August 17th, 2010

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[Fanfiction] Traditional Finnish Sleep Aid, Instructions Not Included, Sweden/Finland

Title: Traditional Finnish Sleep Aid, Instructions Not Included
Rating: G, I think--I actually can't think of anything to warn for.
Characters, Pairings: Sweden, Finland, Sweden/Finland
Prompt: Sweden cuddles up to Finland when he has trouble sleeping at night.
Summary: Pretty much exactly what it says on the tin, with some relationship and historical hintings at angst thrown in for flavor.
Notes: Written for aph_fluffathon . Thanks for the prompt!

At first that odd, unbidden feeling of protectiveness, of possession, unnerved him, made him uncomfortable—he hadn’t asked for it, hadn’t meant to ever feel it, and how far was it from feeling protective of Sweden’s sleeplessness toward feeling that same fierce, possessive warm feeling toward Sweden himself, wanting to protect him, too? )

[FANFIC] The Lover After Me (Prussia/Hungary)

 Author/Artist: languicious
Genre: Angst/Romance
Rating: T
Pairings/Characters: Prussia/Hungary
Warnings: None I think. Maybe you need a tissue? Idk,..
Disclaimer: I wish I could change history! But I cannot. Okay, there was no link there. Savage Garden owns the song I guess?
Summary: He can't get over her. (I'm sorry, I can't write good summaries. The story's better than it sounds :/)

(She found him on her doorstep, trying to die of pneumonia. Wrapping her coat around him, she lightly pressed her lips to his. Nobody would ever know.)


Prussia/Canada - "La Petite Fille"

Title: "La Petite Fille"
Rating: PG
Characters: Prussia, Canada, OC!Quebec
Summary: Prussia notices something has changed about Canada, and Canada finds out he wasn't ready for it to happen today.
Notes: No, this is not mpreg. Also, I'm completely surprised by the length of this...and that it's fluffy. It's like, where did THIS come from? That being said, I really loved writing this.

( "La Petite Fille" )
America/Canada » Bros before hoes!

[fanfiction] Being a Dreamcatcher

Title: Being a Dreamcatcher

Author: didgeridoodle
Characters: America, Canada, and with cameos from England, Italy, and Australia.
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: None.

Summary: When America feels just a bit under the weather, Canada makes it a personal mission to find out what's wrong. It's time to play the part of the stronger brother.

Notes: This piece is written for aph_fluffathon , the original prompt being "two nations making dreamcatchers together". To the person who requested this prompt, I hope you enjoy!
closet, fai, tsubasa

[Fanfic & Fanart] Being a Man

Title: Being a Man
Artist: Raikana Sakaro
Rating: G, perhaps PG for Gender Reassignment
Characters:  Canada, Liechtenstein, Hungary, peripheral mentions of Switzerland
Warnings: Implied Gender Reassignment. Heavily implied
Summary: This was an entry for a Canada Rare Pair contest on Y!Gallery. It still is, but I'm not working on it anymore.

(To The Story...)
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[fanart] takin' a dumppp

Title: Gilbert Gilbird Army
Author/Artist: me, hakumi6
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Prussia, Gilbird
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Prussia wants to try out a new way of warfare

Title: Hungary-chan
Author/Artist: me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Hungary
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary: Hungary in a sundress

Title: Become One
Author/Artist: me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia, China, Ivanyao (sorta)
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary: Russia asks China the usual and China realizes something

Title: Xiang Gang Hui Gui
Author/Artist: me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): China, Hong Kong, England
Rating: PG? (violence XD)
ings: eyebrows
Summary: China is shocked to see what England has done to his precious Hong Kong

Title: Hetalia Chibi Dump
Author/Artist: me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): all nations (that I found on wiki)
Rating: PG (because of France lol)
Warnings: France and his rose
Summary: Everyone as chibis

Collapse )
Blame it on the Cosplay

[icons] World Series Episode 21 and others

Time for another crappy batch of icons! I think I've improved a tiny bit from last time, but they still aren't the best things ever.

