September 12th, 2010

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[Fanfic] + [Fanart] - 'Nobody said it was easy (having a sibling)' 3/4

So I drew a scene from my story and my dear akunose  colored it since I've got no idea about coloring drawings in Photoshop (or any other program for that matter).

It's the scene from the second chapter where little!Germany and Prussia sleep on the couch before Papa Germania arrives.

Click on the preview for full view.


Title: Nobody said it was easy (having a sibling ) 3/4
Characters (in this chapter): Prussia, Germany, Germania, Rome, France, Spain
Pairings: Germania/Rome (not explicit), Spain/South Italy (mentioned)
Rating: NC-15
Warnings: AU, foul language, sexual themes, mentioned violence (France gets a black eye from Romano for kissing Spain)
Summary: Gilbert witnesses something no child should have to witness. The only thing he has left is to ask someone for help. Francis fills in the role of the saviour.

 Previous chapters: Chapter 1, Chapter 2
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Canada/Netherlands MAD

Title: Wonderwall [Canetherlands] MAD
Artist: Me (Minuiko)
Pairing: Canada/Netherlands
All Characters: Canada, Netherlands, England, France, Germany, America (brief cameo)
Rating: PG13? Slight blood, booze, and sort of implied violence.
Summary: Basically a montage from when Canada first meets the Netherlands in the early 1600s to 1945, when Canada liberates the Netherlands.

[fake cut to my journal]
JJ's happiness
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Fancomics, fanarts and history: Barbarossa e la Lega Lombarda - Part 4

Title: "Barbarossa e la Lega Lombarda"
Author: J.J.
Characters on the whole: Chibi North Italy Veneziano (Feliciano Vargas), Holy Roman Empire (Ludwig?), Chibi South Italy Romano (Lovino Vargas), Roman Empire, Germania, France (Francis Bonnefoy), England (Arthur Kirkland), Spain (Antonio Fernandez Carriedo) and an OC, Mafia (Salvatore Martura).
Characters in this part: Chibi North Italy Veneziano (Feliciano Vargas), Holy Roman Empire (Ludwig?), Chibi South Italy Romano (Lovino Vargas), Roman Empire, Germania.
Warning: There’s lot of history and still this is a very summarized version of the events of that time (things were much more complex and, if you’re interested in knowing more, please read a book). It’s unbetaed and includes cussing in assorted Italian regional languages.
Summary: A quick look into how Holy Roman Empire and Italy married and how things went between the two of them during medieval time. Yes, really.

Part 1: How Holy Roman Empire and Italy ended up as a married couple
Part 2: How Holy Roman Empire and Italy ended up as having a big argument
Part 3: Holy Roman Empire vs. Italy 1-1
Part 4: The arguing continues
Part 5: Peace again?
Extra: Is Italy suffering of split personality?



Fic Dreams aren't real chapter 4

Title: Dreams aren't real
Author/Artist: Me.
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany, Italy,
Rating: T for now.
Warnings: None I think
Summary: Ludwig has been having weird dreams lately. Of someone called Italy and calling him Germany. But those are just dreams right? They and the people in them aren't real right?

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:

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[Fanfic] Deceit And Desire - chap02

 Author: me (co-authored with Tobifan4444)
Title: Deceit And Desire
Characters/Pairing: Italy, Prussia, Romano, Ludwig(HRE/Germany). No pairings yet. Eventual Prussia/Italy
Rating: T+ now, M later
Warnings: Some violence and language. Yaoi. POV changes.
Summary: Feliciano was an Assassin, fighting to stop the evil Templars from corrupting his Italy. Gilbert was the high Templar Knight aiming to take him down. It was as simple as that. Or was it?

Chapter 1

"Isn't it simple, assassin? I come to claim your head. Let it be known here that Gilbert the Great killed the "mighty" assassin!"
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Doujinshi Clearance #12

Whew, long time no see. I've updated with some NatsuComi releases. For some reason there seem to be a lot of the German family and a lot of fat books. (x___x) Well, enjoy!

[35 doujinshi]

Circles include S.C_Junkie, FIZZCODE, SAIKARE, ECHO, skull 9, PB, Y'sマート, 6109, Wee wee wee!, VM500, GGG & clover, 箱庭 (はこにわ), cocca, 123bunny, 8go!, N.G.I, gunblue, 右楽+必殺ネコパンチ, ★ (こむぎこ), TK-Brand, 23.4, gimmick, ひび, トラベルシアター, スペクトオル, 先祖はムー, 色想, ぴんけ, ぽぽんぽ本舗 and 3×3CROSS, etc.
*bold = reprint collection

Pairings include: Ludwig uke, Gilbert uke, Gilbert x Ludwig, Ludwig x Gilbert, Gilbert x Elizabeth, Ludwig x Francis, Ludwig x Feliciano, Gilbert x Roderich, Antonio x Lovino, Francis x Antonio, Alfred x Arthur, Francis x Arthur, Denm@rk x Berwald, Denm@rk-centric, Denm@rk x Norw@y, Ivan x Kiku, Kiku-centric, Arthur x Kiku, etc.
*bold = anthology

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Also selling the full set of Nekota Yonezou's "Michiru Heya" doujinshi (all 9 volumes) over HERE.

