October 4th, 2010

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[Fic] England/Japan -- Adagio in G Minor

Title: Adagio in G Minor
Series: Hetalia
Pairing/Characters: Japan/England
Rating: PG
Total length: 663
Warnings: ...fluff about a Halloween-like subject. Or something. Because I cannot make Japan/England dark without feeling like I'm murdering a bunny. Well meant jabs towards Doctor Who and Japan's obsession with porn.
Summary: "Scotland calls them Spunkies."
Author's Note: Day 3 of my Dark Month, for rudy_flamthrowa. England/Japan, " Will-o'-the-wisp".

Scotland calls them Spunkies
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Podtalia Episode 1: Introductions and Fangirling

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This episode's hosts:

Ember/"America"/Jamie: _moenokori
Jen: deviantArt
SailorAnime/"Austria": deviantArt
Iggy/Britt: deviantArt
"Denmark": mynapyrrhuloxia
Sea/"Sealand": hannahsheep
"France": deviantArt

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions happily leave a comment! ♥ ♥ ♥ We'll respond to them as we can. C:

Hetalia: True Destiny Proboards RPG

What would you change if you had the chance to change the future? Maybe you'd rule the world or even just own little more land. Maybe you'd get back that girl you liked so much in high school. Perhaps even go back to apologize to someone when you had the chance.

It was a dark and stormy night when England decided he needed to change the past. Sitting inside his house England was planning up a spell after he had said something he shouldn't have said at a world council meeting angering several countries. He planned on going back and changing what he said. However he messed up the spell a little and now it's no longer 2010 anymore...instead its 1745 and while some of the nations are going through their golden years once more, others are going through war.

Nobody knows what happened and nobody even remembers the future. It was as if they woke up where they were in 1745 again. However there is someone who does know. England, and he also knows that now the future can be compleatly changed if a single event happens differently. So you'd imagine if anyone knew this they could take advantage of this dirty little secret.

So, now's your chance. Are you going to follow down and obey that history book or are you going to take the chance and create your true destiny...the future is of your making!

HETALIA: True Destiny.

  •  Many open cannons
  • Active
  • Great staff
  • Room for side plots
  • Literate (200 word count) RP

[Fanfic] Though I Walk

Title: Though I Walk
Author: me (axkingforit)
Characters/Pairing: Denmark, Norway
Rating: T, just in case
Warning: Some language and mention of adult themes
Summary: ...there is honestly no way to summarize this other than IT IS A SHORT DRABBLE BUT YAY.

Dedicated to my wife glassamilk . We get up to some dirty business, man. (Honhonhon~♥)

[Though I Walk, there is nothing here for me.]
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[FIC] I Belong To You - France/Canada

Title: I Belong To You
Author/Artist: twoxten 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): France/Canada
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Notes: Un beta'd. And it's late. So I apologize for all the mistakes that you may come across. But I've had this sitting around for so long, I just wanted to finish it.
Summary: Matthew's can't figure out why he get's so flustered when he's around Francis.

( But I'm sure he figures it out eventually. )

Hetalia: World Series Episode 20-24 Funimation

Previously on Hetalia: World Series. A wild Turkey wants to do battle, Britain is plotting to worm his way into Germany's house with friendship and flowers before moving onto Japan. Spain gets the praise he wants from Romano before setting off a full blown alert.

Episode 20:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvNAvl8alSQ
Episode 21:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOODMfz2tWQ
Episode 22:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DZ80idopRE
Episode 23:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RXsRPvzvl8
Episode 24:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xJLG-9weJQ

Extra set 2 one coins

Ack, not quite sure if i'm doing this correctly, but imma de-lurk really fast with the question, is anyone looking for stray one coins? My Russia ordered it, but only wants a couple out of the set, but is looking to sell...Sweden, Finland, Greece and Austria.
She's selling the extras for 15 per, paypal preferably, so that should cover shipping within the US, dunno about outside of it though. Guess interested parties should pm me? Thanks in advance~

Mods, if this isn't cool lemme know n i'll gladly take it down.

