September 18th, 2010


[FIC] A Soft Reboot

Title: A Soft Reboot (1/?)
Author/Artist: space_butt  
Rating: PG (Subject to change)
Warnings: Swear words
Pairings: None in this chapter
Summary: Once every couple centuries, the nations disappear and are reborn as humans. But the memories and nationhood gradually return and they have funny ways of getting back to each other.

England dreams of the sea. He dreams of white frosted waves and of the wide expanse of the ocean.

Hello! This is my first post in this community (the first of many, I hope). If you have time, please comment! 

[RP ad] a small world's DELIGHTS

We're a small, fairly chill group of roleplayers from Gaia who have started a MSN roleplay in our spare time. Set in the present, Delights is simply a way for all the nations to stay in touch during their busy lives, with a fair bit of flirting from France. There are still a lot of major characters open, like Germany and Russia. Our owner Chu is extremely friendly, just like everyone else and there's usually someone me on all hours of the night to keep you company.

The taken characters are;
Hong Kong
Italy, N.
Italy, S.
Korea, S.

All other cannon characters are still open! The link is HERE on Gaia but if you don't have a Gaia Online account feel free to contact us through this ad, or message Chu directly at Spain's email Look forward to seeing you there!


Fanfic: Blood in the Yangtze

Hello all - It's been so long since I've written a fic, but this would be my first for Hetalia. I'm also not sure what to do with the ending, but I started to write so much I think I want to do a sequel. Please be gentle :(

Title: Blood in the Yangtze
Author/Artist: Me
Character(s)/Pairing(s): China & Japan
Rating: T-M, to be safe
Warnings: Description of death and torture, racism.
Summary: Based on the Rape of Nanking (yeah ummm); Yao goes to visit Nanking after being ordered (and getting a major hunch). After seeing the utter destruction of the city, he realizes who is responsible...

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Seiji [Chibisan Date]
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Hetalia Volume 2 listed on Amazon

Just thought I'd throw this up here because I have no life in case anyone didn't see it. Amazon has listed Volume 2 of the Manga for release on December 28, 2010. This date isn't new - as it has been listed on Rightstuf and Barnes & Noble for a little while already, but I thought since a lot of people seem to use Amazon, eh, why not?

No word on whether there will be a special edition English Release as far as I'm aware, but it should be noted that Amazon lists Volume 2 as having 176 pages (I'm not sure how many pages Volume 2 or the Special Edition in Japan has).

[roleplay] Mafitalia - Reopened~

The RulesThe Character/House ListReserve a CharacterSome LinkThe Application

City life is never easy for anyone, no matter what age. Everyone has problems to face. Welcome to Medezka; a large, and beautiful city with a nice body of water on the east side. It is a truly magnificent city, with abundant resources all over. However, there is one small, or rather large, problem.

Medezka seems to have a bit of an organized crime issue, and it is known to all who live there. The city has been split into eight different areas, all owned by a different mafia family. Each family has its own strengths, as well as its own weaknesses. The only place people can go without fighting is the neutral shopping district. Or, at least, that is what is said between families. Still, all families control their piece of the Medezka by pulling strings around city, even the citizens are aware.

Mafia heads, heirs, guards, and other members are always in constant battle with one another, trying to make their way to the top. Blood is a common sight, and no family is a stranger to death. Kidnappings and other crimes happen all the time.

Do you have what it takes to get to the top or will your family fall?

Let's go see.
Sound familiar? This is a new, reopened forum. It was brought back due to the dedication of the members, and the whole site got a revamp. Plenty of characters are still open for the taking, including important roles.

The RulesThe Character/House ListReserve a CharacterSome LinkThe Application

Video of Hetalia: Strange Stories From Around The World Panel at Geek.kon

What do you get when you place Erc Vale the voice of America and 10 other nations? You get this panel.
Please enjoy watching the organized chaos as the nations respond to strange but real news articles pertaining to them.
Also Eric speaks on his experiences voicing America and Canada, while taking questions from the audience through out the panel.
We hope you enjoy it.
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i'll be waiting here a long while
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[fanfic] so hey DUDE hey!

Title: dude, like, what just happened?
Author: sonofon
Character(s): Prussia, France, Spain; which means there is also, by unfortunate association, mention of Germany, England, and Romano.
Rating: surprisingly, this is only PG-13.
Warning: BAD TOUCH TRIO. ALL NIGHT LOOOONG. and some teepeeing of the Vatican. Ahem.
Summary: Through a series of mishaps and unplanned actions, the three have ended up in a jail in Moscow. Prussia calls Germany for bail and is forced to explain.
Notes: this is a de-anon from hetalia_kink.

( "So, I'll start from the beginning 'cause I might as well, and you know, it'd be really annoying to have to go back and explain everything to you and it's like, God, I'll tell you everything, just give me a fucking second. Okay?" )

Our Love Don't Have to Change ~ Hetalia icons dump ★

Another AMV graphics project
Finally it's done; probably the biggest graphic project in Hetalia community these days. Hetalia Graphic Design Project held by m_and_s_designs is now officially completed. Click the large words to go to the complete version of the project since this one is my part alone. As you may know, the project is inspired by Kings and Queens MEP on Youtube. You may already know the details about this AMV with mere graphics in my tribute to Louis Armstrong icons post. So here is another song done, this time it is It Don't Have to Change by John Legend feat. The Stephens Family, for the sake of the project. Enjoy.

