October 10th, 2010

Plurk RP!

This Plurk based RP has only a few members registered, meaning a lot of the main characters are still available. All we request is that you're able to be literate, and be active!


Characters we're looking for, mainly:

Lithuania - specially if you're willing to do Liet/Pol, our Poland feels lonely.
Germany - For our Italy.

Taken + Reservations | Rules | Application

Fields of Flowers

[Fanfic] No Unwounded Soldiers

Title: No Unwounded Soldiers
Author: uro_boros
Characters: America, Canada, France, England, Italy, Germany (Hungary and Austria mentioned in passing); slight Germany/Italy and only mentioned
Warnings: AU, human names used (in this story, everyone is human), PTSD, character death, BUT NOT A DARK FIC
Rating: PG
Summary: Sometimes coming home is harder than war. Peace is not always peaceful and the mind can be cruel. Absolution is only found in forgiving yourself.



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APH - Belarus "Well Behaved Women Rarely

Hungary and Belarus Cosplay Photoshoot - Children's Day/Traditional Garb!

So, I went to NYCC/NYAF yesterday. Had a much nicer time than anticipated! I was regular Belarus in the morning, and then after the 1 o'clock shoot I changed into traditional/"Children's Day". SO many people from the community said hello and were extremely nice - it totally made my day, you guys are the best!

I don't have a ton of pictures, and some are on a friend's camera at the moment (including some Belarus/America doujin inspired shots!) So I will post the misc pics all together once I have them. For now though, sapphire_hime and I did a photoshoot as Children's Day/Traditional Hungary and Belarus. It was so fun taking photos with her, she makes SUCH a lovely Hungary, and the costumes seemed to work well together!

Note that both these costumes were put on in the con center bathrooms after walking around in the same wigs (and being crushed by crowds) for half the day prior. While I think the photos look really nice please exuse any imperfections!

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Hope you guys enjoyed the shots and more to come soon!
France and Belarus~!

Anyone know where to download official Desktop Buddy?

Could someone please guide me, to where I have to go to download the official Hetalia Desktop buddies? It started with Sealand and Latvia and then unlocks Russia, Belarus and so on! That one. I've looked around but what I find is the shimeji's and not the official ones. ;~; Is there also a guide on how to install the official ones?

Thanks in advance for anyone who kindly answers my question!
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[Fanart] Little Stars

This picture was made for the Hetalia Anthology "Stars" at Deviantart. A high resolution, non-watermarked version will be in the artbook when finished.

Title:Little Stars
Artist: lksugui 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Baby Canada and Baby America
Rating: G
Summary: one enchanted night, Baby Matt and Baby Al went to the lake to play. Tiny-shiny stars showered on the little cuties.


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oh goodness nooooo

[Fic] Russiastasia: An Anastasia Parody [6/?]

Title: Russiastasia: An Anastasia Parody
Author/Artist: pinup_pineapple/ayumipants
Character(s) Russia, Lithuania, America, England, Flying Mint Bunny, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, and pretty much everyone else.
Pairing(s): None of the following pairings are seriously taken: Russia/Lithuania, Russia/Belarus, Russia/Ukraine, England/Flying Mint Bunny, and Russia/England. There are also about a billion more pairings within this tale.
Rating: PG-15 for XTREME innuendo and foul language.
Warnings: If you haven't seen the greatest non-D*sney princess movie of all time Anastasia, then you probably wont understand this fanfic. Also, there are song parodies. Which is a warning in-and-of itself.
Summary: Ivan Braginski has lost his memory, and his only clue is a mysterious pendant that says, "MARRIED in Paris." In order to discover more about his past, he travels to Paris with two shady men: Lithuania and America. As a completely relevant side note, Latvia is their dog.

Read Chapter 6...

("Wourd you rike some tea?" asked Japan, taking out the China. "Clink, aru," clinked China-teapot. "I am a teapot, aru.")

Or Start at Chapter 1!

