October 6th, 2010

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Fic: Five for the Festival (and one that showed up late)

Title: Five for the Festival (and one that showed up late)
Genre: Romance/General
Rating: PG
Pairings/Characters: America/England, Hong Kong/Taiwan, China, Korea
Word Count: 4,440
Summary: When both England and Hong Kong decide to invite guests over to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival, it brings together an unlikely group to honor the traditions and create some new ones.
Notes: For museofepics's request on the usxuk Autumn Love Party theme. She asked for a fic about America and England celebrating the Mid Autumn Festival. Also: This takes place in the 1980s, which is why Hong Kong's still a colony at the time.

Sorry if you two wanted a weekend alone, but I’ve invited guests over for the festival as well. )
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(fanfic) Dimension Tales 1: War

Title: Dimension Tales 1: War - 1. The Arguing Chapter
Author: me
Characters: Almost all nations. From the usual cast the one missing might be Prussia
Pairings: Nothing really; some head canon pairings but that's optional
Rating: T for blood, language and heavy themes
Warnings: Look above.
Summary: In general: A distortion in an alternative world's magic sends thirty-odd nations to another dimension, to an uninhabited no-man's-land between five local nations. With a little knowledge of their whereabouts and what actually happened the nations try to unite their powers to get back to their own world. However, they face a problem: for their own interests the local nations want the nations back home as well: dead or alive. The former proves to be more problematic.
This chapter: England, being the last one to arrive to the other dimension, finds himself in a middle of arguments and quarrel of how did all this happen.

Link to the prologue:

Link to the first chapter:

HETALIA: true destiny (proboards RPG)


What would you change if you had the chance to change the future? Maybe you'd rule the world or even just own little more land. Maybe you'd get back that girl you liked so much in high school. Perhaps even go back to apologize to someone when you had the chance.

It was a dark and stormy night when England decided he needed to change the past. Sitting inside his house England was planning up a spell after he had said something he shouldn't have said at a world council meeting angering several countries. He planned on going back and changing what he said. However he messed up the spell a little and now it's no longer 2010 anymore...instead its 1745 and while some of the nations are going through their golden years once more, others are going through war.

Nobody knows what happened and nobody even remembers the future. It was as if they woke up where they were in 1745 again. However there is someone who does know. England, and he also knows that now the future can be compleatly changed if a single event happens differently. So you'd imagine if anyone knew this they could take advantage of this dirty little secret.

So, now's your chance. Are you going to follow down and obey that history book or are you going to take the chance and create your true destiny...the future is of your making!

HETALIA: true destiny
  • great staff
  • active
  • new skin
  • great for side plots
  • lots of open characters


[RP Ad.] Spacetalia: The Final Frontier

Greetings, citizens.

Once again, your humble Allied Federation of Nations is looking for fresh new recruits to help combat the ever rampant and growing plague of the galaxy, space pirates.
The ruthless crew of the ship known as the "Axis" have increased their attacks on government vessels, and your help is needed more than ever to bring these criminals to a swift justice!
Remember, the Allied Federation of Nations is on your side!
 (And now, due to a lack of funding in the advertising department, since it is being rerouted to the Armed Division, we bring you a recruiting video with images shamelessly swiped from Paint It White)

Why should you join the AFN's fight against Space Piracy?
- It's the right thing  to do, for the sake of space colonies everywhere.
- It's complete and utter crack.
- Parallel Universes!
- Tribble infestations!
- Alfred F. Jones in a miniskirt!

Take a look around, and see if the AFN is right for you!  Many characters are still available, and yes, we do accept OCs.

[Question] Missing page in scans

(If there's a more appropriate place where I should put this question, please let me know and I'll move it there. Thanks!)

I'm working on scanlating a doujin by SKK, Natsu ato. Kitto aki no sora. I'm using these scans. But it seems that page 22 (file name is "21") is missing and page 42 was doubled up in its place.

