October 2nd, 2010

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[Fanfiction]Lost Chapter Fifteen; Kink meme - Kumajirou is pedobear

For future reference: I'm not going to post links to past chapters in these posts anymore. Instead, I'm going to put a link to the directory where you can ctrl+f (or apple+f, idk) to find the other chapters. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Lost - Chapter Fifteen
Genre: AU/medieval/fantasy
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 (more violence in this chapter)
Summary: England was a land of peace, until the threat of war hung overhead. The heir to the Kirkland line disappears, and a hero from America stumbles onto a strange sight in a forest in England.
I should probably note that this AU isn't like my others. This one actually has countries with similar names, but a very different setting. This is because I can't make up names for shit.

[No pairing]
Not What They Expected
Genre: Humor/Crack
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 - Adult themes?
Summary: Kumajirou is pedobear. Who knew?
Kink Meme Fill Part One and Two
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[News] Tokyopop Hetalia app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

I didn't find this when I did a quick check of recently posted news since September 24, so hopefully it hasn't been posted already :"D If so, please tell me orz

If you haven't already heard, TOKYOPOP has just launched the Official Deluxe Hetalia App, and it's ready to download on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch! 

This super cool must-have app for Hetalia fans features a free first chapter (or issue), option to purchase more chapters on comiXology, manga trailer, and 24 totally awesome 
cosplay pics. !

Download it now for FREE!! 

Now you can bring  
Hetalia with you where ever you go!

Download link (I know it works if you're on an iPhone/iPod touch, but I'm not sure about computers;;; /using her itouch now what)

I must say, I find it rather clunky and not particularly useful, but perhaps someone out there will appreciate it...?
Russia, playing favorites

[Fanfic] - Any Other City - December

Gradual De-Anon from the Kink Meme.

Title: Any Other City - Chapter 6
Rating: PG-15?
Characters: Ensemble
Parings: France/Spain, Austria/Liechtenstein, Germany/Japan, France/Norway, England/fem!Netherlands, Prussia/fem!Romano, Norway/Japan
Summary: Derpy AU where the nations are hipsters.
In This Chapter: Roddy fails at life, Ludwig and Natalia gossip in the metals workshop, Matthew comes home, Antonio meets Francis’ crew, Gilbert and Alfred annoy Nils, New Year’s plans are made.
Warnings: Language, drinking, drugs, mild sexual situations.
happy spain

[FIC] Truth Be Told, Chapter Five

Title: Truth Be Told
Chapter: Five
Pairing: Spain/Romano
Also appearing in this chapter: Germany, Veneziano
Rated: T
Genre: Comedy/Romance with a bit of Angst...yum
Summary: The Well of Uncomfortable Truths is discovered and deals Spain a hard fact: “Whenever you said you loved him, you didn’t really mean it. You were thinking of his brother. They were empty words.” But who was it talking about? And will Romano be convinced?

Done for this request:


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Shimeji Finland!

Title: Shimeji Finland
Art: me
Programming: not me 
Character: Finland
Rating: G
Warnings: Cuteness and browser theft!
Summary: Been seeing loads of this lately? Soon the entire cast of Hetalia will have shimejis XD. This is my contribution. 
What is a Shimeji? It's a cute little desktop buddy that walks around, climbs your screen, and being cute in general.

Click the Image for the DL link and instructions! :D


[FAN ANIMATION] America and Canada go to an Italian Deli

I know, I know... This has been done too many times before, I hope you don't hurt me for being derp.

Title: America and Canada go to the Italian Deli
Characters: America, Canada, Romano
Rating: G
Warnings: Old Derp stuff from April
Summary: America and Canada star in a DERP Family Guy Flipnote!


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canada by zureruze

To the dearly beloved of Utah...

Banzai is in a WEEK. Less than a week. SIX DAYS. And I'm selling stuff!

So yes. It would be awesome if anyone would stop by the Artist's Alley and say hello!
Images under the cut! :D

Title: Stickers and Chibi Cards
Author/Artist: Myself
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Italy, Germany, Japan, America, England, France, Russia, China
Rating: E for everyone/G for general audiences. SAFE FOR EVERYONE.
Warnings: None.
Summary: The APH crew has joined the ranks of my art. Finally.

