August 31st, 2010

Hetalia World Cup: Day 9

Turkey vs. Latvia; France vs. Hong Kong; Denmark vs. Finland

What appears to be three one-sided matches on paper turn out to be pretty contested. Not only that, but we have a Nordic fight, with Su-san sure to be patrolling the sidelines to keep Denmark honest. Latvia raises eyebrows by at least doing his frantic scrambling *with* the ball, Hong Kong continues to be stubborn, and you'll never believe who makes the biggest flub of the tournament so far. Meanwhile, America tries to get a game of American football together. It doesn't end well.

The FIFA World Cup in South Africa is over, but the Hetalia World Cup lives on! Thirty-two Hetalia countries from Italy to Iceland are invited. The draw is random and matches will be simulated through the FIFA World Cup '06 video game. Because it's the 2006 edition, Germany gets saddled with the task of hosting, which may prove to be more tiring than actually playing. Along the way, we'll have commentary, interviews, and behind the scenes access.

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[Fanfiction] Oz/Kiwi ficlets + France/Spain drabbles

Title: Oz/Kiwi Ficlets – A Proper Fee, To the Sweet
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Genre(s): Humor/Romance
Character(s)|Pairing(s): Australia/New Zealand
Rating/Warning(s): PG, some questionable language, two boys kissing (oh, the horror!)
Summary: Brotherly love, even when your brother is an intolerable git/temperamental brat.
Notes: Two gift ficlets/drabbles for [info]katamanda , just because I can.

A Proper Fee – Dealing with some nonsense called kissing gates )


For the Sweet – Baking lamingtons and arguing domesticity )


Title: To the Ground
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Genre(s): Historical/Angst/Drama
Character(s)|Pairing(s): France/Spain
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13, disturbing imagery, blood
Word Count: 847
Summary: Long, long awaited drabble request for [info]mikazuki_kagami , who asked for France/Spain interaction during the Franco-Spanish War of 1823.


Seeing Spain bound was both alluring and disturbing. It was rather like seeing a colt upon the ground, the long and delicate and fragile legs folded up and twisted and trapped. )

>_< I need to stop biting off more than I can chew when it comes to fic trades/requests...

(fanfic) Chamber Music

My first foray into Nyotalia! Surprisingly enough, it's not total crack. That is...not TOTAL crack.

Title: Chamber Music
Author/Artist: joatamon
Character(s) or Pairing(s): HungaryxAustria, HRExItaly, implied Hungaryx...?
Rating: T for suggestive themes and crude humor, which any Hetalia fan has to be desensitized to by now
Warnings: This is a NYOTALIA story, so everyone is genderswitched!
Summary: Three little slices of life and love in the Holy Roman Empire household, each from a different perspective. Sweetness, silliness, and tsundere abound!

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[fanfic] tear down this wall

TITLE: Tear Down This Wall
AUTHOR/ARTIST: moirae @ hetaliasunshine
CHARACTERS/PAIRINGS: Hungary ; Austria ; Prussia ; Germany (& pretty much every pairing possible therein)
NOTES (optional): At the bottom!
SUMMARY: [1989] As the Berlin Wall and all it represents come falling down, those who were separated by it must find a way to knit themselves back together.
written for digging_4_more as a pinch hit for hetaliasunshine's 2010 main round.

( “I can feel him, Hungary. Just across that stupid wall. He’s there, he’s waiting for me. And no Russian bastard’s gonna keep us apart, not anymore.” )

Tokyopop's Hetalia Trailer

Apparently this was shared yesterday, but that post got deleted for some reason so here it is for people like me who missed it 8D

So yeah, here's the Trailer that Tokyopop released for the Hetalia manga.
Collapse )

Also it seems like they got rid of the honorifics for everyone accept Japan :D Looks like they're still listening to us! <3

I actually like it more than the Funimation trailers, even if the silly sound-effects are a tad distracting XD Anyway hope you enjoy!
Iceland with puffins

[Scans] Animania

I have no idea what to tag this. And I feel like I'm spamming the com with random stuff.