It looks like page 22 should match page 42, except with different text. Does anyone have a copy of this doujin and could let me know what the text is? I don't need a great scan, since I can just use page 42 when typesetting. All I need is to clearly see the text I'm assuming is there.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help me!

(fanfic) Not- So Stupid Things that Drunk Men Do.America/Japan

Title: The Not-So Stupid Things that Drunk Men Do
Author: Tieria Dylandy(karinablue_rose )
Theme:#5 Do you remember prompt from [info]30_memories Fan Fiction community
Pairings/Characters:  Hetalia:Axis Powers:America(Alfred F.Jones)xJapan(Kiku Honda), England(Arthur Kirkland),France(Francis Bonnefoy),Spain(Antonio Carriedo),Prussia(Gilbert Beilschmidt),OC!California(Maria Theresa),OC!Hawaii(Leilani)
Ratings:PG-13 for the first part.Rating goes up in the next part.Number of chapters:4
Warnings: graphic description of someone's tongue being pierced,Adult language,sex,sex and more sex.Human AU.
Disclaimer: The characters in this work of fiction are the property of Himauya Hidekaz. The OCs are the creation of the writer.

Read more... )
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[Fanfic] Soap and Tea Leaves

Title: Soap and Tea Leaves
Author: teacupwriter
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Character[s]/Pairing[s]: Hong Kong, England, China; potential England/China
Rating: PG
Summary[s]: Hong Kong has two homes now; Hong Kong's POV

Fake cut

(Also, this is sort of the third part of a Hong Kong saga I've been working on; I think that it stands all right on its own, but if you want to read parts one and two, they're here and here.)

Cross-posted to kouchagumi.

[Vid Collab] Hetalia In A Day

I'm posting this on behalf of the original creator of this concept. She gave me the thumbs up to promote her project here in this community. I think we all could take part in it. With Hetalia Day just around the bend, it would be a great opportunity to put this together. The creator has an interesting idea that I think would not only be fun, but beneficial, as well.

I'm not asking for sign-ups or anything like that since I'm not the original creator. I'm simply requesting that we give this a go. The creator has links to her project in other websites, as well as youtube. All of the info is in the video description.

Title: Hetalia in a Day
Author/Artist: ADayInHetalia
Character(s) or Pairing(s): All characters
Rating: E
Warnings: none
(copy/pasted from the vid description) The point of this project is to bring international attention to Hetalia, so that there won't be a WW3.

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Comic-con NYC

Im going on Saturday :)
i only just got invited by a friend of mine and it will be my first real con so i was wondering if anyone else is going?
im not sure if i'll be cosplaying hetalia or not, im stuck between doing China or going as Gir
anyway just wondering, sorry if someone else already asked this or its not allowed
Black Cat

[Fanart] Miu and Kolkolkol?

Title: Miu
Author/Artist: aquata232 (AKA me)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): US/UK
Rating: G
Warnings:  Uhh...cavity inducing?
Summary: bunny!US and bunny!UK (Honestly? There isn't much of a summary here)
A/N: I know, I know, butbutbut bunnies! D8 I can't resist bunnies. ;A; And since my tablet broke and I have yet to get another, I've been trying out this new waterpaint technique. The title comes from a doushinji I was reading (USABON) and that stuck because in the Chinese scanlation I just kept wondering which pronunciation that character should be in that situation.
(Crossposted from usxuk )

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Title: Kolkolkol?
Author/Artist: aquata232 (AKA me)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): RoChu
Rating: G
Warnings:  Uhh...(more) cavity inducing?
Summary: bunny!RoChu (Or here)
A/N: oTL In my defense, I can't resists bunnies. I don't have the time to make this one transparent like the last one because making Yao's ears white? Great idea on paper, not so great with a Magic Wand tool. And uhhh, I really like bunnies? 8D

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Edited for typos.
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(fanfic) Just in Time for Valentine's Day

