August 25th, 2010

Denmark is full of glee

Art post.

Introduction: Short and sweet, just recently got into the Hetalia fandom, and it's by far my favorite that I've ever been in. Love love the fans, the storyline, everything. IT'S TOO INSPIRING.
So, I drew (read: doodled) a few pictures and I hope you'll all enjoy them!

Title: Bulk poast
Author/Artist: dialytic @ easeamodium 
Character(s) or Pairing(s):

[8] SuFin
[1] Austria/Hungary
[2] Finland
[1] Sweden
[1] England
[1] Germany
[1] Russia
Rating: Work-safe, all of them.
Warnings: None.
Just some little sketches I've done!


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[Fanfic] Picking up Ukraine part 1

Title: Picking up Ukraine 1
Author: Me kaiju_z
Character(s): Canada, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria and maybe more later on
Pairings(s): Canada x Ukraine, may include others at some point in further parts
Rating: Well, not sure about this (*sucks on rating*) I guess, so far it's PG-13
Warnings: Nothing that scary in part 1, but there will be threats in future chapters
Summary: Matthew visits Moscow to take Ukraine out on a date. Adventures bound to ensue!

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[Fanfic] Fluttering Chaos - chp01

First of six chapters for a fluff Austria/N.Italy fic I've been working on for the last week or so. ^^ (next is an angst GerIta with raped Italy from a request in the kink meme, which I'll be starting tomorrow) Please enjoy and if you comment, you'll make me happy (and it won't take you much :D)

Author: me
Title:Fluttering Chaos
Characters/Pairing: In this chapter Austria, Italy, Romano, Hungary. Austria/N.Italy, mentions of past Austria/Hungary.
Rating: K+
Warnings: aristocratic styled speech, lol.
Summary: Austria is suddenly faced with how much Italy has grown, and he simply can't look away anymore...

Fluttering Chaos 01

Fanfic: The Trouble With Americans

Title: The Trouble With Americans...
Fandom: Hetalia
Pairings/Characters: Kiku, Alfred, Ludwig, Feliciano
Rating: PG [for this chapter]
Warnings: offensive stereotyping, racial humor, profanity, and generally Alfred just being an ignorant American.

  Highschool AU. The exploration of the strange friendship between a studious Japanese boy and a rowdy, loud-mouthed blond American. Pre-slash. Eventual Alfred/Kiku

Chapter 1: Ethnicity

Chapter Two: Discipline

【US】 Stand in the rain


Axis Powers: Hetalia [45]
  (America + Japan + Italy + Germany, America, Fem!America, England/America,
   Russia/America, Fem!Russia/Fem!America, Italy, America/colony!America, China
   France/America + England, Germany/America, France, Japan, America/Canada,

Death Note [6]
  (Matt, Matt/Near)

Axis Powers: Hetalia [1]


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("Britain! Whatcha' doooooin~?")

[FANFIC] Lucid Memories 8/20 (REPOST)

I'm reposting this because I went back and realized that my original post had no link to the fake cut. Sorry for reposting this, here's the real link this time.
Title: Lucid Memories
Author/Artist: Rain_Sonata
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America/England/America or US/UK/US
Rating: PG-13, might raise up later
Warnings: boy love, occasional swearing, confusion of what's happening, longer chapters later on, hints of the existence of state-tans
Summary: Rev!America is brought back to the present, replacing the current America. By chance, England was there when all of this happened. Why is he here? What about his broken heart from the Revolutionary War?
( Link to Previous Chapters )
( Chapter 8 )
APH - Belarus "Well Behaved Women Rarely

Belarus/America cosplay pics!

First off I just wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful response to the male Allies cosplay group I posted previously in the month. The boys and I really appreciated all your kind words.

So, today is Belarus's (and my) birthday! I've already posted most of my shots as her on this community in the past, but the wonderful naoekun just sent me a few of the Belarus/America shots I took with my husband at Otakon. Yes, I know, crack pairing,I'm crazy, but I love it... For the few of you who don't mind it, here's the lot! The first five are a bit dark, but the next five were taken in daylight and edited by Jet herself, complete with angsty Russian lyrics >D

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If the shipper stuff is too much for ya, I have a few Belarus shots on my dev art (including my Funi postcard) here, here, and here, though they have all been on this community already. Anyway, happy birthday Natalia! <333!!!!
X-Men FC: E/C Field photo

Hetalia PWNED round 6

Round 6 of the Hetalia PWNED video series, featuring many characters and pairings but this round is especially good for the FR/UK fans out there. Make sure to watch right past the credits in this round....