Today, I'm bringing you... a scanned article about "Paint it, White!" from the German Animania! Nothing new in it, no new pictures or anything, but... well yeah. If anybody is interested in it, I could also scan the Hetalia-article from a Hungarian magazine my friend bought. c:
Sorry that the right side of the first page is sorta cut off, but I guess that you can still understand it if you understand German.

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[RP] NekoTalia Academy!


You thought your school was weird? Think again.

Located in where the sun rises, NekoTalia Academy is unlike any other. Mohawks and piercings? Goths and delinquents? Try cat ears and animal characteristics.

The students tend to have something.. different, about them; however, no one here seems to notice. Every day, hundreds of students mill around NekoTalia Academy's campus like it was any other day -- laughing, fighting, gossiping, making friends -- and not a single double makes its way toward the oddities of half the populations. Just what you ask? Did I really mention cats ears? Yes. You see, walking down the halls of NekoTalia Academy, it's not rare, strange, or bizarre to meet a student with a pair of cat ears propped neatly on their head. Are they real? Of course, and don't be surprised if you see a tail either. There are other 'animal people' about campus too; cats, dogs, rabbits, wolves, foxes.. you name it.

How did this happen? Well, no one really knows, and since the academy's been around for over a hundred years now, it's origins along with any suitable explanations as to how these people or the school came to be, have been lost to time. But, who cares, right? You're here to get an education, not to gawk at others. Even though they look different, there isn't much of a difference between the 'regular' students and those with animal attributes. (Though it is rumored, not confirmed, that those with the attributes retain some characteristics from the animal they pertain to.)

So whether you're accustomed to this unique academy, or it's your first year full of surprises, NekoTalia Academy has chosen to open it's doors to you. (Come on now, it's a great school academically, otherwise, how would it still be around?)

You would be crazy not to accept.. There's over a million schools all over the world, and this is the only one of it's kind. Why spent your time at a boring, 'normal' school, when you can be attending THE NekoTalia Academy instead?

join us now. can be either a human or a animal. <3 150-200 word mininum.

still in many need of characters like: japan, Liechtenstein, denmark, sweden, latvia, hungary, etc; !

[Offical] Sweden Scenario - Prussia Minigame Screenshots

Because I saw someone try to do this before only to have the blue panel in it.. i figured a way to get that panel away (though it was a bitch to get the other panels that way D:) but I decided to get every scneario screen shot from each one for your pleasure :3 right now I only got Sweden.. but I'll get the rest to ya soon! (I dont have the intro yet though..) but enjoy the pictures!!

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「ヘタィア || カナダ」DERISHUS
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Welcome to Liberty, USA, the little world inside a big city. Liberty has it all: the diversity, the culture, the style... And it's like no place on earth because its population is made up of real-life incarnations of nations from around the world.

LOLOCRACY! is an Axis Powers Hetalia roleplaying game... with a twist! It's focused on the modern lives of the nations as 100% plain ol' human beings: your average people that work hard and play hard.

We are currently looking for: Japan, France, China, Spain, Liechtenstein, Turkey, Estonia, Cuba, Egypt, Roman Empire, Germania, Australia, Thailand, and Netherlands.

OCs are welcome!


[Fanfic] - Prussia's date and Germany's headache

Title:Prussia's date and Germany's headache.
Author/Artist: deadliesthero 
Character(s) or Pairing(s):
Germany, France, Canada, England and America/Fem!Prussia.
Warnings: Genderbender
After finding out that his sister has a date, Germany frantically begins to make calls to various nations in an attempt to find out who would take Prussia out for a date.

Poor Germany is going to have a headache after this.

[RP] Creatures of Hetalia

Creatures of Hetalia

Have you ever wondered what the animals in Hetalia do when they're not hanging around their owner? Who are they friends with and who do they dislike?

Well wonder no more. HetaCreatures is an RP in which you roleplay not as the characters of Axis Powers Hetalia, but as their pets. In most RPs they are mentioned, but don't play a big role. In this one it's the other way around.

So whether you'd want to run around as one of Germany's dogs, be the totally fabulous pony of Poland or be awesome like Gilbird, this is the place to be.

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