August 18th, 2010

[fic] Subtext

Title: Subtext
Author/Artist: [info]frauleingabor
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Prussia, France, Spain, USUK
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Summary: France helpfully explains the subtext behind England's yelling at America during a meeting. Prussia and Spain join in... not so helpfully.

They were in the middle of a summit on the environment. Another one, Prussia moaned inwardly, leaning back in his chair as he listened half-heartedly to the United States of America babble on and on about how replacing all automobiles with giant robot public transportation systems would not only be more fuel-efficient, but awesome too...
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(fanfic) Little Al of Hidingland part6

Title: Little Al of Hidingland, part 6 - A Donkey Prince
Author: me
Characters: In this chapter: America, Canada, China, Switzerland, Hungary, Spain, Korea, mentions of Prussia and Austria. In general: almost everyone appear once or more.
Rating: General: E10+. This chapter: E
Warnings: Nothing
Summary: AU, based on a Finnish fairytale. General: Little Al is youngster with big ideals and a heroic dreams (and personality). Now he has given a change to show is there more in him than just words: the kingdom needs to be rescued, and who could be more up for little adventure than him. This chapter: Because of Al's foolishness, the three friends end up being captured by Gilbert Beilschmidt, locked away from their journey. Until suddenly, an unexpected rescuer arrives to help them out...

Link to part 6:
Link to part 1:

[Fanfic] Parabola of Will

Title: Parabola of Will, a Hetalia/Inception Crossover
Authors: webreathewords [Canada] & mindlessyouths [America]
Characters/Pairing: Matthew/Alfred (Canada/America)
Rating: R
Warnings: SPOILERS FOR INCEPTION. (This and future chapters) terminal illness, (future chapters) language, sexual content, violence
Summary: You can't dream what you don't know. That's why he hires Mr. Williams. [Architect!Matthew/subject!Alfred]


(Project) Miss Universe National Costumes

Okay, I KNOW its a BIT of a Stretch, BUT. The Miss Universe pageant just had their National Costumes Day. I thought, the Hetalia Community, being SO awesome and creative as it is would do some sort of Fanart collection of the Fem!Nations (EDIT: Male Nations too. For the crack)  in their national outfits.

I must say the outfits look fierce. 

Comment, tell me what you think, and whatnot.


Fic Amore und Liebe

Title: Amore und Liebe
Author/Artist: Me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany, Italy, HRE, Onesided GermanyxItaly, HRExItaly
Rating: T on the safe side.
Warnings: None I guess.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Sometimes Germany hates himself. Well not himself per se but the part of him that is the Holy Roman Empire, he has Italys love. Germany knows he is HRE but Italy doesn't.

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Shenanigins are afoot

(no subject)

Author/Artist: sliefoxx
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Alfred, more Alfred, Spain and Romano in Kamen Rider uniforms, Canada/Russia, Canada's Hockey Rage, France/Seychelles, Turkey/Austria
Rating: PG for suggestive
Warnings: Bling.
Summary: I took requests from our channel, and this happened. Please enjoy the stupid and Almost But Not Extremely Good Drawings. I had so much fun doing this though, props to the IRC channel. Bling on. Bling on.

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[...I guess we'll call it a vid] From Russia With Love, Episode One

Title: From Russia With Love, Episode One
Author/Artist: This guuuuuuuuuuuy
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia and...barely anonymous other nations
Rating: T
Warnings: I make odd faces. Gratuitous use of a crappy romance comedy clips. Shitty video editing.
Summary: Russia gets an idea from watching...something, and decides to put himself to work answering the burning love questions of all those nations out there.

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[FANFIC] 2 Fill Post: Lucid Memories 6/20 and Alaska: The Last Frontier 2/3


Title: Lucid Memories
Author/Artist: Rain_Sonata
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America/England/America or US/UK/US
Rating: PG-13, might raise up later
Warnings: boy love, occasional swearing, confusion of what's happening, longer chapters later on, hints of the existence of state-tans
Summary: Rev!America is brought back to the present, replacing the current America. By chance, England was there when all of this happened. Why is he here? What about his broken heart from the Revolutionary War?
New Chapter: What happened to Alfred from the present? Read more!!! )



Title: The Last Frontier
Author/Artist: Rain_Sonata
Character(s) or Pairing(s): just father and
child fluff, Russia, America, Alaska
Rating: PG-13 for possible language
Warnings: mention of other state-tans, lots of history references
Summary: Alaska: The Last Frontier. "Steward's Icebox", the others mocked. The snow encircling the two swirled around them. A short story based loosely on the Alaska Purchase. America adopts Alaska after the Civil War in 1867.  .  Warning: Nation and human names will both be used. PG-13 for Russia's language.
New Chapter: from Alaska's Perspective. What has he seen that was hidden away from us? )

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[Fanfic] What's in a Name (Chpt. 15)

Title: What's in a Name? (chpt. 15) ( Previous entries)
Genre: Drama/Action/Romance
Characters/Pairing(s): America, England, Spain, Prussia, Romano, among others...  (USUK)
Rating/Warnings: T
Summary: America's moved out to go to college. But it's not what he thought it'd be like. The landlord is lewd, a quiet man lives opposite, and then there's that moody guy downstairs. Plus the streets are filled with bike gangs!
Wordcount: 4521
Chapter Summary:
England shushed him in his usual, semi-impatient tone, but his presence was very much a soothing one, so much so that Alfred could have laughed.