(_Hetalia PWNED Round 6, follow the fake cut_)
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Push and Pull - A France/England FST

Early Birthday gift for lizzie8d.
You should know before hand though, that my outlooks on this couple aren't.... super positive, so this FST might be a little downhearted. Forgive me! I really did try to keep it as the push and pulls of a relationship,  something that has a long history and maybe a little denial and bitterness. If anything, I hope you find some new music to enjoy.

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[Fanfiction] Operation Doppelganger 6/?

Title: Operation Doppelganger 6/?
Author: eveliens/eeevee
Genre : humor/ romance (?)
Characters: America, Canada, Russia; one-sided RussiaxAmerica, CanadaxRussia
Rating: T for language and implied sexual situations
Warnings: snarky!Canada, human names, college AU
Summary: Matthew had thought this over a million times, now he just had to voice his idea. He cleared his throat and whispered, “Hey, you want my twin brother, I like you; I think we can work something out here.”
A/N: Hockey fail! This chapter brought to you buy someone who doesn't watch sports and only watched the World Cup for the uniforms and funny antics when someone scored.

Dead didn’t begin to cover what Alfred was…

[Fanfic] The Darkness Within Me Chapter 4/?

Title: The Darkness Within Me |
Characters: America, England, Russia, China, Japan, Canada, France, eventual others, and OCs. (In this chapter: America, England, Canada, China, Japan, Russia, and a few OCs.)
Rating: This chapter: PG13 for language. Eventually M.
Warnings: OCs. Human names. Eventual country deaths
Summary: It's a troubling time, where just being an everyday citizen is rough, but it's even harder for the nations who carry the burdens of all of their people. But what if they couldn't get better? What if the nations themselves begin to change as their people's fears into madness?
This chapter: What if the cure was worse than the disease?

Yup! It's Wednesday noon time (Pacific time) so that means it's your favorite time of the day (not really, haha). Even though I'm startin' up my final year of college, I can still upload my fanfics.
Tomorrow will be Tatemae. Enjoy!

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empires lolz

Turkey/America fic

Title: The Sea and Sky Beyond
Characters/Pairing: Turkey/America (you read that right)
Rating: PG13
Summary: A brief history of the commerce between the US and Ottoman Empire in the 19th century, shown through Turkey's eyes as he tries to define the color in America's own.

Notes: Written for hetaliasunshine 2010 with the prompt of Al going out to make some money in the world in a more modern sense than sacking kingdoms like the days of old. There was also the added desire of a rare pair, and what could be more rare than this one?

Click: Turkey has, of course, heard of America. England brags about the kid enough that all of Europe knows about him.
Wolf in the Woods
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[Fanfic] The Fall of the British Empire

Title: The Fall of the British Empire
Author: tenrai
Rating: PG
Characters: England, Rome, America, Canada, and appearances by South Korea, and Japan
Summary: If World of Warcraft and Hetalia collided, it would look nothing like this. The fall of the British Empire as told from a pretty well known cutscene. If you play WoW, of course.
Warnings: Crack. It's all crack. I know it looks serious's not. It's just a big joke that might make the people who play the game either laugh or cringe at the fact that yes, this scene just met this fandom.

Yes boys and girls, it is THAT meme
Try me.

Hetalia Imperium - World War III RP

No matter how hard each country tries to work towards peace, war is inevitable. Because in every nation is a small, irrepressible desire to dominate and rule; behind every treaty and agreement, an ulterior motive. Countries that were once powerful empires cannot deny their yearning for the days of old, while their colonies - those that have been repressed, abused, and forgotten - desire for power, acknowledgment, and glory.

Now, with the emergence of an alliance that is set on changing the world order, as well as the discovery of a new source of oil, the world has been plunged into World War III. Friendships that were previously thought to be unbreakable have been shattered, while love is being found in the most unlikely - and most unfortunate - of places. Nations that were once enemies have become the closest of allies, though not even those with the gentlest smiles can be trusted.

Welcome to Hetalia Imperium, where the fate of the world rests in your hands. Noblesse oblige - let those with power use it responsibly.

