September 26th, 2010

[q&a] Where can I Buy Doujinshi in China + Singapore?


I was wondering if anyone here knows where I could find doujinshi in China (specifically in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuxi and Nanjing), Guangzhou and Singapore?

My family and I will be traveling in China and Singapore in several weeks, and since I heard stuff there was cheaper with more to choose from, I'd like to look around and check out and buy some Hetalia stuff. xD

So if you know of any good inexpensive doujinshi stores, I would greatly appreciate if you wouldn't mind telling me know where I could find them please?

Thank you very much~ ;)

[Fanart] Axis Gangraep

Artist: BleuLFinnegan
Rating: G ... (RAEP FACE, but there's nothing really beyond that)
Germany, Italy, Japan
Warnings: These Raepfaces may scare you. Be forewarned~
Disclaimer: Um...Idnno.

Summary: We got the axis done now! So, for all your raeping glory...HERE THEY ARE! 8D Oh and, Again, everyone is free (And encouraged) To make icons with these! c:
Previous journal with just Germany

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[Fanfic] When is a Dahu not a Dahu?

Title: When is a Dahu not a Dahu?
Author: tenrai
Francis takes Arthur to see a creature Arthur has never heard of. This can only end in tears. Featuring Dahus with references to Wolpertingers, Drop Bears, Wild Haggis, and Waitorekes. (Not necessarily in that order.)
Timestamp: Started 26th of September, 2010. Finished 27th of September, 2010
This is crack; utter, utter crack. No animals, real or otherwise, were harmed in the making of this fic.

( They travel in single file to hide their numbers )

X-posted to what_the_fruk
King of Spades

[Fic] Hey dudes, it's been a while...

Show of hands now, how many people thought I'd given up on this? Oh ye of little faith...That's right, it's the next installment in the "My Family" series thing.

During the break, I made an archive in my journal for this thing. Go check it out if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

Title: Peter
Author: Me.
Characters/Pairings: France/England, America, Mama Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Sealand, Belgium, Netherlands, Germania, Denmark, Sweden/Finland, some rather jerkface OCs. Mentions of...a lot of others.
Warnings/Rating: PG-13. OC death, language, people being jerks.
Summary: While picking Alfred up from school, Arthur finds out about his parents' death. Which leads to the question, who's going to take care of Peter?

Part of this thing:
Ludwig's Family
Ludwig's Family's Drabbles
Feliciano's Family
Im Yong Soo's Family
Alfred's Family
Building a Family, FrUK Style Part I
Building a Family, FrUK Style Part II
Ivan's Family
First Impressions
Mother's Day Special
First Day of School

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stark onoudidnt
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[Fanfiction][USUK]Lost - Chapter Fourteen

Expect Chapter fifteen some time tomorrow. Also, I have put together an index of all of my fics. Some Franada, mostly USUK, Canada/America/Canada, and some that center on characters. jsyk. I'll try to comment more, but I've been busy writing >.>

Title: Lost - Chapter Fourteen
Genre: AU/medieval/fantasy
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: England was a land of peace, until the threat of war hung overhead. The heir to the Kirkland line disappears, and a hero from America stumbles onto a strange sight in a forest in England.
I should probably note that this AU isn't like my others. This one actually has countries with similar names, but a very different setting. This is because I can't make up names for shit. (Also, I won't be putting the "next" and "prev" chapters on the chaps. of this fic. I'll get them onto the first post of my journal some time, and they'll always be here)
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Rose Red

FIC: The Empty Divan (Turkey, Russia, Austria; no pairings)

Title: The Empty Divan
Author: Moi.
Characters: Turkey, Russia, Austria. Poland is not physically present but his presence is felt, so to speak.
Rating: T for Teen
Warnings: Discussions of violence. Rough language. Brief but non-graphic content that may be disturbing. This is actually about as tame as I come, which is to say, not very.
Summary: For over a hundred years, Poland was officially erased from the map of Europe after being partioned by Russia, Austria, and Prussia. However, Poland's old enemy, the Ottoman Empire, never recognized the non-existence of Poland. When ambassadors from the Imperial Russian and Austrian courts would arrive in Istanbul, they would be asked, "And where is the ambassador from Lechistan (Poland)?" And an empty divan was kept in the palace for the absent Polish ambassador.

