September 13th, 2010


[Fic]3 Fic Offerings

Ladida, a few more fic offerings~ *hopes she did all the tags orz*

Title: Morning Can Wait
Character(s) or Pairing(s):
Russia, China, Denmark, Norway, France, Canada, Spain, Romano, Austria, Prussia, Sweden, Finland, America, Netherlands; Russia x China, Russia x America, Denmark x Norway, Netherlands x Denmark, France x Canada, Spain x Romano, Spain x Austria, Prussia x Romano, Sweden x Finland
Human names, swearing, possibility of cavities
Fluff without porn. …Yeah, seriously, that’s it =3 All one shots or microfills.

Russia x China | Denmark x Norway | France x Canada | Spain x Romano | Spain x Austria | Prussia x Romano | Russia x America | Sweden x Finland | Netherlands x Denmark | *NEW!*  Russia x England | Russia x Prussia x China | */NEW*

Title: Strawberries and Streusel
Characters & Pairings: Romano, Belgium; pre-relationship fluff
Rating: Teen-ish?
Warnings: Human names and I think Romano swears once.
Summary: Romano visiting Belgium, the two sharing desserts. [Fluffy request from alannahpwnsyou ]

Strawberries and Struesel

And now random shameless plugging!
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Fic Dreams aren't real chapter 5

Title: Dreams aren't real
Author/Artist: Me.
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany, Italy,
Rating: T for now.
Warnings: None I think
Summary: Ludwig has been having weird dreams lately. Of someone called Italy and calling him Germany. But those are just dreams right? They and the people in them aren't real right?

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:
Chapter 4:

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Fanart: A 9/11 Memorial Alfred and Slytherin Arthur

Title: The True Hero, a 9/11 Memorial
Author/Artist: princesssarahem 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Alfred
Rating: PG or T?
Warnings: Since it is based off the 9/11 tragedy it may bring up some intense feelings or sadness. Did not mean to offend. View at your choice.
Summary:  I drew Alfred in New York's firefighters attire covered in dust and crying. Very sad but I think it gets the point across.

Collapse )

Title: Slytherin Arthur
Author/Artist: princesssarahem 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Arthur
Rating: G
Warnings: None unless you hate Slytherin.
Summary: Drew Arthur as if he attended Hogwarts. I don't know why but Slytherin seems to fit him.Collapse )
【US】 Stand in the rain

[Fanfic] (squee, first fanfic post~.)

Title: Easily Amused
Author/Artist: Ashori-sama -cough-me-cough
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America and Japan. US/Jap if you squint.
Rating: PG.
Warnings: None~.
Summary: "You are easily amused." He stated simply, standing for a quick trip to the kitchen and retiring himself to a not quite quiet afternoon of sipping tea, boisterous bragging and wasted chopsticks.
Outside links: deviantART |

( "There is a trick to it, you know." )
lambo OTL

[COSPLAY] Closet Seychelles Cosplay

Title: Derp of closet cosplay
Artist/person/w/ever: ME
Rating: D for derp. lol no, E for EVERYONE. then again I cuss like, a LOT. So... T? for my potty mouf? |D
Warning: Shitty camera quality and being too lazy to resize shit.
Summary: Derping at the beach and what not~

Collapse )

*runs away like a boss and has a German sparkle party with party pants and rubber boots*
Prussia/Austria maid

[Fanfic] The Games We Play

Title: The Games We Play
Characters/pairings: France, Spain, Prussia, England, brief cameos of others
Rating: G
Summary: Some Bad Touch Trio style teasing escalates into a game played between France and Spain to see who can publically humiliate the other more.
Notes: This is a fic I wrote for the fic exchange over at hetaliasunshine. The prompt was for Spain to do something to embarrass France and for France to then realise how much he cared for Spain, so this can be either seen as a pairing fic or a friendship fic - it's rather ambiguous. I do have to admit that this was rather rushed, although I've edited it a bit since I originally posted it at hetaliasunshine, so hopefully it's slightly less fail than it was before.

(Looking back on it, challenging Spain at that moment was definitely the stupidest thing he had ever done in his life)
APH: Beneath a blue umbrella sky
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[event thing] Central New York Hetalia Screening

Dropping in with a bit of information, moreso than anything else. If you live in or around Syracuse, New York, USA, there will be a screening of Hetalia at The Palace theatre on Monday, September 20th at 6:30pm.

The site doesn't say if it's the dub or sub, but they'll be running episodes 1-10. Event details are here. More awesomely, dub or sub aside, admission is free!

If there's any interest in organization etc. I can probably step in. I have class the next day so my own showing up is questionable (oh Italian), but I can organize well enough.

[Fanfic] Fluttering Chaos - chp03

Third chapter is out. ^^ I'm sorry I haven't been posting much lately, but I've had some RL problems. I promise you 2 smut69 prompts soon, though!