-Unique "Invasion" feature
-All skill levels are welcome
-Active, exciting chatbox
-Helpful, friendly, and active staff
-Ages 16+ recommended for mature themes.
-Several canons are still open, including America, Russia, Spain, Denmark, Greece, Hong Kong, and South Korea!

♕ - entente cordiale [aph]

[VID] Ukraine & Belarus' birthdays: Sad Romance.

Title: [APH] Ukraine & Belarus
Creator: Me, leriacossato
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Ukraine, Belarus, appearances by Russia, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.
Rating: PG-13
Song: Section of 'Sad Romance' by Thao Nguyen Xanh
Warning(s): Weapons, slight angst.
Summary: Originally I was going to make a separate video for Ukraine and Belarus each, but then I realised that I didn't have enough pictures of them separately to do that, and with Belarus' birthday a day after Ukraine's I thought: why not put them together into a joint sister birthday video?
So here it is, a video celebrating both Ukraine and Belarus. I love them two =w=
[Ukraine's birthday is on the 24th of August, Belarus on the 25th August.]

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[Cosplay] Colbertalia SacAnime

All right! All you wonderful fans of Hetalia! That's right. It's me again I'm afraid. SacAnime is just around the corner and I really need your help!

I am doing a skit that is a fusion of The Colbert Report and Hetalia.

If you don't know who Colbert is, check out his site here:

Basically, it's making fun of current news events, Hetalia-style! But I am a little short-handed.

Glitter Text -





For more information check us out on facebook:

romano- female

[Fic] Boss' Day Off

Title: Boss' Day Off
Author: cutthroatpixie
Rating: G
Characters: Spain and Chibiromano
Prompt: "Spain and child!Romano spending a light afternoon together (tomato-picking, siestas, playing, eating, anything you want)"
Summary: Spain gets a day off, so of course he spends his free time with his favourite little henchman.
Notes: Written for peculuiarities as part of hetaliasunshine

(Fanfic) Intimate Borders

Title: Intimate borders
Genre: Angst/Romance
Rating: PG-15 maybe PG-17?
Warning: Mention of homosexuality, mention of violence and rape, nothing graphic (at all, sorry)
Character: Germany centric, mention of Italy, Prussia and Russia.
Pairing: One sided GerIta and one-sided GerPru. (implied)
Summary: "My real life is made of hard work, housekeeping and personal basic needs. For the rest, I have the dreams". (Germany's pov)
Germany is not an human, therefore, he isn't allowed to have human feelings.
Except in his dreams.

I hope this is not too boring to read. Please comment and criticize if you feel the need to! c:


Hetalia Magazine?

I'm being so serious.

While looking at Sims 2 magazines (yeah...) I got a crazy idea. Online. Hetalia. Magazine...?

So...I ask you guys this. What sorts of articles would be in a fan based, fan run, online Hetalia magazine?
Of course it'd be full of advertisments, what magazine isn't? I was thinking of advertising anything from LJ comms to graphic comms to fanart pages, merch sellers, etc.

But I'd really love love love to hear suggestions on actual articles, or topics that could be covered week after week after week.

♕ - entente cordiale [aph]

[FANFIC] Mi querido enemigo

Author: Me, leriacossato @ ultio_ultionis
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Spain, England, France, Spain x England
Genre: Romance/Drama
Rating: T
Summary: Whilst at a bar, Spain sees one of his old enemies, and memories from the past begin to resurface.
[+ flamenco dancing]
A/N: sonofon, this is for you. It took me ages but it’s done now. 8)  ♥

Read at

Or follow the fake cut lol

(" you know how to dance el flamenco?")

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dirty looks

[Video] The Bed Intruder

Title: The Bed Intruder
Artist: frerardislove 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, Sweden/Finland, Sealand, Russia/Finland (implied almost rape), England, Austria/Hungary, Russia/Hungary (implied almost rape), Chibitalia, Holy Roman Empire, ChibiRomano, Spain. 
Rating: Pg-13
Warnings: Almost rape
Summary: Nations have been waking up to a stranger in bed with them. Luckily, this man gets scared away before any damage can be done. It is advised for everyone to hide their kids, wives, and husbands for safety, because everyone's getting raped up in there. This bed intruder has no reason to come forward, because they will find him. Homeboy. xD
A/N: Yes, this is the Huntsville Rapist Bed Intruder autotune song. If you haven't seen the news report and song, don't worry, I have provided the videos along with the one I created. :D All you have to do is click below!