Oh and I cannot make the lyrics to go on top of the related icons one by one because it'll consume my time to put them alone, so I just put some of the lyrics onto some of the icons. Hope it somehow gives you a little bit convenience. Or just play the song and scroll down to see the related icons.

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WE LIVE TO SERVE ! [Unique Hetalia Gakuen RP]


Located far, far in Japan there was a boarding school, that not many people knew about. In this school, it was just like any other ordinary private school. It looked like any other school, it acted like any other school, but what was inside was not like any other school. You see, we all know the cliques that schools always have. You know, the preps, the jockeys, the geeks, etc; Well The World Academy had nothing close to those rankings. In fact, there were technically only 2 'cliques' that you could be from. The first one, is just a simple student whom is studying like everyone else.

Though they seem normal, there usually going to be the ones with the most money, coming from a exceeding family, and so on; and also usually the ones who you'll be seeing relaxing more often, and not doing much work. And do you wonder why that there seen always slacking and such? Well let's just say that's when the other clique comes in handy, especially for them. Because practically their reason that they were sent to the school was for education, and nothing more. Just like any other student. But as for the other group, their learning more then just that. Now, the other group are the ones that are most classified as the 'maids' and 'butlers' students of the school, and they wear more then just a uniform to show that.

There here to learn as well, like the rest; I mean it's still a school is it not? But there are also here to learn the etiquette of serving others and refining themselves by practicing on the other half of the clique. Willing to want to or not, they have to, and it isn't optional. Some say it can be unfair for the them because the rich clique has the better hand for getting a advantage of getting a education. But that's just their opinion and even if they did, hey, there rich. They can do anything. Yeah, this may not be the school you actually signed up for, but you can say it's better then the rest, education-wise. We'll welcome you, cherish you, and reform you, just make sure if you fall in love... It's with the right person.

[Character List] [Rules] [Application Form]

Recently opened so tons of characters. join, oui?

[FST] Distanced Hearts - England x Japan

Title: Distanced Hearts
Author: mathi-chan
Credits to: FreedomInfinity for photo shopping the cover
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England/Japan
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Disclaimer:  I do not own ANY of the music, lyrics, or artwork used in this FST. They belong to their owners.
Summary:  10 songs about England having to leave and break up, regretting it and returning to fix what was broken.



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APH: Francis à la mode

Favorite APH Episodes~?


I just recently gotten an iPad and I wanted to stock it up with Hetalia episodes, and it brought me to wonder what, in general, the 'best' (aka the most liked) episodes are in Hetalia.

So, what were the funniest episodes? The most historically interesting? The best subbed/dubbed episodes? The ones you like re-watching for either reasons? Of course, everybody's favorite episodes will almost entirely depend on people's favorite characters (especially all these new cameo episodes of non-WWII countries in WSH easily makes us biased) but it doesn't matter, what are your favorite episodes? (and why?) :3

fyi I already have the Chibitalia compilation, APH ep. 11 [the love-fanservice episode feat. flying mint bunny], WSH ep. 25 [the recent SpainxRomano episode.] of course, and WSH ep 4 [nomnomnomnomnomnomnom.]

[Fic] One True Love [1+2/100]

Title: One True Love
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Too many to write. In these chapters: America/Italy, One-sided America ---> England, One-sided Italy ----> Germany, England/Switzerland, One-sided England ----> America, Liechtenstein
Rating: G
Warning(s): Man. Purse.
Summary: Basically, all the countries are on a 'dating game.' Or at least it's considered a game. They date each and every country for a month that is in the game-- the ones who are dating don't have to play anymore. Though some don't love anyone and some already have one true love.

Chapter 1: Italy recieves a purse for a present. He and America talk over it.

Chapter 2: England loves chocolate...

Notes: 100 prompts. 100 drabble chapters for one fanfic. Oh fun. I shouldn't really be starting this.

( To my journal we go~!  )

★Selling hetalia doujinshis!★

i'm selling 4 Hetalia doujinshis at my livejournal!
circles include Lovepotion no.9(X1), OMEGA 2-D(X1), Cocca and NS:plus.
to make sure that i can clear out the doujinshis faster, if you buy all four doujinshis, it will be $42 instead of $48.
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prices are negotiable!
i'm in need of cash so that's why i'm selling most of my hetalia doujinshis. do let me know if you have any questions^^ 
(on to the doujinshi section)

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Title: --
Author/Artist: Me
Character(s)/Pairing(s): America, Canada, England, Germany, Cat!France, Superhero Crossover!France, Rabbit!Canada, Cat!America, PPancakeFairy!Canada, Pirate!England, Egypt, Turkey, N&S.Italy, HRE, Hungary, Greece : Turkey/Egypt, Germany/America, Canada/America, HRE/Romano, South/North Italies
Rating: T
Warnings: Compromising poses??
Summary: Stuff and stuff. If the post screws up, I'm sorry guys. I'll try to fix it c:

Previous Posts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,11,12,13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23,

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