August 19th, 2010

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[RP] Radioactive Memories

☣ Radioactive Memories ☣

Radioactive Memories has been restarted and reopened!
Most characters are available

The date was 2030, and WWIII had made a wasteland of the world.
The countries who knew about the impending doom retreated to fallout shelters, trying to save as many of their people as they could. However, the lush world as they knew it had been transformed into a decaying land of waste and radioactivity.

Skip ahead almost two hundred years, to 2234, when some of the countries make their first trip back out into the world to rebuild their civilization. It won't be easy, however. Raiders, mutants, and other malicious creatures live in the wastes, and have made it their home. Several small cities are scattered around, comprised of the few unfortunate souls who didn't make it into a fallout shelter yet managed to survive in the ragged wastelands.

It's up to you to rebuild what was destroyed. Your country is now new again, as "Neu ______" and must do whatever need be to restore their former glory. 

We need RPers! If you are interested, check us out here!


We're All Important- Right? (3/?) [Fic]

Title: We're All Important- Right? (3)
Author/Artist: Why myself of course. :o
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Prussia/Canada
Rating: G
Warnings: General OOC-ness as I get used to writing Prussia.
Summary: Waking up to a morning of awkwardness, Canada and Prussia go to the grocery store. The second day of Prussia's visit ensues... And nothing really happens.

(Fake cut!~)
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[Fanfic] Disappearance of Denmark Ch. 5

Title: Disappearance of Denmark
Author: ASEies (AmeUmi36@Deviantart)
Rating: T (there are slightly mature scenes in later chapters)
Characters: (main) Norway, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, (secondary) OC!Greenland, England, Prussia
Couples: Denmark/Norway, Sweden/Finland, Hinted Greenland/Iceland, Hinted England/China
Warnings: Angst, OCs, an extremely long fic
Notes: The story is already finished, and only needs to be typed up. I will be posting this weekly until the end. Also, very loosely based on the Disappearance of Suzumia Haruhi

Summary: Norway wakes up one day and finds out that nobody remembers who Denmark is, and the history books are against him. Norway searches for the truth and fights to show that he is, in fact, sane...

Previous Chapters: Ch. 1, Ch. 2,Ch. 3, Ch. 4

(Greenland had a habit of ignoring telephones or emails...)

Fic Hidden Love chapter 3

Title: Hidden Love
Author/Artist: Me.
Character(s) or Pairing(s): FelicianoxLouisexKiku, IvanxAllison, FrancisxMadison, BerwaldxTiina, TorisxFelicja, GilbertxElizaveta, Im Yong SooxYan
Rating: T for now.
Warnings: Crossdressing boys. Magic in the later chapters. And in this chapter there is cursing.
Summary: The World Academy has always been laking female students so the Headmaster has the incoming freshman pretend to be girls with endings that no one expected.

Link to chapter 1:
Link to chapter 2:

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Young Experiences - - Gakuen/Countries Teaching Chibis {RP}

Here once more to advertise for young experiences! Many canons are still open up for the take such as, Russia, China, Japan, Germany and many more!

In the year 2010, all the countries stood on their own, and were left array without wars. Sure they had some now and then, and even if they were long-lasting, they weren't as bad as the World Wars they faced before in the past. And you could actually say they were in peace with each other. Or at least not in havoc. Of course they still had grudges towards one another but other then that, they were in tranquility and lived on their own; some not even talking to their countries that they allied from long ago. Not even communicating with them at all. Too interfaced with other of their own problems, they had to deal with. You could say it wasn't a great life, but they lived amongst like this for years, and continued to live like this in their own version of 'peace. Independence, they lived.

That was only in till one day, when England decided to do something one afternoon.

He decided to cast a spell on the countries. It wasn't something really unusual he would do, but it was the effect that gave everyone damage. When the spell was cast, it wasn't the revenge he wanted to pull on the country's front door. No, No, it was something terribly even more worse. It was them as a child. More or less, you could say it was their exact clone of them, which was totally not what England expected, as a side effect. With the economy low, and the problems they were already facing, the country's had no idea what were they going to do with them. I mean finding a clone of yourself would be pretty awkward right? Especially for a clueless country, like all of them. And before they could run in panic, they noticed something that eased them about the their little selves. Sure they already knew they were countries, but there was one thing the little adolescent sprouting didn't know. To them it seemed like they forgot all their country's history, enemies, allies, and even washed away all the other country's names, besides themselves, being clueless on who was around them. And that struck the country's an idea.

An idea of them all becoming their mentors, placing them in a school to educate themselves about their past. Of course it wasn't going to be a built academy just for them. The World Academy was too full to occupy little children. But luckily for them they found a vacant school in the coast of New York, not to far away from the civilians, but not to close, and decided to transfer all the country's little ones over there. And who were going to teach them you ask? Well that's the idea they mentioned about. Them. Since they created the school to be private for only their offspring, they decided to reflect all of their history/interests/wars onto the children, without fussing about any humans noticing. Though this wasn't the only thing they were going to do either. When school is done, they even take their child home, to meet their families, etc; and even show them around their own country, or even visit another one; and hopefully, create them to the better country of themselves again.

But will the countries get along with each other, and bite their lip on their grudges? Will the Chibis get along with their older self? And most importantly, will the country's accomplish their task of succeeding them? Or will they teach them the wrong things?