Title: Just in Time for Valentine's Day, part 4 - England, Belarus and Greece
Author: me
Characters: Almost all nations. In this part: England, France, Belarus, China, Turkey, America, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Belgium, Canada, Kumajirou, Japan, Germany, Italy, Romano, Russia, Seychelles and Australia + mentions of Korea, Prussia, Austria, Ukraine, Egypt and Cuba. I wonder if this list ever gets shorter...
Pairings: The point is that you don't know them before reading =)
Rating: T for--
Warnings: --yaoi, crack, mild violence, not so mild language, sexual themes and questioning situations. Not all in one lump. Better information about this in the A/N of the first part.
Summary: In General: It's the 13th of February 2010, the place is Athens, Greece, and the nations should more or less peacefully be having their Pre-Valentine-Conference. But this time one certain god decides to bug in and before Greece has a change to stop him some unexpected things start to happen. Very. Unexpected.
This part: How England manages to get the whole room stand mouth agape, who Belarus wants to marry and why is Greece in the need of Turkey?

This part

The first part

Like Discussions? Like Role Playing?

Then this is the role play for you!

We are a new MSN group chat based role play that centers around discussing, while in character, current events. Of course there is always room for a bit if crack role playing and pairings to your liking!

It is a really easy and laid back forum, filled with discussions of news all around the world. But you can do more than discuss, you can actually role play out the events! For example, months ago a Danish couple were arrested in France for walking around naked in the streets. That makes for a very comical role play right there!

If you are interested, you can check out the LJ Community that has all the directions on joining the group chat.

Hetalia Politics!

Since we are new a new role play, almost every single spot is open. The only taken characters are Russia and Austria, who are also your lovely administrators!

There is an application that we would like to have you fill out. It's simply to show us if you really know your character's personality. So, if you are ready to play, read our rules, make your reservations, and fill out the application.

List Of Characters

I hope you join us!
Alfred x Kiku - Music

☆ [Fanfic]: Rain Rain Go Away

Title: Rain Rain Go Away
Author: Jubilee (that's me!)
Characters/Pairings: America x Japan
Rating: K+
Genre: Family
Warnings/Notes: Nothing. This is an AU. Done for the domesticity meme in which your flist requests a ship for you to write about, so one of my friends requested her favorite (and mine) America/Japan. It's got lots of fluff. :D
Summary: Nothing was sweeter than to come home from a tiresome workday to a warm dinner and a loving family.
Posted @: estorias

( This is the first time I've done a one-shot for Hetalia. )
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Hetalia Day Munich. Again.

So yeah it's me again.

So I finally starting to plan something for this years' Hetalia Day in Munich. ...my ideas include everything that's somehow possible, from going to Nymphenburg to playing Risk to playing Risk at Nymphenburg. And I still haven't had one single good idea.
It would be awesome if everyone who is interested in it could either shout "ME ME MEEE I WANT TO ATTEND!!1!one!" or something like that in the coments or join the event-thingie on Animexx. It would make everything much more easy for me if I actually knew how many people we are. XDD
Oh, and is anybody planning to cosplay?

Thanks in advance! :D

Und dürfte ich ganz dezent nach eurem Alter fragen? Nur damit ich mich schon auf den "Oh mein Gott ich bin so jung D:"-Schock meinerseits vorbereiten kann, ich mit meinen zarten 14 Jährchen.

Hetalia Day! 〔Chicago, IL〕

Hello fellow Hetalia cosplayers! My cosplay group and I have decided to have a Hetalia Day gathering in the city of Chicago! I know that there is already going to be one at NIU, however, not everyone can make it out there. I'm a college student and I rely immensely on public transportation, and I know that there are others who are in the same situation. So why not have one in the city?

The location, date, and time will be listed in this post. As well as some rules that I would like everyone who attends the gathering to follow. = u =

Date: 24th of October, 2010. (Sunday)

Location: Millennium Park. Meet up at the Cloud Gate Sculpture (aka. the Bean)! We'll then move to a less crowded area.

Time: 11am - 6pm. (Subject to change.)

