September 23rd, 2010

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(fanfic) Just in Time for Valentine's Day

Title: Just in Time for Valentine's Day part 2 - Germany, Seychelles and Sweden
Author: Me me
Characters: Almost everyone, but in this chapter: Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Romano, Seychelles, Greece and England. Brief attendance (meaning one line): Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Prussia, Russia, Estonia and Iceland. And also mentioned: Spain, Hong Kong, Korea, Belarus, Hungary and Australia. How did I manage to but so many in one chapter? I'm so terribly sorry if I missed someone (<--liar)
Pairings: Shh, It's a secret =D
Rating: T
Warnings: Mentions of sex, suggesting situations, situations beyond suggestive, yaoi, mild violence, language and crack, ladies and gentlemen, utter crack. Not all of this in this chapter
Summary: It's 13.2.2010, a day before Valentine's day and a conference in Athens. It should just like any meet-up: long, boring and almost nothing gets done.The meeting gets, however, a new turn of events when one of the old Greek gods decides to cheer the nations up a bit. This time the meeting will be nothing but boring and absolutely nothing gets done. This part: Will Germany be able to get the meeting back to the right tracks, how will Seychelles react to sudden weird questions, and what on Earth is Sweden doing?

part 1
part 2
[persona] Teddie trip fall!

[fanart] Alice Im Wunderland

Hi all!

A while ago I made a Cold War Space Race pass case (a small plastic thing that you can put a card the size of a credit card in; it's great for stuff like train/bus passes).

This time, punpunichu and I collaborated and made one with Russia, Belarus and Ukraine!

Title: Alice Im Wunderland
Author/Artist: Lineart by youkofujima, colours by punpunichu
Character(s): Russia, Belarus, Ukraine
Rating: G
Warnings: None, except the link leads to a post where there is a character with a disturbing gas mask on. And a guy with no neck.
Summary: Pass case done by me and the lovely punpunichu!

( Alice Im Wunderland )
Hot Germany is hot


 Title: German Armani
Author/Artist: Myself as the photographer and designer, strongest_shld  as Germany
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany
Rating: G
Summary: This is a spoof for Giorgio Armani Code ad. Girls need to know how sexy Armani Code smells (and believe me, it really really smells sexy). And Germany is the perfect candidate for it!

Please click on the picture for a bigger view
Russia, playing favorites

[Fanfic] - Any Other City - Halloween

Gradual De-Anon from the Kink Meme.

Title: Any Other City - Chapter 4
Rating: PG-15?
Characters: Ensemble
Pairings: France/Spain, Austria/Liechtenstein, Germany/Japan, France/Norway, England/fem!Netherlands, Prussia/fem!Romano
Summary: Derpy AU where the nations are hipsters.
In this Chapter: The Scam throws a giant Halloween bash. Costumes, dancing, moshing, hookups, shenanigans.
Warnings: Language, drinking, drugs, mild sexual situations.

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Multi-Verse Hetalia RP!

Calling all nations!

Welcome to "Should it be the Earth?" A multi-verse Hetalia forum for moderate to advance literate RPers!
Anyone and everyone is welcome, and we're always happy to help beginners. Tons of canons are open and we eagerly await for more members to come! 

Everything one could look for in a Hetalia forum can be found here and suggestions are always welcome!

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[Joint-Cosplay] Priestess Russia and Princess America

Title: Fairytale
Cosplayers: [info]rissa_ichigo and [info]silvensorrow 
Summary: In a theocratical kingdom, the king wants to  grasp the power into his hands, so he tries to use his daughter America, who isn't very willing to participate in the sticky affair, as a double agent in order to infiltrate the church and organize an overturn of power. Upon meeting Russia, the high priestess, the princess's feelings are controversial, but very slowly, their forbidden love comes to bloom, putting Russia's status as a priestess and America's position in danger.

You can see and read the story behind this here-

Hope you like! <3

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[RP Forum] World Academy W - MAJOR Spots Available, eg ITALY

World Academy W is a Hetalia AU (alternate universe) rp based in a school (Gakuen Hetalia) setting, where the characters, instead of countries, are students and teachers from those countries.

As well as the forum, we also have an MSN groupchat where a lot of rping takes place. It is pretty important to have MSN on this forum, otherwise you could miss out on some really great stuff going on.

The rules for the forum can be found here:

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We especially need more characters who are TEACHERS rather than students, though of course students are always welcome. We also really need a school nurse!

A guide on how to apply for membership to the forum can be seen here:

We're a very friendly community, and we'd love to meet you and to rp with you, and make friends. ^^

NB: The pictures in the preview image were drawn by our members for our very own World Academy W art meme. We are also currently working on a new layout for the forum, in which we are employing the talent of our members to help create. ^^
APH - Belarus &quot;Well Behaved Women Rarely

Axis Powers Cosplay Group!

Okay, so for ONCE I'm not posting Belarus cosplay pics, I swear ;-) In order to get some fresh pictures for the Axis side of the ACParadise Hetalia cosplay contest, madgophermm5 (Germany), siefer_sama (Japan), and myself (Italy) got together to do a photoshoot in a local park with aznlunchboxxx as our photographer. She got some really awesome shots, and I thought I'd share!
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Hope you enjoyed! <3!
Blush Rode!

