September 11th, 2010


[sale] those rubber straps seen everywhere. :/ (x4)

Hey everyone! I'm sure most people are sick of these posts about those Hetalia rubber straps, and I most certainly wasn't intending on selling these until I returned home next year, but my mum sent me my whole box so now I have them sitting around and taking up space in my already overly cluttered dorm room since I don't wanna spend money to send them home... :/

So anyway, I have four of them with a need to be relocated. ^_^; NitroCafe notepad will prove my ownership. :D I will be shipping from California, and unless otherwise requested, charms will not be shipped with their boxes (mainly because I suck at opening boxes and I think I destroyed 3 of them..). I ship Monday-Friday, since there's a post office on campus. :Db

Payment: Paypal only please!

Available: Japan, America, Russia, Germany

Within US
$8 each shipped (personal payment tab)
$8.55 each shipped (goods tab)
Prices for US include shipping and delivery confirmation. (And no, I'm not shipping without delivery confirmation, please don't ask me to take it off. :X)

$10.25 each shipped (personal payment tab)
$10.98 each shipped (goods tab)
If you want a certificate of mailing, I can provide that for an extra $1.15.

I work on a "whoever pays first gets first priority". If you get more than one, I will combine your shipping. :D Unless I've sold to you before, no holds. Sorry! I also have feedback here~ Thanks for looking! :D

ETA: I also have one extra FULL complete normal set (54 cards) of the new anime trading cards that were just released. As well as extras of 1 box card (Japan), box inserts, and 7 of the SP cards (missing cards 5 and 7; the allies in the middle and the christmas one). Would anyone be interested? I'm looking to sell everything as one set (54 norms + 10 rares); ~almost~ a full set! I don't exactly have a set price as of now, so I'll take offers if there's any interest at all.

Photos provided on demand. I'll probably end up making another post about this next week. ^_^;
Lonely England

A Few Fanfics~

Just dumping a few of my one-shot things here. xD They're a little... unorthodox, so most of you might not like them. >n>; Nonetheless, here they are. Click on the titles to read.

Title: Like An Eagle
Author/Artist: xparallelhearts
Character(s) or Pairing(s): USxUK
Rating: PG
Warnings: England's not quite sane, here.
Summary: Nazi Germany is taking over England, and America refuses to stand by and watch.

Title: Identity
Author/Artist: xparallelhearts
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Very, very slight mentions of gore.
Summary: The red rose and the white rose are at war, and Arthur Kirkland isn't so sure who he is anymore.

Title: Red, White and Blue
Author/Artist: xparallelhearts
Character(s) or Pairing(s): One-sided UKUS
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: An insane, America-obsessed England. Mentions of kidnapping and torture.
Summary: England reclaims America.

Title: Recognition
Author/Artist: xparallelhearts
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England and Canada
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: An insane, violent, and America-obsessed England. Mentions of torture.
Summary: England realizes that Canada is not, and never will be, America.

[OFFICIAL] Sweden, Denmark, Norway and more!

 Collapse )17世紀ヨーロッパのスウェーデンさんのイメージ
Sweden's Image during the 17th Century.

Collapse )ちなみにフランスさんは上手くスウェーデンさんをけしかけたりしてたんですぞ。
By the way, France managed to instigate Sweden very well during this time~.
Translations by spaceinvaderdud 
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fool itachan

[Cosplay] USUK - The Dating (part 1)

The idea for this album is the first date of Alred and Arthur. It means to be cute, or sweet, or anything else?

Our latest USUK shoot ;A; It had to be USUK - The Gakuen and The Wedding but Dark-chan has some problems with her family so she can't go out anymore T__T

Hope you enjoy it, and please give us your comments :">
Thanks a lot!

Part 2 will be updated soon :">


ToTW07.jpg picture by Lishbaka


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senator shockwave

[Fanfic] Wherever You Will Go

Here's my de-anon from the kink meme. I haven't been able to update it lately but I am working on it!

Title: Wherever You Will Go
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America/Canada, America/?
Rating: T
Warnings: Character death
Summary: When Matthew dies suddenly, Alfred can only watch as he begins to fall deeper and deeper into the pit of despair. He feels as if his life is nothing without Matthew and contemplates whether or not to end his own. His cycle of pain continues until he finds a little black bird in need of care who suspiciously has eyes the color of violet, the same as Matthew's own.

Chapter 1

[Fic] The Hope of Nations

Title: The Hope of Nations
Author: Me
Characters: America, others mentioned. Very slight America/England.
Rating: G
Summary: On the ninth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks on America, the world comes together to show their support and honor their losses.
Note: I wrote this last year as a tribute to 9/11 and put it on, but this year I don't have any time to write, so I fixed up the dates and cleaned up a few things so I could put it up here for this year. Also, the song doesn't belong to me, and neither do the characters. :3

Collapse )

Acting is Reacting - Prologue

Title: Acting is Reacting
Genre: Romance/Humor
Pairings: USxUK, probably Franada or PruCan in the future.
Rating: PG for now
Summary: The last thing Arthur Kirkland wanted when he entered University was to have a loud, obnoxious Theatre Major following him wherever he went. But Alfred Jones is counting on his dramatic flair to help him win the attention of this stiff Literary Education student.

( Arthur Kirkland was a good and focused student and he had every intention of staying that way. )

happy spain

[FIC] Truth Be Told, Chapter Two

Title: Truth Be Told
Chapter: Two
Pairing: Spain/Romano
Also appearing in this chapter: Italy Veneziano
Rated: T
Genre: Comedy/Romance with a bit of Angst...yum
Summary: The Well of Uncomfortable Truths is discovered and deals Spain a hard fact: “Whenever you said you loved him, you didn’t really mean it. You were thinking of his brother. They were empty words.” But who was it talking about? And will Romano be convinced?

