myself and my friends are going to be running around in the jerseys at some point, and I did see a few people on the Afest forums list that they were planning on it as well, so! Would anyone be interested?

I was thinking the rules wouldn't be too strict - you can either wear the national team jerseys, or jerseys from that particular country - i.e. Italy wearing an Inter Milan jersey, or England wearing a Manchester United one, etc. Depending on the weather (and if I can find a place to do it), maybe we could even have a short match outside!

As for a time, no idea, since that would depend on the other event schedules and when most people would have free time. What do you think would be good?
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[RP Forum] Radioactive memories

☣ Radioactive Memories ☣

Radioactive Memories has been restarted and reopened!
Most characters are available

The date was 2030, and WWIII had made a wasteland of the world.
The countries who knew about the impending doom retreated to fallout shelters, trying to save as many of their people as they could. However, the lush world as they knew it had been transformed into a decaying land of waste and radioactivity.

Skip ahead almost two hundred years, to 2234, when some of the countries make their first trip back out into the world to rebuild their civilization. It won't be easy, however. Raiders, mutants, and other malicious creatures live in the wastes, and have made it their home. Several small cities are scattered around, comprised of the few unfortunate souls who didn't make it into a fallout shelter yet managed to survive in the ragged wastelands.

It's up to you to rebuild what was destroyed. Your country is now new again, as "Neu ______" and must do whatever need be to restore their former glory. 

We need RPers! If you are interested, check us out here!

Rare Pare Community

Hello! I recently created a community for the rare parings in the Hetalia that do not have their own communities, aph_rare_pair. You can post all types of fanworks and have discussions to realize that, hey, your not the only one that thinks Switzerland and Poland are destined to be together forever and ever. Everyone has at least one odd paring they love!

[Fanfic] The Darkness Within Me Chapter 2

Title: The Darkness Within Me |
Author: Me
Pairings/Characters: This chapter, America, England, Russia, and an OC. (No pairings in this series, unless you want to think it's there.)
Rating: This chapter, PG. Will turn M later.
Warnings: Russia and America bicker like old people. Oh, and OCs and use of human names.
Summary: It's a troubling time, where just being an everyday citizen is rough, it's even harder for the nations who carry the burdens of all of their people. All their troubles, all their worries, and all their fears. So much so they start to get sick. But what if they couldn't get better? What if the nations themselves begin to change as their people's fears turn into madness?
This chapter: If you were dying and you still had a few enemies, would you fight them or apologize?


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[FANART] A Public Service Announcement, Kink Meme DeAnon, and FUNimation Card

Title: It's an Art Dump, Basically
Author/Artist: flo_bizet
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany, China, Prussia, Spain, France, Fem!Romano, regular Chibi!Romano, Chibitalia, Rome, and... Hidekaz Himaruya? Why, yes, it seems to be so~
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Language, crack out the wazu, and massive BOOTAY
Summary: I don't quite know what else to say that's not already in the subject line...


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miguel hair

[Fanart]UKUS, untitled

Title: None
Genre: Romance, maybe angst?
Pairings/characters: UKUS
Rating: PG
Warnings: America only has one leg. o.o It'll make sense, just read the summary.
Summary: So, once I get a tablet and don't have to draw with my mouse ('cause it's really hard and nothing turns out good ;_;), I want to do an AU comic in which America/Alfred has just come home from war... Minus one of his legs. Now he has to adjust to this huge change in his life, with the help of his loving boyfriend. Only problem, I don't know who his loving boyfriend should be, so I was thinking I'd draw some pictures of a few people I ship him with and see what you guys think. This picture, obviously since it's posted here, is my UK/US/UK one.

So, does anyone know where I can get a cheap tablet?

New RP Community


In the French Quarter after dark, a little place called Amber's wakes up and all of the dark side of New Orleans comes out to play. There are heroes and thieves, mobsters and dirty cops begging for the finest bourbon found in the fair city. All ruled over by the prestigious Vargas clan and managed by little invisible 'Mattie' Williams.

But in this life, we all have secrets. Every patron, every worker, everyone who passes through the club doors is hiding something.

