August 23rd, 2010

Keikaku doori


Title: none really
Author/Artist: ME, apathetiquette or StopTheFxkingCar @deviantArt
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, England, France, Prussia, Spain, Romano, Greece, Turkey
Rating: PG I spose, just cuteness.
Warnings: none~
Summary: a few doodles I figured I'd share~ A group pic, Iggy, and one of America.

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Fic: The Trouble with Americans...

Title: The Trouble With Americans...
Fandom: Hetalia
Pairing: America/Japan
Rating: PG-13 [for this chapter]
Warnings: offensive stereotyping, racial humor, profanity, and generally Alfred just being an ignorant American.

  Highschool AU. Kiku definitely thought Japanese school was better. American boys, however--especially the blond-haired, blue-eyed, glasses-wearing ones--were usually much better than Japanese boys. By a longshot.
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[Fanfic] Disappearance of Denmark Ch. 6

Title: Disappearance of Denmark
Author: ASEies (AmeUmi36@Deviantart)
Rating: T (there are slightly mature scenes in later chapters)
Characters: (main) Norway, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, (secondary) OC!Greenland, England, Prussia
Couples: Denmark/Norway, Sweden/Finland, Hinted Greenland/Iceland, Hinted England/China
Warnings: Angst, OCs, an extremely long fic
Notes: The story is already finished, and only needs to be typed up. I will be posting this weekly until the end. Also, very loosely based on the Disappearance of Suzumia Haruhi

Summary: Norway wakes up one day and finds out that nobody remembers who Denmark is, and the history books are against him. Norway searches for the truth and fights to show that he is, in fact, sane...

Previous Chapters: Ch. 1, Ch. 2,Ch. 3, Ch. 4, Ch. 5

(Who was Norway kidding. It wasn't himself, obviously. And it' wasn't like anyone else could hear his thoughts.)


Title: They never expected this.
Characters/Pairing: AustriaxLithuania
Rating: G.
Warning: Mpreg, crack pairing.
Summary: Some harmless fun turns very differently from what the two would expect.

Note: Oh god, this was all inspired by a silly convo in the hetalia_rate community. We'll see how this turns out, I just HAD to write it! XD If you don't like Mpreg, don't read. Simple as that. But for the rest, I hope you like this little burst of insanity.
Also, I will continue this. This first piece is mostly a teaser ;D

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Luffy megane

[Fan art & Cosplay] A HUGE dump from this summer...

What an appetizing title. xD Anyways. I've been drawing quite a lot this summer and went to a bunch of anime conventions, so I thought I'd share.

Title: A HUGE dump from this summer...
Author/Artist: Me (as well as some photographers)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): MANY. Lessee. Spain x Romano, many variations of Romano, Prussia, Axis powers, Allied powers, Canada, Britannia Angel, and Chibirisu.
Rating: T, I suppose.
Warnings: Some Spamano crack and many silly pictures. And a pipe.
Summary: Some Hetalia fan art I've done this summer and cosplay pictures from Animazement, Chibi*Con, Anime Mid-Atlantic, and Otakon.

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Jareth Bitch

Question: Plushie Care!

So, just a quick question, I was hoping if you guys can help me out! 

I have seven little Hetalia plushies who have taken up residence on my bed.  I've noticed that they've started to get a little bit dirty from dust and lint and hair and such (lol, what a lovely place I live in).   Austria is looking a little gray!

Does anyone have any tips for cleaning them?  Light run through the washing machine?  Cleaning powder?  Dry cleaning?  Any other tips? 

Mods, feel free to delete this, but I think other plushie owners might benefit from any answers! 

AmericaxJapan doujin trade?

This is my first time posting something here, so... forgive me for being a n00b and not knowing how to post something up here correctly.

Anyway, I'm trading a shota!AmericaxJapan shonen-ai doujinshi for a doujin of a different pairing, if anyone is will to trade with me you can comment on my deviantart journal or place a comment here. I'd like to know what anyone wants to trade with.