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Fic Hidden Love chapter 7

Title: Hidden Love
Author/Artist: Me.
Character(s) or Pairing(s): FelicianoxLouisexKiku, IvanxAllison, FrancisxMadison, BerwaldxTiina, TorisxFelicja, GilbertxElizaveta, Im Yong SooxYan, LovinoxIsabella
Rating: T for now.
Warnings: Crossdressing boys. Magic in this chapter. Kissing in this chapter, that's all.
Summary: The World Academy has always been laking female students so the Headmaster has the incoming freshman pretend to be girls with endings that no one expected.

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:
Chapter 4:
Chapter 5:
Chapter 6:

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[FIC] Fortune - prologue

Title: Fortune [Prologue]
Author/Artist: mel_girl /ponder_ponder 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): All the nations will appear at some point, some more often than others. Main pairings include US/UK, LietPol, HK/Taiwan, AusHun, PruSwiss, TurGre, Spamano, among many others.
In this prologue: Turkey, Greece, Prussia, Switzerland and America with mentions of Holland, Hungary, Egypt and Bulgaria
T – there’s swearing, character death, etc
First time writing for this fandom, Alternate Universe, Human names and all that scary stuff. XD Oh and character death.
Alfred Jones has invited many aboard his cruise ship for a Grand Voyage around the world! He isn’t doing it for the fun of it either with guests such as the extremely wealthy Kirkland family and the Braginski family onboard that he’s trying to curry favor with. And he isn’t the only one doing some plotting on this ship. Behind the scenes, many things are going on. There are many connections, some known and some secret. And somehow it all intertwines... Such as the concept of immortality... Ensemble Castfic.

( over here at writing journal! )

( or read over here at! )

[fanart] #28

Title: [art #28]
Artist: applejuicerain 
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Russia/Lithuania, Poland/Lithuania, one sided Belarus/Russia, implied Estonia/Lithuania - Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Kaliningrad, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, China, Japan, England, Who?, Mongolia, Novgorod
Warning(s): maid costume (it's ME, you guys ._.)


EDIT: I'm still waiting for people to send me their AX pictures :\ I've emailed a lot of you and you said you'd get me them, but only two or three of you have. I'm thinking of just posting what I've got (when I get some free time)
Pacific: lovely

Nyotalia Rome/Greece?

Hello! I'm attending a Hetalia Day gathering and I've never cosplayed before, but I think I'm gonna try it this time :) I'm kind of considering doing nyotalia Greece or Rome, but I can't find any pictures. Is there an official/fanon/universally accepted nyotalia form of either of these two, or do I get free reign to do as I wish with them? (muaha!)
Also, since I've never cosplayed before, if anyone would like to offer cosplaying tips I will wub you fowevers. ♥
Thank you! (:

Hetalia Day in Wichita, Kansas! (updated! )

Hello! It's me, Oozora-chan~! I'm well, now cosplaying as Lithuania (and maybe Liechtenstein again too. x3 ) for our (unofficial) Kansas Hetalia Cosplay Group. ^^ And I'm here to tell you about the great Hetalia Day Meetup!

The Day: Sunday, October 24 (of course )

The Place: O.J Watson Park (in Wichita )

The Time: Show up around 11 am or noon...that's good enough.

The things you should bring: Cosplays! :3 As many as you want! You can even go casual or dress in an original outfit fitting the Mafia theme (super stylish! >W< ) And food also... I think we're doing a picnic at the park! :3 So that'll be awesome!

We have a brilliant forum thread where you can place feedback about our meetup too.  <---go there to chit-chat about our meetup! <--- We have our spot in the Hetalia Day Directory too! :3

Updated: Facebook event!!/?sk=events  <--- for better info go there. XD

And we encourage everyone to come in either full cosplay, semi-cosplay, or join us in your original Mafia-style outfits for your Hetalia characters. Why mafia-style? Because it's also to celebrate an early Halloween (while dressing in a matching theme we picked. xD ) because we probably can't have a Halloween meetup. Of course we're not forcing you to cosplay, but it would be really awesome though! <3

I'm still sorry for this not being sorted out that well.  But thank you for taking your time to check this post out! Oozora-chan loves you all! <3 And I hope to have an incredible Hetalia Day event happen in Kansas~!  If you have any questions or feedback, post either in this journal entry or on the AFW forums link I gave away here. :3

Selling 3 Doujinshis

Doujinshi: Durarara
Doujinshi: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Doujinshi: Others(APH, Kuroko)
Anime Merchandise

I'm selling my doujinshis away cuz I don't have enough space for my bookshelf T^T
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The three doujinshis are USUK which two are by Cotori Teikoku and the last oen is Ricomil!
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[FST] Some Fairytale [A USUK Fanmix]

Title: Some Fairytale [A USUK Fanmix]
Author/Artist: squishxtastic
Character(s) or Pairing(s): USUK
Rating: PG-13?
Warnings: I think there may be swearing? Not much, though.
Summary: Chronicles the relationship between Alfred and Arthur from Revolutionary times to present day.