Maybe its the writer who can't put ink to paper and compensates through spending more then he can pay on bets and booze. Maybe its the cop who is in love with the don's grandchild or the hero who isn't sure he can save anyone anymore.

Whether or not secrets will be revealed is pure chance of course... if you believe in that kind of thing. Personally... everything is inevitable. Even the most common of coincidences.

But who am I to say? I'm just a simple shopkeeper? I don't have any secrets... or do I?

Taking applications for characters in a AU RP on Tumblr. All characters with the exceptions of Canada (moi) and France are open for your interpretation. Since this is an AU I would like character details and a short history of them in this world. I would also like a sample blog of at least 250 words to show me your skills with RPing. The AU takes place in the early 1920's during Prohibition just in case anyone is wondering. When you are accepted to the RP I would like a link to your account once you have put it together. 
Venus and Cherub

[Fanart] Lettish Rose

U-uh, hi, I've never posted in this comm before.

I have a fanart I'd like to share with you! Latvia don't get the breaks he should imo!

Title: Lettish Rose
Author/Artist: Tanna
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Latvia [Raivis Galante]
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Latvia, bust portrait.


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[Crafts] Pillows and Wallets

Well, let's see. I bought felt, like a lot of felt. and thought it would be nice to make a few things.

And it turned out like this...

Well, I did loose my wallet... So, hey~ New one~

Characters: HRE, Chibitalia, Russia, America, England, Autria, Italy
Warnings: None
Rating: PG
Notes: Everything you see it completely hand-sewn. Like I would trust a sewing machine.
(it just feels wrong to post something on this comm without this header)


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Fic: Emeralds and Sapphires (and Caterpillar Brows)

Fandom: Hetalia
Pairing: Alfred/Arthur
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Summary: Okay, this is a Tarzan!AU (yes, you heard me right) in which instead of Jane, we have a snooty old Englishman by the name of Arthur Kirkland, and instead of Tarzan, we have a loincloth wearing blond by the name of Alfred. Hilarity and romance ensues.

Based off of this fanart drawn by clarex_ama.

(Read More)

Returning Memories Part (4/?)

Title: Returning Memories Part IV: The Promise
Author/Artist: lotus-genie
Character(s) or Pairing(s):  Germany/Italy, HRE/Italy. Mentions of Prussia/Austria/Hungary
Rating: R for gore.
Summary: Germany finally gets back his memories of being HRE, but too bad it comes shortly before Italy's surrender to the Allies.
Warnings: Gore and later violence. Prussia and Hungary also swear like sailors.
Author's note: I wanted to write a darker Ger/Ita fanfic about the German occupation of Italy after Italy made a separate peace with the Allies. The part about Germany getting his memories back and having them make everything worse was inspired by the irony that it was Italy who proposed to Germany that they become the new Roman Empire during WW2. This will start fluffy and get dark later. Apologies for any potential out of character moments.
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{ roleplay } APH Plurks

APH Plurks;

Hello users of [info]hetalia ; today we present to you an advertisement to a plurk-based roleplay community, APH Plurks.
We are a small, friendly community residing over at
Plurk and are currently hoping to expand our little home to some new users.

If you are interested, please don't be shy. Just take a look at our
Profile and Rules. At the bottom of the page you will also find some useful links, such as the characters' list & reservations, applications as well as, of course, our main page where you will find updates on events, activity checks and such.

Thank you for taking a few minutes of your time to read this. We hope to see you there.
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[Vid] Hetalia - Shattered (Beta)

Title: [APH] - Shattered
Creator: SakuraYume49
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Prussia, Hungary, Germany, Italy, HRE, Chibitalia, America, England, Poland, Lithuania etc. ; PrussiaxHungary, GermanyxItaly/HRExChibitalia, USUK, LietPol etc.

Hope you will like it. ^^
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Fic: RuPru- Over and over.

Title: Over and Over
Fandom: Hetalia
Pairing/Characters: Ivan(Russia) Gilbert(Prussia)
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1,225
Warnings: Allusions to rape and torture. Hurt/Comfort
Summary: Russia pays a night time visit to Prussia to make the pain less.
AN: Delurking. This should be the sequel to something. My mind hasn't dreamed up a proper prequel yet. Maybe some day.

Over at