Italy brothers

Linking: New community! [Kitayumeverse]

Hi there! I come bringing a new community for fans of that elusive cross-dresser Noto-sama or any of the other old Himaruya characters that have appeared in Hetalia and related games like Noto-sama 6. It's also a place to discuss the old series they originated from along with those things.

You can find it here at

A place for your fanworks, discussions, and all that great stuff! Enjoy!
ghanima leto

Doujinshi For Sale!


Doujinshi For Sale!

I have to part with a few of my doujin to pay some bills. Most of them are $10. Look under the cut for more information!
Prices are in US dollars
Paypal only
All doujin are in Japanese and in mint condition
Email me at with any questions or PM me here!

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Memories Never End



Because we're in need of many canon characters and since we're new, we don't have them yet. It's all about history but is also open to many other things like events and AUs, crack and whatever you like. We mainly focus on  history though and when you do join, you'll be able to see the many threads that are about to come. Have a suggestion? Please do tell, so we can become a better forum and more fun too!

OCs are allowed as well and you can have a canon and an OC but only after you posted at least a 100 messages. We want to prevent inactivity after all, but if ya need to be absent, no worries, just post inthe Absenct thread!

Are you interested in going through time and see for yourself how events took place, giving your own thoughts about it as well, then join Memories Never End!

Before you join carefully read the Rules and go to the Character List to see which characters are still available. Do NOT make an account yet, unless you're app has been approved or you wanna post a WIP. Don't worry about being rejected, we're not that strict and the application isn't too difficult. We just want to make sure you know at least the most important parts of your country.

We're really looking for a France, Sweden, Greece, Russia and almost every Asian nation! Of course we're waiting for any other character as well~ We'll be happy to have you join us~

Don't hesitate to ask any questions if you're confused about something! Just poke at one of the Admins~!

[RP] Radioactive Memories - WE REALLY NEED MEMBERS!

☣ Radioactive Memories ☣

Radioactive Memories has been restarted and reopened!
Most characters are available

The date was 2030, and WWIII had made a wasteland of the world.
The countries who knew about the impending doom retreated to fallout shelters, trying to save as many of their people as they could. However, the lush world as they knew it had been transformed into a decaying land of waste and radioactivity.

Skip ahead almost two hundred years, to 2234, when some of the countries make their first trip back out into the world to rebuild their civilization. It won't be easy, however. Raiders, mutants, and other malicious creatures live in the wastes, and have made it their home. Several small cities are scattered around, comprised of the few unfortunate souls who didn't make it into a fallout shelter yet managed to survive in the ragged wastelands.

It's up to you to rebuild what was destroyed. Your country is now new again, as "Neu ______" and must do whatever need be to restore their former glory. 

We really need RPers! Most characters are open! If you are interested, check us out here!

[FANART] Mediterranean UNbirthday!

Title: Mediterranean UNbirthday! (you know, DA won't let me add that exclamation point)
Author/Artist: flo_bizet
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Greece's cats and Egypt's dog
Rating: G
Warnings: Soooooo much detailing I'm afraid it might give people headaches
Summary: A un/ACTUAL birthday present for chromatic_coma!

(Forgot the preview!)

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fool itachan

[Cosplay] Allies in Black: US & Russia - US: Independence Sky - USUK: Cute kiss meme.

Yay...  I'm back X"D
We were so lazy lately because the Japan Day is coming near >"< We have to practice for our performance (Gintama and 7 years war) and filming the cosplay video for the Cosclip contest. That's why we don't have time to do more photoshoots >"<

These are some albums we finished lately :") Hope you all will like it. And don't forget to give us your oppinoions X"D


Allies in black


US - Independence Sky

USUK - Cute kiss meme

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{Cosplay Video} Telephone Parody (Hetalia ver.)

【APH】Telephone Parody (Hetalia ver.) -- VünderBra Productions

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I dont even-- FFFFF.
man oh man we had a bit too much fun making this video.
sorry if the pairing is sorta random XD originally it was going to be a russia/belarus video but some of us didn't feel like wearing our wig that day /COUGH ಠ_ಠ

Hope you enjoy this as much as we did!
Comments are appreciated :D

PS: And yes those are MALE Hetalia cosplayers XD and I can honestly say they enjoy cosplaying hetalia way too much lolol.
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Younger Experiences {Chibis & Countries !} NEED MORE CANONS!