[A/N: Another hard chapter to write, though this time I kinda knew it would be.
I'm going to aim to finish at chapter 20 I think, seeing as it's a nice round chapter. Everything's planned out, I just need to right it.]


Alfred laughed darkly, shifting in England’s arms so that he could see him better. “Which part?” )

[Fanfic] The Darkness Within Me Chapter 3

Title: The Darkness Within Me |
America, England, Russia, China, Japan, Canada, France, eventual others and OCs. (In this chapter, England, America, Canada, Russia and a few OCs)
Rating: This chapter: PG-13 for minor violence. Eventually, the series will become M.
Warnings: OCs. There are quite a few in here as they affect the characters. Also, I use human names, but that reason will be explained in another chapter. Eventual country deaths.
Summary: It's a troubling time, where just being an everyday citizen is rough, it's even harder for the nations who carry the burdens of all of their people. All their troubles, all their worries, and all their fears. So much so they start to get sick. But what if they couldn't get better? What if the nations themselves begin to change as their people's fears turn into madness?
This chapter: Just because you're dying doesn't mean that everyone will show to your funeral.

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[Selling]/[Fanart] New Chibi Keychains and Bookmarks

Title: Chibi keychains and bookmarks
Author/Artist: Me =D! (Mikochi on DA)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): China, England, America, France, Russia, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Ukraine, Seychelles, Lichtenstein, Spain, Romano, and Turkey
Rating: G
Warnings: Image Heavyyy~ D8
Summary: 12 Finished Chibis keychains, 6 bookmarks, and 1 magnet


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Soren Made By chopstickicons

[Fanfic] Peace of Mind 5/?

Title: Peace of Mind 5/?
Author: Me
Character(s) or Pairing(s) in this chapter: America, Canada, England, China, Russia, Hungary US/UK, mentions of others, will include most characters at some point.
Rating: PG
Warnings: An attempt at a Serious Sailor Moon fusion fill! And in this chapter violence...Also a de-anon from the kink meme...
Summary: Alfred's life on the Moon is unspeakably boring, but an unknown threat on the rise gives him his much desired break of boredom, and so much more.

Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

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[Fic] The Sunshine Café

Title: The Sunshine Café
Author: cutthroatpixie
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for Lovino's potty mouth. AU, so human names are used.
Pairings: Spain/Romano
Prompt: "A coffee shop AU with SpainxRomano."
Summary: Lovino really hated his job.
Notes: Adel=Adelgonde=Belgium. I stole the name from a friend, she's fabu. Adel's brother=Netherlands. They're only mentioned in passing, though.

[RP] Hospitalia

Yes, yet another roleplay advertisement.
The RulesTaken/Reserved CharactersStaff ApplicationPatient Application
EDIT: It seems the links have this~

Hospitals are a stressful place. No matter if you are a doctor a doctor or nurse, or you find yourself unfortunate enough to be a patient. Even just being a visitor for a few hours can bring its own heartache. Welcome to Axis Memorial Hospital. Located in the heart of a small city in California, it is normally busy with people coming in and out. Hospitals don't run themselves though. It is up for doctors of all ages and backgrounds to come together for the better of the residents of their town.

Everyone has their own stories to tell, no matter if they are hired there, or are unfortunate enough to have to take up residence in one of the wards. Still, it doesn't have to be all depressing stories. Some can end happy. Staff members do their best to make sure of it, no matter how difficult it may be. It is their job to make everyone who visits feel safe and comfortable, and most of all give them the treatment they need. Most of them get along rather well, and can maybe even be friends outside of the job.The hospital itself has a friendly atmosphere, though it is a bit old. What secrets lie within?

Unlike most hospitals, Axis Memorial Hospital doesn't kick patients out until they have made either a fully recovery, or can live on with their lives as normally as possible.

So, what's your story?

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[Fanfic] Why Russia & China Will Eat Your Lunch by Alfred F. Jones - 04

Title: Why Russia & China Will Eat Your Lunch by Alfred F. Jones Chapter 4
Author: haragurotan
Rating: NC-16 for frequent references to sex
Humour, Romance, Drama, Interactive
Characters in this chapter:
Ivan Braginski (Russia), Wang Yao (China), Alfred (America)
Past Chapters:
  One  | Two  |  Three
America hosts a call-in talkshow to interview Russia and China for yet another book on Russia-China bilateral relations. To save the show from lame content about America's heroic deeds, you are all invited to write in with questions for the couple!