My first FST. ♥  It's split into two parts: Revolutionary and Present-day (all in one .zip file, though).  Cover art hastily done by me 'cause I worry too much about using other people's art l-lol. ;;  Twenty songs by a wide range of artists.  All in English with the exception of one song which is in Japanese. Download link is all the way at the bottom. It'd be great if you could comment once you've listened! I'd love to know what you think of it. :)

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「ヘタィア || カナダ」DERISHUS
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Lolocracy: AU Hetalia RPG

Welcome to Liberty, USA, the little world inside a big city. Liberty has it all: the diversity, the culture, the style... And it's like no place on earth because its population is made up of real-life incarnations of nations from around the world.

LOLOCRACY! is an Axis Powers Hetalia roleplaying game... with a twist! It's focused on the modern lives of the nations as 100% plain ol' human beings: your average people that work hard and play hard.

We are currently looking for: Germany, Japan, China, Cuba, Roman Empire, Germania, Australia, and Thailand.

OCs are welcome!

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[Fic] To Last Eternal

Title: To Last Eternal
Characters: Russia and America in an AU. Rus/Ame
Rating: PG-13?
Warnings: Human names used, kind of macabre, mentions of an undead thing (not a vampire).
Summary: I can't even write a summary for this thing. It's just a short little oneshot with Ivan and Alfred. Not much is accomplished besides enjoying one another's company. Just, you know, in a graveyard.

( And from the trill of his words Alfred knew he'd hit a foreigner.‭ ‬A foreigner!‭ ‬Way to make the worst bad impression ever.‭ ‬The guy would probably go back home and tell everyone that America was full of rowdy teens looking to mow people down.‭ ‬Alfred couldn't let that happen,‭ ‬not on his watch. )
miguel hair

[Fanfic] Give Them Hope, America centric

Title: Give Them Hope
Author/Artist: Me!
Character(s): America, Harvey Milk, slight England and others. No real pairings. Possible America/Milk and America---> England if you squint.
Rating:  PG-13
Warnings: Implied sexual situations, slight homophobia, Milk dies...
Summary: America, confused and conflicted for the good part of his existance, meets Harvey Milk and finds he might not be so different after all.
De-anon from the kink meme. Prompt wanted America and his interactions with Harvey Milk, a prominent figure in the gay rights movement in America, and his reaction to his assassination. Basically, America and his hopes and dreams, and his gay rights movement. -fail summary is fail-

Different America, not so different anymore.
Text: Bloody hell we&#39;re buggered now

[Fanfic] Family Ties

Title: Family Ties
Author/Artist: Me, hellzabeth
Character(s) or Pairing(s): THE WHOLE WORLD Or everyone I could possibly fit in anyway, some France/Scotland, mildly USUK and RusAme, a dash of SuFin, and various others.
Rating: Rating changed to 16, as it doesn't contain sex.
Warnings: Guns, blood, violence, politics, everyone getting very confused and England singing. It's also HOLY SHIT LONG.
Summary: Scotland leaves the United Kingdom, giving Northern Ireland an excuse to up and out to reunite with his sister. This leaves England and Wales all alone. And also somehow starts off WW3.

(Part 82)

(From the beginning.)
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[Cosplay] Casual!Nyotalia&Nyoitsu

 Hi hi~

I was in yuki_lumino 's home this weekend, and I wanted to take some photos but... I don't have my Germany's cosplay with me so we did a casual of the nyotalias, Yuki used the Italy's hairstyle of the April Fool's Day's strip 'coz she doesn't like very much Nyotalia's.

If my hair looks longer in some pics, sorry, I did my best hiding it because I don't use wig and I'm long-haired xDU

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A little late, but... [fic]

Title: Star Spangled Banner.
Author/Artist: hihippy 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England, America, Canada. Tony Blair too!
Rating: T. Sensitive Theme, very light cursive language (Hello, England).
Warnings: Based on 9/11, so sensitive themes here. Very light language, human names, Tony Blair in what would be OOCness.
Summary: Inspired by this video and quote of "A Mother England singing a lullaby to her grieving American child." Basically, short drabble oneshot on Arthur's reaction and actions of the whole day.

(Fake cut is Fakeness)