It's unknown, and all up to you to decide. Old nations mentoring younger nations. Same country, but different personality. All we know is that all to them, will be a new young experience.
this is a literate roleplay. just opened. chibitalia collision. OCS welcome.
Still many canons and chibis open for taking~!

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[Fanfiction] Boffins and Brutes

Title: Boffins and Brutes
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Genre(s): Drama/AU/Steampunk
Character(s)|Pairing(s): Prussia/fem!England
Rating/Warning(s): R, vulgar language, somewhat gruesome descriptions of medical procedures
Word Count: 5,536
Summary: Sergeant-Engineer Gilbert Beilschmidt and Doctor Alana Kirkland. A match not quite made in heaven when one loses an arm and the other needs a guinea pig.
Notes: Part of a fic/art trade with [info]katamanda . She requested “Prussia/fem!England, steampunk/cyberpunk”.

“Miseratione non Mercede,” she said. “Erbarmen statt Gewinn-streben. ‘For compassion, not for gain.’”  

He snorted. “Do it. What kind of coward do you think I am?”  

“You could very well die,” she said at last. “The shock of the pain...”  

“I won’t die,” Gilbert snapped. “Or it’s all your fault for being a shitty doctor.”

[Fanfic] Tatemae 3/5

Title: Tatemae |
Author: Me
Character (s)/ Pairings (s):
America and Japan
Rating: K/PG
Warnings: Human names
Summary: Two nations meeting is always full of tense and awkward moments. So how did one of the longest lasting friendships start, fall, and rebuild?
Thought I'd sprinkle in this little fanfic. It connects to my other story, The Darkness Within Me. I planned on originally having it be a rather long one-shot, but changed my mind. It'll be in five parts.

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May :: pew-pew-pew

Hong Kong fanfiction

Hi there. Sharing two Hong Kong-centric fics - I hope that you like them! :)

Title: Through a Child's Eyes
Character[s]/Pairing[s]: Hong Kong, England, China; possibly past England/China, if you squint
Rating: PG
Summary[s]: Hong Kong becomes British territory after the Opium War; little!Hong Kong's POV


Title: Adjustment
Character[s]/Pairing[s]: Hong Kong, England, China; potential England/China, if you squint
Rating: PG
Summary[s]: England returns Hong Kong to China; Hong Kong's POV


Originally posted @ wokandrollwrite; Also posted @ kouchagumi
Hetalia - Russia - Genderbend chibi
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[Selling] Toranoana, Kbooks, YouClub group order

Hello o/

I'm taking orders for Toranoana, K-Books, and YouClub doujinshi!

Payment only consists of item price + overall shipping. Also, you'll only need to put down a 50% deposit to order. The rest will be asked for later~ (Approximately a week after the order is made)

Orders must be made before the 24th. I'm going to be doing another one immediately after with a cut off date of September 16, so any order that miss this cut off will be put there.

Please check the post out here

Thank you!

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 Okay, this is the last time I'll be advertising to the community.

Do you make graphics? Are you good at it? Do you want to participate in a project involving many other talented designers? Do you want to leave an impression on the Hetalia LJ community and show your appreciation for the fans and the series? 

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you might want to participate in a group graphics project (Hetalia GFX Project) that I've put together~ It'll be loads of fun, so if you're interested, see this link:
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Germerica FST

Alfred was staring at him quietly, just watching. Slowly he braced an arm on the table and leaned closer; Ludwig did not move a muscle. When he was almost a breath away, Alfred suddenly pulled back, looking for all the world like a child caught with his hand in a jar of sweets.

"Would it be alright if I kissed you?" His voice was a hot breath on Ludwig's lips.

"At this point," he said softly, "I would be offended if you did not."

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Wenn ich einen Mann auf den Mond setzen kann,
dann kann ich auch sicher dein Herz gewinnen.

fasnacht_day :: A Germerica Community

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[Fanart] Chibi Monaco

Title: Chibi Monaco
Author/Artist: Attashi (me)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Monaco
Rating: G
Warnings: I fail at Sai XD
Summary: Just chibi monaco

A drawing I did last night after I saw Hidekaz's chibi monaco he drew, she looks adorable (thoughI hope she really isn't blonde DX) Please visit my journal for more doodles

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[Fanfiction] It Started With a Caffeinated Calamity

Title: It Started With a Caffeinated Calamity
Genre(s): Humor and Romance
Character(s)|Pairing(s): America/England, Fem!America/England and Fem!England
Rating/Warning(s): Appropriate for teens. Breasts. 
Word Count: 1,244
Status: Multichaptered; Ongoing
Summary: An accident spurred on by Alfred's unreasonable coffee cravings causes Arthur to see double; the world was hectic enough with just one America, how about two?
Note: Written on a whim. I assure you it's not the usual Fem!country type fanfic :D

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Kind of an art dump, I guess

Let's see if I'm not doing this wrong (first time posting like this)

Title: From the 30-Day Meme & other stuff
Kara2992 (aka, me)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): take a look at the tags, it's easier...
Rating: Guess it's for everyone
Sketches, my handwriting, and the scaner likes to do inappropiate things with anything I try to scan...
Summary: the title

To my journal...