October 9th, 2010


[SALE] USUK, UKUS and Other Pairings Doujinshi for sale!

Hi! I'm starting on another doujin sales again! If there's any doujinshis you're interested, do drop a comment here! Below are the \ist of books I'm selling this time! 

US X UK Circles
Orange (9 book)
Hakka Pink (4 books)
MICROMACRO (2 books)
Others (7 books)

UK X US Circle 
Haitenai (2 books)

Other pairing circle
Love Birthday
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[Selling and Sharing] Plushies I made. Commisions are welcome!

So, I'm not shamelessly whoring myself out or anything.....

Anyways, just finished up some commissions and thought i would share them becasue they are like, super cute I am also still open for commissions and all the info for them is below the "cut"

Click below to go to my journal cause despite the fact that i will be entering medical school next year i still don't know how to lj cut....

princess terumi

[fic] Summer Afternoon

Title: Summer Afternoon
Author/Artist: disownmereturns / thejmprod
Characters/Pairings: Greece, Japan, Japan's cat
Rating: G
Warnings: none

Summary: The summer is too hot and Japan doesn't want to move.

( What Herakles could say, though, was that he loved the days when the rising heat from street concrete made languid beings out of utter prudes. )

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  • attashi

[Fanart] Two Chinas

Title: Two Chinas
Author/Artist: Attashi (me)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Female China+China and a panda
Rating: G
Warnings: Background may be fail?
For the "star" artbook, I really hope I drew the dumplings right lawl. Please give me feedback on the bg I am rarely confident in that stuff. Plus, I realized I forgot female china's armband thing...lets say china took hers XD I don't feel like adding it.

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17 Hetalia doujinshi for sale! Pairings featured: America/Japan, England/Japan, Spain/Romano (+England/Spain), and Germany/Japan. Circles include SAYOU, クロウディア, Play Plant, etc. Please note that prices are in YEN not USD.

Information and pictures here @ okiba.

[FANART] How to make (halfway) Mochi-mericas!

Title: (Probably Americanized) Recipes from Around the World!
Author/Artist: [info]flo_bizet 
Character(s) or Pairing(s):
America, Japan, Germany
Weird way of teaching how to cook foods, kinda...
In order to help America stop being such a fatty but still be a happy ball of flub, Japan teaches him how to make mochi with ice cream! And Germany gives safety tips which can be more dangerous than the danger itself, in some cases.


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Hetalia fans!

intime for halloween I have added some Nekotalia shirts to my cafe press shop <3 love Nekotalia and halloween well check it out <3 I will be adding a few other things to my shop as well so be sure to check it out regularly <3 Click the flailing russia for my shop <3

(I will be adding stuff posted on my da to my shop as well so check regularly <3)

[Fanfic] Rub-A-Dub-Dub, Two Men In A TARDIS

Title: Rub-A-Dub-Dub, Two Men In A TARDIS
Author: myself
Characters: America, Russia, England
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Nudity, I guess.
Summary: Because the only way this picture is possible is if the bathtub's a TARDIS. But you know what, I don't even know.

Sometimes, Russia suspected that America liked to do things the hard way just for the reason that they were difficult. )

Comments, critiques, concerns, etc. are welcome and totally awesome.

Hetalia Day: Wyoming

Hey there, long time lurker first time poster! I was wondering if there was anyone in Wyoming (preferably in Cheyenne or maybe Laramie) who would like to participate in Hetalia Day on October 24th. I am aware that there is a meetup in Colorado, but I don't think I could go all the way out there. I don't think there are going to be many people out here in Wyoming that are into Hetalia (or manga in general XD) but I thought I would find out. Please feel free to delete this post if needed

[Cosplay] Looking for bored Austria Cosplayers

You must be bored to qualify. And live in NorCal. Yeaaaa...

Working on a video project for my class, and I need one more person to help me out in my little endeavour.

Storyline overview:
Based on the song We Could Be the Same by maNga
It's an AU (Alternate Universe) where Hungary is a noblewoman and Prussia is a soldier, and they both attend this masquerade ball. They meet, they dance, love happens, etc. And then at the end of their dance, Prussia leans down to kiss Hungary's hand only to see she's wearing an engagement ring, just as Austria comes up from behind, taps her on the shoulder and leads her away.

And... everyone (except Hungary cause she's in a gown) is in their Austrian Succession Cosplay. But if you have an Austria cosplay, even if it isn't Austrian Succession, that's fine.

Yeah, I did mention you had to be bored to do this right?
  • amerzt

[Fanfic] The Heart of Europe

Title: The Heart of Europe
Author: amerzt
Character(s) & Pairing(s): Czech Rep & Slovakia. (Both OCs). Major interaction with Hungary, Austria, Germany, Prussia, and in later chapters with Britain, France, Russia, Poland, and then some others.
Rating: M
Warnings: Ideologically sensitive material, violence, suggestive and sexual themes, the likes
Summary: Austria and Hungary are having to deal with rising tensions in their empire, and fear of nationalism is making them take some radical moves, which in the end undermine them and their empire as WWI breaks out. But that isn't the end for Czechia and Slovakia, who must face several hardships as they struggle for their independence.

A/N: This fanfiction focuses mainly on two OCs-the Czech Republic/Czechia (Milena Pávková) and the Slovak Republic/Slovakia (Emil Cesnik). They were originally created by me and my friend (respectively) for an RP of ours, and they grew on us. Oh, and we made them lovers. I will say this is not 100% historically accurate. I tried with the sources I had to in general convey the history of Czechoslovakia and Austria-Hungary. I took some artistic license with it, and also tried to Hetalia-ize it. So please don't kill me if you see something inaccurate or wrong---just review/send me a PM, because I'd love to know the actual facts and I might even be able to change it.

Fanfiction Link
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So what's this about Tokyopop and Hetalia Day?

I heard from a few places that Tokyopop is asking the organizers of the meetups in Canada, US, and UK to give them their contact info and how many people will be at their meetup.
I also heard they need the info by Monday I think. (I dunno.... I'm not organizing any. I'm just attending.
So if you are or are possibly going make sure to contact the person/people in charge of the meetup you'll be at since I'm guessing they'll be sending free things. Maybe?
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