("Aiya!" China gripped Russia's shoulder and shook him hard. Staring earnestly into the watery violet eyes, he said, "Russia, I. Love. You. I. Love. You. Russia. There I've said it, happy now?" China released his hands and sank back into his seat, his face beetroot red. He had said something he hardly ever liked to say, and on national television too.)

{FART} America.

Title: United States of AMERICA
Author/Artist: Clarke G. (Me)
Character: Alfred F. Jones//America
Rating: G---unless shirtless sexiness is pg? o.O
Warnings: So much heroism.
Summary: Selling at upcoming cons. Enjoy!

Click Pic for Pic:::
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[FST] Germany x Italy

Title: You Make Me Happy, Whether You Know It Or Not
Made by
: Ivveria (meee! X3)
Character(s) and/or pairing(s): GermanyxItaly
Rating: G
Warnings: ... an odd mix of happy songs, a crack!song, stuff in between, and nostalgic? No warnings or such, there are no bad words or anything at all, and no adult themes. Um... first FST. Possibly a weird taste in music,yeah.
Summary: songs for the various head!canons, yeah. Mostly Germany->Italy, with few exceptions :) 13 songs! So it's short.

Hnngh, there's too many GerIta FST... so I'll just add another  =___=  Art on the cover is not by me... it's off photobucket! /shot ~ can't believe I defiled such a nice piece of art T.T Ah, well.

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[RP] NightlifeTalia


During the day this town may seem boring, but when the night starts you wouldn't recognize it back. People go out after the sun sets. It's when their day starts.

The night holds many surprises. Whether you spend your time ans a bar tender, hotel employee or stripper, interesting things are bound to happen on the job.

There are numerous bars, clubs and 24/7 convenience stores that are in need of employees to satisfy the needs of their costumers. So come on in and enjoy the night~!

We have only just started, so many canon characters are still open. Including, but not limited to America, Prussia, Spain and Germany.

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Blame it on the Cosplay

[fic] A Midsummer Night's Mischief- Chapter 7

Title: A Midsummer Night's Mischief
Author: curlee1029 (AnimeOtakuFreak1029 on
Characters and Pairings: In Entire Fic: GermanyxItaly, GreecexJapan, ChinaxKorea, FrancexEngland, AmericaxCanada, slight PrussiaxHungary, Sealand, and other misc. characters
                                               In This Chapter: Francex England, GreecexJapan and Sealand 
Rating: T (PG- 15)
Warnings: In Entire Fic: Sexual themes, mild cursing, and Shakespeare plot (if that is even considered a warning!)
                    In This Chapter: Mentions of sex, but no action
Summary:  Japan's boss wants Japan to marry China for political reason, but Japan wants to be with Greece. Meanwhile, China-obsessed Korea wants the older nation to be his, despite the fact China is too preoccupied with the hope that his younger brother may be living in the same roof again….But when Sealand attempt to help out with the couple's struggles, something goes wrong….Based on Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream. There isn't any old English in here, and everything is in present day.

(The plot thickens!)

(And click here for the first chapter)

As always, enjoy!
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MOAR Hetalia Cards?!

The Funimation Blog has updated.

They've picked out the winners of the Fan Card contest, to be announced on the 20th, and there's a big slide show of all the cards laid out on the floor.

Do you see yours?

I see some I recognize, including one whose artist didn't think would arrive in time! There are some good artists among us, aren't there? Also, Germany's corner looks oddly small...

Actually, one of mine shows up in three different pictures (23, 26, 27)... but I can't find the other. I'm starting to feel nervous? It's 9:24. Do I know where my "child" is?

Fic Through Time

Title: Through Time
Author/Artist: Me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America Russia RussiaxAmerica,
Rating: T on the safe side.
Warnings: None I guess.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary:An Alfred and Ivan in the future who are in a loving relationship are blasted to the past during the Cold War where Alfred wakes up in Ivan of the Cold Wars bed and Ivan wakes up in Alfreds of the Cold Wars bed.

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Text: Bloody hell we're buggered now

[Fanfic] Family Ties

Title: Family Ties
Author/Artist: Me, hellzabeth
Character(s) or Pairing(s): THE WHOLE WORLD Or everyone I could possibly fit in anyway, some France/Scotland, mildly USUK and RusAme, a dash of SuFin, and various others.
Rating: Rating changed to 16, as it doesn't contain sex.
Warnings: Guns, blood, violence, politics, everyone getting very confused and England singing. It's also HOLY SHIT LONG.
Summary: Scotland leaves the United Kingdom, giving Northern Ireland an excuse to up and out to reunite with his sister. This leaves England and Wales all alone. And also somehow starts off WW3.

(Part 74)

(From the beginning.)