September 7th, 2010


[FANFIC] On London's Stage [5/12]

Title: On London’s Stage
Author: Faeriesnook

Summary:  AU: Getting lost while on a tour of London was not something that Alfred had planned. Neither was stumbling into a theatre and coming across a paint-splattered Brit reciting Hamlet.
I don’t own Hetalia in anyway shape or form. I also do not own Hamlet.

‘Can I do that one day?’ I asked him what he meant, he just pointed to the stage. ‘Can I make magic?’.”

Hetalia at Geek.Kon.

Hey everyone, as you were aware Geek.kon had a Hetalia panel that Eric Vale, the dub  voice of America attended. I do not have video of it since I was on the panel but I will locate some soon. Here are some pictures from the panel and the photoshoot that followed, plus a few I collected at the con. There are not as many as I usually collect but that is because I was on staff at this con.
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senator shockwave

[Fanfic] This Old House Ch. 8

Title: This Old House
Pairing/Characters: None, England, Canada, America
Warnings: Child death
Rating: T
Summary: When Alfred discovered the house he knew he had to buy it. Too bad he never really thought about why it was left vacant for almost a century or about those footsteps in the empty halls, the feelings of being watched or about that picture of the little boy

Chapter 1

Chapter 8
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[ art dump ]

First time posting non icons entry. ;;

Title: Pirate Spain
Artist: estoques
Character(s): Spain
Rating: G
Warnings: Messy coloring.
Summary: 3-in-the-morning fanart.

Title: Chibi Romano
Artist: estoques
Character(s): South Italy
Rating: G
Warnings: None?
Summary: A coloring pencil doodle which turned out to be quite good.

Plus another doodle of Spain but that's just a crappy doodle

here @ my journal

The preview images all together are 300x200 so I guess it's fine? To dear Mods, please remind me if I should change them ;; Thanks beforehand!

[FANART/ SELLING] i bring thee uber cheap COMMISSIONS~~ $5!!!!

Title: comiishhesss
Character(s) or Pairing(s): spain/russia, FEM!UK, Korea, Canada, US, taiwan/japan
Rating: G
Warnings: -
Summary: poor girl asking fer sympathy that lovely peoples would commision herrrr.

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Friedrich II | Chicken

[RP advertisement] Carriero

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Carriero is a panfandom, horror, asylum-setting RP. There will be three events a month, a very slow and itty plot, and powers are partly reduced outside of events - and characters that have no supernatural powers that they cannot use in combat gain one little, itty power (This would probably apply to all/almost all nations ♥). We will open the 24th of September.

Apps opened yeesterday, and currently we have no reserves for Hetalia characters. I'd personally love to see ones, though (and do consider apping someone myself), so~ Please have a look at it ♥
Blame it on the Cosplay

[scan] Axis Powers Hetalia3 Special Edition

Hello, fellow Hetalia fans! During July, my friend made a visit to Japan and bought Volume 3 of the manga. She also recieved this special edition booklet with a few scketches of lesser known characters (Nordics, Monaco, Netherlands/Holland, ect.), a guide to Hetalia character map/diagram thingie, and something that may or may not have something to do with Gakuen Hetalia, But since my knowlegde in the relm of Japanese linguistics are as a broad as a coin is wide, I wouldn't bet your money that I'm right. You can see the cover if you click on these wonderful magical words that lead to my journal because LJ cuts and I don't get along -_-''

Now, as far as scantalations are conserned, I have no idea whether this little beauty has been scanned or not, since Volume 3 has been out for quite a while. We can all thank Spain for his occasional reminders But I haven't seen anything like this posted here. If it is already up, the mods are more than welcome to delete this dupilcate post and we can move on with our lives.

If not, I would be delighted to provide you images of its interior and such and such.

Also: As I mentioned above, my Japanese-speaking skills are barely in existence, but if there is someone out there who can read Japanese like a pro, I would be extremely grateful if they'd be my translator.

Many thanks!

[RP Advertisment] Fashiontalia


The world of high fashion is a glamorous and extremely shallow place. People will step on whomever they need to get to the top. It doesn't matter who they are, as long as they can make it, everyone is fair game. This is the Axis Modeling Agency, located in the heart of Hollywood. People travel from near or far to get into this prestigious company, whether they be staff or models.

The members that make up the agency are a very diverse group, each with their own tales of victory and loss to share. They don't always get along, in fact, most of them can't stand each other, but together they manage to bring success to their business. However, this place isn't just full of discontentment, many of them have found friends and even lovers. They spend their time together, at the bar, in the break room or even when they are supposed to be working.

As models, you will be judged harshly by your appearance, not your heart. As staff, your skills will be put to the test constantly. Failure is not an option.

So, can you handle it?

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We have a lot of models, but not enough people to style them!
This is a new forum, so there are a lot of characters still open!