Here once more to advertise for young experiences! Many canons are still open up for the take such as, Russia, China, Japan, Germany and many more! Other chibis still open too!

In the year 2010, all the countries stood on their own, and were left array without wars. Sure they had some now and then, and even if they were long-lasting, they weren't as bad as the World Wars they faced before in the past. And you could actually say they were in peace with each other. Or at least not in havoc. Of course they still had grudges towards one another but other then that, they were in tranquility and lived on their own; some not even talking to their countries that they allied from long ago. Not even communicating with them at all. Too interfaced with other of their own problems, they had to deal with. You could say it wasn't a great life, but they lived amongst like this for years, and continued to live like this in their own version of 'peace. Independence, they lived.

That was only in till one day, when England decided to do something one afternoon.

He decided to cast a spell on the countries. It wasn't something really unusual he would do, but it was the effect that gave everyone damage. When the spell was cast, it wasn't the revenge he wanted to pull on the country's front door. No, No, it was something terribly even more worse. It was them as a child. More or less, you could say it was their exact clone of them, which was totally not what England expected, as a side effect. With the economy low, and the problems they were already facing, the country's had no idea what were they going to do with them. I mean finding a clone of yourself would be pretty awkward right? Especially for a clueless country, like all of them. And before they could run in panic, they noticed something that eased them about the their little selves. Sure they already knew they were countries, but there was one thing the little adolescent sprouting didn't know. To them it seemed like they forgot all their country's history, enemies, allies, and even washed away all the other country's names, besides themselves, being clueless on who was around them. And that struck the country's an idea.

An idea of them all becoming their mentors, placing them in a school to educate themselves about their past. Of course it wasn't going to be a built academy just for them. The World Academy was too full to occupy little children. But luckily for them they found a vacant school in the coast of New York, not to far away from the civilians, but not to close, and decided to transfer all the country's little ones over there. And who were going to teach them you ask? Well that's the idea they mentioned about. Them. Since they created the school to be private for only their offspring, they decided to reflect all of their history/interests/wars onto the children, without fussing about any humans noticing. Though this wasn't the only thing they were going to do either. When school is done, they even take their child home, to meet their families, etc; and even show them around their own country, or even visit another one; and hopefully, create them to the better country of themselves again.

But will the countries get along with each other, and bite their lip on their grudges? Will the Chibis get along with their older self? And most importantly, will the country's accomplish their task of succeeding them? Or will they teach them the wrong things?

It's unknown, and all up to you to decide. Old nations mentoring younger nations. Same country, but different personality. All we know is that all to them, will be a new young experience.
this is a literate roleplay. just opened. chibitalia collision. OCS welcome.
Still many canons and chibis open for taking~!


Sharing some hetalia doodles

I made a post to request doodles in my journal so I finished them

I thought I'd share them here

Artist: kanami_yuuta 
Characters: USA, UK, Sealand, Wy, Switzerland, Denmark, France, Germany, lithuania, poland, CANADA, France and little neko-talia
Rating: G
Warning: err... bad drawn?


( fake cut to my journal )
*Black Cameo*

Cosplayers that surprise you!

So, today while I was at work, I spotted someone in eerily familiar cosplay. I asked and... What do you know? They were cosplaying Norway! (And if you're reading this, I thought your costume was awesome and you're welcome to pop in any time! I'd love to meet more local people!)

But it got me wondering if anyone else has any stories of stumbling upon Hetalia Cosplayers just out and about? Thinly veiled attempt at finding that Norway from today is obvious, but-!


Title: They never expected this.
Characters/Pairing: AustriaxLithuania
Rating: G.
Warning: Mpreg, crack pairing.
Summary: Some harmless fun turns very differently from what the two would expect.

Note: Yeah, no real pairing fun just yet. But then again, who wants "fun" when you throw up all the time? 8D IT WILL COME THOUGH. JUST WAIT.  Also, the updates won't be huge, as I'm taking my time with this.

Previous chapters:
Chapter 1

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