Edit: Holy crap that was fast! i've gone ahead and pm-ed the people who either a) pm-ed me first or b) called them first. T.T
Bugger all, but had i realized the post'd be picked up so quick...well i dunno. But...something...
Thanks to all interested parties, the four in question have been claimed.


ED: Edit under the cut, please read. Thanks.

Who: Hosted by myself, Nicole, along with my co-host, Blue (bluemoon_991), open to all hetalia fans in or around Pittsburgh Pa!
What: A gathering of fans, in costume or otherwise, to take photos, celebrate hetalia goofiness, make friends and have a good time!
Where: Cathedral of Learning, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa, 15213
When: 10am, Sunday, October 24th
Why?!: Why not?! :D
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[Sheet music] England's Demon-Summoning Song

It's that time of the year again -- and to get us all in the spirit early, I thought I'd tab out England's Demon Summoning Song. The song currently is only the melody line (with appropriate barrings for the spoken dialogue, which is also included, thanks to the post here, which is also where I found the lyrics), and lyrics are in Japanese and romaji, so it can be sung as well as played on any C instrument (transposed into the correct octave, of course). A transposed version for Bb instruments is also available.

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[FANFIC] challenger appears

Title: A challenger appears [1/?]
Author: scifigirl21 
Character(s)/Pairing(s): England, Australia, New Zealand
Rating: G
Warning: None.
Summary:  Some bickering between nations at the Opening Ceremony

Since nobody yet has seem to have noticed that the Commonwealth Games are on in Delhi, here is my attempt at filling that.

( “’Oi, Mate!” He heard from behind him, “England, come over here”)

[Fanart] Wee

Title: Panty and stocking crossover and Nordic Ocs c:
Artist: dinoturtle @ DA
Characters/Pairings: FemRomano&FemIceland, OC: Aland and Faroe Islands
Rating: PG-13 i think idk
Summary: Those who have or have not heard of Panty And stocking with Garterbelt... It's epic. tee. and well in tribute I drew a hetalia crossover. And a character profile for my beloved Faroes.
Warnings: Hm! Many things!

( A panty into a gun and a stocking into a sword. A useful feature!)
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Hetalia Day Southern California MUN Event site launch!

The Mock UN event is back for the Hetalia Day Meetup in Southern California! We're doing something different from last year's Session I - General Assembly Debate, and are running something truly New and still UN-related:

We're traveling back in time to October 24, 1984, a tense year after what seemed like a thaw in the Cold War. Instead of just roleplaying the United Nations General Assembly, participants can choose to be part of one of the largest rivals to ever rock the planet, the USA Cabinet or the USSR Politburo, as a crisis in Outer Space* hits the news. It's going to be out of this world, filled with classified documents, stationed headquarters, and whatever the teams determine to throw at each other.

Will the USA come to USSR's aid in a time of need? Will USSR even let him? How will UK and China respond to their allies decisions? How can Poland into space?

Three teams means triple the amount of eligible awards, shenanigans, and Educational Experience for any Hetalia fan brave enough to take on the challenge! Let's celebrate outerspace relations along with international relations!

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This is just a tidbit of the info for the event. For complete details and updates, check out the Official Session II website. I'm more in my element chairing a Crisis Committee Sim than a General Assembly, so this will be quite a ride.

If there are any other interested in these such UN-simulation events, feel free to contact me and I can forward some resources and information about starting up, templates from other schools (there are some amazingly creative MUN conferences these days..) and anything else you may need.

Those on the west coast who are unable to go may be able to make the one at Anime Los Angeles 2011 instead :3

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*Topic was inspired by the awesome Cosmonaut and Astronaut cosplayers at the Otakon 2010 Hetalia gathering. Because Seriously? MY HEROES.