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Text: Bloody hell we're buggered now

[Fanfic] Family Ties

Title: Family Ties
Author/Artist: Me, hellzabeth
Character(s) or Pairing(s): THE WHOLE WORLD Or everyone I could possibly fit in anyway, some France/Scotland, mildly USUK and RusAme, a dash of SuFin, and various others.
Rating: Rating changed to 16, as it doesn't contain sex.
Warnings: Guns, blood, violence, politics, everyone getting very confused and England singing. It's also HOLY SHIT LONG.
Summary: Scotland leaves the United Kingdom, giving Northern Ireland an excuse to up and out to reunite with his sister. This leaves England and Wales all alone. And also somehow starts off WW3.

(Part 88)

(From the beginning.)
Hetalia - Canada - Sheepish
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Toranoana, K-Books, and YouClub Group Order #2

Since the first order is almost cleared (just waiting on a few more payments), and I promised this one about two weeks ago, here you go o/

A couple of changes have been made, so please read over the post before ordering anything. There's an overall cost limit this time, so order as soon as you can!

Order Post

(I probably won't be doing another one until next year, since December is almost looming and I'm going to avoid shipping to and from me during that time like a plague |D)


[fic] 30% cocoa

Title: 30% Cocoa
Author/Artist: chromatic_coma @ animusia
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Switzerland, Belgium, Hungary ; Switzerland/Belgium, implied Austria/Hungary
Rating: PG (T for Switzerland's dirty mouth)
Warning(s): Switzerland's foul language, in one instance.
Summary: Switzerland and Belgium enjoy their periodic chocolatier competitions, but is there more to it than just another squabble? AKA Switzerland has girl problems.

x-posted @ animusia and neutral_choco

"...you both need to get over yourselves and face your obvious attraction to each other head on instead of constantly having these silly contests to deal with the rampant UST."

[pimp post] Switzerland/Belgium community

Hey you! Yeah, you, the one clutching the plushie! Are you a fan of het in a sea of yaoi fangirls? Are you open to any and all pairings, and fascinated by relationships for nations who have a lot in common? Or maybe you're just looking for something new!

Well, then stop by

@ neutral_choco

the freshly built community for the pairing Switzerland/Belgium!

TsukiSales Doujinshi Sale! (Updated 10/2!)

Sup, comm! I'm in a need for cash and space and have loads of Hetalia doujinshi for sale! Updated with new stuff!

America/Japan (x4) (by tec, Kaikoku Zenya, Eishow and one anthology)
Spain/Romano (x1) (by TOKIMOOON)
Russia/China (x3) (by give and transoquilizer, and one anthology)
Austria/Hungary (x1) (by Jikuu Kybernetes)
America/Spain (x1) (by Tekka_G)
Outcasts 3P (x1) (by ETD)
Denmark/Norway + Iceland 3P (x1) (by Nurakura)
England/Japan anthology (x1)
Hungary-centric anthology (x1)

It's all here in tsukisales! Here's my feedback page!

I hope to see you there!

Sorry if you see multiples of my posts on your FL.

[fic] The Pins, Chapter 2

 Title: The Pins
Rating: Pg13. On the safe side. or just T
Characters: In this Chapter: Spain, Romano, Veneciano, France and Prussia.
Pairings: Eventual Spamano
Summery: To save their family, Lovino gave up something that everyone needs, but he thought he could easily do without. What happens when he finds out that he's wrong........
Notes: SUPER long chapter here folks. Like, 1000 words longer then the last one...... yeah ;;^^ Hope you like long chapters!

 The pins stick farther in... 
evil sherlock


Hello Im new to 'this' community but I've been watching the Japanise eng sub for ages
I've been tring to get me brother and some friends to watch it but they wont watch it if it has subs -_-
Now I had a look around to see if I could buy the DVD but its region 1 only damn
so I was wondering if anyone knows if there was atleast ONE episode in english on the internet?
I would be dead grateful, I want them to watch it damn it so they dont think I'm crazy when I quote stuff from it