(The doors opened with a burst of eyebrow as the famed evil sorcerer England sauntered into the hall, Flying Mint Bunny upon his shoulder.)

[ RP Ad - Criminal AU ] Hetalia Lockdown


They call it the Lockdown.

In truth, it is survival of the fittest at its finest.

Thrown into an environment beyond their control, where they are implanted with computer chips, corralled, and manipulated like animals, criminals from all walks of life are pitted against each other. Their objective is to kill all others using whatever tools they have at their disposal until there is only one left standing.

Some say that you can escape, that if you beat the Lockdown you will be set free.

The only problem is, no one ever wins.

Not really.
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SuFin Kitties

[Fan comic] Little Germany's First Day of School

Title: Little Germany's First Day of School
Character(s) or Pairing(s):
Bitty!Germany, Prussia, Chibitalia, very brief Austria, brief GerIta
Warnings: Human!AU
Summary: It's Germany's very first day of school ever and Prussia sees him off with a smile. But his baby brother is growing up and he's not entirely overjoyed about that.

This way~
Child Prussia

Another Hetalia Highscool RP

Alright, after months... years of lurking though this community. I've decided to post here.
Below is an rp created by a friend, high school AU Hetalia. It is rather new as only four or five characters are taken.


There's the link. So please go take a look. Those of you that are interested, please please submit an application. It's rather easy to navigate, but any questions about the site that you can't pose there- post here. I will get back to you as fast as I can to clear things up for you.

Taken characters as of 10/10/10:

called for:
South Italy
North Korea

[FIC] Unspoken Rituals

Title: Unspoken Rituals
Author/Artist: nels_snape
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia/China
Rating: PG-15/T I think?
Warnings: Uuum, what you think is there is really there but not quite. Double meanings if you think that way. First time posting? Russia being Russia?
Summary: Yao knows he shouldn't come back for more of this. But he wants it. And Ivan is, well, thrilled.

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Night Moves: Japan/America fan fiction Part I

Title: Night Moves
Author: Tieria Dylandy(karinablue_rose )
Rating: PG13.NC-17 next installment
Warnings:Mild sexual content in this chapter.Human names used
Characters:Japan/America.Prussia/Canada will apprear in the next chapter along with two OCs.
Disclaimer: The charcters in this work of fiction belong to Himaruya Hidekaz
Summary: Kiku pays Alfred a late night visit and a spends some quality time with Alfred and their daughter for the weekend.

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[fic] Tomatoes are Annoying to Throw

Title: Tomatoes are Annoying to Throw
Author: Moi~
Character and Pairings: England, Spain, Hungary, Romano, America, mentions of Liechtenstein, Switzerland, France and Prussia, and the mafia.
Rating: T/PG-13
Warnings: Romano's mouth, though it's not that bad.
Summary: The Spanish Armada’s fall was about to be re-enacted, and Arthur was going to make sure of it. He was going to give Antonio a taste of his own medicine.
Notes: Word Count: 657


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First Fanfic! X\

Title: Untitled <--- sorry! D:
Author: Ritoru_Hoshi (Alysia)
Pairing: USXUK (AmericaxEngland)
Rating: Uhm... Pretty PG
Warnings: Not much to report other than yaoi, but no fluff, it's safe. hah XP
Description: America and England went on a road trip and end up getting stuck in Texas in the middle of summer. It's too hot to do anything, except maybe sulk....
Note: My first fan fiction... :\ I hope it's okay. The ending feels a little rushed to me, but I didn't really know how to end it... XP I hope you, at least, kinda like it haha X)
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Dat taunt

[Fic] Ten Years (Hetalia/World War Z crossover)

Title: Ten Years
Author: Me
Character and Pairings: America, Russia, China, England, Finland, France, Germany and Prussia. Some Fr/UK
Rating: T/PG-13
Warnings: A few naughty words
Summary: De-anoning from the kink meme. The prompt was for fic set ten years after the events of World War Z.

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