Author: me
Title:Fluttering Chaos
Characters/Pairing: In this chapter Austria, Italy, Romano, Hungary. Austria/N.Italy, mentions of past Austria/Hungary.
Rating: K+
Warnings: aristocratic styled speech, lol.
Summary: Austria is suddenly faced with how much Italy has grown, and he simply can't look away anymore...

Chp 01

Chp 02

Update: Chp 03
pretty chase
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Mean Nations

Title: Mean Nations
Author/Artist: thepia
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany, Japan, North Italy, France, England, America, Hungary, China, Spain, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Russia
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Language, catty behavior, China failing at sex ed.
Summary: Written for the kink meme: Mean Girls parody. Basically it's a bunch of Mean Girls quotes. Totally non-linear.
Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia or Mean Girls.

Mean Nations

NDK 2010

Title: NDK 2010
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany, Japan, HRE, Russia and more
Rating: T
Warnings: awesome cosplayers and sexy posters and autographs and some non-related hetalia pics and merch
Summary: i got back from NDK yesterday and got to take tons of pics!

i got to meet the voice actors for germany, japan, HRE and russia from the english dub of APH! and while i was there they were selling the hetalia boxsets! so if you're interested in seeing the hetalia boxset and bandanas before you get your own along w/ some awesome heta cosplays go check out my blog!

(i'm sorry if this isn't allowed. feel free to delete if it's not)
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[Discussion] Halloween

I know Halloween isn't for a while either (Hi post below me), but I need research for something I'm writing.

For starters, if anybody has any good resources/links about Halloween traditions/customs around the world, or just about the history, those would be great if you could share.

How do you think the countries would celebrate halloween themselves? What sort of customs that belong to their own country would they do each year? I'm looking at mainly the allies and axis, but whatever else is great too. Like would Alfred dress up his house in the most magnificient halloween set ever, or go out trick-or-treating himself? Would any of the countries get and celebrate halloween together? that sort of thing.

the new plushies!

Guys guys guys guys guys~

Animate has opened for preorders of the new line of plushies at their online store, so get yours in quick~

Here's the individual pages for each plushie:


(or just enter ヘタリア ぬいぐるみ in the search box)

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edit: Animate does not cater for customers outside Japan. You will have to either whine at someone in Japan to buy the plushies for you, or use a shopping service to place a pre-order. Please check this post or this comment for examples of such services.

edit ii: the plushies will be released on 4 November. So don't panic too much if you don't have money right now. XD; I'll also post here when movic puts the plushies up for sale in their website, just in case some people prefer to buy from there. ^^

edit iii: movic is now accepting preorders for the new plushies!
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Mature (Not Sexual-Wise) Meet Up? (San Antonio, TX)

So I've been thinking...what about a meeting that's intended for the more mature fans of Hetalia?

Maybe I'm discriminating against my own fandom (I am), but the number of absolute...immature, weaboo fans in the Hetalia fandom is sad, and although it's obvious it was coming, it still makes me cringe.
Soooo why not a more adult-like (I'm saying this in a non-sexual way) meet up? Obviously this kind of meet up would be a casual one, no uniforms or anything, just plain you, in your best decked-out hipster fashion. (Fedora hats, scarves, vests, etc, you know the works)

As for the meeting place I'm not sure, but perhaps somewhere like Starbucks? (Most Starbucks are near a mall of some sort)
I had in mind the Starbucks at Huebner Oaks mall, but that's just what I was thinking...
Anyway, any feedback is appreciated~ Even if it's just "that's cool" or "that's dumb" or "Laura, is this what you spend most of your time doing? Planning things like these? Geez where's your life?"

If you want email me at since I hardly check my messages here.

Hetalia: Axis Powers Ranked #80 in TV/Movie on

Uhuhu... I don't think this kind of news is allowed, but...

Char tweeted:
#Hetalia Season 1 is ranked #80 right now in all of TV/Movie on Amazon! Not just anime, ALL OF TV! <3

Oh! The Fan Cards Contest prizes have been all packed up and will ship today. Good news with lots of LOVE in every box!

Let's #bringtherainbow this week! When you get your copy of #Hetalia, snap a pic and share with me, ok!? I want to see the happiness <3

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[Fics] Enough Fluff to Melt Your Brain

I already posted these at usxuk , but not here, and not side by side.

Title: Hey There Alfred
Characters/Pairings: USUK, mentions of France, Canada, and Japan.
Rating/Warnings: G. Fluff, AU, fluff, sorta song fic, fluff, and fluff.
Summary: Alfred gets a message from England.

Collapse )

Title: All Arthur Needs is Love
Characters/Pairings: USUK, Canada, Austria. Mentions of France and Prussia.
Rating/Warnings: Hardcore G. AU, slight song fic, and if you haven't gotten the memo yet, fluff. So much fluff.
Summary: Arthur receives a message from America.

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