October 7th, 2010

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[Cosplay] Chibi America : Those was the days... (Part 1)

I'm here again.

Finally I made it! hahahaha~~ My ChibiUS dress had been finished for a long time, but I didn't have time to do a shoot with it. Today, with my dear photographer :icono0ofairyo0o: I've done it!

After such a long time try to be a cool character, now playing a child's expression is totally a pain to me ;A; kyaa~

Hope you love it!

And as usual, please give us your comments :"> We love it so much X"D

Thank you for passing by~

Nice day everyone! :">

Chibi America: Those were the days...



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Russia, playing favorites

[Fanfic] - Any Other City - NYE

Gradual De-Anon from the Kink Meme.

Title: Any Other City - Chapter 7
Rating: PG-15?
Characters: Ensemble
Pairings: France/Spain, Austria/Liechtenstein, Germany/Japan, France/Norway, England/fem!Netherlands, Prussia/fem!Romano, Norway/Japan
Summary: Derpy AU where the nations are hipsters.
In This Chapter: Everyone makes out with everyone. Hm, and there’s some dancing, mild Nils/Kiku, a paint war, a lot of drinking, illegal drug usery, and Matthew being a derp like always.
Warnings: Language, drinking, drugs, mild sexual situations.
K Project

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Warning Heavy Image in all pages

Thank you & Enjoy

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Hetalia day Orlando?

Hey there! Long time reader first time poster! I'm sorry if this it's allowed, but I haven't found a post about this yet, unless I missed it somewhere. Is there going to be a Hetalia event in Orlando, FL? Just curious because I went to it last year, but I see nothing about it now.

Please feel free to delete this post if need be.


What would you change if you had the chance to change the future? Maybe you'd rule the world or even just own little more land. Maybe you'd get back that girl you liked so much in high school. Perhaps even go back to apologize to someone when you had the chance.

It was a dark and stormy night when England decided he needed to change the past. Sitting inside his house England was planning up a spell after he had said something he shouldn't have said at a world council meeting angering several countries. He planned on going back and changing what he said. However he messed up the spell a little and now it's no longer 2010 anymore...instead its 1745 and while some of the nations are going through their golden years once more, others are going through war.

Nobody knows what happened and nobody even remembers the future. It was as if they woke up where they were in 1745 again. However there is someone who does know. England, and he also knows that now the future can be completely changed if a single event happens differently. So you'd imagine if anyone knew this they could take advantage of this dirty little secret.

So, now's your chance. Are you going to follow down and obey that history book or are you going to take the chance and create your true destiny...the future is of your making!


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[Fanfiction] Operation Doppelganger 12/?

Title: Operation Doppelganger 12/?
Genre : humor/ romance (?)
Characters: America, Canada, Russia; one-sided RussiaxAmerica, CanadaxRussia
Rating: T for some language and implied sexual situations
Warnings: snarky!Canada, human names, highschool AU
Summary: Matthew had thought this over a million times, now he just had to voice his idea. He cleared his throat and whispered, "Hey, you want my twin brother, I like you; I think we can work something out here."
A/N: Okay guys, I have a favor to ask. I need some help for a future chapter because I need suggestions from people who can’t see the list. In any case, I’m going to do the “hat pairings” for a “game” and I need readers to pick TWO numbers from 1-18. The more number combo suggestions I get, the longer the chapter will come out. Plus, you’ll get to laugh (and be 100% responsible for) at the resulting cracky “couples.”

So Natalia and Alfred did have one thing in common—they were massively destructive with objects that were supposed to be fun and harmless (LJ)

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Diaries of Nations -- A DeviantartChat RP


Ever wondered what a character would wrtie about if they had a personal journal? Ever wondered what would happen if a specific character found that journal? Have a Deviantart account? Like RPing? This is the place for you.

Diaries-of-Nations is a roleplay-based Hetalia group that instead of just RPing, also has players write diary entries, In Character. While other countries can't see, unless they find the private diary of that nation. Out of Character posts are always welcome though. Nations finding other nation's diaries will be decided by the administrators, or by the general public, depending on the situation, and posted in the topic.

Home About Us Taken Characters General Rules Diary Rules How to Apply Chat

There are A LOT of open characters. Nearly every character in the show, actually. We're a very fresh group, so we're desprately looking for members. Feel free to come and chat! We're friendly!

Early Hetalia Day, Northwest Arkansas

As I can't celebrate Hetalia Day on the 27th - it's a school day and I have church - my friends and I are celebrating it early. It's going to be on the 18th (the Monday after this coming one) at the Prominade. Please bring money to buy your meal(s) and to buy whatever you want. It may be cold, so bringing a jacket is a good idea. This is an all-day event and, hopefully, there'll be alot of us. Oh, also, bring your cameras so we can take pictures!

Hopeful Participants As Of This Message
Myself (Prussia)
Friend A (Germany)
Friend B (Prussia)
Friend C (France)
Friend D (Austria or Spain)
Friend E (Italy)
...and possibly others.

Um, sorry for making Hetalia Day early?

PODTALIA: Pairing Poll


 Hey everyone!  Our first episode of Podtalia was a success! Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to download and listen to us! Within 24 hours of posting the link we had over 100 dowloads! 8) 

   Now, this poll concerns pairing discussions. We are thinking about doing at the end of every podcast so if people do not like pairings in general or the pairing we are talking about that week, they don't have to skip throughout it trying to figure out where it begins and ends~

Poll #1628997 Pairing Poll!

What kind of pairings would you like to hear discussed the most?

Popular Pairings
Rare Pairings
Crack Pairings
Specific Pairings (please specify in comments!)
All of the above
I don't want to hear about pairings

What kind of pairings would you like to hear discussed the most?

<input ... >Popular Pairings
<input ... >Rare Pairings
<input ... >Crack Pairings
<input ... >Specific Pairings (please specify in comments!)
<input ... >All of the above
<input ... >I don't want to hear about pairings

Poll #1628998 Pairing Poll!

What kind of pairings would you like to hear discussed the most?

Popular Pairings
Rare Pairings
Crack Pairings
Specific Pairings (please specify in comments!)
All of the above
I don't want to hear about pairings


EDIT: I'm so sorry about the text mess up for the poll. The HTML says it's perfectly fine, so there's nothing I can do ;;;;

[fic] unexpected

Title: Unexpected
Author/Artist: chromatic_coma @ animusia
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Germany, America ; America/Germany
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Warning(s): None. Wow, it's been a while since I wrote something tame.
Summary: As always, America never fails to surprise him.

Written using the 15pairings prompt practice makes perfect.

x-posted @ fasnacht_day and animusia

“You know, I’ve only even been kissed once.”