Rules to follow!

While at the gathering...

1. Make sure to be considerate to the people around us! Okay, we should understand that not everyone in the area we'll be in will be in cosplay (most of them might not even know why we're dressed up), so please keep this in mind. Do not bother the other people, please. If things get too out of hand we might have to ask you to leave, and we don't want to spoil the day for anyone! D: </3

2. Follow the law. Well this is simple, don't do anything that you wouldn't do out of cosplay. We don't want to give cosplayers a bad name!

3. Be considerate to other cosplayers! We don't need any fights or arguments breaking out. Nor do we want to be mean to others, so bed nice and friendly! Make pasta, not war! <3

For those of you wanting to meet up at DePaul campus!

We'll be meeting up at the Fullerton station near the art work of a tunnel/sunset at 10am. It's up the first set of stairs once you go through the turnstiles. Also, make sure to tell me that you'll be meeting up! Otherwise we might leave and not know you wanted to meet up! D: <//3
We'll be taking the brown line to Madison/Wabash and then walk one block East to the park.

Here's the link to the Cosplay.com thread I made a while ago if people want to look at that thread too. :3

And here's the link to the Facebook event. ; O

( Btw, I'm not completely sure how to use LiveJournal since I joined to read Hetalia strips and haven't posted anything before. xD;; )


The online magazine project is finally complete and I present you with issue one of WORLD PARADE.

With that being said, I'd like to first congratulate juandalyn for winning the name contest. -clapclap-
World Parade was picked because it's memorable, it encompasses what a Hetalia magazine is all about it it sounds pretty darn snazzy.

Right, now, click the fake cut below to be taken to the magazine page. Enjoy, and remember that comments and feedback are MUCH loved.

( "Make us it, make us hip, make us scene or shrug us off your shoulders; don't approve a single word that we wrote" )
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[RP Ad] Les Choristalia!


It's two years after the end of the WWII, 1947.
Many had problems with money, be it the rent, food or clothes.
Most children lacked fathers or brothers, being killed in the war two years ago or longer.
At this point, even though everyone was glad it was over, it was still hard to live and taking care of the children, be it orphan or not, was even tougher then it was during the war for most.

However, in the middle of all this an old boarding school remained unharmed. The school has existed for a long time, but it went unnoticed and untouched by the war even when it looked like an army had ran through it. Above the gate the name of the school was written on a metal plate;

Fond De L'Etang

It is placed nearby a small town in France, in the seemingly, almost magical forests. In this boarding school, orphans and even children who still had their parents were being educated, unable to learn anywhere else. Why was this? The children weren't exactly little angels, even if they looked like they where. Because of this they keep the children inside most of the time and the only way out was the gate at the entrance that was locked with heavy chains. Outside of the gate one single bus would drive by at 14:00 and 18:00 exact, to let parents visit their sons and daughters. Or even new teachers, victims for the children, or new troublesome children. The basic rule, and maybe the only rule everyone in the school listens to is 'action, reaction'.

Action; the students causing trouble.
Reaction; the teachers punishing or warning the students.

It would make you wonder how bad the children could be, seeing as even the towns people avoid coming near it.
But, maybe the children just needed someone to comfort them? Or will they need to be punished more?

Teachers and anyone wanting to work here will have to look out...

Rules - character/reservation list - employees function list

You do, but I don't Part 2/?

Title: You Do, But I Don’t
Characters/Pairings: France/England, America, Canada

Word Count: 1,454
Rating: PG 13 (language and sex references)
Summary:  Alfred finds himself in a tough situation when he finds out that he’s going on a road trip with his dad and soon to be stepdad and stepbrother. It’s a family bonding vacation right before Francis and Arthur get married. Arthur is excited. Matthew is nervous. Alfred is annoyed. But he can’t resist an adventure, and that’s exactly what this little family outing quickly turns into… Even if it’s not exactly the kind he wanted. *An AU story with humor and teenage family drama*    

Part 1:


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