They include:
[12] England
[4] England and Japan
[3] Axis Powers
[2] England and Japan with Boss
[2] England and Germany
[2] England and Nameless Officer-dude
[2] Germany
[1] Hungary
[1] Japan
[1] Nameless Officier-dude
[1] Poland
[1] Spain



Worried Russia

[Fanfic] Your Hearts In A Headlock (1/?)

Title: Your Hearts In A Headlock
Author: Rissa
Genre: Drama, Angst
Rating: PG-13
Characters for Chapter 1: Russia, America, Ukraine, and Belarus
Summary: Two Decades after the fall, Russia still feels alone. Driving home late on the eve of his sister's birthday 
he hits America. Russia soon finds out that he has taken something vital from the young nation and if it isn't restored, the whole world as he and everyone else knows it will change.

Before I direct you to the first chapter, I would like to say that I actually have been planning ahead for this fanfic and my goal is to actually FINISH this one. Also, since I worked a bit harder on making this one, I want to ask you readers kindly if you could give me critque on the story. On grammar, the way it's written, anything. I am trying my best to improve! Thank you! *bow*

Chapter 1

Enjoy! ^3^

(New Community) day/NIGHT ComPlex

 Okay, okay I know that my last attempt at this was a little sloppy but I have regrouped, re-organized and I have better information this time. Realizing that Tumblr is a little hard to directly RP on I have commissioned a forum for our use, though users may organize a Tumblr account to act as a character blog. I have set up an LJ community for group news will. Please apply in the comments below.

I have renamed the group from Amber's to what you see above for anyone who was interested in the original post. I will provide a link to the new community at the bottom of this post. Please comment if you have any questions about the group.  And now, I will get along with the interesting part; also known as the RP summary.

1922; the beginning of the infamous era of Prohibition. The Vargas family practically owns the French Quarter of New Orleans and the lines between the ordinary American citizens and the underground world of bordellos, speakeasy and mafia that rule the night in secret. 

Downtown in this city, built on corruption, greed and lust lies the empire of the night. Its rulers, lords and ladies all try to pass as daytime citizens. Some victims, some criminals. The only question posed is... when the sun sets, which one will you be?

All characters with the exceptions of N. Italy and Canada are open. S. Italy is on hold for another week in which the applicant has to get in their application to me. All other positions are open. As this is an AU you may apply whatever type of character you wish, gender-bend alternative interpretations... I want to see a variety of different character types. One of the major themes of this AU is the secrets and masks that the characters have and how they effect their lives. I want to see some creativity people~!

day/NIGHT ComPlex


[Cosplay] Colbertalia for Sacanime

So, yes. If you haven't seen this ad floating around the comm, then know that I am going to try and perform a Colbertalia skit. It is basically a fusion of The Colbert Report and Hetalia.

My skit will take place in Sacanime, on Sept. 3-5. For more information, check out the events page on Facebook.

I am still looking for three characters!




Chico/Butte County Cosplayers?

I'm a Canada who is leaving the SoCal area for Butte county and I was wondering if there were any up in that area that would like to derp around with a Canada and a Russia (my roomate). I'll be up starting Thursday, with most weekends and MWF off for plannings and outings either to Sacramento or perhaps even the city, should funds allow.

For more information, contact me via email ( or skype (heartofmaple).

Hope to see you soon~!
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Since it's Fritz's day of death....

we should get a Fritz tag.

Title:This is for you...
Author/Artist:Me <3
Character(s) or Pairing(s):Friedrick the Great of Prussia and Prussia (see as Prussia-> Fritz)
Rating: PG
Warnings:Creepy-looking Fritz, kinda sad Prussia
Summary: Prussia shows us how he celebrates his king's day of death.

Here's a link to my journal cause I'm lazy like that.
(Man I used a lots of links today.. o_o)

[Fanfic] This is Why Beer is a Bad Idea

Title: This is Why Beer is a Bad Idea
Author: livefree_eatu/Grace Raven
Characters/Pairings: Belarus, Italy, Denmark, Greece, Prussia || Drunk!Greece/Drunk!Denmark, implied Turkey/Greece, hinted Hungary/Belarus.
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: A lot of drunken speech, overuse of the word beer.
Summary: They blamed Turkey for all of it. And Belarus. And possibly Italy. Either way, they severly regretted everything the next morning.

Collapse ) link: