September 2nd, 2010

Useful Pigeon

[Selling!] Plushies, Metal Character charms, World cup, box mascots, coasters, posters, cosplay

Heading back to school sale @_@

Plushies: Prussia x2, England x1
Metal Charms: America, England, France, Spain, Estonia, Egypt, Italy, White Flag
World Cup: Official Hetalia Shirt, poster
Coasters: 2nd set- Iceland, Sweden, Finland, UkxJapan, Liech, Switzerland
Box mascots: Russia, Sweden
Namja Town Movie event: Greece/Turkey/Japan sticker, Prussia Sticker, Russia button, Russia screen cleaner
Stick posters: England, China, Japan, Germany, Italy x2
Etc: Prussia Movie keychain, Takara Tomy Japan and Germany keychains, Prussia/Austria/Switz poster
Cosplay: Austrian Succession/7 years war Austria cosplay

WANT TO TRADE: Prussia or England Plush for new Russia plush

See cut for prices/pics

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[Oneshot] To the End of the Universe (USxUK)

Title: To the End of the Universe [ FF.NET LINK ]
Genre: Romance/Sci-Fi
Pairing(s): AmericaxEngland
Rating/Warnings: PG, just fluff.
Summary: The year is 2650. Many things have changed, but just as many remain the same. America and England, for example, still hate goodbyes and love each other.
Note: Written for abarero. This is NOT AU. It just takes place in a theoretical future. If you take the time to read it, I hope you all enjoy!

( They were miles above the Earth, above the atmosphere and surrounded by the starriest of skies... )

[Fancomic] Hetalia Children Series

 Title: Chapter 1 : Korhong
Artist: alittlemerm8
Writers: alittlemerm8, pinkstitchy, thepastafreak
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Korea, Hong Kong
Rating: PG16?
Warning: The contents of this comic contains a collection of ideas from random sources of inspiration and and come together to form a comic filled with fangirlish crack....It is the combination of sugar, hyper active behavior, long boring moments, and an evil group of fangirl minds...
Summary: Funny stuff dude~ Funny stuff~

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Hello everyone! I'm just posting to let everyone know about the Hetalia panel we will be running at ANIME FEST DALLAS this weekend! Anime Fest will be September 3rd-September 6th in Dallas, Texas.

That's right, the HETALIA FAN PANEL.

This is the general Hetalia panel, not the Ask-A-Nation Panel that has also been pimped here (although that one should be awesome as well!).

I will be running it with abarero and pantstacular. We hope to see a great turnout! We know it's really early, but we hope you'll join us this Labor Day morning nonetheless. We'll also be playing a round or two of Hetalia match game at the panel, which has been super fun and successful at other panels we've run. There will be prizes for winners of the game.

Date: Monday, September 6th
Time: 9-10:30 A.M.
Location: Panel Room One

If anything is changed, we will let you know immediately upon finding out!

If you're going to be at Anime Fest, feel free to reply and introduce yourselves (or let us know who you are cosplaying)! The three of us panelists will be wearing Norway, Denmark, and Sweden.

happy spain

Truth Be Told, Chapter One

Title: Truth Be Told
Chapter: One
Rating: T
Genre: Comedy/Romance with a bit of Angst...yum
Warnings: Language, suggestive situations
Pairing: Spain/Romano
Also appearing in this chapter: France, Prussia, Hungary, Austria, and England

Summary: The Well of Uncomfortable Truths is discovered and deals Spain a hard fact: “Whenever you said you loved him, you didn’t really mean it. You were thinking of his brother. They were empty words.” But who was it talking about? And will Romano be convinced?

Done for this request:

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Poland - who me?
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Fic: Five Times Poland, Like, Totally Pwned Everything (G)

Title: Five Times Poland, Like, Totally Pwned Everything
Author: daegaer
Characters: Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Italy Veneziano, Italy Romano, Germany, Prussia, America, Japan, Hungary, Denmark, Korea, Slovakia, France, Wales
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Notes: Written for the current round of hetaliasunshine, to sedynnet's prompt, something good happening to Poland. Thank you to puddingcat for beta-reading!
Summary: Five recent events in Poland's history.

Five Times Poland, Like, Totally Pwned Everything

Memories Never End


An rp forum all about history but is also open to many other things like events and AUs, crack and whatever you like. We mainly focus on  history though and when you do join, you'll be able to see the many threads that are about to come. Have a suggestion? Please do tell, so we can become a better forum and more fun too!

Right now we opened up an Asylum AU and we're already choosing for another one that will come soon~

OCs are allowed as well and you can have a canon and an OC but only after you posted at least a 100 messages. We want to prevent inactivity after all, but if ya need to be absent, no worries, just post inthe Absenct thread!

Are you interested in going through time and see for yourself how events took place, giving your own thoughts about it as well, then join Memories Never End!

Before you join carefully read the Rules and go to the Character List to see which characters are still available. Do NOT make an account yet, unless you're app has been approved or you wanna post a WIP. Don't worry about being rejected, we're not that strict and the application isn't too difficult. We just want to make sure you know at least the most important parts of your country.

We're really looking for Belgium, Romano, lots of other European countries and almost every Asian nation!  We'll be happy to have you join us~

Don't hesitate to ask any questions if you're confused about something! Just poke at one of the Admins~!

[Fanfic] Operation Doppelganger 7/?

Title: Operation Doppelganger 7/?
Author: eveliens/eeevee
Genre : humor/ romance (?)
Characters: America, Canada, Russia; one-sided RussiaxAmerica, CanadaxRussia
Rating: T for language and implied sexual situations
Warnings: snarky!Canada, human names, college AU
Summary: Matthew had thought this over a million times, now he just had to voice his idea. He cleared his throat and whispered, “Hey, you want my twin brother, I like you; I think we can work something out here.”
A/N: Introducing the Axis of Frosting and Belgium. With a bit of his Awesomeness. And fudge, mmm.  And this is your warning: odd pairings throughout the fic. And butchered German.

And Ivan was definitely the cobra: he was strong and fearless and contained a male aphrodisiac

[AMV] Love is War

Various pairings, really various, but no cracks, so you won't be bored (I hope so) :3
Almost all nations that exist in Hetalia - just without micronations and Bulgaria with whom I couldn't find any good looking non-crack!pairing fanart D: Sorry! Some pairings appear more than once.
My very first time using Vegas, sorry for any fails.

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[Fanfic] Tatemae 5/5

Title: Tatemae |
Characters: America and Japan
Rating: PG
Warnings: Human names and, in this chapter only, minor violence
Summary: Two nations meeting is always full of tense and awkward moments. So how did one of the longest lasting friendships start, fall, and rebuild? (This story connects to my other story The Darkness Within Me, but is not needed to understand the full story.)
This chapter: The end.


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JJ's happiness
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Fancomics, fanarts and history: Barbarossa e la Lega Lombarda - Part 2

Title: "Barbarossa e la Lega Lombarda"
Author: J.J.
Characters on the whole: Chibi North Italy Veneziano (Feliciano Vargas), Holy Roman Empire (Ludwig?), Chibi South Italy Romano (Lovino Vargas), Roman Empire, Germania, France (Francis Bonnefoy), England (Arthur Kirkland), Spain (Antonio Fernandez Carriedo) and an OC, Mafia (Salvatore Martura).
Characters in this part: Chibi North Italy Veneziano (Feliciano Vargas), Holy Roman Empire (Ludwig?)
Warning: There’s lot of history and still this is a very summarized version of the events of that time (things were much more complex and, if you’re interested in knowing more, please read a book). It’s unbetaed and includes cussing in assorted Italian regional languages.
Summary: A quick look into how Holy Roman Empire and Italy married and how things went between the two of them during medieval time. Yes, really.

Part 1: How Holy Roman Empire and Italy ended up as a married couple
Part 2: How Holy Roman Empire and Italy ended up as having a big argument
Part 3: Holy Roman Empire vs. Italy 1-1
Part 4: The arguing continues
Part 5: Peace again?
Extra: Is Italy suffering of split personality?


[APH] sweet dreams

(no subject)

Title: My First Kiss [Part 1]
Author/Artist: apodysophiliac
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Turkey/Greece [Sadiq/Heracles]
Rating: PG-13 for now
Warnings: Inebriation and suggestive content. Nothing too graphic yet
Summary: Based off "My First Kiss" by 3OH!3. Sadiq Adnan is drawn to an incredibly beautiful man, whose name he does not know. A night of tension. A night of lust. A night of firsts.

.My First Kiss.
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WA! Wa!! World Ondo Piano Version Sheet Music!

Ahh, I hope I'm doing this right, it's my first post ever.

I was listening to the piano version of WA! Wa!! World Ondo and I thought it was really beautiful, so I went looking for some sheet music, but I didn't find any. So, I decided to transcribe it myself.
So far, I've only managed to transcribe the first part, but I think it sounds 100% accurate and I wanted to share it with everybody!

Sheet music here!

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I deeply apologize if I'm doing this wrong.

Fic: The Trouble With Americans: Chapter 4

Title: The Trouble With Americans...
Fandom: Hetalia
Pairings/Characters: Kiku, Feliciano, Feliks, Ludwig
Rating: PG
Warnings: offensive stereotyping, racial humor, offensive ethnic jokes, profanity, and generally Alfred just being an ignorant American. This particular chapter includes a very offensive German joke and some German stereotyping.

  Highschool AU. The exploration of the strange friendship between a studious Japanese boy and a rowdy, loud-mouthed blond American. Pre-slash. Eventual Alfred/Kiku

Chapter 1: Ethnicity

Chapter 2: Disipline
Chapter 3: Math

(Chapter 4: BDSM)


[cosplay] Spain! ♥

So I decided to actually try to take some nice pictures of this cosplay! Because I never had before. Boo.
There are also a few of me as North Italy just dorking around.
This Spain outfit is so simple and comfy, I love it more than the military uniform hehee.
EDIT: I added a turtle picture~

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Thank you so much for looking!♥

Hetalia Day!

I'm not a member of the Hetalia Day so I hope it's okay if I ask this there.

Can people please share with me some pictures of their Hetalia Day meets? It's for a magazine article I'm writing for the Hetalia webzine of mine, and I've never been to a con, let alone meet, so I'm turning to you guys for help!

Also, giving me a brief explanation as to what some of you did during such meets would be nice. I don't think I'll be quoting anyone directly, but I'll definitely mention some things.

Ah, and please dont feel offended if I dont chose to use your photographs in this article. xP I can only pack so many pictures into a few pages...

Please only post a photo if you're the one who took it or you know who took it. I want to properly credit everyone. Thanks.
  • aeld

[ANIMATION STILLS] Pub and Go! [ + Prev sketches of NY/London]

Title - Pub and Go! Animation
Genre - Humour
Characters England/America/Spain/Romano/France/Others
Ratings - nothing offensive
Warnings - Britannia fairy up to no good <3

Summery: Some more stills of the animation i'm making for 'Pub and Go' and a little preview of some NY/London stuff for anyone who likes those two as well :)

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Peace Out Sealand

[Fanfic] The Tallest Man, The Broadest Shoulders

Title: The Tallest Man, The Broadest Shoulders   
Author:  Me! Crazymonkey7137
Characters: America and England
Rating: PG? England's character coming off as a little possessive would be the only reason for that
Warnings: Umm, England being possessive (reflective of the time perios which is pre-Revolution America) 
Summary: England contemplates his charge and comes to some realizations. Namely, that children grow too fast and parents are incapable of handling that.

The title for this fic comes from a song by Sufjan Stevens. Check it out! It's a great song and Sufjan Stevens made two albums based off of Michigan and Illinois respectively. Great America soundtrack stuff. 


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Hetalia Day: Portsmouth NH News

I decided on a location for in case it rains.

Fun Spot!

It's the world's largest arcade and Im sure we'll have fun there. So keep in mind all Portsmouth Hetalia Day attendies, that the place to meet if it's raining is Fun Spot in Merridith, close to the Weirs.
We'll meet around noon or so. But remeber...ONLY if it's raining. If it's not raining we'll still meet at Prescot Park in Portsmouth.