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[Fanart] Some doodles + prize from last challenge + new number challenge

[info]pinup_pineapple won the number challenge from my last post and gets a free picture \o/ I hope you like it.
(The number was 23, for my 16th birthday coming up in December, haha)

Title: None
Rating: G
Pairing: Prussia/Hungary
Summary: (Gakuen AU) Hungary tries to read doujinshi a book in the company of Prussia and Gilbird.

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New number challenge!
Let me make it specific this time - last challenge I said 'character' but people went ahead and requested pairings OTL..
So to emphasise, I'm offering up a coloured drawing (that.. will be doodly okay) of ONE CHARACTER (because I am lazy and incompetent) of your choice, doing whatever you want, given that it's nothing NC-17 or up.

Comment with a number from 1 - 35 + your request. Whoever picks the number I'm thinking of, wins. Good luck!
APH: Inquiry plz Liet

DC Area Shopping?


I'm looking to buy official APH posters in anime shops and/or local sellers around the DC area*. I was wondering if anybody knows a good anime shop near here? Preferably accessible by public transportation? I've never lived in the states before so I don't know what shops are good in this country.. XD;

Thanks for your help! ^^

*: DC, West Virginia, Virgina, and Maryland

[cosplay] Germany/Italy on a date

Ve ve ve ve~

Bored, like always, my cospartner and me aked to our cute photographer if she wanted to make us a session like Germany and Italy on a date =D and she accepted veery happy XDDD

So, here I bring the photos, there are a lot of nosense photos, I warn you XD.

But, anyway I think they are cuutee X3 and lovely and stuff, so, I hope you like them!.

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russia - fuck yeah
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[Official] Russia preview

I do not usually post anything official artwork but this is Russia, goddammit.

Also I think Himaruya's talking about an announcement of sorts after he finished something. But I do not know what he is referring to.

EDIT: This just in: Himaruya is being chased by an organization. We may or may not (most likely may not) see him again.

Also, we may or may not be the organization. Don't go around spreading lies and slander, you nosy people you.

[ROLEPLAY;] Hetaliatweets! c3


HetaliaTweets C3!

'Sup guys.
If you're looking for simple, fun and real time Role-play, then hetalia_tweets is for you !

What Circle 3 offers you;
• Quick and Easy Role-playing via Twitter.
• Announcements and notices via Livejournal.
• New Friends! Seriously, you'll meet the best people ever.
• Friendly and Understanding players who will help if you have any questions. And love you.
• No Characters Apps needed!

If you have any other questions, please click the cut and they'll most likely be answered !

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Purple Turkey
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Volume 3 Profile Translations Part Two!

 Because I hate just sitting on them, and am terribly slow at translating them because I have too many AP classes </3

...Well, I blame the AP classes, anyways. (I like AP Euro, at least.)

This time around you get Italy, Japan, Germany, America, Canada, England, Poland, South Italy, and Himaruya himself! (I must say, I think Himaruya's amused me the most.)

Things in (( )) are my comments, and the one thing after Canada's in ( ) is actually from the book.

If you see any errors, please point them out to me. Thanks!

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Part One (Includes Prussia, Hungary, Austria, Belgium, Greece, and Turkey!)

[fanfic] Home - Prologue

Title: Home
Author: Lovelylurker
Series: Axis Powers Hetalia
Characters: Arthur centric
Rating: PG
Summary: Arthur Kirkland moves into a new neighborhood looking forward to some peace and quiet. Unfortunately he meets the neighbors.

An AU fic I thought I'd try on for size since it's been eating at my brain for the past month or so. (I swear I'll finish my other projects! One day!) We'll see where this leads.

Follow the fake cut below.

He rolled over on top of his blankets and counted off the unchanged paint chips on the bedroom door. He felt withered and pale, much like the light-starved plants in his kitchen.

