September 9th, 2010

Fic Hidden Love chapter 5

Title: Hidden Love
Author/Artist: Me.
Character(s) or Pairing(s): FelicianoxLouisexKiku, IvanxAllison, FrancisxMadison, BerwaldxTiina, TorisxFelicja, GilbertxElizaveta, Im Yong SooxYan, LovinoxIsabella
Rating: T for now.
Warnings: Crossdressing boys. Magic in this chapter. Cursing.
Summary: The World Academy has always been laking female students so the Headmaster has the incoming freshman pretend to be girls with endings that no one expected.

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:
Chapter 4:

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Russia, playing favorites

[Fanfic] - Any Other City - Hipstertalia AU

Gradual De-Anon from the Kink Meme.

Title: Any Other City - Chapter 2
Author: Tinediserp
Rating: PG-13
Characters: America, Germany, France, Austria, Leichtenstein, Norway, Poland, Japan, England, Russia, Hungary, fem!Finland, Prussia, Belarus, Iceland, Sweden, Germania, Denmark, Rome, Turkey, Greece, Spain
Pairings: France/Spain, a lot of onesided and unresolved ones
Summary: Derpy AU where the nations are hipsters.
In this Chapter: Alfred and Ludwig dork out, Roderich gets glasses and meets a cute girl, Al and Feliks dress up for Rocky Horror, Kiku plays a noise show, Gil, Al, and Antonio hang at the skatepark.
Warnings: Language, drinking, descriptions of unlistenable music.

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New Community! Hetalia Planets

Hello, I was hoping that there would be people interested in this new community. 

A brief intro: Hetalia Planets is a community dedicated to outer space. We've been planning characters to represent planets for a few months now and we thought that starting a community about outer space personifications ( Sailor Moonish, I know ;A;) would be a good idea. We love Hetalia, seriously, it's sad at how much it's in our lives, and we wanted to extend that to outer space. So please read more if this slightly interests you :3

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[Fanfiction] Operation Doppelganger 8/?

Title: Operation Doppelganger 8/?
Author: eveliens/eeevee
Genre : humor/ romance (?)
Characters: America, Canada, Russia; one-sided RussiaxAmerica, CanadaxRussia
Rating: T for language and implied sexual situations
Warnings: snarky!Canada, human names, college AU
Summary: Matthew had thought this over a million times, now he just had to voice his idea. He cleared his throat and whispered, “Hey, you want my twin brother, I like you; I think we can work something out here.”
A/N: This chapter started out exceedingly fun and just went... to emoland. Or something. But it's something very important Mattie needs to work out so... here we go... Also, apologies for not using LJ-- having some issues-- so links to blogger and instead!

“…Are you a… virgin?”  (Blogger)

“…Are you a… virgin?”  (
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[Sale] Selling Doujins+Trading Cards!!

Hi everyone, I'm holding a sale of my remaining doujins and other items, as I need the money and space...>< 

I'm selling mostly USxUK (Hoshitamago, Yumeuta, etc) including the wonderful "Fine Again" and "From the New World, With Love"!
There are some UKxJapan (including "Miniature Garden")  and All-character doujins as well.

Trading cards include the special America and France shiny cards in protective cases.
I also have the adorable one coin figure of Japan.

Bonus item included with all purchases (while supplies last)!

Click here to take a look in my journal!
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[RP Advertisement] {Hetalia: The Night Club}

Las Vegas is a place where you can do anything. You can gamble away all your cash, get hangovers whenever you want, and even go to a strip club before the sky goes dark. And in Club Kusur, there's no exception to any of that. Being one of the largest and the most international club in Nevada, Club Kusur is in the daily lives of the people, the heart of Las Vegas, and on the list of anyone and everyone; it's humiliation and a social branding if you have never been inside, and massive privilege and wonder if you have. From getting up and dancing on the strip poles or getting your head drunk until you can't stand, it's the city that never sleeps, and the club that never takes a holiday.

So what's so great about Club Kusur? What makes it so different from the other hundreds of clubs, and makes it so globally recognized? The entertainment. The food. The atmosphere. The glamor of it all.. The people.

Of course those aren't the only reasons, but there's just something indescribable that draws people to the club whether you want to admit it or not. Maybe for some it's the wide array of male and female entertainers and dancers, or the seemingly-spontaneous dress-up days where you might find yourself at Club Kusur surrounded by employees in lingerie or even a maid outfit (the club's faint Japanese influence is yet another thing that sets the club apart), or, maybe you just find yourself coming back to the place's infamous lounge.

Whatever your reason, whatever your intentions, there's no need to fret or fuss, because no one's going to ask. After all..
what happens in Vegas,
stays in Vegas ..

Press above for link.

Just opening today we nearly have every character open for the takes. We wish to find members who already have experience of roleplaying,

Character list/Reserves -- >  x

[RP] WonderlandTalia


Fall through the rabbit hole and find yourself in an entire new world: Wonderland.

It's a beautiful world, where odd creatures live.

However, it is not always fun and games here. You fell down, but how will you get back to the real world? The answer the inhabitants will give is: "I don't know." So you are forced to stay and live here.

The Red Queen doesn't want you to leave. So do the inhabitants. What is their true intention?
You might have to form an army of all the humans that have fallen down and fight the Queen!

What is your story? What adventures will you have? Will you have a happy end?


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Hetalia - England - Depressed
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[Selling] Clips, please!

I really, really, really need the following characters claimed:


8.50 USD shipped within the US a piece. I need the payment immediately, since I can't pay the whole lot by myself. I thought they won't be out until the end of the month sob ;u;

P-please, help? OTL
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[Fanart] Art duuuump

Title:  D-d-duuump.
Character(s) or Pairing(s):  England, ancient!China, romaheta!Ukraine x chibi!Russia, Prussia, Germany, viking!Norway, Iceland, Sweden x Finland, England x China, Russia, Igiko, Spain x Romano, Denmark
Rating: PG
Warnings:  Um....bored Danny and Gilbo being Gilbo.
Summary:  A more recent art dump~ ovo

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Iggy kiss with fist

England in Japan~

Recently, me and my friends were lucky enough to have a 4 week trip to Japan! Yay! (I say 'lucky'...we worked bloody hard to scrimp and save up money for 2 years! XD)

Anyway. What really WAS lucky is that we were in Tokyo whilst the summer Comiket was being held! I knew this beforehand and, not wanting to miss out on a chance to cosplay in Japan (no matter how daft I'd look) I took Englands' Gakuen uniform along with me.
I wish I had space in my luggage for something a little more spectacular but alas!
My America and Russia also came along in casual gear, so we took a few photos.
Nothing as amazing as I'd had hoped, though, as we were so busy getting lost and having fun that we didn't take all that many pictures. Also, I'd hoped to meet a Japan cosplayer to have a random 'lost in translation' conversation with on video but...well, there were so many I didn't know who to approach, and my Japanese isn't good enough to ask permission....baww! (If anyone out there is or knows someone who'd be up for that I'll be back in Japan in 2 years time!! XDD)

So yes, nothing spetacular by any means. In fact, downright dull in my opinion, but sharing some pictures here anyway~
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