Also, who made the icon Im useing?
cackletta + peach
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[Fanart] Germany/Italy

Hey guys, I bring an art for you~

Artist: Me, Selan Pike!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany/Italy
Rating: G, unless teh gay bumps it up to PG.
Warnings: The post contains non-Hetalia art too, but the Hetalia one's right at the top so you don't have to scroll down if you aren't interested.
Summary: Italy catches Germany by surprise with a kiss.

( Click the fake cut! )

[FanArt] More history class Wednesdays! (on Thursday)

Oh look, I'm back from history class again, with more screwing around. =3

Artist: Meeee
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany, Prussia, Russia, Hungary, Austria, France, England
Rating: G
Summary: European history focusing mostly on Germany's relations from 1871-1914

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  • moirae

[fanfic] dedication

TITLE: Dedication;
AUTHOR/ARTIST: moirae @ hetaliasunshine
CHARACTERS/PAIRINGS: Hungary ; Austria ; Prussia (& pretty every pairing possible therein)
NOTES (optional): n/a
SUMMARY: Written for the prompt "Something sweet and maybe romantic about Prussia and Austria and Hungary as a dedicated threesome."

( When they break apart, Prussia guffaws out a laugh and Austria’s cheeks are bright red. Hungary, however, just smiles softly to herself, because her life has finally reached an equilibrium, and one that she is more than happy with. )

[Fanfic] La Vie En Rose

 Alright. This is the first fanfiction I have ever posted anywhere publicly. It's probably the fifth I've ever written. I've read some pretty spectacular Hetalia fics, so I wanted to give it a shot. After writing a few of these I started feeling stupid because how am I going to know if I'm any good if I don't put myself out there? 

So this is me. Putting myself out there. Please, criticize me to death if needed. Chase me away from the fandom with bayonets. If anyone sees this, that is.

Oh god I'm so nervous. 

Title: La Vie En Rose
Author: meridianvase aka Marie
Characters: France/Germany (sort of...)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Some fondling and general France-y-ness
Summary: During Germany's occupation of France in WWII, beloved French singer Edith Piaf sings for a group of German soldiers. You'd be crazy to believe the French Resistance doesn't have something to do with this.

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  • kaiju_z

[Fanfic] "Say you love me"

Title: "Say you love me"
Author/Artist: kaiju_z
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Bulgaria x Belarus, Russia, mention of Lithuania, suggested Russia x Bulgaria
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Unlady like cussing. Is "Unlady" a word?! Oh well, I'm making it one >8T Also some angst.
Summary: It's raining. Russia's drunk and cold, Bulgaria's Bulgaria and Belarus... is jealous and angsty.


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Wandering // Naruto

[Fanfic] "Bureaucratic Fantastic!"

Title: Bureaucratic Fantastic!
Characters: Prussia, teenage!Germany, Austria, Hungary.
Genre: Crack. Very, very crack.
Rating: ...Uh, PG-13?
Wordcount: 1650
Warnings: Ridiculous innuendo, and a kink that's so damn weird as to not even be kinky.
Summary: Teenage boys will be teenage boys. But as Prussia, Austria, and Hungary are about to find out, the young Germany has some exceedingly unnatural desires.
A/N: Praise be to the wonderful didgeridoodle for betaing and being awesome.

"We can't forget that there are ladies present. And Hungary."

O hai mods, I didn't feel like this needed a mature tag. If you disagree, I'll tag it. <3
Russia - death fears HIM

Hetalia day in Austin?

Hello..! I haven't been checking the community lately so I only recently heard about the Hetalia Day 2010 meetings.

I was amazed to see so many cities participating, but didn't see my city on the list, so...

I started to have a tiny hope in my heart that maybe, just maybe... there are Hetalia fans in Austin, Texas who would like to get together on that day for a meeting? '3')

I got curious and wondered how many fans like me are hiding in my city. *3*

If there are enough people here maybe we can organize our own event somewhere in town~