Done for this request:

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[vid] Chapstick

The video of the fanfiction Chapstick has been posted. I think as the author of the original piece I have the rights to post this even though I didn't make the video, but I'm not sure.

Title: Chapstick


original fanfic: written by haphazard, art by Nagisa Akimori, adapted by Ina-chan

Kurotoshi as Canada, YamiMahoIsiri as America, thatguy24887 as England, atomictomatoofdoom as France, Burori1 as Russia

Other Voices: Ina-chan, Misharoyuki, Nanxi, NinjaLiz, Simplicity, Sophia Zhu

Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, Canada, England, France, Russia, Others

Rating: PG-13, I guess

Warnings: Blood, Sept. 11th attacks content

Summary: Sept. 11th attacks occur during a world meeting.

Thank you very much for your hard work, iammathewian project! The finished product is awesome!

3 questions about Tokyopop's printing

1. Are there any strips left out in Volume one? I don't have the Japanese edition so I can't really compare it.

2. ( This is a question for members who are clerks at bookstores) Is the Hetalia Manga going to be shrinkwrapped or placed in the mature section of the store? I have a books-a-million near where I live and they sometimes place mature graphic novels near the Romance section.

3. Has anyone went to the library and informed their librarians that Tokyopop is offering Volume one (digital edition) for free to Libraries via the Overdrive system? I finally got to talk to the YA librarian at my branch and she said she would email the mail library to be put into consideration. ( I don't know if she that interested....)

[Selling] Nekotalia doujin + merchandises + prints order open again!

Hi, everyone! I setting up my nekotalia doujin+merchandise sales online here once again! A recent event August was over and I left a few more stocks. Also setup a new print section for order too! Open up again to buyers who missed the previous order and who are still interested to order. :3

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Iceland with puffins

Hetalia day in Munich/ somewhere else in Bavaria?

Hey guys,

Uh.... Let's make this really short: Are there any Hetalia fans in/ around Munich that would like to have a meet-up for this years Hetalia Day? I won't be able to go to Berlin 'cause of school and stuff, but I would love to meet some people from my area and... and stuff.
I probably won't organize it (or at least not alone) because I feel too young to organize stuff have neither the time nor the ideas for it. xD;

We could, like, go to the English Garden and RUN AROUND FLAILING or have a picnic or something like that.

Anywhere else in Bavaria is fine with me, too, if it's not too far away from Munich, like, up to one or two hours by train. c:

(I could bring a Germany flag for the group photo. We have about twenty of them. xD ...I could also bring a DDR flag. And a Prussian one. And a Lithuanian one. And a small USSR flag. And my friend's Hungarian flag. Buuuut I guess that's... uhm yeah. XD;)

[RP] Hetalia Highschool, the Facebook campus

Hetalia Highschool, the Facebook campus, is now enrolling students and staffs for 2010-2011 academic year!

Hetalia Highschool and its representatives would like to announce that the new semester is scheduled to start on 18th October 2010 and we are officially enrolling students and staffs from today.

Basically, we are having a campus on Facebook.

Before you take a look into the details, you may want to know beforehand that the school greatly approves homosexual relationships while male pregnancy and gender-bender are not welcome. We do not accept enrollment from original and minor characters, according to this considerably-'main' list. Thank you for your understanding.

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Roleplay community looking for new members!

What: A Hetalia Roleplay community looking for new members! 
Why: Because you're amazing and we want you! 
Who: Drawacricleaph

What characters are still available you ask? Well to name just a few: Germany, Norway, Ancient Rome, HRE, Chibitallia, Sealand! 

You know you want to come check it out, so just click this link: and apply, it's easy and we're looking forward to having you join us in the fun! 

Coloring-From Prussia's mini game(Austria path)

Title:First batch of colorings from Prussia's mini game
Author/Artist:Hidekaz Himaruya and coloring by me
Character(s) or Pairing(s):Prussia,Austria,Hungary
Rating:umm...A for awesome? xD
Warnings: none
Summary:More colorings to come but some of the sketches are way to messy so i'm doing those that look good enough.

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The author's blog from 2008

So, I finally started to collect official pics from May 2008 on Himaruya's blog. In my serach, I found several photos from cities, links and text concerning about the characters. So I was wondering if each blog (the most useful of course) were translated like this one. Because I don't know if the Wikia holds every source of information about the blog...

EDIT : Oh, and if you have something interesting about the author tastes (like Vocaloid), it would be very useful. Thank you !
Gilbert Prussia

[Fanart] - America + einsatzbereit!

A couple more pieces to share X3;

: America

Title: einsatzbereit!
[info]watercolourrain / NightmareTease / PrussianPrincess
Characters/Pairings:  Prussia/ Gilbert, France/ Francis, Denmark, America/Alfred
Warnings: Both pretty safe, I think >o> Lemme know if you disagree? Merci~
Notes: Dedicated to my France and Denmark >< <33

[America] .......... [France, Prussia, Denmark]

[Please click either preview pic to go on, thanks!]

Fic Dreams aren't real chapter 2

Title: Dreams aren't real
Author/Artist: Me.
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany, Italy,
Rating: T for now.
Warnings: None I think
Summary: Ludwig has been having weird dreams lately. Of someone called Italy and calling him Germany. But those are just dreams right? They and the people in them aren't real right?

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:

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