[Fanart] Have some arts. CB

Title: Have some arts!
Author/Artist: Myself ; 7 ;
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany, Italy, Japan, America, Ukraine, Russia. 
Rating: G
Warnings: Some crack, America playing Super Mario Galaxy 2, derpy cartoon style, and fail at dresses. :U
Summary: Just some pics along with a comic. C: 

I've been wanting to post to the community again. I only posted here once ; 7 ;" So here we go~
[NOTE: most of these pics are from awhile back, and I had recently changed my signature. Sorry for the inconvenience orz"]

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[Selling] Or...more reserves

If anyone knows my deviantart you'd know I've been working on a new project to earn cosplay money~. >v<;;;
Since my plushie heads did so well on here for my little Otakon fundraiser, I'd thought I'd open up reserves on here first before I have them all printed on Wednesday. ovo
I'm trying to make $200 this time around for my Norge cosplay so hopefully I can get that much this time~ XDD

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[Fanfic] The Law of Attraction (3&4/?)

Title: The Law of Attraction (3&4/?)
Rating: PG-13
Character(s): England, France, Scotland, Wales, various other nations
Pairing(s): Background Scotland/France; mentions of America/England and Portugal/England; Wales/various
Warning(s): None
Summary: Although Scotland would rather not think about his brothers' love lives at all, it's clear Wales' is long overdue for some improvements. He's not the best person for the job, but he knows someone who probably is.
Author's Note:
First part of this fic is here. Other stories set in this universe are here.
Blame it on the Cosplay

[fic] A Midsummer Night's Mischief Chapter 8

Title: A Midsummer Night's Mischief
Author: curlee1029 (AnimeOtakuFreak1029 on
Characters/ Pairings: In Entire Fic: GerIta, Giripan, ChiKor, FrUK, Matfred, a bit of PrusHun, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Poland and Sealand.
                                         In This Chapter: Greece-->Korea, Giripan, and Sealand
Rating: PG-14
Warnings: In Entire Fic: Sexual implications and mild language (not much, really) 
                    In This Chapter: Nothing that is needed to be conserned about. (Unless crack pairings are a valid warning.)
Summary: Japan's boss wants Japan to marry China for political reasons, but Japan wants to be with Greece. Meanwhile, China-obsessed Korea wants the older nation to be his, despite the fact China is too preoccupied with the hope that his younger brother may be living in the same roof again….But when Sealand attempt to help out with the couple's struggles, something goes wrong….Based on Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream. There isn't any old English in here, and everything is in present day.

Chapter 8 has a accidental love and mythology.

Here's where it all begins. 


Tsukimiya Ringo [UtaPri]
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drabble - Anyone but me (DenSu)

Title: Anyone but me.
Language: English.
Series: Hetalia
Pairing: Denmark/Sweden
Rating: R
Summary: His axe. It was the first thing he saw. Why? Why on Earth was he going to defend him?
A/N: I just wrote this right now. Yes, right now. In... 20 mins. I'm bored and wanted to write something, so... this was the first thing that came to my mind. I hope you like it!

his axe...



           Starting next week, some friends and I will be recording a weekly/every other week podcast all about Hetalia! 
           We will be posting download links to Podtalia here on the community for those who are interested!
Before we do our first episode though, we'd like to hear from you guys!
 If you could take a moment to vote in our poll, that would be great!

Poll #1624241 Podtalia

What type of things would you like to hear in a Hetalia Podcast?

Weekly episode discussion
Merchandise/upcoming releases
Original vs. Dub
Cosplay/cosplay mentions
Fanfiction/fanart mentions
Drama CD/manga readings
Other (share your ideas in the comments!)

What type of things would you like to hear in a Hetalia Podcast?

<input ... >Weekly episode discussion
<input ... >Fandom
<input ... >Merchandise/upcoming releases
<input ... >Original vs. Dub
<input ... >Cosplay/cosplay mentions
<input ... >Fanfiction/fanart mentions
<input ... >Pairings
<input ... >Drama CD/manga readings
<input ... >Other (share your ideas in the comments!)
<input ... >


[Drabble - RoChu] Quinghai, earthquake.

Title: Quinghai, earthquake.
Rating / warning: G (No warning)
Character(s) / pairing(s): Ivan Braginski (Russia), Yao Wang (China) - RoChu (Russia/China)
Summary: Tuesday, 13th of April, 2010. Qinghai. He never thought that a disaster like the Sichuan's earthquake, two years ago, would repeat so soon. No one did.
Words: 500
Disclaimer: No, I don't own them. Yet.
A/N: Well... This was my first fic in english, I hope it turned out good... I wrote it in half an hour and no one revised it (not even me xD), so... Blame me for any typos you can find xD Hope you like it~
Posted in: (Click to see the original fic)

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