(We gon find you)

Wolf in the Woods
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[Fanfic] A Certain Kind of Friendship

Title: A Certain Kind of Friendship
Author: tenrai
Rating: PG
Summary: Canada gets a rare look at two old enemies behaving civilly. Perhaps...too civilly.
Timestamp: Started 6th of June, 2010, finished 25th of August, 2010
Notes: This is a His Dark Materials/Hetalia crossover. Yes, you read that right. This fic features...

( Invisibility has its uses, I suppose )

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[Fanart] A dump turning into a landfill.

Title: major sketch dump collection
Artist: catgirlprime
Character(s): America, Austra/Liet, Sealand/Latvia, Greece, Belgium, Bad Touch Trio, Hungary...
Rating: E
Warnings: THESE ARE BIG FILES. 3K x 10K pixels. It'd be easier to zoom in your browser than click the image and make it full-view.
Summary: Collection of sketches from around July to now along with some chibi-colouring. [Drawn by hakumi6.]
There's Hetalia, some Durarara!! and original characters.
Click the image to go to my journal.
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Comic-y things A GO-GO!

Title - Various
Genre - Humour
Characters [1] France/England [2] New York/London/America [3] Madrid [4] Madrid/Tokyo/Beijing/Berlin
Ratings - noth'n
Warnings - teensy bit of light language

Summery: Doodles of WW2!London and WW2!NewYork [complete with 'tache] A little sketch of Chibi!Madrid and a preview of TWINS part3

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Part three, AustriaxLithuania

Title: They never expected this
Author/Artist: ME~
Character(s) or Pairing(s): AustriaxLithuania, but Poland gets to be there too.
Rating: still G
Warnings: Mpreg, crackpairing
Summary: Still no real pairing stuff, but it's getting there. Lithuania and Austria got drunk at Denmark's party and that one night had fateful consequences.

Note: Like said earlier, small and crappy updates.

Previous chapters:
Chapter 1 Chapter 2

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cute ukraine

[ fic ] A Work In Progress - 8/?

Title: A Work In Progress
Author/Artist: c'est moi ~
Character(s)or Pairing(s): Giripan mainly, but other characters and pairings will surface as the story goes along.
Rating: T for mpreg, mentions of sex, etc.
Warnings: Liberal use of both human and nation names, etc etc.
Summary: This wasn't supposed to happen; not to him. He was careful, he loved his life exactly as it was. Yet with the delivery of one little miracle, the world of Kiku Honda is burst open into a bloom of love, discovery, and triumph. (new description, saaaame story.)

And, of course, as was the custom whenever Kiku started to develop a less-than-perfectly-respectful attitude (even if it never showed its face), the world just had threw a punch to the face his way.
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[Fanfic] Picking up Ukraine part 3

Title: Picking up Ukraine 3
Author: Me kaiju_z
Character(s): Canada, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria and more later on
Pairings(s): Canada x Ukraine, may include others at some point in further parts
Rating: Well, not sure about this (*sucks on rating*) I guess, so far it's PG-13
Warnings: Russia does not approve
Summary: Matthew visits Moscow to take Ukraine out on a date. Adventures bound to ensue!
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Celebrating a month of active forum fun!

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to play Canada in a land full of magic and dragons? What about China in a world of Vampires? Poland in a high school dedicated to the arts? Do you like forums that don't die after a week of life? Do you like active members and interesting OOC talk?

What if there was a forum able to provide this and more?

Well, look no further!

Theatrum Mundi is a forum with lots of canon characters open based around multiple AU worlds that you can choose from to play in. The sky’s the limit! We even have a general history world for those of you that prefer the historical side of Hetalia.

At the moment, we are looking especially for a Canada, China, Iceland, Netherlands, and Ukraine, but all are welcome!!

We are now accepting OCs!

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(no subject)

Title: Grå
Author: isakana
Characters: Denmark, mentions of the other Nordics
Rating: G...?
Warnings: None
Summary: Kink meme de-anon, to a request that asked for Denmark being monophobic/scared of being alone. I read the wiki on it, and it said about hating yourself, but I focused on him hating being alone.
I hope I portrayed it correctly, and that you enjoy it~

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