[Fanart] Some sketches + Canako

Title: Sketches + "That's cruel"
Author/Artist: megumi_asakura , that means me XD
Character(s) or Paring(s): England, Austria, GreecexJapan, Chibitalia, Canako or fem!Canada.
Rating: umm... PG13 I guess? Just the England one is kinda provocative and the Giripan.
Summary: Sketches in a insomnia night + What sadness makes me feel.

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I used to roll the dice

[ FIC ] The Mousetrap

TITLE: The Mousetrap
CHARACTERS: Prussia, Germany, OC!Bavaria, France and Otto von Bismarck.
WARNINGS: Descriptions of war and some adult language.
NOTES: Written for frauleingabor for aph_historyswap. I’d like to thank Senpai for doing a snappy job of beta-ing this fic.
SUMMARY: The Franco-Prussian War—Prussia and Germany kick France’s ass, take some of France’s land, and then France kicks both of their asses later with a little help, of course. Otto von Bismarck makes a guest appearance.

Perhaps you should speak to Herr Bismarck, Bruder.
Holy crap Batman

[New RP Forum] Freedom Fields - Almost ALL Characters Free

Freedom Fields is a Hetalia AU (alternate universe) rp based in a strange building, which doubles as a complete town in itself. The characters are not countries, but instead humans from those countries. A further explanation of this building can be found here:

As well as the forum, we also have an MSN groupchat where a lot of rping takes place. It is pretty important to have MSN on this forum, otherwise you could miss out on some really great stuff going on.

The rules for the forum can be found here:

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A guide on how to apply for membership to the forum can be seen here:

We can't wait to meet you and expand the forum ^^

[Fanart/Fancomic/Flash]Art dump (include animations/dress up)

Artist:  inunobaka
Characters:  England,China,hong kong,Taiwan, Liechtenstein,Iceland,America,Canada,Prussia,France,Germany
Couples: PrussiaxCanada
Rating: T (nudity, most important part hidden though <3)
: A /lot/ of pictures. Shounen-ai. Late/early easter pictures B|

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Collapse )Caipririnha(if it doesn't work)
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The Whole She-bang

Been a while since a pairing poll correct? I'm just wondering if the pairing dynamics has changed since the last one. So even in taking the possibility of crack-pairings, I've made a comprehensive poll. Vote Away!

Some notes:
1) Everyone is split into South or North (i.e. S.Italy, N.Italy and S.Korea)
2) I'm human so most likely I've missed a few people when I made the poll so I'm sorry about that
3) Chibitalia is also not included since he is N.Italy. However, I split Germany and HRE into different entities since it's not confirmed yet if Germany and HRE are one and the same. If you think Germany is HRE, then choose Germany instead~

4) Livejournal polls does not allow me to have more than 15 choices. To bypass that, I used a different polling system. The drawback to that is that if you want to vote on more than on poll, you'll have to keep pressing the back button ^^;;

5) I only noticed I spelled "would" wrong after I made Ukraine's poll so yeah...please ignore that....

So here is the first group Axis:
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Fem!USUK cosplays.

Hai, u guise. Some fem!USUK cosplay pictures for you. Nothing special, just getting excited for a con next weekend. :DD Anyone from Texas going to Realmscon?! Anyway, here are my sister triforcexshard and I just goofing around outside our house. Also, anyone going to San Antonio Hetalia day, we'll be there dressed in these cosplays! So, let me know who you are and we can look for each other or something idk!

triforcexshard as England.
Myself as America.

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[fanfic] Denmark/Sweden: Not Fair

Title: Not Fair
Author: Me
Rating: E for everybody.
Warnings: None
Summary: Why do we always miss things after they are gone?
Author's Notes: A short one shot to try out writing about more "angsty" themes. As you can see, I don't do this very often. Reviews and criticism are much appreciated. :) 

( )

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[Fanfic] Disappearance of Denmark Ch. 11

Title: Disappearance of Denmark
Author: ASEies (AmeUmi36@Deviantart)
Rating: T (there are slightly mature scenes in later chapters)
Characters: (main) Norway, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, (secondary) OC!Greenland, England, Prussia
Couples: Denmark/Norway, Sweden/Finland, Hinted Greenland/Iceland, Hinted England/China
Warnings: Angst, OCs, an extremely long fic
Notes: The story is already finished, and only needs to be typed up. I will be posting this weekly until the end. Also, very loosely based on the Disappearance of Suzumia Haruhi

Summary: Norway wakes up one day and finds out that nobody remembers who Denmark is, and the history books are against him. Norway searches for the truth and fights to show that he is, in fact, sane...

Previous Chapters: Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Ch. 3, Ch. 4, Ch. 5, Ch. 6, Ch. 7, Ch. 8, Ch. 9, Ch. 10

(Stupid bikers. Stupid Prussia. With his invisible bike lanes and his 'oh I'm the most bike-friendly country and the world' gig. Guh, so stupid.)